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Productive efficiencies and scale efficiencies of Chinese logistics companies

DENG Xue-ping,WANG Xu,Ada Suk Fung Ng,
,王旭,Ada Suk Fung Ng

系统工程理论与实践 , 2009,
Abstract: 首先利用DEA CCR/BCC模型对我国在沪深港证券市场上市的55家物流企业的生产效率和规模效率进行实证比较分析,然后通过相关性分析及多项回归分析研究了规模效率及固定资产规模与生产效率的关系.结果表明:1)大型物流企业相对中小型物流企业而言并不具备显著的效率优势.2)我国物流企业不存在显著的规模效率差异,不应盲目追求资产规模的扩张和重组.3)我国物流企业的纯技术效率大于规模效率对生产效率的影响,物流企业的技术改进比规模扩张更具重要性.4)物流企业生产成本是影响企业生产效率的主要因素,而资产规模和职工工资对生产效率没有显著影响.
Development analysis of Chinese logistics companies focusing on productive efficiency

DENG Xue-ping,WANG Xu,Ada Suk Fung Ng,
,王旭,Ada Suk Fung Ng

系统工程理论与实践 , 2009,
Abstract: 为分析我国物流企业生产效率的发展状况,利用DEA CCR模型和Window Analysis技术对我国18家物流企业在2001-2006年间的生产效率进行发展分析.通过分析发现:1)我国物流市场缺乏有效的市场淘汰机制,物流企业生产效率的个体差异显著;2)我国港口经营类企业的平均生产效率高于运输仓储类企业的平均生产效率;3)我国物流企业整体生产效率水平较低,但在所研究的时间内呈稳定且上升的发展状态.
Lifelong Vocational Education for Sustainable Development

WU Xue-ping,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2007,
Abstract: Promoting the employment of the work force and the development of human resources is an important issue that needs to be resolved in China.It is also crucial to building a well-off society.Premier Wen Jiabao emphasizes the importance of vocational education in a speech delivered at the National Conference on Vocational Education.China's economic development and employment is facing two great changes: both employment of the work force and optimization of the industrial structure are in need of skilled workers.Therefore,China will have to devote great effort to developing vocational education.Developing lifelong vocational education plays an important role in promoting the development of human resources,the employment of labor force,the sustainable development and enhancing the country's competitive power.The idea of lifelong vocational education comes from the idea of lifelong education.It is a new perception of vocational education.It breaks the restrictions of time and space in the narrow sense of vocational education.According to the idea of lifelong vocational education,vocational education should run throughout one's life to provide help for one's whole career development and should be an integration of all kinds of vocational education in different places.Lifelong education has the features of continuation,integration,flexibility,openness and change.Developing lifelong vocational education is a complex work that needs social participation.The basic strategies for developing lifelong vocational education include law assurance,policy control,flexible fund raising,social participation and encouragement for lifelong learning.In law assurance,regulations for lifelong vocational education may be made according to the Vocational Education Act of the P.R.China and local acts may be enacted.In policy-making,there are many aspects as establishing and coordinating the institutions of lifelong vocational education,strengthening the functions of educational departments,building opening schools and providing learning holidays.In flexible fund raising,funding system that combines special grants from governments,funds from industries, funds from society and individual learning accounts may be established.In social participation,platform for participation can be set up and activities for creating learning organizations can be launched.The main forms of lifelong learning encouragement include providing opportunities for development,spiritual awards,economic benefits and qualification accreditation.
Smoothness and high energy asymptotics of the spectral shift function in many-body scattering
Andras Vasy,Xue-Ping Wang
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: Let H=\Delta+\sum_{#a=2} V_a be a 3-body Hamiltonian, H_a the subsystem Hamiltonians, \Delta the positive Laplacian of the Euclidean metric on X_0=R^n, V_a real-valued. Buslaev and Merkurev have shown that, if the pair potentials decay sufficiently fast, for \phi smooth and compactly supported, the operator \phi(H)-\phi(H_0)-\sum_{#a=2}(\phi(H_a)-\phi(H_0)) is trace class. Hence, one can define a modified spectral shift function \sigma, as a distribution on R, by taking its trace. In this paper we show that if V_a are Schwartz, then \sigma is in fact smooth away from the thresholds, and obtain its high energy asymptotics. In addition, we generalize this result to N-body scattering, N arbitrary.
Determination of gamma-aminobutyric acid and seventeen free amino acids in Pinus massoniana Needles by reversed-phase high performance
柱前衍生反相高效液相色谱法测定马尾松(Pinus massoniana )针叶中γ-氨基丁酸和17种游离氨基酸

DENG Wen-Hong,SHEN Ying-Bai,LI Zhen-Yu,HANG Shu-Jing,LIU Xue-Ping,

生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 建立了自动在线柱前衍生反相高效液相色谱法同时测定γ-氨基丁酸(GABA)和17种游离氨基酸含量的方法.以邻苯二甲醛-9-芴基甲基氯甲酸酯(OPA-FMOC)为衍生试剂进行衍生,Agilent Hypersil AA-ODS-C18色谱柱分离,梯度洗脱,二极管阵列检测器检测,在19min内分离测定了马尾松苗木针叶中GABA 和17种游离氨基酸的含量.该方法测定氨基酸的回收率高于90.1%,精密度和重现性均较好(相对标准偏差为0.21%~2.81%),经测定,发现马尾松被马尾松毛虫取食后,所测18种氨基酸总量明显降低,从418.3μg · g-1降低到310.4μg · g-1鲜重.
Controller design for electric power steering system using T-S fuzzy model approach

