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Seroprevalencia del virus de la hepatitis A en ni?os de 1 a 15 a?os en un hospital universitario
Ospina,Sigifredo; Becerra,María Gabriela; Aguirre,Carlos; Mari?o,Ana Cristina; Galvis,Clara Esperanza; Villarreal,María Inés; De la Hoz,Fernando; Méndez,Hernando; Sierra,Alexandra; López,Pío; Pérez,Jorge; Niederbacher,Jurg; Espinal,Carlos; Mojica,Alejandro;
Infectio , 2011,
Abstract: introduction: hepatitis a is an infectious disease caused by a non-encapsulated rna virus of the picornaviridae family, classified as hepatovirus. it is transmitted by a fecal-oral route, either from person to person or in common source epidemics. objective: the aim of this study was to estimate the seroprevalence of igg antibodies against the hepatitis a virus in children aged 1-15 years, treated in a university hospital as part of a national collaborative study. methods: a descriptive study was performed between june and november 2007. the antibody titers were detected by means of a microparticle capture enzyme immunoassay. a survey to identify risk factors was conducted for each participant, with additional variables under study. results: we studied 422 children. the overall prevalence of antibodies against hepatitis a was 29.1%, with 37.1% in the group of 5 to 9 years of age, 36.1% for 10 to 15, and 13.8% for 1 to 4. the highest proportion of antibody prevalence was found in children of the lowest socioeconomic status, 44.2% for the stratum 1 and 27.9% for the stratum 2. conclusion: the seroprevalence to hepatitis a virus was lower in children with less than five years of age, which is an indication of a transition of the epidemiological profile to an intermediate one. the prevalence was higher in children of low socioeconomic levels, which may be related to overcrowding and poor hygiene practices
Response of the Physical-Chemical Solid Variables Irrigated with Wasterwater and Wells on Dairy Farms
M. Guadalupe Villarreal Rodriguez,Esperanza Herrera Torres,Evaristo Alvarez Mendoza,Manuel Murillo Ortiz
Research Journal of Biological Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/rjbsci.2012.200.203
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to determined if the 227 ha used in the cultivated soils of the five different stables destined for the production of milk and specimens of the Holstein Friestan stock found in Guadiana valley in Durango are affected by the well waters used in irrigation and the residual waters of the automatic milking process. The variables of the study included: apparent density (Da), total Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg). The experimental period consisted of 3 consecutive days in each of the production units using the method of cutting for the recollection of the samples consisting of soil, for its future analysis in a lab. The obtained results were processed through the program of statistics (SAS) Version 8 with a module completely at random. Analyzing the results between each stable the variable measurements can be observed in the tables from 1 through 5. The variables found in the comparison between the five production units were: density, the stable with the highest amount was stable 2 and the stable with the least was the stable 1 with a difference between the stables of high significance; recorded in the table provided (p<0.05). Nitrogen was another element present in the stables with the highest number was the first stable and the one with the lowest was the third stable with a difference between stables of p<0.05. Phosphorous appeared in the stables with the highest measurements found in the fourth stable and the slightest was the first stable with a difference between stables of highly significant readings (p<0.05). Sodium in the stables appeared with the highest number in the first stable and the tiny amount in the third stable with a difference that was significant (p<0.05). In the meantime, the correlation showed the following results: the highest correlation (0.95715) appeared between the magnesium and the calcium which results in a significant number (p<0.01). A significant correlation (p<0.05) between the variales of total nitrogen and potassium with a value of 0.58496 appear in the findings.
Latinas’ Experience of Sexual Assault Disclosure  [PDF]
Melissa Villarreal
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.510140

This study describes Latina’s experience of sexual assault disclosure. This study contributes Latinas’ voices to the literature on sexual assault disclosure, about feelings experienced during the initial disclosure—regret, shame, and negative judgment of self, and about consequences experienced from the disclosure—feeling spoiled for marriage, silenced, and disbelieved. It points to the need for further research on social interventions to empower Latina sexual assault survivors. Although the literature review identified some research in the area of sexual assault with Latinas, there has been a limited amount of research conducted on feelings and consequences experienced specifically by Latinas during a sexual assault disclosure.

