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Relationship between the Formation of the First Bent of Changjiang River and the Magmatic Activity in Laojunshan District
滇西北老君山地区岩浆活动与 长江第一弯形成的关系

ZENG PushengInstitute of Minera Resources,Chinese Academy of Geoogical Sciences,Beijing,China,

地理学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Based on field observations, the author proposes a new understanding on the formation of theFirst Bent of the Changjiang River. It is the first time to study the relationship between the formation of theFirst Bent of the Changjiang River and Eocene magmatic activity, suggesting that the First Bent of theChangjiang River is the result from choking of the strong magma activity in Eocene. As a result, theupstream of the river became a natural reservoir, with channel bursting into breach between Mt. Yulong andMt. Haba, making Jinshajiang River run eastward. At the same time, the plateau uplift and the drasticdissection of river channel led to the formation of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Taking Mt. Yulong as a base,the magnitude of uplifting in the study area (located in the eastern of the Tibetan Plateau) is calculated, withthe magnitude being 3300 m from Eocene to Pliocene, adding 700 m since Pleistocene, totaling 4000 m orso.

Zhang Jianxin Institute of Psychology Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,

心理学报 , 1992,
Abstract: This study is to provide an empirical criteria for Chinese MMPI users tomake decision on the problem of whether or not the MMPI Chinese normswith K correction should be used in their clinical practice. All data of K, Scand Ma scales were from 912 subjects, among whom 345 were schizoids, 111maniacs and 456 normal persons. The traditional methods of"half sum of squ-ares" and the freqnency analysis were used in this study. The results showed:a) Sc scale (Scale 8) raw score should be added with 1.0 K scale score; b)it is better to have 0.2K scale score added into Ma scale (Scale 9) than notin terms of the largest differential ratio value and the best hitting rate achie-ved. So this study suggests that we should use the K corrected MMPI Chinesenorms.
On Establishing Norms for Scientific Research

Chinese Academy of Sciences,

中国科技期刊研究 , 2007,
Abstract: 院属各单位、院机关各部门: 为保持我院良好的科研秩序和学风,保证科研工作的科学性和严肃性,维护我院的社会信誉,使我院科技创新工作健康持续发展,院决定进一步加强科研行为规范建设,现就有关问题提出如下意见。
The Response of First Flowering Dates to Abrupt Climate Change in Beijing

BAI Jie,GE Quansheng,DAI Junhu Institute of Geographic Sciences,Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing Institute of Earth Environment,Xi'an Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,

大气科学进展 , 2011,
Abstract: Phenological data on the First Flowering Date (FFD) of woody plants in Beijing from 1963--2007 are analyzed. The correlation between each species' yearly FFD and the mean monthly temperatures for every year over a 45-year period is used to identify the month in which temperature has the most effect on FFD. Through further analysis, the FFDs of 48 woody plant species are shown to have advanced an average of 5.4 days from 1990--2007 compared to 1963--1989. The results indicate that 70.8% of species flowered significantly earlier (7 days on average) during the period 1990--2007, while only one species (2.1%) flowered significantly later. Moreover, the responses of FFD to climate change are shown to be different in two climatic stages, defined by an abrupt climate change point. Thirty-three species which first flower in March and April are sensitive to temperature are examined. The correlation coefficients between FFD and temperature for 20 species during the latter period (1990--2007) are shown to be larger than during the former period (1963--1989), with a difference of around -0.87 days per 1oC on average. The paper concludes that with the warming of climate, the linear trend of FFD variation, as well as its responsiveness to temperature, became more prominent during 1990--2007 than 1963--1989. The data analyzed in this study present a strong biological indicator of climate change in Beijing, and provide further confirmation of previous results from regional and local studies across the Northern Hemisphere. Phenophase variations indicate that the climate is changing rapidly.
A numerical simulation of kinetic constraint on evaporation of ammonium nitrate in diffusion denuder
Shen Ji Research Center for Eco Environmental Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,China,

环境科学学报(英文版) , 1998,
Abstract: A numerical simulation model has been developed to investigate the diffusion and reaction in diffusion denuder for reactive gases and aerosols. The analytical equation for equilibrium and kinetic equations of NH 4NO 3, NH 3 and HNO 3 system were presented. The model results of sampling efficiencies were agree with those calculated by Gormley Kennedy equation and other models. The evaporation of NH 4NO 3 aerosol has a kinetic constraint. The kinetic constant can be estimated from evaporation data. The model results showed that an annular denuder can separate reactive gases and aerosols.
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of Cenozoic potassic volcanic rocks in the Hoh Xil area, northern Tibet plateau

JIANG DongHui LIU JiaQi DING Lin Institute of Geology,Geophysics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,China Graduate School of of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,China Institute of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,China,

