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Influence of the Administration of a TNF-α Inhibitor on the Oxidant/Antioxidant Balance in Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Cristina Maria VAIDA VOEVOD,Remus MOLDOVAN,Nicoleta DECEA,Adriana MURE?AN
Applied Medical Informatics , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose: many studies in experimental models have evidenced the presence of inflammation in venous vascular dysfunction and the implication of TNF-α in vascular pathology, through its prooxidant and proinflammatory effect. Starting from these studies, we experimentally investigated the effect of treatment with a TNF-α inhibitor, etanercept, on the oxidant/antioxidant balance in rats, with the partial obstruction of the common femoral vein. Methods: the researches were carried out in 7 groups of animals (n=10 rats/group), 6 groups undergoing surgery and a control group. In 3 groups, the ligation of the common femoral vein was performed (groups 1, 2, 3), 3 groups underwent the ligation of the common femoral vein and received etanercept (groups 4, 5, 6), in a dose of 1 mg/kg, one dose per week, according to data found in literature. The serum indicators of the O/AO balance were determined: indicators for oxidative stress (malondialdehyde (MDA), protein carbonyls (PC)), indicators for non-enzymatic AO defense (thiol groups (SH), hydrogen donors (HD ), glutathione (GSH)) at weeks 1, 2 and three. Results and Conclusions: chronic venous insufficiency with and without anti-TNF-α treatment induced changes in the oxidant/antioxidant balance compared to the control group; after the administration of the anti-TNF-α preparation, oxidative stress was maintained on account of MDA that increased significantly, and decreased significantly on account of PC compared to the untreated groups; after the administration of the anti-TNF-α preparation, at two and three weeks there was an insignificant increase in antioxidant defense on account of HD and GSH compared to the untreated groups; the administered anti-TNF-α preparation had late and insignificant effects in chronic venous insufficiency.
Sunlight initiated atmospheric photochemical reactions
V. Vaida
International Journal of Photoenergy , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/s1110662x05000103
Abstract: The Sun is the light source driving atmospheric chemistry. The wavelengths dependent photon flux is controlled by solar emission modulated by absorption of atmospheric gases, aerosols and clouds. The factors determining the characteristics of this light source, its altitude, latitude and zenith angle dependence are discussed to explain the effectiveness of the Sun in driving chemical reactions. Examples of chemical reactions occurring on the excited and the ground electronic state potential energy surfaces of molecules and radicals are used to illustrate the complexity of atmospheric photochemistry. Specifically, the near ultraviolet (UV) photochemistry of chlorine dioxide is used to exemplify electronic state reactions occurring in the atmosphere. The near infrared (IR) photochemistry of nitric and sulfuric acids are discussed to illustrate reactions important in the atmosphere which occur with solar pumping of vibrational overtone transitions in the ground electronic state of these molecules.
Vaida Pukinaite
Social Transformations in Contemporary Society , 2013,
Marius VAIDA
Sport si Societate : Revista de Educatie Fizica, Sport si Stiinte Conexe , 2011,
Abstract: The present study wants to demonstrate that also atan adult age this motor skill utilitarian-applied –equilibrium, can be improved, knowing the fact thatits development can be realized in all conditions ofmaterial rigging. The study has been realized withthe help of two tests, the Matorin test and theequilibrium test with the device in a T” shape andwas made on a pattern of 80 subjects that until themoment of the experiment did not have a specifictraining. The resulted data from the experimentdemonstrate us clearly that these skills can beimproved also at an adult age, equilibrium being oneof the motor skills very important for the man ingeneral and for the athletes in special.From the presented data both in the form of tablesand graphic one we can conclude that the motorskill equilibrium can be perfecting also at the adultage only if a well made training plan is followed, aplan that has as result the perfecting of sense organs.The development of the equilibrium sense and ofspace orientation has as result the increase of thelevel of general training.Perfecting the equilibrium can be realized with aminimum material equipment (gym benches,wooden beam etc.), not being necessary a specialequipment, the condition that this motor utilitarianapplicativeskills to be educated is that the bodyaltitude during the exercises of equilibrium to be acorrect one, an important role being held also by theapplicative routes.The training process must has as workingmethodology the continuous and progressiveincrease of the motor actions complexity, of courserespecting the characteristics and means of theirformation, development and perfecting (education)steps.
