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Design & Development of Lower Extremity Paediatric Prosthesis, a Requirement in Developing Countries
Lenka PK,Chowdhury AR,Kumar R
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2008,
Abstract: There are more than 10 million physically handicapped people in India. A majority of them belong to poorstrata of the society. In the present condition prosthetic fitment centers are not sufficient to deal with suchlarge amputee population. Children are mostly victim of society in low per capita income country in general.Children with congenital amputation, loss of limb with street accidents/trauma, frost bite etc need specialattention for the prosthetic fitment. More than 80% of major amputations of the lower extremity are attributedto peripheral vascular disease1. About 10 percent of congenital anomalies are treated as, or require,amputation2. As children are in the growing age, the prosthetic device is required to be changed frequently.This accelerated rehabilitation greatly reduced the overall cost of the patient’s care and returned them tofull function much faster3. The major constraint in frequent change of prosthetic device in developing countryis lack of sufficient number of prosthetic fitment center, skilled prosthetists, paediatric prosthetic kits andlow income group of amputee. To face this challenge we have designed a low cost Paediatric prosthetic
Relationships, Human Behaviour and Financial Transactions  [PDF]
Mehdi Chowdhury
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.49108
Abstract: It is widely known that relationships and human behaviours such as trust, reciprocity and altruism that are observed in the human societies are capable of facilitating financial transactions. This paper proposes a theoretical model to argue that though these elements can facilitate financial transactions, they may not always ensure efficiency in the sense of creation of additional wealth. As financial resources are scarce, the paper argues that the financial transactions induced by relationships, trust, reciprocity and altruism may lead to inefficient allocations of resources.
Influence of Rice Straw Incorporation on the Microbial Biomass and Activity in Coastal Saline Soils of Bangladesh  [PDF]
Nasrin Chowdhury
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2016.610016
Abstract: Coastal soils of Bangladesh are affected by salinity. This study investigated salinity as a stress factor on coastal soils in Bangladesh. It was also observed if incorporation of rice straw could remediate negative impacts of soil salinity (if any) on microbial activ-ity. The microbial biomass carbon ranged from 137.85 to 614.88 μg/g among the soils (n = 11). Microbial biomass carbon content and number of both cultivable bacteria and fungi decreased in the soils with higher ECes (electrical conductivity). Respiration was measured over 30 days with each soil pre incubated at 50% of water holding capacity. Basal respiration rate as well as soil organic carbon content (r = 0.88, p < 0.05) increased with increasing ECe of soils. The cumulative basal soil respiration was higher in the soils with higher salinity (4.81 - 37.73 mS/cm) (12.91 - 16.89 mg CO2/g dry soil) than in the nonsaline soils (0.98 - 2.33 mS/cm) (5.79 - 6.51 mg CO2/g dry soil). Application of rice straw at 0.50%, 1.00%, 1.50% and 2.00% reduced the negative impact of soil salinity especially at higher ECes (6.63 - 37.73 mS/cm). Application of 1.00% rice straw appeared to be acceptable for successful amelioration of saline soils of the study area.
A novel genetic approach for optimized biological sequence alignment  [PDF]
Gautam Garai, Biswanath Chowdhury
Journal of Biophysical Chemistry (JBPC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbpc.2012.32022
Abstract: Biological sequence alignment is one of the most important problems in computational biology. The objective of the alignment process is to maximize the alignment score between two given sequences of varying or equal length. The alignment score of two sequences is calculated based on matches, mismatches and gaps in the alignment. We have proposed a new genetic approach for finding optimized match between two DNA or protein sequences. The process is compared with two well known relevant sequence alignment techniques.
pH-responsive magnesium- and carbonate-substituted apatite nano-crystals for efficient and cell-targeted delivery of transgenes  [PDF]
Ezharul Hoque Chowdhury
Open Journal of Genetics (OJGen) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2013.32A1005

