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Association between Body Image Dissatisfaction and Goals for Physical Activity Practice in Fitness Center  [PDF]
Cristina Bonoto Vieira Da Cunha, Ingi Petitemberte Klain, Airton José Rombaldi, José Carlos Leitao
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104621
Verifying the association between body image dissatisfaction and goals to the physical activity practice. The sample consisted of 299 goers of fitness center, of both genders, with ages between 16 and 50 years old. Information about gender, age, educational level, socioeconomic level and goals for the physical activity practice were collected using a previously tests questionnaire. Regarding the goals, the participants should identify if the motivation for the practice was related to aspects health, aesthetic or social relationships aspects, choosing yes or no. The body image was determined using the set of silhouettes and to verifying the body image dissatisfaction we considered the difference between the current silhouette and the ideal silhouette pointed out by the individuals. Numerical variables were expressed as mean ± standard deviation and categorical variables as absolute and relative frequency. Pearson’s chi-square test was used to verify the associations among goals to the practice, gender, and age group. Analysis of variance was used to verify the associations between the goals to the practice and the body image dissatisfaction. There was a low statistically significant correlation between body mass index and body image dissatisfaction (rs0.29 - p < 0.001). The proportion of women (69%) who practiced physical activity with aesthetics goals was higher than that of men (31%). In addition, 92% of the sample showed body image dissatisfaction. Regarding the goals to the physical activity practice, men aimed more muscular body while the women wished more lean body. Men and women have different perceptions regarding body image.
Means of Information and Media and the Influence for the Practice of Physical Activity  [PDF]
Cristina Bonoto Vieira Da Cunha, Ingi Petitemberte Klain, Airton José Rombaldi, José Carlos Leitao
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104635
The purpose of this study was to verify which means of information has the most influence for the practice of physical activity among fitness centers goers. The sample consisted of 299 individuals of both genders, in the age range of 16 to 50 years old. A biosociodemographic questionnaire was used to collect data on gender, age, educational level, socioeconomic level and means of access to information. The scores obtained with this research were typed in spreadsheet and later transferred to the statistical package SPSS version 17.0 for Windows where they received statistical treatment. Of the total number of respondents, 62.2% were female; the majority were aged between 16 and 30 years (63.2%); in the most prevalent category, those were graduated at university (46.8%); and 85.3% belonged to social strata A and B. In relation to the media that most influenced them to practice physical activity, the internet ranked first (84.95%), followed by television (83.95%), newspaper (50.84%), radio (45.48%), magazines (23.08%) and others (4.35%).
Quality of Life in Fitness Centers Goers  [PDF]
Cristina Bonoto Vieira da Cunha, Ingi Petitemberte Klain, Airton José Rombaldi, José Carlos Leitao
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104647
The purpose of this study was to verify the association between physical activity frequency and quality of life among fitness centers goers. Participants were 299 individuals of both genders, who attended eight fitness centers. For the collect of sociodemographic data, weekly frequency, duration and time of practice of physical activity, a biosociodemographic questionnaire was used. The quality of life was measured using the WHOQOL-100 questionnaire. Numerical variables were described as mean ± standard deviation or median (25 percentile—75 percentile) and categorical variables as absolute or relative frequency. The associations between quality of life and weekly frequency of physical activity were evaluated using the Spearman correlation coefficient. Comparisons between quality of life and gender, age group, duration of training, schooling and socioeconomic level were tested through analysis of variance and the Tukey post hoc test. A probability value of P ≤ 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Of the total number of respondents, 62.2% were women; 54.9% practiced physical activity four or more times a week and 69.6% had practice lasting up to 90 minutes. There were statistically significant differences between the duration of physical activity in terms of physical, psychological, independence and facet 25, which evaluates the general quality of life. Subjects with prolonged frequency (0.3%) obtained the best scores in relation to the domains, physical and psychological. Men had a higher score than women in the psychological domain and level of independence. There were no statistically significant differences in quality of life among the different age groups. It’s concluded that the more active people are, the better their quality of life is.
