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Expropiación indirecta en los contratos de concesión
Quintero Garay,Clara Patricia;
Estudios Socio-Jurídicos , 2008,
Abstract: the work aims to demonstrate that an indirect expropriation of rights occurs when mining concession agreements are made for subsoil exploitation. the article looks at examples such as when administrative divesture for public utilities or for social interest is decreed to implement projects or environmental works; when any regulation or administrative action is taken determining protected areas or environment control of type; and when environmental control plans are implemented. the indirect expropriation occurs because a conflict exists between general interests and equality principles of the burdens, the contractual right of adherence to agreed upon provisions and the legality of prior legal regulations for the carrying out of such expropriation.
Understanding Midwives’ Perspective on Care of Post Cesarean Section Women at the University Teaching Hospital—Women and Newborn, Lusaka  [PDF]
Priscar Sakala Mukonka, Patricia Katowa Mukwato, Conceptor Namukolo Kwaleyela, Clara Haruzivishe, Margaret C. Maimbolwa
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2018.812069
Abstract: Background: A cesarean section is a major obstetric surgical procedure performed for the purpose of delivering a live baby when vaginal delivery would put the mother and the baby at risk due to complications of pregnancy, labour and delivery. Although caesarean section is a life saving procedure, it is associated with a number of risks or problems in the postoperative period. The aim of the study was to understand the Midwives’ perspective on the care of postpartum mothers who had cesarean section at the University Teaching Hospital—Women and Newborn in Lusaka District. Methods: A descriptive cross sectional survey was conducted at the University Teaching Hospital—Women and Newborn in Lusaka. 51 Midwives working in postnatal wards were consecutively selected to participate in the study. Data was collected using a self administered questionnaire with a 4 point Likert scale and also some closed and open ended questions. SPSS version 20 statistical package was used to analyse data, expressed as descriptive summary measures. Results: All the 51 Midwives were female and they scored themselves highly on a 4 point Likert scale as always performing all the immediate post-operative care on the postpartum mothers who had a caesarean section while the score was much lower during the subsequent post-operative period. Staffing levels and medical-surgical materials were found to be low and affect care of Postpartum mothers (P-0.050). The majority (94.2%) of the Midwives also indicated that C-section mothers were not given any form of written materials or standardized instructions to take home as reference material during the Information, Education Communication sessions on discharge (P-0.001) and home/domiciliary visits to postpartum mothers who had C-sections on postpartum were not being undertaken. Conclusion: There was need to improve the care rendered to the postpartum women who had complicated labour and delivery including caesarean sections in order to promote good health and to prevent postpartum complications.
Ocurrencia de hongos formadores de micorriza arbuscular asociados a ají (Capsicum sp.) en la Amazonia colombiana
Cardona,Gladys; Pe?a-Venegas,Clara Patricia; arcos,Adriana;
Agronomía Colombiana , 2008,
Abstract: capsicum sp. is a native american specie highly important around the world because of its wide array of uses. the colombian amazon is considered one of the main origin sites that contain a richness of morph species. however, very few studies have evaluated the dynamics between arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi (amf) and red pepper in spite of its relevance to growth and survival of plants under limiting nutrient conditions. amf occurrence was studied from the collection of roots and rhizosphere of pepper in different routes. colonization was assessed by the phillips and hayman methodology (1970) with sieverding modifications (1983). spores isolation and quantification was evaluated by gerdeman y nicolson (1963) methodology and modified by sieverding (1983). species determination was carried out by amf spore description. all of the evaluated red chillies pepper samples showed amf associations. chemical characteristics of soils, plant diversity on the chagras, different collections types and capsicum species influenced the high and low occurrence of amf symbiosis. nine morph species of amf were identified and glomus sp. the genus most frequently related.
Las TIC en la Escuela de Enfermería de la Universidad del Valle: Una experiencia transformadora
Tovar,María Clara; Argote,Luz ángela; Ocampo,Melva Patricia;
Colombia Médica , 2011,
Abstract: introduction: in order to spread the experience of the school of nursing in the use of innovative strategies, which facilitate the formation of the students in higher education, with difficult access to the education classroom for fulfilling diverse roles in society; this article presents this systematized strategy, doing a tour from the years 60 up to the use of itc at present. methods: historical documents were collected from the school of nursing, research papers, systematization and evaluation of students and teachers related to the topic. results: the methodologies used according to the state of technology as well as gains and areas for improvement both teachers and students with effective use of itc. conclusions: one of the main factors for the successful implementation of itc in higher education is the favorable perception of teachers in front of them, because even though some teachers do not consider it necessary to introduce new ways of teaching and learning, many others are willing and committed to innovate and propose new pedagogical challenges using the resources provided by these technologies. the results of this experience show that the technological and pedagogical innovation is key to expanding coverage, undergraduate and postgraduate nursing as well as for the strengthening to discipline, the conceptualization and the practice of the human care.
