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An approach to the influence of industrial structure on urban ecological environment
Cui Fengjun,Ru Jiang,Xu Yunlin,
Cui Fengjun
,Ru Jiang,Xu Yunlin

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1994,
Abstract: dustrial structure is key link of man's action to ecological environmental system. Its combina-tion type and intensity determine, to a great extent, economic benefit, resources utilization efficiency andstress on environment. So the assessment to the rationality of industrial structure is of great importance. Inpresent paper, the research theories and ways on relationship between industrial structure and ecological en-vironmental systems were put forward. Environmental carrying capacity (ECC) was adopted to describequantitatively the relationship between man's social economic activity and environmental resources. At theend of this paper. analysis was made with Benxi City as an example.
An Energy-Balanced Clustering Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network  [PDF]
Fengjun Shang, Yang Lei
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2010.210093
Abstract: In this paper, we consider a network of energy constrained sensors deployed over a region. Each sensor node in such a network is systematically gathering and transmitting sensed data to a base station (via cluster- heads). This paper focuses on reducing the power consumption of wireless sensor networks. Firstly, we proposed an Energy-balanced Clustering Routing Algorithm called LEACH-L, which is suitable for a large scope wireless sensor network. Secondly, optimum hop-counts are deduced. Lastly, optimum position of transmitting node is estimated. Simulation results show that our modified scheme can extend the network lifetime by up to 80% before first node dies in the network. Through both theoretical analysis and numerical simulations, it is shown that the proposed algorithm achieves higher performance than the existing clustering algorithms such as LEACH, LEACH-M.

Cui Fengjun,Liu Jiaming,

地理科学进展 , 1998,
Abstract: 本文从影响旅游环境承载力的社会-文化环境、社会-心理环境和生态-经济环境诸因子分析入手,构建了旅游承载力指数(TBCI)及运算模式。作者认为,在某一旅游地环境的现存状态和结构组合不发生对当代人和未来人有害变化的前提下,在当地居民心理承受范围之内,在一定时期内旅游地所能承受的旅游活动强度,称之为旅游环境承载力(TEBC),它包括三个基本分项指数--游客密度、旅游用地强度和旅游收益强度指数等。而表征
Remarks on the Pressure Regularity Criterion of the Micropolar Fluid Equations in Multiplier Spaces
Fengjun Guo
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/618084
An Energy-Efficient Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Fengjun Shang
Journal of Networks , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jnw.6.7.999-1008
Abstract: WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks) can collect reliable and accurate information in distant and hazardous environments, and can be used in National Defence, Military Affairs, Industrial Control, Environmental Monitor, Traffic Management, Medical Care, Smart Home, etc. The sensor whose resources are limited is cheap, and depends on battery to supply electricity, so it’s important for routing to efficiently utilize its power. In this paper, an energy-efficient Single-Hop Active Clustering (SHAC) algorithm is proposed for wireless sensor networks. The core of SHAC has three parts. Firstly, a timer mechanism is introduced to select tentative cluster-heads. By analyzing relation between time of timer and residual energy, it is known that time of timer is inversely proportional to residual energy of nodes so a timer mechanism can balance the residual energy of the whole network nodes which improves the network energy efficiency. Secondly, a cost function is proposed to balance energy-efficient of each node. Finally, an active clustering algorithm is proposed for single-hop homogeneous networks. Through both theoretical analysis and numerical results, it is shown that SHAC prolongs the network lifetime significantly against the other clustering protocols such as LEACH-C and EECS. Under general instance, SHAC may prolong the lifetime by up to 50% against EECS.
Remarks on the Pressure Regularity Criterion of the Micropolar Fluid Equations in Multiplier Spaces
Fengjun Guo
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/618084
Abstract: This study is devoted to investigating the regularity criterion of weak solutions of the micropolar fluid equations in . The weak solution of micropolar fluid equations is proved to be smooth on when the pressure satisfies the following growth condition in the multiplier spaces , . The previous results on Lorentz spaces and Morrey spaces are obviously improved. 1. Introduction Consider the Cauchy problem of the three-dimensional (3D) micropolar fluid equations with unit viscosities associated with the initial condition: where , and are the unknown velocity vector field and the microrotation vector field. is the unknown scalar pressure field. and represent the prescribed initial data for the velocity and microrotation fields. Micropolar fluid equations introduced by Eringen [1] are a special model of the non-Newtonian fluids (see [2–6]) which is coupled with the viscous incompressible Navier-Stokes model, microrotational effects, and microrotational inertia. When the microrotation effects are neglected or , the micropolar fluid equations (1.1) reduce to the incompressible Navier-Stokes flows (see, e.g., [7, 8]): That is to say, Navier-Stokes equations are viewed as a subclass of the micropolar fluid equations. Mathematically, there is a large literature on the existence, uniqueness and large time behaviors of solutions of micropolar fluid equations (see [9–15] and references therein); however, the global regularity of the weak solution in the three-dimensional case is still a big open problem. Therefore it is interesting and important to consider the regularity criterion of the weak solutions under some assumptions of certain growth conditions on the velocity or on the pressure. On one hand, as for the velocity regularity criteria, by means of the Littlewood-Paley decomposition methods, Dong and Chen [16] proved the regularity of weak solutions under the velocity condition: with Moreover, the result is further improved by Dong and Zhang [17] in the margin case: On the other hand, as for the pressure regularity criteria, Yuan [18] investigated the regularity criterion of weak solutions of the micropolar fluid equations in Lebesgue spaces and Lorentz spaces: where is the Lorents space (see the definitions in the next section). Recently, Dong et al. [19] improved the pressure regularity of the micropolar fluid equations in Morrey spaces: where Furthermore, Jia et al. [20] refined the regularity from Morrey spaces to Besov spaces: with One may also refer to some interesting results on the regularity criteria of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid equations
Characteristics of facieology and mineragraphy of copper polymetallic ore deposit in Shesuo, Tibet

