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Study on Relationship between Visitor Value, Degree of Satisfaction and Loyalty in Musical Festival Activity  [PDF]
Cheng-Wei Chung
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2014.76036
Abstract: Compared with other types of festival activities, the musical festivals can attract large crowds of visitors easily and quickly. When the value experience of visitors is high, their satisfaction and loyalty will also be higher. In activities, the high degree of satisfaction means higher loyalty. The hypothesis model in this study indicates the causal relationship between visitor value and degree of satisfaction, as well as the significant impact of visitor value on loyalty in musical festival activities. However, though the musical festival activities can attract visitor stream very quickly, the activity organizers should think more about how to make the visitors willing to come, especially when most visitors for these activities make a special trip. For these visitors, the degree of experience of the visitors should be emphasized, because this will be the most important reason influencing visitors’ feeling about the activities.
Birefringence induced polarization-independent and nearly all-angle transparency through a metallic film
Dong-Liang Gao,Lei Gao,Cheng-Wei Qiu
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/95/34004
Abstract: We propose an birefringence route to perfect electromagnetic (EM) wave tunneling through a metallic film which relies on homogeneous birefringent coatings with moderate and positive parameters only. EM transparency is achieved in such an birefringent-metal-birefringent (BMB) structure for both polarizations and over nearly all incident angles. The stringent restrictions in conventional dielectric-metal-dielectric media, i.e., dielectrics with extremely negative permittivity, high magnetic field and polarization dependence (only for TE waves), are not required in our method. The criterion for perfect transmission is obtained by analyzing the effective medium theory and EM fields of such a birefringent structure. The solutions hold for lossless and lossy cases in a quite large frequency range.
Goos-H nchen Shift at the Surface of Chiral Negative Refractive Media
Wenting Dong;Lei Gao;Cheng-Wei Qiu
PIER , 2009, DOI: 10.2528/PIER08122002
Abstract: The Goos-Hachen (GH) shift at the surface of chiral negative refractive media is analyzed theoretically. GH shifts are observed for both perpendicular and parallel components of the reflected field near the respective critical angles. It is found that positive and negative shifts can be attained when the incident angle is larger than the first critical angle, whereas if the angle of incidence exceeds the second critical angle, only positive shifts can be observed. In addition, a Gaussian beam is further adopted to illustrate the effect of the GH shifts.
Achieving Invisibility of Homogeneous Radially Anisotropic Cylinders by Effective Medium Theory
Yaxian Ni,Lei Gao,Cheng-Wei Qiu
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper, we establish the full-wave electromagnetic scattering theory to study the electromagnetic scattering from infinitely long cylinders with radially anisotropic coatings. We show that the total effective scattering width can be dramatically reduced by the suitable adjustment of the dielectric anisotropy of the shell, while it is not the case for tuning the dielectric anisotropy of the core. Furthermore, we could make the cylindrical objects invisible when both dielectric and magnetic anisotropies are adjusted. In the long wavelength limit, we develop effective medium theory to derive the effective isotropic permittivity and permeability for the anisotropic coated cylinders, and the invisibility radius ratio derived from the full-wave theory for small coated cylinders can be well described within the effective medium theory.