Histological analysis and transcription profiles on somatic embryogenesis in interspecific hybrids of Elaeis guineensis × E. oleifera  [PDF]
Paula Cristina da Silva Angelo, Douglas André Steinmacher, Ricardo Lopes, Raimundo Nonato Vieira da Cunha, Miguel Pedro Guerra
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/as.2013.411A001

Elaeis guineensis (African oil palm) and E. oleifera (American oil palm) are bred to attain high oil yields, disease resistances, and decelerated shoot elongation. We cultivated immature zygotic embryos from backcrossed and F1 interspecific progenies on media containing 110, 150, or 200 mg·l-1 2,4-diclorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) to obtain embryogenic cultures. These were set to multiply on medium containing 8 mg·l-1 2,4-D or lower concentrations of auxins and finally we induced plantlets regeneration, from each zygotic embryo, independently, in order to have the clones organized according to their respective origins. Reductions in auxins induced cultures to revert from highly embryogenic into competent for embryogenesis and finally to organogenic degenerated callus lines. Histology and the expression of SOMATIC EMBRYOGENESIS RECEPTOR KINASE, DEHYDRIN

Embryogenic calli induced in interspecific (Elaeis guineensis x E. oleifera) hybrid zygotic embryos
Paula Cristina da Silva Angelo,Ricardo Lopes,Larissa Alexandra Cardoso Moraes,Raimundo Nonato Vieira da Cunha
Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology , 2009,
Abstract: The hybridization between oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) and caiaué (E. oleifera) plants is directed to obtainprogenies presenting high yields like oil palm but with reduced shoot height and resistance to lethal yellowing like caiaué.Cloning F1, BC1 and BC2 progenies can make the replication of selection trials easier. The objective of this work was to inducesomatic embryogenesis in interspecific zygotic embryos collected 100 days after pollination. Three progenies were cultivatedin an induction medium developed for Tenera (E. guineensis tp. dura x pisifera) embryos. The number of embryos bearing calliand germinating was recorded and submitted to the Z test. Calli were weighted and submitted to histological analysis.Progenies differed in the number of embryos presenting plumules and calli simultaneously. By the ninth month, the apices ofincompletely developed somatic embryos were observed protruding from the surfaces of nodular calli. Highly embryogenicand friable secondary calli producing globular somatic embryos were not observed.
Neoplasias de glandulas salivares: estudo de 119 casos
Santos Gilda da Cunha,Martins Marcos Roberto,Pellacani Lucila B?heme,Vieira Ana Cristina Trench
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2003,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Revis o dos achados clinicopatológicos dos tumores de glandulas salivares diagnosticados no período de 1980 a 1997 no Departamento de Patologia da Escola Paulista de Medicina da Universidade Federal de S o Paulo (EPM/Unifesp). MéTODO: Foi realizado estudo retrospectivo de 205.967 diagnósticos anatomopatológicos e encontrados 119 casos de neoplasias de glandulas salivares, sendo 93 (78%) neoplasias benignas e 26 (22%) malignas. RESULTADOS: A idade variou de 6 a 74 anos (média de 40 anos), sendo 71 (60%) pacientes do sexo feminino e 48 (40%) do sexo masculino. Com rela o à topografia, 84 (70,6%) casos foram de parótida, 23 (19,3%) de glandula submandibular, 11 (9,24%) de glandulas salivares menores e um (0,86%) de glandula sublingual. Quanto ao tipo histológico, os tumores corresponderam a 59,7% de adenomas pleomórficos, 10% de cistoadenomas papilíferos linfomatosos (tumor de Warthin), 9,3% de carcinomas adenóides císticos e 8,4 % de carcinomas mucoepidermóides. CONCLUS O: O padr o de distribui o dos tumores de glandulas salivares foi semelhante ao encontrado em outras séries. A análise desta distribui o permite identificar variáveis como localiza o e padr o histológico, subsídios importantes que devem ser considerados no tratamento e em estudos de marcadores prognósticos.
De resíduo a insumo: a constru??o do caminho para uma química mais limpa através de um projeto de ensino
Felisberto, Regina;Vieira, Lucio Olimpio;Couto, Alessandra;Schuh, Roselena;Albino, Caroline Thiessen;Libardi, Daniela Batistela;Cunha, Ana Cristina Borba da;
Química Nova , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422008000100031
Abstract: the discussion among teachers, students, and technicians about the destination of residues from chemistry laboratories led to a research project whose results were incorporated into a course in its daily practices. the treatment of the residues from argentimetric practices allowed us to establish cognitive relations of technological basis and of those related to the rising of the level of awareness about environmental aspects and social responsibility of chemistry professionals. the techniques and the results, from the economic point of view, namely that of value aggregation (metallic silver) and the conversion of the residue into input (potassium chromate solution) are shown.