Revista Med , 2008,
Abstract: considering that the indiscriminate use of wide spectrum antibiotics has favour the appearance of bacterial resistance to multiple drugs, a quasi-experiemental intervention study was performed between january 2002 and january 2006, in the neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) of the hospital militar central in bogotá (hmc), in which the use of cephalosporins of 3th generation was restricted and changed for antibiotics non associated with the induction of beta-lactamases of extended spectrum (esbls), by the use of piperacillin-tazobactam and cefepime. a comparison was done before and after the restriction policy was applied in nosocomial infections produced by gram-negative bacteria. it was found that 24, 5% out of 2880 patients were diagnose with infections and among them, 30,7% were nosocomial infection. 49% of isolated germs were gram-negative bacteria from which 51% of klebsiella pneumoniae, 28% of escherichia coli, 14% of acinetobacter baumannii and 7% of serratia isolates produced esbls. in 70% of the esbls cases, cephalosporins of 3er generation were used. after restriction of cephalosporins of 3 th generation an important decreased in the number of beta-lactamic resistance isolates were observed (from 20% during the first period to less than 4 % during the second), which means that the risk of esbls production decreased five times, with a ratio of prevalence of 4,91 (ic 95%: 1,14-21,09) and a p value of 0,031 with respect to the previous period. it can be conclude that the adoption of a restriction policy in the use of antibiotics had a significant reductor effect on the incidence of esbls in nicu of our hospital, which implies a reduction of costs as the use of carbapenems was also reduced.
Revista Med , 2008,
Abstract: Teniendo en cuenta que el uso indiscriminado de antibióticos de amplio espectro ha favorecido la aparición de resistencia bacteriana a múltiples drogas, se realizó un estudio de intervención cuasiexperimental entre enero de 2002 y enero de 2006 en la unidad de cuidados intensivos neonatal (UCIN) del Hospital Militar Central de Bogotá (HMC), en el que se restringió el uso de cefalosporinas de 3a generación cambiándolas por antibióticos no asociados con inducción de beta-lactamasas de espectro extendido (BLEEs), utilizando piperazilina-tazobactam y cefepime. En el estudio se hizo comparación antes y después de la política de restricción antibiótica en infecciones nosocomiales por gérmenes gram negativos, encontrándose que de 2880 pacientes que ingresaron a UCIN, el 24,5% tuvo diagnóstico de infección y de ellos, el 30,7% correspondió a infecciones hospitalarias. De los gérmenes aislados el 49% correspondió a bacterias gram negativas, con una producción de BLEEs en el 51% de los aislados de Klebsiella pneumoniae, de 28% en los de Escherichia coli, de 14% en los de Acinetobacter baumannii y de 7% en los de Serratia. En el 70% de los casos con presencia de BLEEs se habían utilizado cefalosporinas de III generación. Luego de la restricción de cefalosporinas de III generación se observó una importante disminución en los aislamientos de los gérmenes productores de resistencia betalactámica (del 20% en el primer periodo, se bajó a menos del 4% en el segundo), es decir que el riesgo producir BLEEs disminuyó casi cinco veces, con una razón de prevalencia de 4,91(IC 95%: 1,14-21,09) y un valor de p=0,031 respecto al periodo anterior, pudiéndose concluir que la adopción de una política de restricción en el uso de antibióticos tuvo un significativo efecto reductor en la incidencia de BLEEs en la UCIN de nuestro hospital, disminuyendo a su vez los costos, pues se redujo el uso de carbapenems. Tendo em conta que o uso indiscriminado de antibióticos de amplo espectro favoreceu a apari o de resistência bacteriana a numerosos medicamentos, realizou-se um estudo de interven o experimental entre janeiro de 2002 e janeiro de 2006 na unidade de terapia intensivos neonatal (UTIN) do Hospital Militar Central de Bogotá, no que se restringiu o uso de cefalosporinas de III gera o mudando-as por antibióticos n o associados com indu o de beta-lactamasas de espectro estendido (BLEEs), utilizando piperazilina-tazobactam e cefepime. No estudo se fez compara o antes e depois da política de restri o antibiótica em infec es nosocomiais por bactérias gram negativos, encontrando-se qu
Effect of the haematocrit layer geometry on Plasmodium falciparum static thin-layer in vitro cultures
Jordi Ferrer, Marina D Rosal, Jaume M Vidal, Clara Prats, Joaquim Valls, Esperanza A Herreros, Daniel López, Domingo Gargallo
Malaria Journal , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2875-7-203
