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An extension of gas-kinetic BGK Navier-Stokes scheme to multidimensional astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics
Chun-Lin Tian
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: The multidimensional gas-kinetic scheme for the Navier-Stokes equations under gravitational fields [J. Comput. Phys. 226 (2007) 2003-2027] is extended to resistive magnetic flows. The non-magnetic part of the magnetohydrodynamics equations is calculated by a BGK solver modified due to magnetic field. The magnetic part is treated by the flux splitting method based gas-kinetic theory [J. Comput. Phys. 153 (1999) 334-352 ], using a particle distribution function constructed in the BGK solver. To include Lorentz force effects into gas evolution stage is very important to improve the accuracy of the scheme. For some multidimensional problems, the deviations tangential to the cell interface from equilibrium distribution are essential to keep the scheme robust and accurate. Besides implementation of a TVD time discretization scheme, enhancing the dynamic dissipation a little bit is a simply and efficient way to stabilize the calculation. One-dimensional and two-dimensional shock waves tests are calculated to validate this new scheme. A three-dimensional turbulent magneto-convection simulation is used to show the applicability of current scheme to complicated astrophysical flows.
Analysis of Differences in Average Net Income of Peasants in Shandong Province Based on Moran’ I and LISA
Chun-lin HAO
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2009, DOI: 10.3968/744
Abstract: Through relevant analysis of the changing space in the peasants’ average net income from 2005 to 2006 in 139 counties, towns and regions, this thesis works out the overall space statistic index Moran’s I and partial statistic index LISA, which well demonstrates the change of net income made by peasants in this area, and obviously manifest disharmony and difference from one region to another, especially from the east to the west. To solve the problem of big gap between the east and west, more efforts should be made to accelerate the development of the west. Regions in the middle and the west should renew developmental concept, rely on, serve and interconnect with central cities, speed up the transition of the surplus labor, put more investment into the construction of the agricultural infrastructure, strive to develop cooperative economic organizations and agricultural leading enterprises, energetically push the industrialization of agriculture. Key words: average net income of peasants; relationship of space; Moran’s I; LISA; regional economic differences Résumé: En faisant des analyses sur la corrélation spaciale de la variation des revenus moyens des paysans entre 2005-2006 dans 139 districts et villes dans la province du Shangdong, l’auteur a obtenu l’indice statistique de l’ensemble spacial- Moran’I et l’indice statistique de localité régionale-LISA. Ces deux indices ont bien démontré les variations des revenus moyens des paysans dans tous les districts et villes de la province du Shangdong, les disparates et les écarts entre les régions et surtout entre l’est et l’ouest. Pour résoudre le problème d’un écart trop important entre l’est et l’ouest, il faut accélérer le développement des régions dans l’ouest. Les régions du centre et de l’ouest doivent renouveler leur conception du développement et essayer de s’appuyer sur les villes centrales, les servir et les aboucher pour transférer les mains-d’oeuvre surplus, investir plus pour les infrasturctures de l’agriculture, soutenir les organisations économiques de coopération dans la campagne et les entreprises leaders agricoles et promouvoir l’industrialisation de l’agriculture. Mots-clés: revenus moyens des paysans ; corrélation spaciale ; Moran’I, LISA ; différence de l’économie régionale 摘要:通過對山東省139個縣市區2005-2006年農民人均純收入變化的空間自相關分析,得出總體空間統計指數Moran’sI與局部統計指標LISA,這兩個指數在描述山東省各縣市區農民人均純收入變化時具有顯著作用,並明顯體現出區域之間的不協調性和差異性,尤其是東西部差距明顯。解決東西部差距過大問題,需要重點加快西部地區發展。中西部地區要進一步更新發展理念,依託、服務、對接中心城市,加快剩餘勞動力轉移,加大對農業基礎設施的投入,大力發展農村合作經濟組織和農業龍頭企業,積極推進農業產業化經營。 關鍵字:農民人均純收入;空間相關性;Moran’s I;LISA;區域經濟差異
N′-(2-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzylidene)-1,3-benzodioxole-5-carbohydrazide monohydrate
Chun-Lin Du
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808040117
Abstract: Single crystals of the title compound, C16H14N2O5·H2O, were obtained from a condensation reaction of 1,3-benzodioxole-5-carbohydrazide and 3-methoxysalicylaldehyde in a 95% ethanol solution. The asymmetric unit consists of a Schiff base molecule, which assumes an E configuration with respect to the C=N bond, and a water molecule of crystallization. The dihedral angle between the two substituted benzene rings is 12.7 (2)°. In the crystal structure, molecules are linked through intermolecular N—H...O and O—H...O hydrogen bonds, forming layers parallel to the bc plane.
Dynamics and evolution of the inverted repeat-large single copy junctions in the chloroplast genomes of monocots
Rui-Jiang Wang, Chiao-Lei Cheng, Ching-Chun Chang, Chun-Lin Wu, Tian-Mu Su, Shu-Miaw Chaw
BMC Evolutionary Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2148-8-36
Abstract: The organizations of genes flanking IR-LSC junctions in angiosperms can be classified into three types. Generally each IR of monocots contains a trnH-rps19 gene cluster near the IR-LSC junctions, which differs from those in non-monocot angiosperms. Moreover, IRs expanded more progressively in monocots than in non-monocot angiosperms. IR-LSC junctions commonly occurred at polyA tract or A-rich regions in angiosperms. Our RT-PCR assays indicate that in monocot IRA the trnH-rps19 gene cluster is regulated by two opposing promoters, S10A and psbA.Two hypotheses are proposed to account for the evolution of IR expansions in monocots. Based on our observations, the inclusion of a trnH-rps19 cluster in majority of monocot IRs could be reasonably explained by the hypothesis that a DSB event first occurred at IRB and led to the expansion of IRs to trnH, followed by a successive DSB event within IRA and lead to the expansion of IRs to rps19 or to rpl22 so far. This implies that the duplication of trnH-rps19 gene cluster was prior to the diversification of extant monocot lineages. The duplicated trnH genes in the IRB of most monocots and non-monocot angiosperms have distinct fates, which are likely regulated by different expression levels of S10A and S10B promoters. Further study is needed to unravel the evolutionary significance of IR expansion in more recently diverged monocots.Typically the cpDNAs of land plants contain two identical segments, the inverted repeats (IRs: IRA and IRB), separated by two single copy (SC) sequences, the large single copy (LSC) region and the small single copy (SSC) region [1,2]. Thus four junctions, termed JLA, JSA, JSB, JLB, are between the two IRs and the SC regions [3,4]. A major constraint on cpDNA is its organization into large clusters of polycistronically transcribed genes [5-7]. As a result, large structural changes in cpDNA, such as segmental duplication or deletion and mutation in gene order, are relatively rare and evolutionarily usefu
Clock Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed Traffic Network Simulation

