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Problemas na premuniza??o de melancia para o controle do mosaico causado pelo Papaya ringspot virus
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582001000300013
Abstract: studies were carried out to evaluate the protective effect of two mild strains of papaya ringspot virus, watermelon strain, on watermelon (citrullus lanatus) plants under greenhouse and field conditions. the results showed that protection was positive under both conditions. however, protected plants of 'crimson sweet' showed a reduction on the average weight of fruit per plant of, approximately, 50% and 10.8%, as compared to the yield of healthy plants, in the first and second trials, respectively. yield reduction on protected 'crimson tide' was approximately 36.4% in one trial. in addition to yield reduction, another problem associated with cross protection in watermelon was the requirement of two successive inoculations of the seedling, on consecutive days, to increase the frequency of protected plants.
Problemas na premuniza o de melancia para o controle do mosaico causado pelo Papaya ringspot virus
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2001,
Abstract: Neste trabalho estudou-se a prote o de melancia (Citrullus lanatus) com estirpes fracas do Papaya ringspot virus, estirpe melancia, em condi es de casa de vegeta o e em campo. Os resultados mostraram que a prote o foi eficiente em ambos os testes. Nos testes em campo porém, as plantas protegidas da cultivar Crimson Sweet tiveram uma redu o no peso médio de frutos por planta de, aproximadamente, 50% e 10,8%, em compara o às plantas n o protegidas que estavam sadias, no primeiro e no segundo teste, respectivamente. O mesmo fato ocorreu com a cultivar Crimson Tide, na qual se registrou uma redu o de 36,4%, aproximadamente, em um único teste. Além da redu o na produ o, outro problema encontrado na premuniza o da melancia foi a necessidade de duas inocula es sucessivas das mudas, em dias consecutivos, para aumentar a freqüência de plantas infetadas.
Evaluation of Biochemical, Hematological and Parasitological Parameters of Protein-Deficient Hamsters Infected with Ancylostoma ceylanicum
Carina P. Pacanaro,Sílvia R. Dias,Luciana R. Serafim,Mariana P. Costa,Edenil Aguilar,Paulo R. Paes,Jacqueline I. Alvarez-Leite,élida M. Rabelo
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003184
Abstract: Background Hookworms infect millions of people worldwide and can cause severe clinical symptoms in their hosts. Prospective cohort studies in Brazil show high rates of hookworm reinfection in malnourished children compared to well-nourished children, despite previous treatment. Additionally, soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections can worsen the nutritional status of affected populations. Therefore, this study aims to clarify the effects of host malnutrition during Ancylostoma ceylanicum infection and how this infection affects host physiological parameters using a hamster model. Methodology/Principal Findings Hamsters were divided into four experimental groups: normal diet or low-protein diet (also referred to as “malnourished”) and A. ceylanicum infection or no infection. More severe pathogenesis was observed in the infected malnourished group, as demonstrated by significant decreases in the hemoglobin concentration, erythrocyte number and packed-cell volume compared to the non-infected malnourished group. Greater numbers of adult parasites and eggs were observed in the malnourished group compared to the control group; however, the oviposition rate was lower in the malnourished group. In general, greater values of total lipids were observed in malnourished animals compared to control animals, including lipids excreted in the stool. Conclusions In this work, we have demonstrated that animals fed an isocaloric low-protein diet presented more severe pathogenesis when infected with A. ceylanicum. The increased lipid concentration in the liver and blood is related to the conversion of the excess carbohydrate into fatty acids that increase the concentration of triglycerides in general. Triglycerides were excreted in the feces, indicating that infection associated with malnutrition caused a greater loss of these molecules for this group of animals and confirming the hypothesis that both nutrition and infection are responsible for the malabsorption syndrome. Taken together, the results found in this work confirm the hypothesis that the nutritional condition of the host greatly influences the course of the infection.