The Impact of Fixed Orthodontic Therapy in Correction of Malocclusion in Adults  [PDF]
Angela Cristina Pinto de Paiva Cunha, Olga Benario Vieira Maranhao, Ana Glaucia de Oliveira Macedo, Anderson Farias da Cunha, Kenio Costa de Lima
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101427
Abstract: Objective: To measure the impact of fixed orthodontic therapy in the correction of malocclusion in adults and to evaluate the influence of factors associated with this impact. Methods: The sample consisted of 288 adult patients who had undergone fixed orthodontic therapy. The adequacy of orthodontic treatment was assessed by the PAR index in models of initial and final study. Associated factors were divided into two groups: socio-economic demographic variables (gender, education level, type of service, age at end of treatment), and the independent orthodontic variables (DHC-IOTN, AC-IOTN, satisfactory use of retainer, conducting speech therapy, and main complaints). For data analysis, we used the chi-square tests and multivariate logistic regression for a confidence level of 95%. Results: Independent of associated factors, the improvement of the treated cases was greater than 88.2% of the sample, with significant improvement in cases with moderate or severe initial need of treatment (p = 0.008) and in patients older than 25 years at the time of treatment (p = 0.015). Conclusion: The orthodontic therapy resulted in significant improvement, especially in cases with moderate or severe orthodontic treatment need and in adults over the age of 25 years.
Digestibilidade de dietas contendo silagem de capim-elefante amonizado e farelo de cacau ou torta de dendê em ovinos
Silva, Herymá Giovane de Oliveira;Pires, Aureliano José Vieira;Cunha Neto, Pedro Alves da;Carvalho, Gleidson Giordano Pinto de;Veloso, Cristina Mattos;Silva, Fabiano Ferreira da;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982007000200029
Abstract: the objective of this trial was to evaluate the apparent total tract digestibility of nutrients on sheep fed diets containing ammoniated elephantgrass silage plus cocoa meal or palm kernel cake, which partially replaced corn and soybean meal in the concentrate. eighteen non-castrated santa inês sheep averaging 22.6 kg of body weight were assigned to a completely randomized design with a 2 x 3 factorial arrangement of treatments. the experiment lasted 77 days with 14 days for diet adaptation and three 21 days periods for data and sample collection. diets were composed by 60% of forage and 40% of concentrate. treatments containing treated (urea) or untreated elephant grass silage plus one the following concentrate mixture: 1) corn and soybean meal, 2) corn, soybean meal and cocoa meal, or 3) corn, soybean meal and palm kernel cake. ammoniation and replacement of 40% of corn and soybean meal in the concentrate with cocoa meal or palm kernel cake did not significantly change the dietary digestibility of nutrients. it is recommended the partial replacement of corn and soybean meal with cocoa meal or palm kernel in diets of sheep.
In vitro rescue of interspecific embryos from Elaeis guineensis x E. oleifera (Arecaceae)
da Silva Angelo,Paula Cristina; Cardoso Moraes,LarissaAlexandra; Lopes,Ricardo; Reis Sousa,Nelcimar; Vieira da Cunha,Raimundo Nonato; Caetano Quisen,Regina;
Revista de Biología Tropical , 2011,
Abstract: the african oil palm (elaeis guineensis) is the most effective oil producer in tons per hectare. nevertheless, its increasing cultivation in latin america is harmed by the “lethal yellowing”. genetic resistance to this anomaly can be found in the germplasm of american oil palm or caiaué (e. oleifera), a native species from the amazon rainforest. however, the procedures adopted to induce seeds of e. guineensis to germination frequently result mild for interespecific hybrids. embryo in vitro cultivation can be a viable option. this work was aimed initially to test liquid ms medium supplemented with different glucose or sucrose concentrations for the in vitro cultivation of zygotic embryos from e. guineensis x e. oleifera controlled pollinations. additionally we investigated different compost mixtures to acclimatize the regenerated hybrid plantlets. concentrations of 10, 20 and 30g/l of both sugars were tested on flasks containing five mature zygotic embryos, with 15 repetitions per treatment in a total of 450 explants. the number of embryos displaying shoots and radicles at least 2mm in length per experimental unit was evaluated during phase one of in vitro cultivation. plantlets displaying shoots and radicles were transferred to phase two of in vitro cultivation and subsequently to acclimatization, under 70% shading with manual water supply. the experiments of acclimatization were conducted with 130 plantlets randomly distributed in pure horticultural compost, 3:1 or 1:1 compost:sand mixtures and each plantlet was defined as an experimental unit. data were submitted to anova, t test and analyzes of correlation (p≤0.05). highest emergence rates were 97% for shoots and 73% for radicles, observed in ms medium supplemented with 20g/l (110mm) of glucose. this sugar in concentrations of 20 or 30g/l provided balanced shoot/root development, and this was considered one of the reasons for the higher frequency of plantlet establishment. the survival percentage was 55% after th
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