Xin Li,Xue-Ping Zhao,Jie Chen,

国际自动化与计算杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: Pressure ripples in electric power steering (EPS) systems can be caused by the phase lag between the driver's steering torque and steer angle, the nonlinear frictions, and the disturbances from road and sensor noise especially during high-frequency maneuvers. This paper investigates the use of the robust fuzzy control method for actively reducing pressure ripples for EPS systems. Remarkable progress on steering maneuverability is achieved. The EPS dynamics is described with an eight-order nonlinear state-space model and approximated by a Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model with time-varying delays and external disturbances. A stabilization approach is then presented for nonlinear time-delay systems through fuzzy state feedback controller in parallel distributed compensation (PDC) structure. The closed-loop stability conditions of EPS system with the fuzzy controller are parameterized in terms of the linear matrix inequality (LMI) problem. Simulations and experiments using the proposed robust fuzzy controller and traditional PID controller have been carried out for EPS systems. Both the simulation and experiment results show that the proposed fuzzy controller can reduce the torque ripples and allow us to have a good steering feeling and stable driving.
Structural Characteristics of Normal and Abnormal Embryos Attachment of Eriocheir sinensis

YING Xue-ping,

动物学研究 , 2005,
Abstract: The structural features of normal and abnormal embryo attachment systems of the Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis were investigated by scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the volume of in cubation fluid inthe brooding chamber increased 15 minutes after egg-laying, immersing the embryos in the incubation fluid and thus the egg envelop became very sticky immediately. The egg stalk was largely formed within 30 minutes and completed within 80 to 140 minutes after egg-laying, so that the egg envelop became strongly adherent to the ovigerous hairs. In normal embryos, the egg stalks were highly twisted and the embryos were attached to the ovigerous hair by the egg stalk or funiculus. Many villiform were found on egg stalks and a lot of mucus was also found on the ovigerous seta. In abnormal egg stalks, villiform were never found, though numerous epibionts were attached to the embryo surface and egg stalk. The mucus of ovigerous hair and the villiform of egg stalks may contribute to egg attachment. Because of the epibionts the structure of egg investment coat egg stalk and funiculus were changed, enhancing the attrition between embryos and making embryo respiration difficult. The death and loss of embryos occur because of the above reasons.
Ultrastructure and function of the hepatopancreas of Bullacta exarata

YING Xue-ping,

海洋科学 , 2007,
Abstract: The ultrastructure of the hepatopancreas of Bullacta exarata was studied through electronic microscopy.The result shows that the hepatopancreas of B.exarata are composed of four types of cells in the wall of tubules:the embryonic cell(E-cell),resorptive cell(R-cell),fibrillar cell(F-cell),and blister cell(B-cell).B-cell contains numerous digestive vesicle.R-cell.demonstrates a marked increase in lipid droplet size and number over F-cell.The F-cell has more rough sndoplasmic reticulum,mitochondria and free ribosomes.E-cell are polyhedral.The cytoplasm contains relatively sparse rough endoplasmic reticulum,small mitochondria.The ultrastructures of these cells were given and their functions were discussed.The differentiation sequences of hepatopancreas were suggested in this paper.
Significance of serum neopterin level in diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis
Xue-ping SHI,Qimanguli Wushouer,Quan WANG,Li JIE
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To investigate the sensitivity and specificity of serum neopterin(Np) level in diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis.Methods Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis,admitted to Xinjiang Chest Hospital from Apr.2009 to May 2010,were consecutively enrolled in present study.Serum neopterin level was determined with enzyme linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) in the next morning of admission.VCG purified protein derivative test(PPD) was concurrently performed.Results Fifty-eight cases with active(group A) and 18 with stable(group S) pulmonary tuberculosis were recruited,and 32 healthy volunteers served as control(group C).The mean Np level was significantly higher in group A(54.14±19.85 nmol/L) than in group S(29.51±8.23 nmol/L) and group C(20.67±9.68 nmol/L,P < 0.01).No statistical difference was found between group S and group C(P > 0.05).Among patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis,the mean Np level increased significantly in cases with the fibro-cavitative pulmonary tuberculosis(77.43±22.13),compared with those cases with invasive(46.07±13.04) and hematogenous disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis(48.48±8.34 nmol/L,P < 0.01),while no statistical difference existed between the latter two.The receiver operating characteristic(ROC) curve showed that the area under curve(AUC) was 0.951 in the cutoff value of 36.73 nmol/L,and the sensitivity and specificity were 86% and 92% for predicting active pulmonary tuberculosis,and it was significantly higher than PPD test(P < 0.01),in which the sensitivity was 52% and specificity was 78%.Conclusions Np level may serve as one of the important adjunctive parameters for early diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis due to its high sensitivity and specificity.
The densification mechanism of squeeze casting
Xiao-Hui Chen,Xu Huang,Xue-Ping. Ren
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: The solidification process during squeeze casting is analyzed based on the classical solidification and plastic deformation theory. The linear relationship between punch velocity and the solidification rate is established if the density change of molten meals is neglected. To obtain defect-free castings, the punch velocity should be larger than the solidification rate. The densification mechanism is also discussed. The plastic deformation will result in the radical movement of the central molten metals, which reduces the temperature gradient from the center to the mold wall, which provides the condition to obtain defect-free castings: simultaneous nucleation.
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