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Prime Sieve and Factorization Using Multiplication Table
Jongsoo Park,Cheong Youn
Journal of Mathematics Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/jmr.v4n3p7
Abstract: Using the properties of the table sieve, we can determine whether all given number, positive integer G, is a prime and whether it is possible to factor it out.
Endoscopic removal of gastric ectopic pancreas: An initial experience with endoscopic submucosal dissection
Dong Yup Ryu, Gwang Ha Kim, Do Youn Park, Bong Eun Lee, Jae Hoon Cheong, Dong Uk Kim, Hyun Young Woo, Jeong Heo, Geun Am Song
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: AIM: To evaluate the therapeutic usefulness and safety of endoscopic resection in patients with gastric ectopic pancreas.METHODS: A total of eight patients with ectopic pancreas were included. All of them underwent endoscopic ultrasonography before endoscopic resection. Endoscopic resection was performed by two methods: endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) by the injection-and-cut technique or endoscopic mucosal dissection (ESD).RESULTS: We planned to perform EMR in all eight cases but EMR was successful in only four cases. In the other four cases, saline spread into surrounding normal tissues and the lesions became flattened, which made it impossible to remove them by EMR. In those four cases, we performed ESD and removed the lesions without any complications.CONCLUSION: If conventional EMR is difficult to remove gastric ectopic pancreas, ESD is a feasible alternative method for successful removal.
A Dynamic Cournot Model with Brownian Motion  [PDF]
Hyungho Youn, Victor J. Tremblay
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2015.51009
Abstract: In this paper we develop a stochastic version of a dynamic Cournot model. The model is dynamic because firms are slow to adjust output in response to changes in their economic environment. The model is stochastic because management may make errors in identifying the best course of action in a dynamic setting. We capture these behavioral errors with Brownian motion. The model demonstrates that the limiting output level of the game is a random variable, rather than a constant that is found in the non-stochastic case. In addition, the limiting variance in firm output is smaller with more firms. Finally, the model predicts that firm failure is more likely in smaller markets and for firms that are smaller and less efficient at managing errors.
A Comparison of Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Seongwook Youn
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/532986
Abstract: The recent advances in microelectro devices have led the researchers to an area of developing a large distributed system that consist of small, wireless sensor nodes. These sensor nodes are usually equipped with sensors to perceive the environment. Synchronization is an important component of almost all distributed systems and has been studied by many researchers. There are many solutions for the classical networks, but the traditional synchronization techniques are not suitable for sensor networks because they do not consider the partitioning of the network and message delay. Additionally, limited power, computational capacity, and memory of the sensor nodes make the problem more challenging for wireless sensor networks. This paper examines the clock synchronization issues in wireless sensor networks. Energy efficiency, cost, scalability, lifetime, robustness, and precision are the main problems to be considered in design of a synchronization algorithm. There is no one single system that satisfies all these together. A comparison of different clock synchronization algorithms in wireless sensor networks with a main focus on energy efficiency, scalability, and precision properties of them will be provided here. 1. Introduction Wireless sensor networks are the networks that consist of mobile wireless computing devices, in which these devices are usually equipped with sensors to perceive the environment. Along with the recent advances in technology and the increasing demand, sensor networks are now being widely used in many applications. Wireless sensor networks have many applications including environmental monitoring, health monitoring, inventory location monitoring, and objects tracking. Features of a sensor network, such as size (number of nodes), density, and connectivity, vary depending on the application. Sensor nodes in the network are mostly mobile devices equipped with limited power and computation capabilities. Hence, a reasonable ordering of events in such environments is a challenging task. This paper examines the clock synchronization issues in ad hoc and sensor networks [1]. Clocks can be out of synchronization in two ways: shifting (clock offset or phase offset) or drifting (clock skew-oscillator’s frequency offset). In the case of shifting, they run at the same frequency, but their clock readings differ by a constant value—the offset between the clocks. In the case of drifting, they run at different frequencies. Synchronizing drifting clocks is much more costly and difficult than synchronizing two shifting clocks. Clocks of nodes may run
Impact of de-escalation therapy on clinical outcomes for intensive care unit-acquired pneumonia
Mi Kyong Joung, Jeong-a Lee, Soo-youn Moon, Hae Cheong, Eun-Jeong Joo, Young-Eun Ha, Kyung Sohn, Seung Chung, Gee Suh, Doo Chung, Jae-Hoon Song, Kyong Peck
Critical Care , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/cc10072
Abstract: This was a retrospective observational cohort study of ICU patients who developed pneumonia more than 48 hours after admission to the ICU at Samsung Medical Center from September 2004 to December 2007.The 137 patients comprised 44 (32.1%) who received de-escalation therapy and 93 in the non-de-escalation group. The de-escalation group showed a lower pneumonia-related mortality rate than the non-de-escalation group by day 14 (2.3% vs. 10.8%, respectively; P = 0.08) and by day 30 (2.3% vs. 14%, respectively; P = 0.03) after the diagnosis of pneumonia. The variables independently associated with ICU-acquired pneumonia-related mortality included the Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II (APACHE II) score and the modified Clinical Pulmonary Infection Score (CPIS) after 5 days with pneumonia. The non-de-escalation group had significantly higher APACHE II score and modified CPIS after 5 days with ICU-acquired pneumonia compared to the de-escalation group. Among all patients, 20.4% (28 of 137) had negative cultures for pathogens, and 42.9% (12 of 28) received de-escalation therapy. The latter 12 patients received de-escalation therapy and survived 30 days after the diagnosis of pneumonia.Patients in the de-escalation group showed a significantly lower mortality rate compared to patients in the non-de-escalation group. De-escalation therapy can be safely provided to patients with ICU-acquired pneumonia if they are clinically stable by day 5, even in those whose respiratory specimen cultures yield no specific pathogens.Nosocomial pneumonia accounts for almost one-half of all intensive care unit (ICU) mortality and approximately 60% of mortality due to all nosocomial infections. The initial choice of antimicrobial therapy is critical to the clinical outcome of patients with nosocomial pneumonia. Early and aggressive empirical therapy with broad-spectrum agents targeted at the likely pathogens has been associated with a reduction in the ventilator-associated pneumon
Quantum Cohomology Rings of Lagrangian and Orthogonal Grassmannians and Total Positivity
Daewoong Cheong
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: We verify in an elementary way a result of Peterson for the maximal orthogonal and Lagrangian Grassmannians, and then find Vafa-Intriligator type formulas which compute their 3-point, genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants. Finally we study total positivity of the related Peterson varieties and show that Rietsch's conjecture about the total positivity holds for these cases.
