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Cohabitation Study of the Leaf Monkey and Bornean White-Bearded Gibbons in Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2012,
Abstract: Diet and habitat overlaps were studied for the leaf monkey (Presbytis rubicunda) and bornean white-bearded gibbons (Hylobates albibarbis) in tropical forest of Cabang Panti Research Station (CPRS), Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan. Systematic data on feeding and ranging behaviour were collected from August 2009 up to February 2010 for the three groups of two sympatric primate species that shared two neighbouring patches. Our results showed that seven types of habitat in CPRS were affected to both primates, particularly in plant utilization for feed and the use of vertical space patterns. If the leaf monkeys were present in the same forest patch, the Bornean white-bearded gibbons showed a reduced within-group dispersal and significantly less foraging time in a given forest patch. This might be due to the bornean white-bearded gibbons were more selective in their diet selection. When fruits were scarce, bornean white-bearded gibbons spent most of their foraging time in many types of forest ecosystem, while leaf monkey foraged within one or two types of forest ecosystem. At this period, diet and habitat overlaps between the two species were low. When the availability of fruits increased, leaf monkeys shifted their foraging range and both species became confined to the forest habitat. Consequently, the overlaps of diets and habitats were increased while the peak was at the end of the fruit season.
Determination of long-tailed macaque’s (Macaca fascicularis) harvesting quotas based on demographic parameters
Biodiversitas , 2012,
Abstract: Santosa Y, Kusmardiastuti, Kartono AP, Rahman DA. 2012. Determination of long-tailed macaque’s (Macaca fascicularis) harvesting quotas based on demographic parameters. Biodiversitas 13: 79-85. Harvesting quota of long-tailed macaques for breeding purpose should be set up based on demographic parameters. The objectives of this research were to determine demographic parameters affecting the set up of harvesting quota and the sustainable harvesting quotas of long-tailed macaca in Indonesia. This study was expected to provide useful information for consideration of setting up harvesting quotas for long-tailed macaque in Indonesia. This study was conducted in November 2009-Januari 2010 using the equation of Q = Nt-MVP. The results showed varied harvesting quotas for different age classes of long-tailed macaque with an average number of 5 for infant males, 3 for infant females, 5 for juvenile males, 4 for juvenile females, 6 for sub-adult males, 8 for sub-adult females and 2 for adult males. The dominant variable determining quota was survival rate.
Fish biodiversity in coral reefs and lagoon at the Maratua Island, East Kalimantan
Biodiversitas , 2012,
Abstract: Madduppa HH, Agus SB, Farhan AR, Suhendra D, Subhan B. 2012. Fish biodiversity in coral reefs and lagoon at the Maratua Island, East Kalimantan. Biodiversitas 13: 145-150. Fishes are one of the most important biotic components in the aquatic environment. They are filling different habitats, including coral reef and lagoon. This study aims to (1) assess biodiversity in coral reef and lagoon in Maratua Island, East Kalimantan, and (2) compare the fish community indices (Shannon-Wiener diversity, Evenness, and Dominance) between the coral reef and lagoon. A total of 159 fish species of belonging to 30 families were observed during five visual census of the study period. The number of species on coral reefs is higher (121 species) than in the lagoons (47 species). Relative abundance (%) of each species also varied and did not form a specific pattern. However, a clear cluster between the coral reef and lagoon habitats from fish relative abundance based on multivariate analysis and dendogram Bray-Curtis Similarity was revealed. The Evennes index value (E) ranged from 0.814 to 0.874, the dominance index (C) ranged from 0.023 to 0.184, and the Shannon-Wiener diversity index (ln base, H') ranged from 1.890 to 4.133. Fish biodiversity in coral reefs was higher (H'= 3.290±0.301) than in the lagoon (H' = 2.495±0.578).
The Use of Female Wing Measurements for Discrimination of Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) Populations from South Kalimantan
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2008,
Abstract: Populations of Aedes aegypti in South Kalimantan, which have been discriminated by their cuticular components, were further studied in search for differences in their wing morphometry. Female mosquitoes were collected from five towns in the province of South Kalimantan, and Cartesian coordinates of terminal and branching points of individual wing were determined. Relative interpoint Euclidean distances were used as variables (characters) in statistical analyses. One-way ANOVA found significantly several different characters (P < 0.01). Stepwise discriminant analysis using these characters selected five discriminators which, by cross validation, could identify female A. aegypti from Barabai and Marabahan with 75 and 77.8% of success rate, respectively. On average, 57.7% of wing specimens were successfully allocated to their original populations. The study revealed differences in wing measurements among populations of A. aegypti in South Kalimantan and confirmed genetic divergence of the species in the province.