Study of a Triazole Derivative as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Phosphoric Acid Solution
Lin Wang,Ming-Jie Zhu,Fa-Chang Yang,Cheng-Wei Gao
International Journal of Corrosion , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/573964
Abstract: The corrosion inhibition by a triazole derivative (PAMT) on mild steel in phosphoric acid (H3PO4) solution has been investigated by weight loss and polarization methods. The experimental results reveal that the compound has a significant inhibiting effect on the corrosion of steel in H3PO4 solution. It also shows good corrosion inhibition at higher concentration of H3PO4. Potentiodynamic polarization studies have shown that the compound acts as a mixed-type inhibitor retarding the anodic and cathodic corrosion reactions with predominant effect on the cathodic reaction. The values of inhibition efficiency obtained from weight loss and polarization measurements are in good agreement. The adsorption of this compound is found to obey the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Some kinetic and thermodynamic parameters such as apparent activation energy, frequency factor, and adsorption free energy have been calculated and discussed. 1. Introduction The use of inhibitors is one of the most practical methods for protection of metal against corrosion, especially in acidic media [1]. Most of the well-known acid inhibitors are organic compounds containing nitrogen, sulphur, and oxygen atoms. Compounds with π-electrons and functional groups containing heteroatoms which can donate lone pair electrons are found to be particularly useful as inhibitors for corrosion of metals [2–5]. The exiting data reveal that most organic inhibitors act by adsorption on the metal surface. This adsorption is influenced by the nature and surface charge of metal, the type of aggressive electrolyte and the chemical structure of inhibitors [6]. The compounds containing both nitrogen and sulphur can give excellent inhibition in contrast to compounds containing only nitrogen or sulphur [7]. Triazole and triazole-type compounds containing nitrogen, sulphur, and heterocycle on the corrosion inhibition of metal in acidic media have attracted more attention because of their excellent corrosion inhibition performance [8–11]. The some new triazole derivatives have been still continuously synthesized and investigated as inhibitors for corrosion of metals in acidic solutions [12–14]. For example, Zhang et al. studied the corrosion inhibition of a newly synthesized oxadiazol-triazole derivative for mild steel in sulphuric solution, their results indicated that the compound was effective corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acid solution and its efficiency attained more than 97.6% at 298?K [15]. The researches by Fouda and Ellithy showed that some 4-phenylthiazole derivatives could inhibit the corrosion of
Modified Decimal MIMIC Algorithm for TSP

HAO Cheng-wei,GAO Hui-min,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: Modified decimal MIMIC algorithm is a kind of discrete estimation of distribution algorithm, which is based on binary MIMIC algorithm and convenient to solve traveling salesman problem. Considering the drawbacks of the MIMIC algorithm while solving larger-scale TSP, this paper improved the encoding mode and probability model, proposed new individual strategy, introduced greedy algorithm at the initial phase of the probability matrix, and adopted crossover operator, mutation operator, etc. during the process of evolution, employed dynamic adjusted method to determine the population size. These modifications gurantec the population diversity even in small population and for larger-scale TSP. Experiment results show that problem scale, solution quality and speed of the optimization are improved significantly.
Anisotropy-induced Fano resonance
Cheng-Wei Qiu,Andrey Novitsky,Lei Gao,Jian-Wen Dong,Boris Luk'yanchuk
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: An optical Fano resonance, which is caused by birefringence control rather than frequency selection, is discovered. Such birefringence-induced Fano resonance comes with fast-switching radiation. The resonance condition $\varepsilon_t< 1/\varepsilon_r$ is revealed and a tiny perturbation in birefringence is found to result in a giant switch in the principal light pole induced near surface plasmon resonance. The loss and size effects upon the Fano resonance have been studied Fano resonance is still pronounced, even if the loss and size of the object increase. The evolutions of the radiation patterns and energy singularities illustrate clearly the sensitive dependence of Fano resonance upon the birefringence.
Theoretical Review on CP Violation in Rare B decays
Chiang, Cheng-Wei
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008,
Abstract: We discuss several issues related to direct CP violation in rare $B$ meson decays. We review the use of CP asymmetries in extracting information of strong and weak phases, how the experimental data fit into the overall picture, and the current status of the $K \pi$ puzzle. We also examine the flavor symmetry assumption using closely related decay modes and extract the weak phase $\gamma$ from certain $B \to K^* \pi$ and $\rho K$ decays.
Remarks on Form Factor Bounds
Cheng-Wei Chiang
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.61.057901
Abstract: Improved model independent upper bounds on the weak transition form factors are derived using inclusive sum rules. Comparison of the new bounds with the old ones is made for the form factors h_{A_1} and h_V in B -> D* decays.
Angular Distribution of Charming B -> V V Decays and Time Evolution Effects
Cheng-Wei Chiang
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.62.014017
Abstract: Angular distributions of a B meson decaying into two vector mesons are discussed with emphasis on time evolution effects on the complete set of amplitude bilinears. Time integrated quantities are suggested to observe substantial CP violation in decays with charm quarks in the final state particles. Relations among the nine observables at $t=0$ are found to be useful for a consistency check of experimentally extracted quantities. Numerical estimates of the nine observables are made using form factor models and the assumption of the factorization hypothesis. Branching ratio asymmetries for B_u^+ -> D^{*+} \bar D^{*0} and B_d -> D^{*+} D^{*-} can be as large as -3% and -4%, respectively.
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