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Generalized spheroidal wave equation and limiting cases
B. D. Bonorino Figueiredo
Physics , 2006,
Abstract: We find sets of solutions to the generalized spheroidal wave equation (GSWE) or, equivalently, to the confluent Heun equation. Each set is constituted by three solutions, one given by a series of ascending powers of the independent variable, and the others by series of regular and irregular confluent hypergeometric functions. For a fixed set, the solutions converge over different regions of the complex plane but present series coefficients proportional to each other. These solutions for the GSWE afford solutions to a double-confluent Heun equation by a taking-limit process due to Leaver. Another procedure, called Whittaker-Ince limit, provides solutions in series of powers and Bessel functions for two other equations with a different type of singularity at infinity. In addition, new solutions are obtained for the Whittaker-Hill and Mathieu equations by considering these as special cases of both the confluent and double-confluent Heun equations. In particular, we find that each of the Lindmann-Stieltjes solutions for the Mathieu equation is associated with two expansions in series of Bessel functions. We also discuss a set of solutions in series of hypergeometric and confluent hypergeometric functions for the GSWE and use their Leaver limits to obtain infinite-series solutions for the Schr\"odinger equation with an asymmetric double-Morse potential. Finally, the possibility of extending the solutions of the GSWE to the general Heun equation is briefly discussed.
Ince's limits for confluent and double-confluent Heun equations
B. D. Bonorino Figueiredo
Mathematics , 2005, DOI: 10.1063/1.2104267
Abstract: We find pairs of solutions to a differential equation which is obtained as a special limit of a generalized spheroidal wave equation (this is also known as confluent Heun equation). One solution in each pair is given by a series of hypergeometric functions and converges for any finite value of the independent variable $z$, while the other is given by a series of modified Bessel functions and converges for $|z|>|z_{0}|$, where $z_{0}$ denotes a regular singularity. For short, the preceding limit is called Ince's limit after Ince who have used the same procedure to get the Mathieu equations from the Whittaker-Hill ones. We find as well that, when $z_{0}$ tends to zero, the Ince limit of the generalized spheroidal wave equation turns out to be the Ince limit of a double-confluent Heun equation, for which solutions are provided. Finally, we show that the Schr\"odinger equation for inverse fourth and sixth-power potentials reduces to peculiar cases of the double-confluent Heun equation and its Ince's limit, respectively.
Existence and nonexistence results for eigenfunctions of the Laplacian in unbounded domains of H^n
Leonardo Bonorino,Patricia Klaser
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We investigate, for the Laplacian operator, the existence and nonexistence of eigenfunctions of eigenvalue between zero and the first eigenvalue of the hyperbolic space H^n, for unbounded domains of H^n. If a domain is contained in a horoball, we prove that there is no positive bounded eigenfunction that vanishes on the boundary. However, if the asymptotic boundary of a domain contains an open set of the asymptotic boundary of H^n, there is a solution that converges to 0 at infinity and can be extended continuously to the asymptotic boundary. In particular, this result holds for hyperballs.
Analysis of the NTPDase and ecto-5'-nucleotidase profiles in serum-limited Trichomonas vaginalis
Frasson, Amanda Piccoli;Char?o, Mariele Feiffer;Rosemberg, Denis Broock;Souza, Ana Paula de;Garcia, Solange Cristina;Bonorino, Cristina;Bogo, Maurício Reis;De Carli, Geraldo Attilio;Tasca, Tiana;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762012000200004
Abstract: trichomonas vaginalis is a parasite of the human urogenital tract that causes trichomonosis, the most prevalent non-viral sexually transmitted disease. ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase (ntpdase) family members, which hydrolyse extracellular atp and adp and ecto-5′-nucleotidase, which hydrolyses amp, have been characterised in t. vaginalis. for trichomonad culture, the growth medium is supplemented with 10% serum, which is an important source of nutrients, such as adenosine. here, we investigated the atp metabolism of t. vaginalis trophozoites from long-term cultures and clinical isolates under limited bovine serum conditions (1% serum). the specific enzymatic activities were expressed as nmol inorganic phosphate (pi) released/min/mg protein, the gene expression patterns were determined by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction, the extracellular adenine nucleotide hydrolysis was analysed by high performance liquid chromatography and the cell cycle analysis was assessed by flow cytometry. serum limitation led to the profound activation of ntpdase and ecto-5'-nucleotidase activities. furthermore, the levels of ntpdase a and b transcripts increased and extracellular atp metabolism was activated, which led to enhanced atp hydrolysis and the formation of adp and amp. moreover, the cell cycle was arrested at the g0/g1 stage, which suggested adenosine uptake. our data suggest that under conditions of serum limitation, ntpdase and ecto-5'-nucleotidase play a role in providing the adenosine required for t. vaginalis growth and that this process contributes to the establishment of parasitism.