Frecuencia en el consumo de tabaco, alcohol, café y colas en embarazadas
Faneite,Pedro; Rivera,Clara; Faneite,Josmery; Guinand,Marisela; Delgado,Patricia;
Revista de Obstetricia y Ginecología de Venezuela , 2004,
Abstract: objective: to know the frequency of consumption of risk substances for pregnancy like tobacco, alcohol, coffee and sodas. method: prospective, descriptive, epidemiological, transversal and analytical study, based in a interview- survey to 1 004 pregnant women from may to october 2003. setting: department of obstetrics and gynecology. "dr. adolfo prince lara" hospital, puerto cabello, carabobo state. results: the frequency of alcohol consumption during the first half of pregnancy was 4.68 % (47/1 004) and in the second half 4.18 % (42/1 004). in all groups predominated the consumption of 6 to 10 cigarettes a day. alcohol customary consumption in the first half of pregnancy was 7.97 % (80/1 004) and during the second half 7.47 % (75/1 004). beer ingestion predominated all time. coffee customary consumption in the first half of gestation was 55.28 % (555/1 004) and in the second half 54.78 (550/1 004). the ingestion of sodas during the first and second half of pregnancy was 61.65 % (619/1 004). conclusion: there is a high indice of consumption of substances considered as a social drugs in pregnancy, that require education and orientation in order to avoid this behavior.
Evolucion extra hospitalaria en los primeros 12 meses de vida de los prematuros ingresados al centro de prematuros del Hosp. L.Calvo . Mackenna: 1956-1957
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1959,
Responsabilidad social de la Psicología frente a la violencia
Patricia Vaca Vaca,María Clara Rodríguez Díaz
Pensamiento Psicológico , 2009,
Abstract: En este artículo se hace un análisis sobre la responsabilidad social de la Psicología frente al fenómeno de la violencia. Se parte de su reconocimiento en este contexto como una de las problemáticas de mayor relevancia y de salud pública, que coincide con la valoración que de ella han hecho estudios realizados a nivel internacional. Se destaca la importancia de la proyección social y la formación de futuros profesionales desde la universidad, así como algunos de los estudios sobre las diferentes expresiones de violencia en este medio. Se asumen como importantes las recomendaciones planteadas en el informe mundial de la OMS sobre violencia y salud, y la comprensión de la realidad de la violencia más allá del ámbito privado e individual en el que priman criterios "curativos" o legales, para reconocerla como un hecho histórico social frente al cual la Psicología debe aportar elementos para la búsqueda de un proyecto ético/social de construcción de sujeto y comunidad. La investigación y praxis soportada en valores solidarios de respeto por el otro y formas diferentes de solucionar el conflicto, serán estrategias que deberán ser sustentadas.
Análisis comparativo de costos directos y funcionamiento global en personas afectadas por trastorno bipolar I y II, en tratamiento ambulatorio Comparative Analysis for Direct Costs and Global Functions in Persons Affected By Bipolar Disorders I and II in Outpatient Treatment
Ana Igoa,Diego Martino,Clara Khan,Patricia Scchiavo
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2011,
Abstract: Objetivo: Evaluar los costos directos, el nivel de funcionamiento y la tasa de empleo reportada en una muestra aleatoria de personas con trastorno bipolar (TB) I y II que se atienden en forma ambulatoria. Métodos: Se analizaron y compararon los costos directos de los tratamientos ambulatorios de 165 pacientes con diagnóstico de trastorno bipolar tipo I y II (el costo mensual del tratamiento farmacológico, el número de consultas mensuales, el número de internaciones y días de internación). Se estimó el funcionamiento global y se consignó la condición laboral. Resultados: El 51,5% (n=85) de los pacientes presentaba diagnóstico de TB tipo I y 48,5% (n=80) de TB tipo II. El 40,6% de los pacientes se encontraba desocupado; el puntaje de GAF fue 73 ± 12,59. Los costos mensuales del tratamiento farmacológico fueron de $480 ± $350,4 por paciente sin diferencia entre los TB. Un mayor porcentaje de pacientes con TB I había tenido internaciones y recibía antipsicóticos, mientras que un mayor porcentaje de pacientes con TB II recibía antidepresivos y asistía al psicólogo. Discusión: Los pacientes con diagnóstico de TB I y TB II deben afrontar tratamientos farmacológicos que implican un costo promedio equivalente a un cuarto del ingreso mínimo en nuestro país, independientemente del tipo de trastorno bipolar que padezcan. Ambos grupos de pacientes presentaban una elevada tasa de desempleo y puntajes de