Undergraduate Students’Evaluation Criteria When Using Web Resources for Class Papers
Tsai-Youn Hung
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2004,
Abstract: The growth in popularity of the World Wide Web has dramatically changed the way undergraduate students conduct information searches. The purpose of this study is to investigate what core quality criteria undergraduate students use to evaluate Web resources for their class papers and to what extent they evaluate the Web resources. This study reports on five Web page evaluations and a questionnaire survey of thirty five undergraduate students in the Information Technology and Informatics Program at Rutgers University. Results show that undergraduate students have become increasingly sophisticated about using Web resources, but not yet sophisticated about searching them. Undergraduate students only used one or two surface quality criteria to evaluate Web resources. They made immediate judgments about the surface features of Web pages and ignored the content of the documents themselves. This research suggests that undergraduate instructors should take the responsibility for instructing students on basic Web use knowledge or work with librarians to develop undergraduate students information literacy skills.
Search moves and tactics for image retrieval in the field of journalism: A pilot study
Tsai-Youn Hung
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: People engage in multiple types of information-seeking strategies within an information-seeking episode. The objective of this pilot study is to investigate search moves and tactics made by end-users when searching for visual information. The pilot study involves 5 undergraduate students from the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University using the AccuNet/AP Photo Archive to retrieve specific, general, and subjective photos. Data were collected through think-aloud protocols and transaction logs. The results outline an overall picture of the five searchers’ image searching behavior in the field of journalism and show that there is a connection between the types of images searched and the patterns of search moves and tactics employed by the searchers.
Invisible Motivation of Online Adult Learners During Contract Learning.
Seung Youn (Yonnie) Chyung
Journal of Educators Online , 2007,
Abstract: In a face-to-face classroom, the instructor can easily diagnose students’ motivational status by observing their facial expressions and postures, but such cues are absent in an online classroom. Therefore, online instructors often estimate students’ motivational level based on their online behavior such as the number of messages they post, and look for effective strategies to help them actively participate in online dialogues. One such strategy is contract learning which facilitates self-directed behaviors through structuring an agreed learning process. This study reports a contract learning strategy in a graduate-level online class, examining whether a sample of 28 students’ motivation could indeed be predicted by their online behavior. Results from the study found that the students’ online behavior was not a predictor for their motivational status, though there were age and gender differences in their online behavior. The students felt more self-directed and motivated during contract learning, but what they really liked was being able to select assignments that were relevant to their interests and needs. This paper concludes by discussing practical implications of the findings at the end.The Journal of Educators Online, Volume 4, Number 1, January 2007 1
Límites, pasajes y transformaciones en juego en la Arquitectura / Limits, passages and transformations involved in Architecture.
Younès, Chris
Revista de Urbanismo , 2006, DOI: doi: 10.5354/0717-5051.2006.5132
Abstract: La manera de trazar los límites y de operar los pasajes para transferencias, incursiones, especialmente interferencias, da cuenta del modo de expresión propio de la arquitectura y de su manera de tratar lo estable y lo inestable, lo limitado y lo ilimitado, lo mensurable y lo inconmensurable, lo continuo y lo discontinuo. El arte de ponerlos en acción mediante el proyecto arquitectónico, urbano y paisajístico es una de las problemáticas de investigación del laboratorio interdisciplinario Gersau (filosofía, arquitectura, urbanismo) que ha conducido diferentes estudios sobre el tema y, en particular, desde el punto de vista de las relaciones entre naturaleza y cultura./The way in which limits are drawn and passageways are operated for transfers, incursions, and specially interferences, show how architecture has it’s own way of expression that deals with the stable and the unstable, the limited and the unlimited etc.
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