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Liu Ruiqing,Nai Wenhui,Chen Yuze,Yu Dinghui,

动物学研究 , 1996,
Abstract: White-cheeked gibbon(H. leucogenys) is distributed in the south of Yunnan, China.The chromosomes of a female and a male were studied by several banding techniques(G-,C -and Ag-staining), and a techniqe for simultaneous exhibiting chromosome replication patterns and late replicating Y chromosome. The diploid chromosome number is 52. There are 22 pairs of metacentrlcs or submetacentrics (No. 1-22); 3 pairs of acrocentrics(Nos. 23-25), and chromosomes Nos. 23-24 with a secondary constriction near the centromere on the short arm.The X chromosome is a large metacentric, and the Y, the smallest acrocentric. Its karyotype for mula is 44(M or SM)+ 6(A), XY(M, A). The centrimeric distribution of heterochromatin has been demonstrated in some chromosomes. In addion, there are 3 kinds of heterochromatin on the chromosomes:(1) ab sent of centromeric heterochromatin,(2) interstitial heterochromatin,(3) terminal heterochromatin.Interstitial heterochromatin has been observed on the blarm of X chromosome. Y chromosome is completely C-band positive. Silver staining revealed 5 chromosomes with NORs in the male specimen.4 Ag-NORs of theth are heated on the secondary constriction of chromosomes 23 and 24 respectivly,and one of them is located on the Y chromosome which has been confirmed by Fluorescence in situ hybridization(FISH) in the same cell. There are 4 chromosomes with Ag-NORs in the female specimen,and they are also located on the secondary constriction of chromosomes 23 and 24. Moreover,the association of Ag-NORs have been observed. Base on the above results,the relationship in gibbons and the way of chromosome evo lution in the genus Hylobates have been discussed.

Liu Ruiqing Nie Wenhui Chen Yuze,

动物学研究 , 1995,
Abstract: The karyotype of Martes foina intermedia were studied by C-banding and silver staining. The number of diploid chromosome is 38. Autosomes consist of 7 pairs of metacentrics, 2 pairs of submetacentrics, 9 pairs of subacrocentrics. Chromosome No.18 has a secondary constriction near by centromere on the long arm. X chromosome is a metacentrics and of a size between that of chromosome No.3 and No.4, and the Y, the smallest acrocentric.The centromeric distribution of heterochromatin has been demonstrated in most of chromosomes. In some of chromosome centromericregions are stained slightly C-bands. Moreover, the constitutive heterochromatin of centromere region of chromosome No.1 is apparently disappeared. The whole short arm of chromosome No.9 is found to be a complete heterochromatin one. The secondary constriction region of chromosome No.18 is with heterochromatin. The uncommon distribution of interstitial heterochromatin has observed on the long arm of X chromosome. Y chromosome is completely C-band positive.There is only one pair of Ag-NORs in the silver-stained karyotype, it is located at the secondary constriction of chromosom No.18. These specific distribution of C-bands and relative to karyotype evolution of Martes foina intermedia were discussed.

Liu Ruiqing,Chen Yuze,Shi Liming,

动物学研究 , 1994,
Abstract: This paper deals with the comparison on karyotypes between red goral (Naemorhedus cranbrooki) and goral(Naemorhedus goral griseus).Their chromosomes were studied by several banding techniques(G-,C-and Ag-staining).These results are given as below:(1) The diploid number of red goral(N.cranbrooki) is 56.All of the chromosomes are acrocentrics.The X is a large one, and the Y,the smallest.The goral(N.g.griseus)has a dipolid number of 2n=54.The karyotype are consisted of 26 pairs of acrocentrics and one pair of submetacentric.The X chromosome is also a large acrocentric,and the Y chromosome,the smallest acrocentric.Therefor,the existence of submetacentric elements makes the remarkable difference between the chromosomal structures of red goral and goral.But autosomal arm number(N.F) are all 54 for both gorals.(2)The G-banding patterns of the 3q in goral are similar to that of the No.3 in red goral,and the G-banding patterns of the 3p in goral are similar to that of the No.27 in red goral.Therefore,it is suggested that a Robertsonian translocation could have happened during the karyotype evolution of gorals.(3)The centromeric distribution of heterochromatin has been demonstrated in all chromosomes of red goral and goral,while the whole Y chromosome is C-band positive.The C-bands of chromosomes are also similar for both gorals.(4) Ag-NORs have been observed at the terminal of 3 pairs of acrocentrics in red goral and goral,which could be No.l,2 and 4 larger acrocentrics according to their size and morphology.These results suggest a close relationship between red goral (N.cranbrooki) and goral (N.g.griseus).