岩石学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 青藏高原北部可可西里地区分布的中新世钾质火山岩(7.77~17.82Ma)主要为粗面安山岩、粗面岩和少量次火山相的流纹斑岩。主量、微量元素及Sr-Nd-Pb同位素地球化学研究表明,该套钾质火山岩强烈富集大离子亲石元素和轻稀土元素,明显亏损Nb-Ta-Ti元素,具有较高的~(87)Sr/~(86)Sr:0.707346~0.714915,较低的ε_(Nd)值:-3.70~-6.97,和较高的放射性成因Pb同位素组成(~(207)Pb/~(204)Pb=15.65~15.76,~(208)Ph/~(204)Pb=38.98~39.35,~(206)Pb/~(204)Pb=18.67~18.78)。上述特征指示岩浆源区可能是与古俯冲消减物质有关的EMⅡ型富集地幔。三大岩类的地球化学成分变异表明:该钾质火山岩系列是富集地幔(金云母-尖晶石二辉橄榄岩和金云母-石榴石二辉橄榄岩)低度部分熔融产生的母岩浆经过较强结晶分异形成的,其中流纹斑岩在岩浆后期可能经历了更为复杂的地壳混染和结晶分异过程。
Stateful Inspection of Computer and Service in Network

LI Qi,MENG Yang,QING Si-Han Engineering Research Center for Information Security Technology,The Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing Graduate School,The Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing Institute of Software,The Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,

计算机科学 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper proposes an new approach to inspect the state of computer and service in network. The imple- mentation provide a flexible and versatile way,and it is especially significant for the efficiency of inspecting state of service.
Species diversity of wild edible mushrooms from Pinus yunnanensis forests and conservation strategies

Fuqiang Yu,Peigui Liu Kunming Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Kunming Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,

生物多样性 , 2005,
Abstract: From 2000 to 2004, we studied wild edible mushrooms collected from forests of Yunnan pine (Pinus yunnanensis), a dominant vegetation in central Yunnan and adjacent regions. A total of 776 mushroom collections were obtained and identified, including 457 from the field investigation of the authors, 167 from mushroom markets, and 152 from specimens in the Herbarium of Cryptogams, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In total, 211 taxa belonging to 43 genera of 27 families were identified, among which 111 taxa in 35 genera of 23 families were commercial mushrooms traded in the local markets. Of these commercial mushrooms, 23.23% belonged to Russulaceae, comprising 15.17% (32 species) from the genus Russula and 8.06% (17 species) from the genus Lactarius. Boletaceae ranked the second in species richness and made up 19.43% (41 species) of the total species. Seventeen species found were from the family Tricholomataceae, 11 from Ramariaceae and Suillaceae, and 9 from Cantharellaceae, sharing 8.06%, 5.21%, 5.21% and 4.27% of the total species, respectively. More than 30 species from the genera Russula, Boletus, Lactarius, Ramaria, Suillus, Tricholoma, Cantharellus, and Thelephora made up 47.50% of the total wild commercial mushroom species in the Yunnan local markets. In recent years, increasing demand for wild edible mushrooms has resulted in large-scale commercial harvesting, which has led to a decline of mushroom species. We appeal for protecting these valuable fungal resources and their habitats.
Occurrence of prismatine at the Zhongshan Station area, East Antarctica, and the changes of its definition

REN LiuDong,ZHA Yue Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,Beijing,China Institute of Geomechanics,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,Beijing,China,

岩石学报 , 2004,
Abstract: A brief history of the name prismatine has been given in the paper. It is pointed out that the B content in one of the tetrahedrals of kornerupine varies between 0 and 1 (per formula unit of 22 (O, OH, F) ), being accompanied by the changing mineralogical properties such as composition, crystal structure and mineral association at its occurrence. Two distinct minerals are defined by the critic of B = 0. 5, i. e., kornerupine sensu stricto (Krnss) if B < 0. 5, including the boron-free (B = 0) Krnss end-member, and prismatine if B > 0. 5. Accordingly, the analogue (B = 0. 89) near Zhongshan Station of China at East Antarctica is prismatine which is unique in its abundance and occurrence even in the world. The corresponding Chinese names of the minerals are recommended.
A Study of Catalyst and Technology of Deep-UV Development-Free Photolithography

Han Jieping/Microelectronics Research,Development Centre,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing Hou Haoqing/Microelectronics Research,Development Centre,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,

半导体学报 , 1990,
Abstract: A new catalyst has been developed.It consists of common organic compound (For examplemethyl violet etc.), CMPS resin and certain solvent.Experiments of the catalyst havebeen done with deep-UV exposure.The results demonstrate that sensitivity and resolution ofthe catalyst film are very high.The etching rate of SiO_2 increases due to the coating of thecatalyst.
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