The short half-lives due to the enzymatic degradation in blood, the lack of tissue targetability and the incapability to passively diffuse across the plasma membrane and smoothly traffic across the harsh intracelluar environment are the major shortcomings for nucleic acid-based potential therapeutics, such as recombinant plasmid and antisense oligonucleotides or small interferring RNA (siRNA). Plasmid DNA containing a gene of interest could have immense impact as a promising therapeutic drug for treating genetic as well as acquired human diseases at the molecular level with high level of efficacy and precision. Thus both viral and non-viral synthetic vectors have been developed in the past decades to address the aforementioned challenges of naked DNA. While in the viral particles plasmid DNA is integrated into the viral genome, in most non-viral cases the DNA being anionic in nature is electrostatically associated with a cationic lipid or polymer forming lipoplex or polyplex, respectively, or a cationized inorganic gold, silica or iron oxide particle. Due to the potential immunogenicity and carcinogenicity issues with the viral particles, non-viral vectors have drawn much more attention for the clinical evaluation. However, the main concern of using non-biodegradable particles, specially the inorganic ones, is the adverse effects owing to their long term interactions with body components. We have recently developed biodegradable pH-sensitive inorganic nanoparticles of Mg/CaPi and carbonate apatite for efficient transgene delivery to primary, cancer and embryonic stem cells, by virtue of their high affinity binding with the DNA, ability to contact the cell membrane by ionic or ligand-receptor interactions and fast dissolution kinectis in endosomal acidic pH facilitating release of the DNA from the dissolving particles and also from the endosomes.

Determinants of Under-Five Mortality in Bangladesh  [PDF]
Abdul Hamid Chowdhury
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2013.33024

This paper examines determinants of under-five mortality in Bangladesh. The study utilizes the data extracted from the 2007 Bangladesh demographic and health survey. Chi-square test for independence and multivariate proportional hazard analysis reflects that father’s education, place of residence, region of residence, number of children under five years of age, previous death of sibling, mother’s age and breastfeeding have significant influence on under-five mortality. The proximate determinants are found to have stronger influence on under-five mortality than the socioeconomic factors considered in the study do.

Prospects of Low Cost Housing in India  [PDF]
Swaptik Chowdhury, Sangeeta Roy
Geomaterials (GM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/gm.2013.32008

The paper presents work on low-cost and sustainable alternative building materials having advantages on areas such as India where concrete or steel housing is expensive. The project addresses the challenges and stereotypes of using these materials as a structural component for low-cost housing and their same capacity for adaptation to the broad spectrum of factors—physical, ecological, social, economic and technical—through different products developed which can dictate the production of the construction environment.

Interpretivism in Aiding Our Understanding of the Contemporary Social World  [PDF]
Muhammad Faisol Chowdhury
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2014.43047

The purpose of this paper is to critically discuss the extent of interpretivism to understand the contemporary social world. This paper firstly highlights the roots of interpretivism which can be traced back in the ancient history of philosophy. It then discusses the concept of interpretivism and gives a critical commentary on the Weber’s construction of ideal types to help explore the contemporary social world. The paper then further discusses the concept of “verstehen” and explains how it can add to our understanding of the social world phenomena. Following this analysis and tackling some philosophical debate, finally, this theoretical paper confirms that interpretivism has influenced the development of the social science and has helped our understanding of the contemporary social world to a great extent.

Future Growth Trend & Potential Residential Area Identification of a City: A Case Study of Chittagong  [PDF]
Panini Amin Chowdhury
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2014.23017
Abstract: Urban expansion has become a popular word nowadays. For sustainable development strategy and efficient city management, the growth pattern analysis of the city is a pre requisite. Urban expansion is a dynamic process and is a difficult task to create a uniform growth pattern model. At the same time for developing new strategies it is necessary to sort out the present land use state and also figure out some locations for future expansion. But for this a huge scale of data is required with efficient maintenance system. Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh has vast opportunity to become tycoon in the tourism and industrial sector of South Asia. But it is a pity that it doesn’t have any growth pattern analysis for future development. The aim of this paper is to develop a map referring to the growth pattern and direction of the city according to the growth pole and growth centers of the city and create a map containing the existing land use of the city. Identification of some locations for future residential area development by secondary source data is also a goal of this paper. For developing an overall sustainable city development policy these data are must for the efficiency and functionality of those policies.
Managing Emotional Labour in Service Encounters in Healthcare Occupation in Bangladesh  [PDF]
Muhammad Faisol Chowdhury
Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies (JHRSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jhrss.2014.24022
Abstract: This conceptual paper discusses the management of the emotional labour of front-line customer service employees of public and private hospitals in Bangladesh. This paper recognises the link between service encounters and customer satisfaction, and critically discusses the concepts of emotional labour, soft skills and aesthetic skills in an attempt to explain the problems associated with the use of these terms. By providing some recommendations about overcoming the challenges of managing the front-line employees, this paper suggests that the appropriate management of emotional labour and aesthetic skills through the implementation of Human Resource Management practices illuminates the organisation’s route to success.
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