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Use of land located within Eselnita drainage basin
Cinq Continents , 2011,
Abstract: Developed on the south-eastern side of Alm jului Mountains, E elni a drainage basin neighbours upon the following basins: upon S – SV with Mala, upon SV - V with Mraconia, upon V - NV with Berzasca, upon NV - NNE with Nera and on the NNE – SE direction with Cerna. The basin has a surface of 77 km2 and present a 5th degree hydrographic network according to Horton-Strahler ranking system, tributary to Danube by means of E elni a main collector. Among surfaces belonging to various categories of use of land located within Eselnita drainage basin, there may be noticed the high share of forest and secondary grazing lands, although the latter have a smaller surface in comparison to the first ones. Therefore, the types of use of land located within the drainage basin are distinguished by the high share of surfaces of forests to the detriment of predominant agricultural land proven by using of some quantitative indexes defining the character of the Eselnita drainage basin as belonging to forestry type. Also the impact of human activities and number of inhabitants do not have a very damaging influence on the land corresponding to the basin, therefore it has a naturality index indicating an ecological equilibrium closed to the natural one.
The influence of the geomorphological factors on the relief modelling within Eselnita hydrographic basin (Danube catchment/Romania)
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: Developed on the south-eastern side of Alm jului Mountains, E elni adrainage basin neighbours upon the following basins: upon S – SV with Mala, upon SV - V with Mraconia, upon V – NV with Berzasca, upon NV - NNE with Nera and on the NNE – SE direction with Cerna. The basin has a surface of 77 km2 and present a 5th degree hydrographic network according to Horton-Strahler ranking system, tributary to Danube by means of E elni a main collector. Developed in a mountain landscape, the basin presents different levels held between minimum altitude of 64 m at the confluence with the Danube and maximum altitude of 1107 m, thus presenting a difference of 1043 m. Geological formationswithin the basin belong predominant to the Danubian Domain, so in central and upper courses, these are represented by a crystalline foundation and by magmatic rocks of intrusive nature covered by very small areas of sediment located in the northwest (belong to the LowerJurassic) and in the south-eastern (belongs to the Upper Cretaceous) of the basin. But in the lower course, there are both crystalline and the sedimentary formations, last being integrated to Or ova depression and whose presence is related to the evolution of the Danube. Morphometric indices of E elni a basin allows the distinction of a higher sector, mountainous terrain with high energy under a relatively increased fragmentation and depression sector with low relief energy and also with an intense fragmentation of the existing sedimentaryrocks wich favors erosion manifestation in the context of deforestation action.
Gene Transposition Causing Natural Variation for Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
Daniela Vlad,Fabrice Rappaport,Matthieu Simon,Olivier Loudet
PLOS Genetics , 2010, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000945
Abstract: A major challenge in biology is to identify molecular polymorphisms responsible for variation in complex traits of evolutionary and agricultural interest. Using the advantages of Arabidopsis thaliana as a model species, we sought to identify new genes and genetic mechanisms underlying natural variation for shoot growth using quantitative genetic strategies. More quantitative trait loci (QTL) still need be resolved to draw a general picture as to how and where in the pathways adaptation is shaping natural variation and the type of molecular variation involved. Phenotypic variation for shoot growth in the Bur-0 × Col-0 recombinant inbred line set was decomposed into several QTLs. Nearly-isogenic lines generated from the residual heterozygosity segregating among lines revealed an even more complex picture, with major variation controlled by opposite linked loci and masked by the segregation bias due to the defective phenotype of SG3 (Shoot Growth-3), as well as epistasis with SG3i (SG3-interactor). Using principally a fine-mapping strategy, we have identified the underlying gene causing phenotypic variation at SG3: At4g30720 codes for a new chloroplast-located protein essential to ensure a correct electron flow through the photosynthetic chain and, hence, photosynthesis efficiency and normal growth. The SG3/SG3i interaction is the result of a structural polymorphism originating from the duplication of the gene followed by divergent paralogue's loss between parental accessions. Species-wide, our results illustrate the very dynamic rate of duplication/transposition, even over short periods of time, resulting in several divergent—but still functional—combinations of alleles fixed in different backgrounds. In predominantly selfing species like Arabidopsis, this variation remains hidden in wild populations but is potentially revealed when divergent individuals outcross. This work highlights the need for improved tools and algorithms to resolve structural variation polymorphisms using high-throughput sequencing, because it remains challenging to distinguish allelic from paralogous variation at this scale.
Elena Ciornea,Vlad Artenie,Daniela Ichim,Gogu Gheorghita
Analele ?tiin?ifice Ale Universit??ii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Ia?i,Sectiunea II A : Genetica si Biologie Moleculara , 2004,
Vlad Artenie,Daniela Luminita Ichim,Gogu Gheorghita,Mihaela Pintilei
Analele ?tiin?ifice Ale Universit??ii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Ia?i,Sectiunea II A : Genetica si Biologie Moleculara , 2006,
Abstract: In this paper we were focused on the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in Hypericum perforatum L and Echinacea purpurea L., Moench plantlets, obtained from seeds irradiated with gamma rays before germination.Total activity as well as specific activity of SOD in Hypericum perforatum L. plantlets shows an inhibition, which becames higher at higher irradiation doses. For Echinacea purpurea L. species, gamma radiation shows a slowly stimulative effect of total activity of SOD for some of the higher doses, but the specific enzyme activity is inhibated for all irradiation doses applyed on non-germinated irradiated seeds.