Selection of Market Demand Forecast Methods: Criteria and Application
Vaida Pilinkien?
Engineering Economics , 2008,
Abstract: The article deals with the theoretical aspects of themarket demand method selection criteria and theirapplication in practice. As the definition of market demandand conditions is related to the achievement of importantgeneral strategic decisions and consumers’ behaviour onthe competitive market, the accurate identification of themarket demand method selection criteria and theirapplication can reduce decision indefiniteness. Hence, themain aim of the article is to analyse market demandforecast method selection criteria, and apply them indeveloping Lithuanian furniture demand forecast.The theoretical part of the article starts with theanalysis of the forecast method reasoning and forecastmethod classification under various economic literaturecriteria. The analysis of the main forecast method groupsdisclosed that it was rather difficult to determine theadvantage of any method in forecast estimation, whereas,always the risk of the wrong method selection remained. Itwas determined that usually unanimous authors’ opinionon the complex application of quantitative and qualitativeforecast methods differed in two aspects: one group ofresearchers supported the priority of quantitative forecastmethods by using qualitative forecast methods as anauxiliary or alternative means, while the other group ofauthors stated that equal application of both types offorecast methods guaranteed higher reliability and carriedmore information.
VAIDA Marius
Citius Altius Fortius , 2010,
Abstract: Sport practice at an early age is a problem of high actuality, this being debated intensely by specialists,the solving of the problem in cause being appreciated as a highly important factor in the general conception ofthe complex process of sport practice, in this process a very important role being held by the physical training.The present paper approaches the complex problem of the connection between the physical training andthe sport performances at children through an experiment realized on 6 speed skaters, 4 boys and 2 girls, withages of 8-9, experiment that had as purpose the demonstration of the importance of the multilateral physical training at skaters of an early age, of course without excluding the importance of the other factors necessary for superior results.Through the obtained results we proved that there is a direct connection between the physical training and the sport performances at children, knowing that the superior results in speed skating, on a long period, depend also by the training quality at an early age
Vaida Marius
Citius Altius Fortius , 2009,
Abstract: In realizing this study I started from the premise that, by elaborating certain orientation models and initial selection for the speed skating and their application will appear superior results, necessary results, taking into account the actual evolution of the high performance sport in general and of the speed skating, in special.The target of this study has been the identification of an orientation model and a complete initial selection that should be based on the favorable aptitudes of the speed skating. On the basis of the made researched orientation models and initial selection has been made, things that have been demonstrated experimental that are not viable, the study starting from the data of the 120 copies, the complete experiment being made by 32 subjects separated in two groups, one using the proposed model and the other formed fromsubjects randomly selected.These models can serve as common working instruments both for the orientation process and for the initial selection one, being able to integrate in the proper practical activity, these being used easily both by coaches that are in charge with the proper selection of the athletes but also by the physical education teachers orschool teachers that are in contact with children of an early age.
Molecular Evaluation of the Enterotoxigenicity of Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens Swine Isolates by PCR Assays  [PDF]
Maria Cristina Ossiprandi, Laura Zerbini
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2013.32024

Clostridium difficile and C. perfringens are enteric pathogens affecting a variety of mammals. This study evaluated the molecular enterotoxigenicity of Clostridium swine isolates by PCRs. One hundred and ten swine faeces were analyzed by culture assay. The faecal samples were from sixty-seven healthy animals and 43 with gastrointestinal tract disease. C. difficile strains were PCR-screened for the presence of tcdA/tcdB and cdtA/cdtB genes. All C. perfringens isolates were tested for the characterization of the toxinotype. Overall, sixty-five swine resulted positive: 38 for C. difficile and 17 for C. perfringens. One sample tested C. perfringens and C. difficile-positive, at the same time: on the whole, 39 C. difficile strains were isolated. Thirty-eight C. difficile isolates (all from healthy animals) resulted tcdA/tcdB and cdtA/cdtB-negative by PCRs and toxins A/B-negative by immunological tests. All C. perfringens strains were type A; eight were also cpb2-positive. In the sample (diarrhoeic), with double infection, C. difficile tested tcdA/tcdB and cdtA/cdtB-positive by PCRs and toxins A/B-positive by immunoassays; C. perfringens resulted cpb2-positive. The molecular genotypeing/toxinotyping should be applied to establish a final diagnosis and to assess properly the full implications and the epidemiological impact of these findings in particular in samples of healthy animals and aid in the development of effective intervention methods for controlling clostridial disease outbreaks.

