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Dos Colegios
ARQ (Santiago) , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-69962004005600011
Abstract: sensitive economics. two buildings, put up on dissimilar sites, 30 years apart, share a certain humility, a scale and some issues, like limited yards, covered exteriors, and precise, autonomous volumes. both projects are imbued with a structural clarity that has the generosity to foresee changes of program and needs, so the school can also house community celebrations, parties and public meetings.
Caracterización y clasificación de la bahía de Puerto Montt mediante batimetría de multihaz y datos de backscatter
Investigaciones marinas , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71782006000100007
Abstract: a high resolution multibeam bathymetric survey was carried out in puerto montt bay, chile. moreover, intensity data derived from acoustic signals reflected by the sea bottom was gathered using the same sonar system; the ratio was calculated between emitted and backscattered energy. the resulting topographic model shows a soft coastal platform and an abrupt slope. there are small submarine channels in the slope zone and a main channel in the central bay zone that could be related to the depression associated with the tenglo channel. these channels act as conduits for the sediment transport from shallow to deep waters. the backscatter information was used in order to classify seabed sediments, subsequently confirmed by analyzing sediment samples from the respective sites. coarse sediments feature higher intensities or backscatter signals than fine sediments. muddy sands generally prevail in the investigation area. however, coarse material tends to concentrate in shallow waters and fine material in deep sectors. sediment transport in the interior and the mouths of tenglo channel in strongly influenced by tide currents. this does not hold for material transport occurring on the slope and in the deeper parts of the bay, where other mechanisms, such as turbidity currents, are more important
Aedo Barrena,Cristián;
Ius et Praxis , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-00122011000100002
Abstract: this article assumes the premise, supported by doctrine romance majority, that the crime of damnum, in other words, the granting of direct actio issued by the lex aquilia, supposed meet for both the first chapter, and for the third, corpore corpori principle, that required an immediate contact between the author's physical damage in the body of the item damaged. from this point of view, the article explores the jurisprudential extension mechanisms governing verb first and third chapter. in relation to the first chapter, he examines the origin, evolution and admission celso's famous distinction between occidere and causam mortis praestare. according to this formula, provided that it complied with the principle corpore corpori the outcome of death, came the award of direct action. in contrast, in the cases of omissions that led to a fatal outcome, that celso's formula means causam mortis praestare (give time of death), it was appropriate action decretal. the problem is that, as discussed in the text, the formula was recently profiled in the classical period, with a background in ofilio and once drafted by celso, was not followed in all cases contemporary jurists or after him, which is asking the reasons that led some jurists to give a direct action cases of acts of omission. finally, in relation to chapter third, the article essentially stops the extension from rumpere interpretation by corrumpere both cases mediate causation, as in those in which the thing was not destroyed, but lost functionality to the owner.
Mercado R,Cristián;
Acta bioethica , 2001, DOI: 10.4067/S1726-569X2001000100010
Abstract: chile is a country that is growing older. sanitary resource allocation is insufficient and there exists inadequate training in geriatrics and bioethics. aging determines greater susceptibility and vulnerability when facing pathological aggressions. the elderly present a high prevalence of chronic diseases which translates into a greater demand for health assistance. bioethical principles are frequently addressed in geriatric practice and give rise to complex discussions. thus, knowledge and full command of those principles are fundamental. discussion is the basic tool for decision-making and must be realized by the interdisciplinary team, together with the patient's family or proxy. if we consider we do not treat diseases but sick people, we will find in the elderly a very particular type of patient; one with particular psychosocial conflicts. taking into account patient's values and ethical principles as well is a must. this paper attempts to analyze, from the bioethical standpoint, the dilemmas posed by decision-making in geriatrics
Anatomía de los hombres grises: Rescrituras de la novela social en el Chile de postdictadura
Acta literaria , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-68482009000100007
Abstract: the statement of this essay emphasizes that in chilean post-dictatorship era, emerge a kind of narrative-writing that evoke the ideological project of novela social: chilean socialist realism in literature (1930-1940). in this narrative works, the subject of enunciation is named hombre gris, the man of disappointment. the main objective of this aesthetic project is to reject globalization and recovery literary language and ideology of socialist novelists (e.g. n. guzmán, among others).
Historia (Santiago) , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71942004000100003
Abstract: alberto edwards vives lived in a period in which the ruling oligarchy in chile had fallen into a social and political attitude of frivolity and neglected the public affairs. this situation deeply affected him. in several of his essays written between 1903 and 1927, he made an analysis of the history of the republican chile where he held the opinion that the best period of it were the authoritarian decades, because a brilliant statesman, diego portales imposed the principle of authority that allowed the chilean xix century to be an epoch of progress and order in open contrast with the reality people were living at the beginning of the xx century. the historic essay where he best expressed these ideas was la fronda aristocrática, that nevertheless, did not reflect a very new view. edwards had already expressed those ideas in previous essays. the intellectual contribution of la fronda arises from the fact that he picks up the ideas of several foreign authors, specially oswald spengles's, whose categories of historical analysis edwards explicity employed. in this paper they are analyzed one by one as far as they constitute the basis of the book.
Garay Vera,Cristián;
Historia Crítica , 2009,
Abstract: starting from the premise that borders are constructed rather than historically given, this article describes the process that, following the war of the pacific (1879), turned civil and governmental actors in peru to claim their own space in the amazon, successively disputing territories with bolivia, brazil, colombia, and ecuador and which, in the final analysis, appears to have been successful. this was a complex process that, in addition to demonstrating how peru discarded the thesis of utis possidetis iuris, which it once supported, for the thesis of fait accompli, more appropriate for the de facto occupation of disputed space.
Garay Vera,Cristián;
Historia (Santiago) , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71942008000200002
Abstract: this work considers the acre war as part of a multilateral context where the equilibrium of power was important in the reasoning behind the establishment of foreign relations. it uses the frontier concept developed by f. j. turner to explain why their open frontier put brazil and bolivia in confrontation. this happened because of the bolivian strategy of granting land to investors from the united states, great britain and france, which was interpreted by brazil as an imperialist action promoted by the united states. this explains why brazil established a cióse relationship with chile to confront together their problems in acre and antofagasta, which led to the drafting of the petrópilis (1903) and paz y amistad (1904) treaties. the article argues that bolivia proceeded this way to avoid a brazilian, peruvian or paraguayan territorial advance, seeking the support of the united states to compénsate the imbalance of power.
Chile futuro: Una utopía posible
Atenea (Concepción) , 2005, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-04622005000100003
Abstract: chile seems to be living a good historical moment in a series of areas. the macroeconomic (highest per capita income in latin america), social tranquility, public works, improvements in heath and education that, although insufficient, represent a clear progress. but, we are far from reaching a utopian reality (in the sense of the word as an ideal situation or near ideal), especially due to the very poor distribution of income and large number of poor people and even extremely poor people. there continue to exist serious deficiencies in education and health care, which can only be taken care of in a medium-term time range
Teoría de la Argumentación como Epistemología Aplicada
Cinta de moebio , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-554X2012000100003
Abstract: in this paper the conception of argumentation theory as applied epistemology is discussed. the point of departure is the description of four perspectives that are considered as founders of the modern theory of argumentation, in order to observe whether there was a similar concept in those theories or if they provided the patterns to go into that direction. further on the reasons why contemporary scholars have given this emphasis to the notion of argumentation theory is discussed.

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