WEI Li-ying,TIAN Chun-lin,JUAN Zhi-cai,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2003,
Abstract: Based on the distributed system, how to realize the clock synchronization among different processors in distributed traffic network is carried out in this paper by applying the newest achievements in parallel simulation area. The fixed-time scanning optimistic synchronization is put forward to insure the consistency among the event logical relationships. Finally a network with 9 nodes is simulated as an example by applying the algorithm mentioned above. The significance of distributed simulation is embodied enough through comparing the sequential benefits with the parallel benefits.
Geographical structures and the cholera epidemic in modern Japan: Fukushima prefecture in 1882 and 1895
Chun-Lin Kuo, Hiromichi Fukui
International Journal of Health Geographics , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1476-072x-6-25
Abstract: Changes in diffusion patterns between 1882 and 1895 reflect improvements in the Fukushima transportation system and growth in social-economic networks. The data reveal different diffusion systems in separate regions in which residents of Fukushima and neighboring prefectures interacted. Our model also shows that an area in the prefecture's northern interior was dominated by a mix of diffusion processes (contagious and hierarchical), that the southern coastal region was affected by a contagious process, and that other infected areas experienced relocation diffusion.In addition to enhancing our understanding of epidemics, the spatial-temporal patterns of cholera diffusion offer opportunities for studying regional change in modern Japan. By highlighting the dynamics of regional reorganization, our findings can be used to better understand the formation of an urban hierarchy in late nineteenth century Japan.Researchers from different disciplines are showing a growing interest in disease and its geographical effects, with studies focusing on the value of detecting spatial concentrations of disease, isolating processes that result in disease hot-spots, and analyzing the space-time dynamics of disease diffusion. A strong example of recent advancements in this area is [2] work on the geographical structures of international epidemics, resulting in models of how epidemic diffusions move through communities, regions and countries. The term geographical structures refers to the patterns and features of human-environment interactions in specific locations. In medical geography, studies of the geographical structures of disease emphasize diffusion and analyses of individual disease factors [8].Regarding cholera, the most serious global epidemic in the nineteenth century, several research teams have gathered evidence showing that its diffusion was dominated by geographic factors (see, for example, [3-6]). Since diffusion primarily occurs via survivors who transport a disease from
Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed Traffic Simulation