Prolonged Survival of Allografts Induced by Mycobacterial Hsp70 Is Dependent on CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells
Thiago J. Borges,Bárbara N. Porto,César A. Teixeira,Marcelle Rodrigues,Felipe D. Machado,Ana Paula Ornaghi,Ana Paula D. de Souza,Fabio Maito,Wander R. Pavanelli,Jo?o S. Silva,Cristina Bonorino
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0014264
Abstract: Heat shock proteins (Hsps) are stress induced proteins with immunomodulatory properties. The Hsp70 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TBHsp70) has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory role on rodent autoimmune arthritis models, and the protective effects were demonstrated to be dependent on interleukin-10 (IL-10). We have previously observed that TBHsp70 inhibited maturation of dendritic cells (DCs) and induced IL-10 production by these cells, as well as in synovial fluid cells.
Facies y geometrías de los depósitos aluviales cuaternarios en la quebrada del Portezuelo, Sierra de Mojotoro, provincia de Salta, Argentina
Georgieff,Sergio M; González Bonorino,Gustavo;
Revista de la Asociaci?3n Argentina de Sedimentolog?-a , 2002,
Abstract: salta city is located at the northern end of the lerma valley, which is a quaternary tectonic depression bounded along the east by the mojotoro range, lying on the eastern border of cordillera oriental geological province (baldis et al., 1976). the mojotoro range, with peaks at about 1,500 m a.s.l., is underlain by proterozoic and lower paleozoic sedimentary rocks in an east-vergent anticline. the portezuelo canyon is an east-west wind gap across the mojotoro range (fig. 1). the portezuelo canyon is a narrow valley, 500 to 1,000 m in width at a mean altitude of 1,200 m a.s.l. quaternary deposits resting unconformably on paleozoic and older strata are locally preserved in the portezuelo canyon. recent road works on national highway 9 have produced excellent exposures of the quaternary deposits; these exposures are studied in the present paper. studied quaternary deposits in the portezuelo canyon occur as inclined beds (strike/slip: n350°/3°w) exposed almost continuously along approximately 350 m. these deposits are characterized by two main facies, fig. 2: (1) conglomerate with a coarse-grained sandstone matrix, in light yellow (5y 6/2 and 5y 8/2; rock-color chart committee, 1991) beds showing imbricated pebble clusters, trough and low-angle planar cross-stratification, with convex-upward bases and concave-upward to flat tops; bed thickness ranges from 1 to 2 m and exposed widths are in the order of several tens of meters; and (2) siltstone to very fine-grained, light yellow red (10yr 6/4 y 10yr 4/4; rock-color chart committee, 1991), horizontally stratified sandstone beds 1 to 3 m thick, showing parallel lamination and scarce pebbles. more detailed facies subdivision is given in table 1. significant differences with established quaternary formations in the lerma valley lead us to separate these deposits as the portezuelo formation. clast source probably was mostly local from the sides of the ancient portezuelo canyon, fed by small alluvial fans or rock-avalanche dep
Guía de buscadores y búsqueda en Internet
González Bonorino, Adina,Rodríguez, Daniela
Técnica Administrativa , 2003,
Abstract: Guía sobre los buscadores más consultados a nivel nacional e internacional. Además, se explican los operadores a utilizar para elaborar estrategias de búsqueda y obtener así los mejores resultados
Facies y geometrías de los depósitos aluviales cuaternarios en la quebrada del Portezuelo, Sierra de Mojotoro, provincia de Salta, Argentina Facies and geometry of Quaternary alluvial deposits in the quebrada del Portezuelo, Sierra de Mojotoro, Salta province, Argentina
Sergio M Georgieff,Gustavo González Bonorino
Revista de la Asociación Argentina de Sedimentología , 2002,
Abstract: La quebrada del Portezuelo está ubicada al este de la ciudad de Salta y atraviesa la sierra de Mojotoro en sentido este-oeste. La quebrada forma un valle estrecho de unos 500 a 1000 m de ancho con una altura promedio de 1200 m; las sierras circundantes alcanzan una cota de 1500 m. La ampliación de la autopista de acceso a la ciudad de Salta ha ocasionado el destape de las laderas del valle, dejando al descubierto depósitos cámbricos, ordovícicos y cuaternarios, estos últimos son los que se describen en este trabajo. Los relevamientos de perfiles de detalle han aportado evidencias sedimentarias (análisis de facies, arquitectura fluvial, direcciones de paleocorrientes, tama o y composición de los clastos) que indican que la quebrada del Portezuelo fue una de las zonas de interconexión (a través de la sierra de Mojotoro) entre el valle de Lerma (al oeste) y el valle de Sianca (al este). Además, el espesor, rumbo y buzamiento de los depósitos cuaternarios (N350°/3oO) y las direcciones de paleocorrientes hacia el este indican que la sedimentación en la quebrada del Portezuelo fue activa durante el levantamiento de la sierra de Mojotoro. Las caracter ísticas sedimentológicas y ubicación estratigráfica de estos depósitos cuaternarios son diferentes a las propuestas para las unidades cuaternarias definidas para el valle de Lerma; por lo tanto definimos una nueva unidad estratigráfica que denominamos Formación Portezuelo. Esta unidad representa a todos los depósitos acumulados en la quebrada homónima y que presentan las siguientes características: 1. Depósitos conglomerádicos, clasto soporte (matriz sabulítica), estratificaciones cruzada en artesa, tabular planar y