The Influence of Absorbent Solution on the Effectiveness of Passive Diffusive Samplers Impregnuojan io tirpalo takos difuzini kaupikli efektyvumui eksperimentiniai tyrimai
Vaida ?erevi?ien?,Vaida Valuntait?,Dainius Paliulis
Science – Future of Lithuania , 2010, DOI: 10.3846/mla.2010.100
Abstract: The method of applying passive diffusive samplers for research on air quality is simple, easy enough and requires no electricity. The operating principle of almost all passive samplers is based on chemical reactions taking place on absorbent (impregnated filter or grid). The pollutant absorption mechanism is based on passive diffusion through the gas diffusion layer to absorbent. The diffusion process can be explained by first Fick’s law described as a free movement of gases from the ambient air to a passive sampler. This movement depends on pollutant gradient. The aim of this paper is to analyse the influence of an impregnating solution on the efficiency of diffusive samplers. The object of the study covers the triethanolamine (TEA) aqueous solutions of 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 50%. The results obtained showed that 30% and 50% aqueous solution gave 68% and 89% relative error making the true meaning of the oxides of nitrogen analyzer testimony. Data on the passive samplers impregnated with TEA aqueous solutions having concentrations of 5%, 10% and 20% are within definite 25% uncertainty established by the European Union Directives. Article in Lithuanian Pasyvusis oro tyrim metodas – paprastas, nesud tingas, elektros energijos nereikalaujantis oro kokyb s nustatymo metodas. Beveik vis pasyvi j kaupikli veikimo principas pagr stas chemin mis reakcijomis, vykstan iomis ant sorbavimo elemento (impregnuoto filtro ar tinklelio). Ter alo sug rimo mechanizmas pasyviajame kaupiklyje pagr stas duj difuzija per difuzin sluoksn iki sorbavimo elemento. Difuzijos procesas apra omas pirmuoju Fiko (Fick) d sniu, t. y. laisvu duj ar daleli jud jimu i analizuojamosios terp s kaupikl d l ter alo koncentracij gradiento. iame darbe nagrin jama impregnuojan i tirpal taka difuzinio kaupiklio efektyvumui. Tyrim objektas – skirting koncentracij trietanolamino (TEA) vandeniniai tirpalai azoto dioksidui nustatyti pasyviaisiais kaupikliais. Gauti rezultatai parod , kad 30 % ir 50 % vandeniniai tirpalai lemia 68 % ir 89 % santykines paklaidas, tikr ja azoto dioksido reik me laikant analizatoriaus rodmenis. 5 %, 10 % ir 20 % koncentracij TEA vandeniniais tirpalais impregnuot pasyvi j kaupikli tyrim rezultatai nevir ijo Europos S jungos direktyvoje nustatytos 25 % neapibr ties, nustatant azoto dioksido koncentracij indikatoriniais metodais. Straipsnis lietuvi kalba
Citius Altius Fortius , 2010,
Abstract: The personal experiences in the position of performance athletes, put us in the situation to do observations about the differences between the segmentary muscular contraction regime during training and theone of the solicitations in the competition effort. In the present paper we want to acknowledge and demonstrate the existence of a competition specific bio-motor (un-metabolic) of which if we do not take it into account we risk to have low transfer premises of the training effect towards the competition. In the present paper we usedclassic materials and methods and modern ones of research (the bibliographic study method, the observation method, the logical method, the measurements and recordings method, the graphic method and the experimental one). In our paper we will present the video recorded data of the executions during the competitions and thetraining of an athlete that was part of the investigated subjects’ batch. I put experimentally in evidence the differences in the speed and positions distribution and also in the strengths and speeds distribution during training and competition reaching the conclusion that these differences are obvious and generate changes in thecommands succession. The conclusion that we reached refers to the fact that the administration and regulation process of the physical effort in concordance with the competition effort’s specificity must be revised, known being the fact that because of ignoring the differential nature of the effort’s specificity mistakes are made inchoosing the means and dosages, means are chosen without taking into account the existent differences between the segmentary contraction regime during practice and the one of the solicitations during the competition effort

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