WEI Li-ying,JUAN Zhi-cai,TIAN Chun-lin,ZHAO Shu-zhi,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2001,
Abstract: We put forward a lookahead estimation and an event state analysis methods for the distributed system based on the conservative and non-blocking synchronization strategy. A synchronization algorithm for distributed traffic simulation is established based on them.
Oxygen consumption rate and effects of hypoxia stress on enzyme activities of Sepiella maindron.

WANG Chun-lin,WU Dan-hua,DONG Tian-ye,JIANG Xia-min,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 采用Winkler法测定水中溶氧含量,通过比较对照呼吸室与试验呼吸室水中溶解氧含量之差确定曼氏无针乌贼耗氧率及窒息点,并在不同程度的溶氧胁迫下测定乌贼体内多种酶的活力变化.结果表明:曼氏无针乌贼耗氧率呈明显的"高-低-高-低"昼夜变化;耗氧率与水温(16 ℃~28℃)和光照(3~500 μmol·m-2·s-1)呈正相关,与pH值(6.25~9.25)呈负相关;随着盐度的升高(18.1~29.8),乌贼耗氧率呈"高-低-高"变化,盐度为24.8时耗氧率最低;雌性乌贼耗氧率高于雄性.窒息点随乌贼的体质量增加而降低,平均体质量为(38.70±0.52)g的乌贼窒息点为(0.9427±0.0318)mg·L-1.随着溶氧胁迫程度的增加,超氧化物歧化酶(superoxide dismutase,SOD)、过氧化氢酶(catalase,CAT)和过氧化物酶(peroxidase,POD)活力均先升后降,脂肪酶活力下降,蛋白酶活力呈"降-升-降"变化;乳酸脱氢酶(lactate dehydrogenase,LDH)活力呈先升后降趋势,但溶氧胁迫下的酶活力比正常时要高.
The Study on Estimation of Vegetation NPP of Xiaerxili Nature |Protection Area Based on RS

MA Chun-lin,

遥感技术与应用 , 2008,
Abstract: This article take the vegetation net primary productivity NPP remote sensing estimation and the analysis as the research content, take the geographical and ecological knowledge as the foundation, uses the RS, GIS technology method, comprehensived the multiple source informations as remote sensing spectrum data, the DEM data, the statistical data, the locating point measured data and so on, have constructed the NPP remote sensing topographical model in, calculates the Xiaerxili nature protection area vegetation NPP in July. Its final goal is to complete Xiaerxili nature protection area vegetation net primary productivity quantitative.

Wu Chun-lin,

植物生态学报 , 1991,
Abstract: 本文利用二歧指示种分析法TWINSPAN将广西热带石灰岩季节雨林的30个样地划分两大类共6个群落:洼地季节雨林(1)火焰花+萍婆群落; (2)海南风吹楠+人面果群落,石山季节雨林(1)东京桐+广西顶果豆群落; (2)假肥牛树+安南牡荆群落;(3)肥牛树群落; (4)肥牛树+蚬木群落。文章还利用无偏对应分析法DCA对群落进行了排序,指出由洼地至山坡水分条件由湿到干是影响群落变化的主导因素。环境的封闭程度对群落变化也有一定影响。
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