Reconceptualizing Technology Integration to Meetg the Necessity of Transformation
Dede, Chris
Journal of Curriculum and Instruction , 2011,
Abstract: Our society can no longer afford a labor-intensive model of education that uses expensive human resources inefficiently; this is a permanent sea change that has already happened in many other service sectors of our economy. To meet this challenge, we must reconceptualize technology integration not as automating conventional classroom processes – or even as innovating within the structure of industrial era schools – but instead as bridging to ways of teaching/learning so different that integration is no longer an accurate description. The U.S. Department of Education’s 2010 National Educational Technology Plan presents an affordable, transformational vision for 21st century education, infusing technology into every aspect of learning in school and out. In classrooms, Digital Teaching Platforms (DTP) seem a promising, scalable approach for attaining personalized instruction with large class sizes. Researchers in learning technologies should develop design-based innovations that support various aspects of the Plan and are practical at scale.
Dede Nuraida
Jurnal Biologi el-Hayah , 2010,
Abstract: Saat ini kita sudah memasuki abad 21 yang juga disebut sebagai era pengetahuan, era ini ditandai dengan berkembangnya ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi yang sedemikian pesatnya. Perkembangan yang terjadi di era ini membawa konsekuensi kepada tuntutan Sumber Daya Manusia yang berkualitas, untuk itu maka reformasi pendidikan nampaknya tidak bisa ditawar lagi, karena hanya pendidkanlah yang bisa mempersiapkan manusia untuk kehidupan di masa depan. Reformasi pendidikan yang dikehendaki untuk menyiapkan manusia di era pengetahuan ini meliputi reformasi dalam aspek-aspek: Tujuan, jenis-jenis keterampilan & cara mendapatkannya, proses pembelajaran dan teknologinya, serta strategi reformasi yang efektif. Dengan adanya reformasi pendidikan ini diharapkan dihasilkannya generasi-generasi muda yang siap menghadapi tantangan jaman.
Dede Nuraida
Jurnal Biologi el-Hayah , 2012,
Abstract: Pemuliaan tanaman merupakan suatu kegiatan yang dilakukan untuk memperbaiki karakter tanaman secara baka. Pemuliaan secara konvensional biasanya dilakukan melalui seleksi terhadap karakter-karakter yang menjadi target atas dasar ciri- ciri fenotip/morfologi, namun penggunaan penanda morfologi ini kurang akurat dan tidak stabil karena karakter yang tampak bukan semata-mata menggambarkan informasi genetic tanaman tetapi sudah dipengaruhi oleh lingkungan. Seleksi yang akurat terhadap suatu karakter yang diinginkan dari tanaman adalah denga berdasarkan pada gen yang mengendalikan karakter tersebut. Untuk itu maka identifikasi genetic dengan pendekatan molekuler sangat dibutuhkan dalam kegiatan pemuliaan ini agar memperoleh hasil yang tepat dalam waktu yang singkat.
Introduction to Virtual Reality in Education
Chris Dede
Themes in Science and Technology Education , 2009,
Abstract: As an emerging technology for learning, virtual reality (VR) dates back four decades, to earlywork by Ivan Sutherland in the late 1960s. At long last, interactive media are emerging thatoffer the promise of VR in everyday settings. Quasi-VR already is commonplace in 2-1/2-Dvirtual environments like Second Life and in massively multiplayer online role-playing games(e.g., World of Warcraft). Realizing the potential of VR for education, however, is much morecomplex than simply making its interface practical and affordable. Learning applications arenot like fire, a wonderful technology that provides a benefit from merely standing in its vicinity.In education, technologies achieve their power indirectly, as catalysts for deeper content,more engaging activities, more active forms of learning and instruction, and richer types ofassessment.
Climate change effects for phenological processes
Lilla Dede
Agrárinformatika Folyóirat , 2010,
Abstract: Climate change may shift dates of phenological phase of plants. We can even demonstrate changes in plant growth due to climate change by model simulations. Earth warming will accelerate appearance of the phenological phases earlier. However, not only temperature can affect on that, but some other meteorological factors as well.The theoretical implications of climate change is the main goal of the present work using strategic modeling and a 140 years long temperature data set. Analysis of the Geophyton Phenology Database of the ELTE Botanical Garden is also made for 24 meteorological factors’ effect on the first bud appearance, the beginning of flowering, and the end of flowering. The found regression models show the relationships between phenological phase’ dates and meteorological factors.Finally, the rising temperatures are variously influencing phenological dates of selected species involved a Theoretical ecosístem. The daily fluctuation of temperature and the frosty day number are strongly influence geophyton plants and their pheonological phase’ dates.
Teaching Ethically: Challenges and Opportunities
DeDe Wohlfarth
The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning , 2012,
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