Temporal changes in HCV genotype distribution in three different high risk populations in San Francisco, California
Paulo Dias, Judith A Hahn, Eric Delwart, Brian R Edlin, Jeff Martin, Paula Lum, Jennifer Evans, Alex Kral, Steve Deeks, Michael P Busch, Kimberly Page
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-11-208
Abstract: We assessed HCV GT distribution in 460 patients from three HCV-infected high risk populations in San Francisco, and examined patterns by birth cohort to assess temporal trends. Multiple logistic regression was used to assess factors independently associated with GT 1 infection compared to other GTs (2, 3, and 4).Overall, GT 1 was predominant (72.4%), however younger injection drug users (IDU) had a lower proportion of GT 1 infections (54.7%) compared to older IDU and HIV-infected patients (80.5% and 76.6%, respectively). Analysis by birth cohort showed increasing proportions of non-GT 1 infections associated with year of birth: birth before 1970 was independently associated with higher adjusted odds of GT 1: AOR 2.03 (95% CI: 1.23, 3.34). African-Americans as compared to whites also had higher adjusted odds of GT 1 infection (AOR: 3.37; 95% CI: 1.89, 5.99).Although, HCV GT 1 remains the most prevalent GT, especially among older groups, changes in GT distribution could have significant implications for how HCV might be controlled on a population level and treated on an individual level.Hepatitis C virus (HCV), first identified in 1990, is a single strand RNA virus in the family Flaviviridae. It is prone to high rates of genetic mutation, resulting in evolution to divergent forms and six major genotypes [1]. Each genotype (GT) is further divided into subtypes, based on genetic sequence variability. There are notable clinical differences in responsiveness to interferon-based therapy for treatment of chronic infection by GT, with GTs 1 and 4 being less responsive and requiring longer exposure time to treatment than types 2 and 3 [2-5]. GT has been associated with different patterns in HCV viremia during interferon treatment [6], and antiviral resistance [7,8]. Although some clinical conditions have been noted to differ by HCV GT, including insulin resistance [9], HIV and HIV disease progression [10], little is known regarding how different HCV GTs differ in virulence or
Morphology and Thermal Properties of Core-Shell PVA/PLA Ultrafine Fibers Produced by Coaxial Electrospinning  [PDF]
Raquel P. Gon?alves, Flavia F. F. da Silva, Paulo H. S. Picciani, Marcos L. Dias
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2015.62022
Abstract: Coaxial electrospinning process was used to produce biodegradable membranes made of coreshell fibers of a poly(lactic acid) (PLA) shell and a poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) core. Scanning electron microscopy analyses of these structures showed that the PLA shell can present certain porosity depending on the process condition. FTIR-ATR and contact angle measurements also suggested imprisonment of the PVA core within the PLA shell. This type of structure was also confirmed by means of transmissions electron microscopy. The morphology of these fibers was dependent on the flow rate of both core and shell solutions, and homogeneous and smooth surface was only attained when the flow rate of the external PLA solution was 4 times the flow rate of the internal PVA solution. The increase in the PLA solution flow rate increases the diameter of the core-shell fiber which reaches up to 1.7 μm. Nevertheless, fibers with smaller average diameter could also be produced (200 nm). These core-shell fibers presented improved hydrophilicity as compared with monolithic PLA fibers.
Do Seabirds Differ from Other Migrants in Their Travel Arrangements? On Route Strategies of Cory’s Shearwater during Its Trans-Equatorial Journey
Maria P. Dias,José P. Granadeiro,Paulo Catry
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0049376
Abstract: Long-distance migrants have developed diverse strategies to deal with the challenges imposed by their annual journeys. These are relatively well studied in some avian groups, such as passerines, shorebirds and raptors. In contrast, few studies have addressed the migratory behaviour of pelagic birds in the light of current theories of optimal migration. Using a dataset of 100 complete migratory tracks gathered along four years, we performed a detailed study on the migratory strategy of a pelagic trans-equatorial migrant, the Cory’s shearwater Calonectris diomedea. We analysed daily routines, stopover ecology and travel speed, as well as the influence of the moon on several behavioural patterns. Cory’s shearwaters adopted a “fly-and-forage” strategy when migrating, similarly to what has been observed in some raptors. However, by flying by dynamic soaring, shearwaters attained high overall migration speeds, and were able to travel thousands of kilometres without making major stopovers and, apparently, without a noticeable pre-migratory fattening period. Other major findings of this study include the ability to adapt daily schedules when crossing major ecological barriers, and the constant adjustment of migration speed implying higher rates of travel in the pre-breeding movement, with a final sprint to the nesting colony. The present study also highlights a preference of Cory’s shearwaters for starting travel at twilight and documents a strong relationship between their migratory activity and the moon phase.