LIU Yan,ZHAO YuanYi,CUI YuBin,LV LiNa,NIE FengJun,

岩石学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 舍索矿床位于西藏申扎县境内,为小型矽卡岩型富铜多金属矿床。本文在大量的野外地质调查、室内岩矿鉴定、扫描电镜与电镜能谱以及ICP-MS分析测试的基础上,查明其岩相学与矿相学特征。舍索矿床形成过程可分为5个阶段:(1)磁铁矿+辉砷钴矿+自然铋+大量石榴石+少量透辉石,形成温度达到800℃;(2)硫铜钴矿+辉钼矿+硫铜铋矿+硫银铋矿+针硫铋铅矿+透辉石;(3)硫铋铜矿+含铋斑铜矿+绿帘石+次闪石+黑云母;(4)黄铜矿+不含铋斑铜矿+闪锌矿+绿帘石+绿泥石,形成温度约228℃;(5)低温磁铁矿+菱铁矿+碲银矿+低温石英+燧石。主要金属矿物为黄铜矿、斑铜矿、自然铜、蓝辉铜矿、蓝铜矿、方铅矿、闪锌矿、辉钼矿、自然铋、硫铋铜矿、硫铜铋矿、硫银铋矿、硫铜(银)铋矿、针硫铋铅矿、硫铜钴矿、镍黄铁矿、辉砷钴矿和含钴斜方砷铁矿。主要的有用金属元素为铜、铅、锌、铋、铟等,它们的含量均达到最低工业品位的要求。该矿床为典型的双交代矽卡岩型矿床,区域上应重视对该类型矿床的找矿评价。
A Note on Stabilization of Discrete Nonlinear Systems
Fengjun Tang,Rong Yuan
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/306031
Abstract: We deal with the stabilization problem of discrete nonlinear systems. We construct a control Lyapunov function on discrete nonlinear systems. Then, we present a new method to construct a continuous state feedback law.
Kinematic Explanation of Massless Particles Only Having Two Helicity States
Changli Liu,Fengjun Ge
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Why massless particles, for example photons, can only have two helicity one-particle states is the main subject of this work. As we know, the little group which describes massive particle one-particle states' transformations under the Lorentz transformation is SO(3), while the little group describing massless states is ISO(2). In this paper, a method which is different from Inonu-Wigner contraction is used to contract SO(3) group to ISO(2) group. We use this contraction method to prove that the particle can only have two helicity one-particle states from the perspective of kinematics, when the particle mass tends to zero. Our proof is different from the dynamic explanation in the existing theories.

Jin Fengjun,

地理学报 , 1991,
Abstract: It is very significant to reveal spatial interaction laws in the research of spatial transportation linkage. In this paper, the following subjects are discussed deeply: (1) Essential factors of spatial transportation linkage. They could be summed up into five kinds: a. Communication passageway; b. Spatial differentiation, Including natural and economic differentiations; c. Spatial interdependence and competition; d. Location; e. Regional policies. (2). Goods export and import of provincial region- The results of analysis would reveal the external dependence of provincial region that was led by goods exchange. In export and import,, there are obvious spatial setup and great disparity in scale. The areal coefficient of centralization are very different. (3). Interregional transportation linkage. A complex interaction network was made up by interprovincial transportation linkages. In the network, most of the linkages are weak, and its main part is determined by 33 linkages that their goods exchange accounts for 46 percent of the total. The macroregional transportation linkage indicates that the goods exchange among six coordinate economic regions are very different. Its development tend is significant for the allocation of economy and communication. In addition, the conception of "Primary linkage" is defined and used to test and verify the existing foundation of economic regions.
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