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The Wheat Plastochron Mutant, fushi-darake, Shows Transformation of Reproductive Spikelet Meristem into Vegetative Shoot Meristem  [PDF]
Chikako Tahira, Naoki Shitsukawa, Yusuke Kazama, Tomoko Abe, Koji Murai
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.412A1005

In wheat plants at the vegetative growth stage, the shoot apical meristem (SAM) produces leaf primordia. When reproductive growth is initiated, the SAM forms an inflorescence meristem (IM) that differentiates a series of spikelet meristem (SM) as the branch. The SM then produces a series of floret meristem (FM) as the branch. To identify the mechanisms that regulate formation of the reproductive meristems in wheat, we have investigated a leaf initiation mutant, fushi-darake (fdk) which was developed by ion beam mutagenesis. The morphological traits were compared in wild type (WT) and fdk mutant plants grown in the experimental field. WT plants initiated leaves from SAM at regular intervals in spiral phyllotaxy, while fdk plants had 1/2 alternate phyllotaxy with rapid leaf emergence. The fdk plants have increased numbers of nodes and leaves compared with WT plants. The time interval between successive leaf initiation events (plastochron) was measured in plants grown in a growth chamber. The fdk plants clearly show the rapid leaf emergence, indicating a shortened plastochron. Each tiller in fdk plants branches at the upper part of the culm. The fine structure of organ formation in meristems of fdk plants was examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The SEM analysis indicated that fdk plants show transformation of spikelet meristems into vegetative shoot meristems. In conclusion, the fdk mutant has a heterochronic nature, i.e., both

Relief of hot flashes with escitalopram in non-depressed menopausal women in Japan: Results of a retrospective analysis  [PDF]
Chikako Mori, Atsushi Imai
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.410136
Abstract: Purpose: Hormone therapy (estrogen with or without progestin) remains the gold standard treatment for hot flashes in menopausal women, but concerns for the risk of hormone therapy have resulted in its decline and a demand for nonhormonal treatments with demonstrated efficacy for hot flashes. Aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor escitalopram on hot flashes in a healthy sample of non-depressant menopausal women in Japan. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed the medical records of 11 menopausal patients with hot flashes, who received escitalopram (10 mg daily) for 2 weeks between March and August 2012. Hot flashes severities and scores were recorded on a scale of 0 to 10 points, at beginning and end of 2 weeks treatment. Results: At 2 weeks of therapy, 9 of 11 patients reported significant decreases in hot flash frequency and severity, but the remission of the symptom was not observed in 2 patients. Speed of relief from hot flashes was rapid (within one week). Conclusions: Escitalopram 10 mg/day may be a prompt and effective option for treating hot flashes in menopausal women who do not want to use hormone replacement therapy.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to analyze various presentations of mullerian duct anomalies & to determine its impact onreproductive outcome. Setting: Gynae Unit 1, Allied Hospital, PMC Faisalabad. Period: from 01-06-2007 to 31-12-2008. Design: Case SeriesMethods: A total of 40 patients were included in study. Their detailed history & examination was done. Relevant investigations TVS, IVU & MRIwere done to diagnose mullerian duct malformations. Results: 16 patients (40%) presented with obstructive genital tract malformation while 8patients (20%) presented with absence of uterus and vagina. Among those who presented in pregnancy, malpresentation (15%) was thecommonest presentation. Conclusion: Obstructive anomalies of genital tract are commonest among mullerian duct malformations and aremostly diagnosed at puberty. Other uterine malformations may remain asymptomatic & may have both normal and adverse pregnancyoutcome.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2007,
Abstract: Objective:(1)To audit cases of abdominal hysterectomy performed by post graduate tainees. (2) Toevaluate mortality and morbidity rate. Study Design: An observational Study. Setting: Department of Obstetrics andgynaecology, Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Period: From 01-01-2005 to 30-06-2006. Material & Methods:120 casesof abdominal hysterectomies done for non obstetric and benign gynaecological conditions were selected for study.Results: The most common indications for hysterectomy was DUB (43.3%). Overall intra operative complicationsdeveloped in 5 patients (4.1%). Post operative complications developed in 9 patients (7.5%). The mean duration ofhospital stay was 5.5 days. No case of death was recorded in the study. Conclusion: This study demonstrates thatabdominal hysterectomy can be safely done even during the learning curve of the post graduate trainees with the lowcomplication rate, shorter hospital stay and without significant mortality.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2002,
Abstract: Platelets have been implicated in the genesis of vascular complications of diabetes mellitus. This is shown by platelethyperaggregability in diabetic subjects. We studied the platelet aggregation pattern in 200 diabetic subjects. 100 withdiabetic retinopathy and 100 without retinopathy. Platelet aggregation was found to be enhanced in all 200 subjectsstudied. ADP, epinephrine, collagen and arachidonic acid were used as agonists to induce platelet aggregation. The resultswere compared with 50 healthy age, sex matched non diabetic controls. We did not find any significant difference betweenthe platelet aggregation of diabetic patients with and without diabetic retinopathy.
Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken , 2010,
Abstract: In the article it is informed about women characters in the work of “Kheyrati- hesan” by the outstanding historian-geographer of Kajar period Maraghai Muhammad Hasan khan Etimadussaltaneh. “Kheyrati-hesan” was written on base of “Masharihun-nisa” (Famous women) by Turkish scientist Muhammad Zehni efendi. Muhammad khan Etimadussaltaneh translated this work into Persian and added there information about Azerbaijani philanthropists and poetesses.In the article it is also informed about virtuous deeds of oriental women such as Mahsati Ganjavi Jamila Dilshad khanum Perikhan khanum Aghabaji and so on.
Health Facilities in Balochistan
Tahira Jabeen
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: The good health facilities are considered to be the important indicator of development. If a country is lacks in having necessary health facilities. It cannot claim for development. By health facilities we mean all those facilities necessary to maintain health & protect it again disease. These facilities may be available for the people in the form of hospitals, dispensaries, qualified doctors and nurses, proper medicines & necessary equipment to run hospitals. It is a fact that economic development cannot takes place without development of health sector. A sick nation cannot be expected to participate in production process efficiently. whether a nation is suffering from physical disabilities or mental worries in both cases, it has deteriorated effects on economy. In developed countries, the development of health sector is the main contribution factor to their progress while on the contrary, the health sector is quite back ward specially in less developed countries, like Pakistan (where the health care system is lead astray. It is ill planned, poorly organized and inefficiently run) According to the country’s constitutional implementations of health care is a provincial function. The federal government is mainly concerned with the formulation of National Health Policy, Co-ordination of Provincial Health Services & Health Training Standards. Due to financial constraints & shortage of qualified female manpower, the Public Sector could not fully manage to provide health care to all citizens especially of rural areas. However, health care facilities rapidly expanded in urban areas in the private sector. A Governments main commitments has been to achieve the goal of "Health for all" through Primary health care. So the public expenditure in health sector has gradually increased from 0.4% of GNP in 1960s to 0.7 to 0.8% in 1990s.
Oxidative stress and age-related olfactory memory impairment in the honeybee Apis mellifera
Tahira Farooqui
Frontiers in Genetics , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00060
Thinking outside the Chinese Box: David Mitchell and Murakami Haruki’s subversion of stereotypes about Japan
Chikako Nihei
New Voices : A Journal for Emerging Scholars of Japanese Studies in Australia and New Zealand , 2009,
Abstract: Japan has often been portrayed by orientalist stereotypes, as famously framed by Edward Said, that were mainly constituted within Europe and North America. There are two distinct streams of orientalist discourse around Japan: traditional Orientalism and techno-Orientalism. Here the West speaks of the Other/the non-West rather than allowing it to speak for itself. In regards to the discourse of ‘Otherness’, another interesting phenomenon is Japan’s self-Orientalising: through the internalisation of the Western Orientalist discourse, Japan identifies itself and constructs its own subjectivity.In his literary works, the author David Mitchell attempts to subvert the conventional orientalist approach to describe Japan while concurrently maintaining his position as a British observer. He makes use of Western perspectives to cater to his Western readers’ preference for Japan’s traditional and cultural elements, and yet at the same time attempts to subvert stereotypes. Mitchell’s approach is reminiscent of Japanese author Murakami Haruki’s use of both ‘Japaneseness’ and ‘un-Japaneseness’ in his works. Mitchell also learnt the importance of the use of the subjective narrative voice from Murakami. In this article, I examine how David Mitchell, as a western author, attempts to go beyond orientalist stereotypes, and how his writing is influenced by Murakami Haruki.
A Distributional Representation of Gamma Function with Generalized Complex Domian  [PDF]
Asifa Tassaddiq, Rabia Safdar, Tahira Kanwal
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2017.78029
Abstract: In this paper, we present a new representation of gamma function as a series of complex delta functions. We establish the convergence of this representation in the sense of distributions. It turns out that the gamma function can be defined over a space of complex test functions of slow growth denoted by Z. Some properties of gamma function are discussed by using the properties of delta function.
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