Rea??o entre fenilnitrometanos e enoato derivado do D-manitol na presen?a de TBAF ou DBU: adi??o conjugada sin-seletiva e rea??o de NEF consecutiva
Dias, Ayres G.;Pinho, Vagner D.;Costa, Paulo R. R.;
Química Nova , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422008000400024
Abstract: a tandem syn-selective conjugate addition - nef reaction was observed when phenylnitromethane and oxygenated derivatives were allowed to react with an enoate derived from d-mannitol at rt in the presence of tbaf or dbu. while nitro-adducts predominate after 4h of reaction, the corresponding ketones were the main products after 12-24h of reaction. the nef reaction occurred without racemization of the stereogenic center generated in the conjugate addition step.
Inventário de Personalidade de Freiburg-Revisto (FPI-R): estudo de valida o junto de amostra de estudantes universitários
Isabel Soares,Paulo P. Machado,Pedro Dias,Armando Pinho
International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology , 2005,
Abstract: En este estudio instrumental se presentan los primeros datos de validación de la versión portuguesa del Inventario de Personalidad de Freiburg- Revisado (FPI-R) en una muestra de 1099 estudiantes universitarios. El FPI-R está compuesto por 138 ítems de respuesta dicotómica (verdadero/falso) distribuidos en 12 escalas: 10 escalas básicas (Satisfacción con la vida, Orientación social, Orientación hacia el desempe o, Inhibición, Irritabilidad, Agresividad, Solicitud, Quejas somáticas, Preocupopaciones por la salud y Sinceridad) y 2 escalas suplementarias (Extraversión y Emocionalidad). Este cuestionario trata de evaluar constructos relativamente amplios que contienen subconstructos delimitados, estando organizados en escalas unipolares (por ejemplo, pocas quejas somáticas - muchas quejas somáticas) y bipolares (por ejemplo, insatisfacción con la vida satisfaccción con la vida). Los resultados revelan que, a pesar de que el instrumento presenta una estructura factorial semejante a la original, se encontraron algunas debilidades en terminos de fiabilidad de las subescalas. Se discuten los resultados obtenidos, las limitaciones encontradas, proponiéndose posibles soluciones a desarrollar en futuros estudios.
Tendências da produ??o científica em odontologia no Brasil
Dias,Aldo Angelim; Narvai,Paulo Capel; Rêgo,Delane Maria;
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1020-49892008000700007
Abstract: objective: to describe dental research trends in brazil (especially population-based oral health) in the early twenty-first century. methods: the abstracts of studies presented at meetings of the brazilian society for dental medicine research (sociedade brasileira de pesquisa odontológica) from 2001-2006 were assessed in terms of methodological design (aggregate or population-based and individual-based studies, observational and intervention studies, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies); general type (literature review, studies with human subjects, and laboratory studies); and classification into one of the 19 specialty categories recognized by the brazilian federal dentistry council. of the 10 406 abstracts presented in this period, 5 203 (50%) were reviewed. results: concerning methodological design, 87.5% of the abstracts referred to individual-based studies, whereas 12.5% were of aggregate studies. concerning the general category, 41.7% referred to studies with human subjects. the remaining abstracts (58.3%) described in vitro (31.1%) or in vivo (23.6%) laboratory research and literature reviews (3.6%). concerning the council's specialty categories, only five had a frequency higher than 10.0%: esthetic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, and population-based oral health. conclusions: brazil's scientific output in the field of oral health for the period 2001-2006 was balanced, with increasing interest in the area of population-based oral health.
PET Oligomer Waste to Modify CAP Characteristics  [PDF]
L. C. Mendes, M. L. Dias, P. S. C. Pereira, L. M. R. Albuquerque
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2012.38082
Abstract: To develop an improved method of reusing poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) waste in the production chain, it was chemically modified with pentaerythritol (PENTE), resulting in PET/PENTE (60/40) oligomer. This was added to petroleum asphalt cement (CAP) in different proportions—5, 10 and 20 wt%—as a modifier of bitumen characteristics. The mixture was evaluated by thermogravimetry (TG/DTG), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), optical microscopy (OM) and the adhesion-peel test. The oligomer enhanced substantially the asphalt thermal stability-Tonset. OM images showed strong compatibility between components and PET’s amorphization. PET oligomer increased CAP’s wettability and the mixture presented cohesive fracture through the peel test. The mixture has excellent potential as paving material.
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