Abstract: Several experimental trials exploring different settings have been carried out, covering haematocrit layer depths that ranged from 6 mm to 3 mm and separation between the walls of the culturing device that ranged from 7.5 mm to 9 mm. The obtained results have been analysed and compared to different system-level models and to an Individual-Based Model.In line with the results, a mechanism governing the propagation of the infection which limits it to the vicinity of the interface between the haematocrit layer and the culture medium is deduced, and the most appropriate configurations are proposed for further experimental assays.Malaria parasites were first preserved in vitro without loss of infective viability by Pavanand et al [1]. Continuous culture of viable Plasmodium falciparum schizogonic stages was first achieved soon after by means of cultures that maintained infected red blood cells (RBCs) settled in a thin deposit under controlled conditions (static cultures). Trager and Jensen developed two types of static cultures: a system with continuous medium replacement, and a system with discrete daily medium renewal, called the candle-jar method [2]. The protocols then reported have been widely studied, and many modifications have been tried [3-6]. During the 1980s and the 1990s, the possibility of establishing suspended cultures was also explored [7,8], and several semi-automated methods for continuous parasite culture were also proposed [9,10]. Static cultivation of infected RBCs prevails as the most widespread parasite reservoir for clinical and pharmacological purposes.The candle-jar method has been standardized for general use and is currently employed with slight modifications [11], yet several aspects regarding how the culturing methodology affects the development and growth of the parasite are not yet fully understood. This work is focused on two of these features:i) In vitro parasite growth and survival in static cultures is dramatically hindered at high par
Learning about Vegetarian Diets in School: Curricular Representations of Food and Nutrients in Elementary Health Education  [PDF]
Clara Hanson
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2012.21010
Abstract: This paper examines the way non-meat and plant based diets are discussed in four elementary curricula. The author used an open coding technique of grounded theory to understand the way food, nutrition and vegetarianism was discussed. The curricula relied heavily upon the USDA Food Pyramid and a related concept of “balance” for nutritional information. The curricula also discussed nutrition in terms of food and food groups, rather than in terms of nutrients. Although some of the curricula included information about the benefits of vegetarian diets, the high level of use of the Food Pyramid often overwhelmed the low level of information about vegetarianism.
Re-envisioning nursing education and practice in Nigeria for the 21st century  [PDF]
Clara Agbedia
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2012.23035
Abstract: The paper explores the current situation and future development of nursing education and practice in Nigeria and their influence on health care. As the role of the nurse continues to expand, Nigerian nurses must be skillful in effectively using evidence-based and clinically relevant information to facilitate the best possible nursing care. Major issues and challenges in this regard are discussed with some recommendations on the way forward.
Diagnosis of infectious bronchitis: an overview of concepts and tools
Villarreal, LYB;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-635X2010000200006
Abstract: infectious bronchitis (ib) casues multi-systemic infection in chickens with signs similar caused by other poultry pathogens and thus a high diagnostic accuracy can only be achieved by s series of laboratory assays. this article reviews in a brief way the traditional virus assays such as embryo innoculation, tracheal rings and virus neutralization assays for the direct detection of avian infectious bronchitis virus (ibv) and methods based on gene molecular biology and some assays for the detection of anti-ibv antibodies, including elisa. a critical view on each technique is also provived by the author.
Riesgos para la salud debido al uso de miras nocturnas con tritio
Revista de Ingeniería , 2009,
Abstract: the galil rifl e developed by the israel military industries (imi) is manufactured in colombia, by the military industry (indumil). this rifl e is the standard for colombian forces. the rifl es have night sights that use gaseous tritium light sources (gtls) that are imported. an important step for indumil to obtain the required authorizations to handle this radioactive material is to determine the health risk, associated with the use of tritium in gtls. the study carried out follows the recommendations of the nuclear regulatory commission (usa). the study concludes that the risk associated with storing and transporting sights between indumil factories, fitting sights on rifl es, using these rifl es and discarding sights is very low. a future paper will deal with the risk in case of accidents.
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