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Nucleolin Binds to the Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen and Inhibits Nucleotide Excision Repair
Chonglin Yang,Myoung Sook Kim,Devulapalli Chakravarty,Fred E. Indig
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology , 2009,
Abstract: Nucleolin is over-expressed in malignant tumors and is used as a marker for cell proliferation and to reliably predict tumor growth rate. However, it is not known whether nucleolin expression is directly involved in or is a consequence of carcinogenesis. Using GST-pull down assays, we have determined that the recombinant nucleolin interacts with the Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA). Co-immunoprecipitation assays indicate that the nucleolin-PCNA interaction also occurs in intact cells and this interaction increases after exposure of colon carcinoma RKO cells to UV radiation. Moreover, our data indicate that PCNA and nucleolin co-localize in some areas within the RKO cell nuclei. The functional significance of this interaction is evaluated on Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) since PCNA is a primary mediator of this cellular function. Our data indicate that overexpression of nucleolin decreases the repair efficiency of UV damaged plasmid DNA in RKO cells. Co-transfection with PCNA can rescue this effect in vivo. Furthermore, reduction of nucleolin protein levels increases DNA repair efficiency in RKO and CHO cells and consequently increases cell survival. These data indicate that the direct interaction of nucleolin with PCNA inhibits NER efficiency of UV damaged DNA. This effect could contribute to carcinogenesis and aging in cells over-expressing nucleolin.
Caenorhabditis elegans Protein Arginine Methyltransferase PRMT-5 Negatively Regulates DNA Damage-Induced Apoptosis
Mei Yang equal contributor,Jianwei Sun equal contributor,Xiaojuan Sun,Qinfang Shen,Zhiyang Gao,Chonglin Yang
PLOS Genetics , 2009, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000514
Abstract: Arginine methylation of histone and non-histone proteins is involved in transcription regulation and many other cellular processes. Nevertheless, whether such protein modification plays a regulatory role during apoptosis remains largely unknown. Here we report that the Caenorhabditis elegans homolog of mammalian type II arginine methyltransferase PRMT5 negatively regulates DNA damage-induced apoptosis. We show that inactivation of C. elegans prmt-5 leads to excessive apoptosis in germline following ionizing irradiation, which is due to a CEP-1/p53–dependent up-regulation of the cell death initiator EGL-1. Moreover, we provide evidence that CBP-1, the worm ortholog of human p300/CBP, functions as a cofactor of CEP-1. PRMT-5 forms a complex with both CEP-1 and CBP-1 and can methylate the latter. Importantly, down-regulation of cbp-1 significantly suppresses DNA damage-induced egl-1 expression and apoptosis in prmt-5 mutant worms. These findings suggest that PRMT-5 likely represses CEP-1 transcriptional activity through CBP-1, which represents a novel regulatory mechanism of p53-dependent apoptosis.

Lu Ruifang,Li Yi,Yang Chonglin,Yan Hua,Chen Zhangliang,

微生物学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 从水稻矮缩病毒(Ricedwarfvirus,RDV)中国福建分离物中克隆分离了最外层外壳蛋白基因(S2)全长cDNA,并对其进行了序列分析,结果表明RDVS2cDNA全长3512bp,仅含一个3348bp的阅读框架,编码一个含有1116个氨基酸的蛋白(P2)。与基因库中已知基因序列比较,发现它与日本RDVH株系相应片段的核苷酸和氨基酸同源率分别为946%和954%,与轮状病毒VP2氨基酸序列有一定的同源性。S2核苷酸序列二级结构预测结果表明,5’端50个核苷酸的二级结构为一个发夹结构和一个茎环结构。P2有4个富含亮氨酸的区域,位于N端亲水区域的10个氨基酸(AA69~78)残基形成一个α螺旋,这些特点均与轮状病毒VP2的结构特征相似。SDSPAGE和Western印迹分析表明在大肠杆菌中分段高效表达了S2编码蛋白的N端和C端。
Clathrin and AP2 Are Required for Phagocytic Receptor-Mediated Apoptotic Cell Clearance in Caenorhabditis elegans
Didi Chen equal contributor,Youli Jian equal contributor,Xuezhao Liu,Yuanya Zhang,Jingjing Liang,Xiaying Qi,Hongwei Du,Wei Zou,Lianwan Chen,Yongping Chai,Guangshuo Ou,Long Miao,Yingchun Wang,Chonglin Yang
PLOS Genetics , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003517
Abstract: Clathrin and the multi-subunit adaptor protein complex AP2 are central players in clathrin-mediated endocytosis by which the cell selectively internalizes surface materials. Here, we report the essential role of clathrin and AP2 in phagocytosis of apoptotic cells. In Caenorhabditis elegans, depletion of the clathrin heavy chain CHC-1 and individual components of AP2 led to a significant accumulation of germ cell corpses, which resulted from defects in both cell corpse engulfment and phagosome maturation required for corpse removal. CHC-1 and AP2 components associate with phagosomes in an inter-dependent manner. Importantly, we found that the phagocytic receptor CED-1 interacts with the α subunit of AP2, while the CED-6/Gulp adaptor forms a complex with both CHC-1 and the AP2 complex, which likely mediates the rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton required for cell corpse engulfment triggered by the CED-1 signaling pathway. In addition, CHC-1 and AP2 promote the phagosomal association of LST-4/Snx9/18/33 and DYN-1/dynamin by forming a complex with them, thereby facilitating the maturation of phagosomes necessary for corpse degradation. These findings reveal a non-classical role of clathrin and AP2 and establish them as indispensable regulators in phagocytic receptor-mediated apoptotic cell clearance.
Adsorption and Desorption of Gold on the Magnetic Activated Carbon
Chonglin WANG,Qingcai LIU,Xiaozhen CHENG,Zuhong SHEN,