tabular irregular, cuerpos con geometrías lenticulares (base cóncava y techo plano a convexo), espesores entre 0,5 y 2 m; 2. Depósitos de limolitas - areniscas, estratificación tabular irregular y laminación paralela, raíces, restos de hojas y tallos, espesores de 1 a 3 m. Estos depósitos son interpretados como un sistema fluvial gravoso (que retrabajaba los clastos aportados por peque os abanicos aluviales laterales) desarrollado sobre un valle de inundación limo - arenoso de tipo intermontano. Salta city is located at the northern end of the Lerma Valley, which is a Quaternary tectonic depression bounded along the east by the Mojotoro Range, lying on the eastern border of Cordillera Oriental Geological Province (Baldis et al., 1976). The Mojotoro Range, with peaks at about 1,500 m a.s.l., is underlain by Proterozoic and lower Paleozoic sedimentary rocks in an east-vergent anticline. The Portezuelo Ca
Caracterización morfométrica de la cuenca alta del arroyo Las Lajas, Córdoba: Un análisis estadístico Morphometric characterization of the mountainous Las Lajas Creek drainage basin, Cordoba
N. Doffo,G. González Bonorino
Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina , 2005,
Abstract: En base a un análisis estadístico de los principales parámetros morfomé tricos, se hace una caracterización hidrológica de la cuenca alta del arroyo Las Lajas. En particular se discute la influencia de la estructura y litología sobre el dise o de la red de drenaje. La cuenca alta del arroyo Las Lajas drena una superficie aproximada de 41 km2 y se desarrolla sobre un basamento plutónico-metamórfico del Precámbrico-Paleozoico superior. El relieve está conformado por serranías bajas, valles de fondo plano, con relleno aluvial y coluvial. La precipitación media anual es de 860 mm. La forma de la cuenca está parcialmente controlada por la Falla Las Lajas. Los parámetros morfométricos utilizados son: densidad de drenaje, frecuencia de cursos de primer orden, rugosidad de la cuenca, relación de bifurcación, relación de longitudes y relación de elongación. Estos se aplicaron a subcuencas de tercer orden, agrupadas en un sector oriental y otro occidental, delimitados por la Falla Las Lajas. De cada parámetro medido se obtuvieron estadísticos de posición y de dispersión y se realizaron, previa prueba de normalidad y de correlación, tests estadísticos, análisis de agrupamiento y factorial. El resultado no demuestra que exista un control litológico sobre el dise o de la red de drenaje. Un análisis de agrupamiento sobre las subcuencas indica una división en dos conjuntos que no muestran una relación obvia con la estructura ni la litología del sustrato. The Las Lajas Creek mountainous drainage basin is characterized through the analysis of morphometric parameters, with the main purpose of studying the possible control of substrate lithology and structure on the drainage pattern. The basin drains an area of approximately 41 km2, on a Precambrian-upper Paleozoic plutonic-metamorphic substrate. The basin lies in an area of moderate-elevation ranges, and planar valleys filled with alluvial and coluvial deposits. The basin is controlled by the active Las Lajas Fault. Morphometric parameters studied are: drainage density, frequency of first order streams, bifurcation relation, stream length relation, and elongation relation. These parameters were computed for third-order subwatersheds in the Las Lajas Creek basin to test the hypothesis that substrate lithology controlled drainage morphometry. The statistical analysis failed to demonstrate this hypothesis. Cluster analysis indicates a grouping of subwatersheds in two major sets that do not show obvious relations to either structure or lithology of the substrate.
Impacto de las publicaciones periódicas electrónicas en las bibliotecas universitarias privadas argentinas
González Bonorino, Adina,Molteni, Valeria E.
Revista Espa?ola de Documentación Científica , 2005,
Abstract: This paper studies the present impact of the use of electronic journals in the areas and subdivisions of the academic libraries in the private university system of Argentine, i.e.; departments, services and/or sectors in the information units. This research analyses the following aspects: Selection and Acquisition, Human Resources, Technical Process, Informatics, Marketing, User's services, Library's cooperation and Edition. It describes the reasons why the private academic libraries have included the electronic journals in their collections. The cooperation library system, as a decisive structure for the management of this technology resource, is studied. This investigation shows also trends in the field of cooperation and electronic publishing in Argentina. La presente investigación estudia el impacto que produce la aparición de publicaciones periódicas electrónicas en los diferentes departamentos, servicios o áreas que conforman las unidades de información de las bibliotecas privadas universitarias argentinas en la actualidad. Se analizan las áreas de Selección y adquisición, Recursos humanos, Procesos técnicos, Infraestructura informática, Marketing de servicios bibliotecarios, Servicios al usuario, Cooperación y Edición, describiéndose los factores que han movilizado a las bibliotecas universitarias a incorporar revistas electrónicas. Se analizan las actuales redes de cooperación como factor importante en la gestión de este nuevo recurso tecnológico y futuras tendencias en el campo de la cooperación y edición electrónica en la Argentina.
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