funcionamiento global relativamente bajos. Objective: To evaluate the direct costs, the functional level and the employment rate reported for a random sample of people with Bipolar Disorders (BD) I and II that are cared for as outpatients. Methods: The direct costs of outpatient treatment for 165 patients diagnosed with types I and II bipolar disorders were compared and analyzed (the monthly cost of pharmacological treatments, the number of consultations per month, the number of hospitalizations and the days spent in hospital). Global functioning was estimated and their employment was recorded. Results: 51,5% (N=85) of the patients had been diagnosed with type I BD and 48.5% (N=80) with BD type II. 40,6% of the patients were unemployed; the GAF score was 73 ± 12,59. Monthly costs of pharmacological treatment were $480 ± $350,4 per patient, with no difference between the type of BD. A larger percentage of type I BD patients had been hospitalized and received anti-psychotic drugs, whereas a greater percentage of BD II patients received anti-depressants and went to a psychologist. Discussion: Patients diagnosed with BDI and BD II must face pharmacological treatments that
Ocurrencia de hongos formadores de micorriza arbuscular asociados a ají (Capsicum sp.) en la Amazonia colombiana
Cardona Gladys,Pe?a-Venegas Clara Patricia,Arcos Adriana
Agronomía Colombiana , 2008,
Abstract: Capsicum sp. es una especie nativa de América de gran importancia por su diversidad de usos. La Amazonia colombiana es considerada uno de los centros de origen y alberga una gran riqueza de morfoespecies. A pesar de su importancia para el crecimiento y supervivencia de plantas bajo condiciones limitantes de nutrientes, son escasos los trabajos relacionados con la dinámica de los hongos formadores de micorriza arbuscular (HFMA) en Capsicum. Se estudió la ocurrencia de HFMA, a partir de colecta de rizósferas y raíces de ají en diferentes rutas. La colonización se evaluó por medio de la metodología de Phillips y Hayman (1970), con modificaciones de Sieverding (1983). El aislamiento y cuantificación de esporas por la técnica de Gerdeman y Nicolson (1963), modificada por Sieverding (1983). La asignación de géneros se realizó a partir de la descripción morfológica de esporas. Todas las plántulas de ají muestreadas presentaron asociaciones con HFMA. Características químicas del suelo, presencia de otras especies vegetales en chagras, fuente de colecta y especies del género Capsicum incidieron en una alta o baja alta ocurrencia de la simbiosis micorrícica. Se identificaron nueve morfotipos de endomicorrizas; Glomus sp. fue el de mayor ocurrencia.
Review of therapeutic agents for burns pruritus and protocols for management in adult and paediatric patients using the GRADE classification
Goutos Ioannis,Clarke Maria,Upson Clara,Richardson Patricia
Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery , 2010,
Abstract: To review the current evidence on therapeutic agents for burns pruritus and use the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) classification to propose therapeutic protocols for adult and paediatric patients. All published interventions for burns pruritus were analysed by a multidisciplinary panel of burns specialists following the GRADE classification to rate individual agents. Following the collation of results and panel discussion, consensus protocols are presented. Twenty-three studies appraising therapeutic agents in the burns literature were identified. The majority of these studies (16 out of 23) are of an observational nature, making an evidence-based approach to defining optimal therapy not feasible. Our multidisciplinary approach employing the GRADE classification recommends the use of antihistamines (cetirizine and cimetidine) and gabapentin as the first-line pharmacological agents for both adult and paediatric patients. Ondansetron and loratadine are the second-line medications in our protocols. We additionally recommend a variety of non-pharmacological adjuncts for the perusal of clinicians in order to maximise symptomatic relief in patients troubled with postburn itch. Most studies in the subject area lack sufficient statistical power to dictate a ′gold standard′ treatment agent for burns itch. We encourage clinicians to employ the GRADE system in order to delineate the most appropriate therapeutic approach for burns pruritus until further research elucidates the most efficacious interventions. This widely adopted classification empowers burns clinicians to tailor therapeutic regimens according to current evidence, patient values, risks and resource considerations in different medical environments.
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