材料科学技术学报 , 1994,
Abstract: Adsorption and desorption of gold on the magnetic activated carbon (MAC) were investigated The adsorption rate of gold is higher than that of conventional coconut carbon in cyanide leach solution The loading gold can be easily desorbed as coconut carbon. Crushed fine magnetic carbon can be selected by a magnetic separator, It is suggested that the MAC can be used in carbon-in-pulp (CIP)process for increasing the recovery rate of gold
A C-LSTM Neural Network for Text Classification
Chunting Zhou,Chonglin Sun,Zhiyuan Liu,Francis C. M. Lau
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Neural network models have been demonstrated to be capable of achieving remarkable performance in sentence and document modeling. Convolutional neural network (CNN) and recurrent neural network (RNN) are two mainstream architectures for such modeling tasks, which adopt totally different ways of understanding natural languages. In this work, we combine the strengths of both architectures and propose a novel and unified model called C-LSTM for sentence representation and text classification. C-LSTM utilizes CNN to extract a sequence of higher-level phrase representations, and are fed into a long short-term memory recurrent neural network (LSTM) to obtain the sentence representation. C-LSTM is able to capture both local features of phrases as well as global and temporal sentence semantics. We evaluate the proposed architecture on sentiment classification and question classification tasks. The experimental results show that the C-LSTM outperforms both CNN and LSTM and can achieve excellent performance on these tasks.
Category Enhanced Word Embedding
Chunting Zhou,Chonglin Sun,Zhiyuan Liu,Francis C. M. Lau
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Distributed word representations have been demonstrated to be effective in capturing semantic and syntactic regularities. Unsupervised representation learning from large unlabeled corpora can learn similar representations for those words that present similar co-occurrence statistics. Besides local occurrence statistics, global topical information is also important knowledge that may help discriminate a word from another. In this paper, we incorporate category information of documents in the learning of word representations and to learn the proposed models in a document-wise manner. Our models outperform several state-of-the-art models in word analogy and word similarity tasks. Moreover, we evaluate the learned word vectors on sentiment analysis and text classification tasks, which shows the superiority of our learned word vectors. We also learn high-quality category embeddings that reflect topical meanings.
Surface Cracking of Ferrites in Hot Isostatic Pressing
WANG Chonglin Institute of Metal Research,Academia Sinica,Shenyang,China,

材料科学技术学报 , 1990,
Abstract: 1.IntroductionIn recent ten years full density ceramicshas been developed to meet the needs inelectronic industry and other applications.HIP process offers a more convenient wayto prepare high density materials1—5].The fully densified ferrites have beenused as digital magnetic head.If the densityafter sintering is high enough,it could be
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocapsules of a-Fe(NiCoAl) Solid-solution

Dianyu GENG,JCKim,CJChoi,Chonglin CHEN,Xinguo ZHAO,Zhidong ZHANG,

材料科学技术学报 , 2005,
The study of a novel tracer for breast cancer sentinel lymph node biopsy in an animal model

田崇麟,孙 晓,刘雁冰,
TIAN Chonglin
, SUN Xiao, LIU Yanbing, et al

- , 2016, DOI: 10.19401/j.cnki.1007-3639.2016.07.002
Abstract: 背景与目的:前哨淋巴结活检已成为临床腋淋巴结阴性早期乳腺癌患者的标准处理模式,并对疾病的分期和治疗方案的选择至关重要。该研究将吲哚菁绿和利妥昔单抗进行偶联作为新型示踪剂,采用小鼠后肢引流作为动物模型,模拟乳腺癌前哨淋巴结活检术,探索其定位效应。方法:小鼠后肢脚背皮下注射不同剂量的示踪剂,应用荧光脉管系统成像仪连续观测腘窝淋巴结(作为前哨淋巴结)至3 h,探索最佳注射剂量和显像时间。注射最佳剂量的示踪剂,观察至24 h,探索其持续定位效应。结果:随着注射剂量的增加,前哨淋巴结开始显像与达到最佳显像的时间均逐渐缩短,次级及第3级淋巴结显像率逐渐升高。新型示踪剂的最佳注射剂量为0.12 μg(吲哚菁绿的含量),达最佳显像时间约为34 min。观察至24 h,前哨淋巴结显像率维持在100%,次级及第3级淋巴结显像率由6 h的0%和0%上升至20%和10%。结论:吲哚菁绿-利妥昔单抗能清晰定位前哨淋巴结且6 h内无次级淋巴结显像,具有较高的临床应用价值。
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