The influence of the pedological factor on the relief dynamics within Sasaus River catchment (Transylvania)
Cinq Continents , 2012,
Abstract: Influenza del fattore pedologico sulla dinamica del paesaggio nel bacino S s u . Il paesaggio ha un'influenza indiretta sullo sviluppo del suolo, attraverso diversi fattori. Una caratteristica importante dei suoli è che essi sono soggetti ad una serie di stadi nella loro evoluzione, ottengono un profilo profondo, con una moltitudine di orizzonti ben differenziati. Questi tipi di suolo influenzano ladinamica del paesaggio del bacino idrografico, attraverso la loro tessitura e struttura, che sono più o meno soggetti a certi processi geomorfologici. In questo caso, causa dell'espansione dei depositi d'argilla, sabbia e ghiaia, i processi di erosione di superficie sono dominanti a causa della pioggia e della rete idrografica e a volte si incontrano frane di terreno.
Simultaneous Hashing of Multiple Messages  [PDF]
Shay Gueron, Vlad Krasnov
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2012.34039
Abstract: We describe a method for efficiently hashing multiple messages of different lengths. Such computations occur in various scenarios, and one of them is when an operating system checks the integrity of its components during boot time. These tasks can gain performance by parallelizing the computations and using SIMD architectures. For such scenarios, we compare the performance of a new 4-buffers SHA-256 S-HASH implementation, to that of the standard serial hashing. Our results are measured on the 2nd Generation Intel? CoreTM Processor, and demonstrate SHA-256 processing at effectively ~5.2 Cycles per Byte, when hashing from any of the three cache levels, or from the system memory. This represents speedup by a factor of 3.42x compared to OpenSSL (1.0.1), and by 2.25x compared to the recent and faster n-SMS method. For hashing from a disk, we show an effective rate of ~6.73 Cycles/Byte, which is almost 3 times faster than OpenSSL (1.0.1) under the same conditions. These results indicate that for some usage models, SHA-256 is significantly faster than commonly perceived.
Stimulation of Striking Roots at the Cuttings of Laurel Tree (Laurus nobilis) with the Aid of Bioactive Substances of the Radistim Type
Mariana VLAD,I. VLAD
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , 2008,
Abstract: The laurel tree was first appraised as a decorative plant because of its persistent, glossy and agreeably nuanced leaves , as well as by its small yellow flowers grouped in panicles of an attractive aspect. This paper followed the effect of radistim on striking roots at the cuttings of Laurus nobilis, observing a considerably increase of the rate of striking roots as well as an enhancement of the quality of the rooting process proved through the number of roots per cutting. The stimulation of the laurel tree cuttings root striking with the aid of the bio-stimulators of the radistim 2 type ensures a superior vegetation potential for the newly formed plants. The work method elaborated at the glass houses complex of Oradea, may contribute to the extension of the laurel tree as a culture in Romania.
On the age of the Dej Tuff, Transylvanian Basin (Romania)
Alexandru Szakács, , Zoltán Pécskay, Lóránd Silye, Kadosa Balogh, Daniela Vlad, Alexandrina Fül p
Geologica Carpathica , 2012, DOI: 10.2478/v10096-012-0011-9
Abstract: The Dej Tuff is an important stratigraphic marker in the Transylvanian Basin. However, its Early Badenian age is known only on biostratigraphical grounds so far. A number of radiometric dating techniques including K-Ar, Ar-Ar and fission-track have been used in order to constrain more precisely its age, allowing the calibration of the Transylvanian Basin's evolutionary models. Although individual dating methods could not provide a unique, reliable and accurate radiometric age, comparison and evaluation of multiple methods gives 14.8-15.1 Ma as the most likely formation age of the Dej Tuff.
SHOOT GROWTH1 Maintains Arabidopsis Epigenomes by Regulating IBM1
Vincent Coustham, Daniela Vlad, Aurélie Deremetz, Isabelle Gy, Francisco A. Cubillos, Envel Kerdaffrec, Olivier Loudet, Nicolas Bouché
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0084687
Abstract: Maintaining correct DNA and histone methylation patterns is essential for the development of all eukaryotes. In Arabidopsis, we identified SHOOT GROWTH1 (SG1), a novel protein involved in the control of gene methylation. SG1 contains both a Bromo-Adjacent Homology (BAH) domain found in several chromatin regulators and an RNA-Recognition Motif (RRM). The sg1 mutations are associated with drastic pleiotropic phenotypes. The mutants degenerate after few generations and are similar to mutants of the histone demethylase INCREASE IN BONSAI METHYLATION1 (IBM1). A methylome analysis of sg1 mutants revealed a large number of gene bodies hypermethylated in the cytosine CHG context, associated with an increase in di-methylation of lysine 9 on histone H3 tail (H3K9me2), an epigenetic mark normally found in silenced transposons. The sg1 phenotype is suppressed by mutations in genes encoding the DNA methyltransferase CHROMOMETHYLASE3 (CMT3) or the histone methyltransferase KRYPTONITE (KYP), indicating that SG1 functions antagonistically to CMT3 or KYP. We further show that the IBM1 transcript is not correctly processed in sg1, and that the functional IBM1 transcript complements sg1. Altogether, our results suggest a function for SG1 in the maintenance of genome integrity by regulating IBM1.

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