LIU Ruiqing SHI Liming CHEN Yuze,

动物学研究 , 1987,
Abstract: The chromoeomes and nucleoli, micronucleoli in prophase of oocytes from human fcotal were studied by Giemsa and silver-staining.There arc profound changes of epiralization, despiralization, respiralization, redespiralization in the chromosomal morphology from preleptotene, diplotene, to dictyotone. The bivalents are uncoiled, extremely extended in dictyotene stage, and morphologically they arc "lampbrush-like". The morphology and number of primary nucleoli, micronucleoli. as well as silver-tained small clots in various stages of prophase are also described.
Construction of a microsatellite-based genetic linkage map for half-smooth tongue sole Cynoglossus semilaevis
Wentao SONG, Guidong MIAO, Yongwei ZHAO, Yuze NIU, Renyi PANG, Xiaolin LIAO, Changwei SHAO, Songlin CHEN
Current Zoology , 2013,
Abstract: The half-smooth tongue sole Cynoglossus semilaevis is an important cultured marine fish and a promising model fish for the study of sex determination. Sex-specific genetic linkage maps of half-smooth tongue sole were developed with 567 markers (565 microsatellite markers and two SCAR markers). The parents and F1 progeny (92 individuals) were used as segregating populations. The female map was composed of 480 markers in 21 linkage groups, covering a total of 1388.1 cM, with an average interval 3.06 cM between markers. The male map consisted of 417 markers in 21 linkage groups, spanning 1480.9 cM, with an average interval of 3.75 cM. The female and male maps had 474 and 416 unique positions, respectively. The genome length of half-smooth tongue sole was estimated to be 1522.9 cM for females and 1649.1cM for males. Based on estimations of map length, the female and male maps covered 91.1% and 89.8% of the genome, respectively. Furthermore, two female-specific SCAR markers, f-382 and f-783, were mapped on LG15f (linkage group 15 in female maps). The present study presents a mid-density genetic linkage map for half-smooth tongue sole. These improved genetic linkage maps may facilitate systematic genome searches to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL), such as disease resistance, growth and sex-related traits, and are very useful for marker-assisted selection breeding programs for economically important traits in half-smooth tongue sole [Current Zoology 59 (1): 99–108, 2013].
四种杀虫剂对白纹伊蚊(Aedes albopictus)细胞株(C6/36)的细胞遗传学效应

Zhang Xiran,Wang Jianhua,Chen Yuze,Shi Liming,

动物学研究 , 1985,
Abstract: The four pesticides, milk of 80% dichlorvos, resmethrin, parathipnmethyl and mipcin, were tested for their abilities to induce chromosomal aberrations and sister-chromatid exchange frequencies in mosquito cell line (C6/36). The results show that the effectivities of these pesticides were strikingly different. ( 1 ) The significant increase of SCE frequencies occurred under the doses of 0.1% and 0.01% milk of dichlovos, but the chromosomal aberrations were found significantly only when the dose of 0.1% was treated. (2) The increasing frequencies of SCE induced with the dose of 0.5% resmethrin was significant, but the chromosomal aberration did not differ significantly from the control. When the dose of 0.1% resmethrin was used, neither frequencies of SCE or chromosomal aberrations were enhanced. ( 3 ) From our results we find no evidence that parathionmethyl and mipcin are mutagenic in enhancing frequencies of SCE and chromosomal aberrations. In addition, the different inductive capacities of the four pesticides and possible reasons for those were also discussed.
Indications of the topological transport by the universal conductance fluctuations in the Bi2Te2Se microflakes
Zhaoguo Li,Yuze Meng,Jian Pan,Taishi Chen,Xiaochen Hong,Shiyan Li,Xuefeng Wang,Fengqi Song,Baigeng Wang
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.7567/APEX.7.065202
Abstract: Universal conductance fluctuations (UCFs) are extracted in the magnetoresistance responses in the bulk-insulating Bi2Te2Se microflakes. Its two-dimensional character is demonstrated by the field-tilting magnetoresistance measurements. Its origin from the surface electrons is determined by the fact that the UCF amplitudes keep unchanged while applying an in-plane field to suppress the coherence of bulk electrons. After considering the ensemble average in a batch of micrometer-sized samples, the intrinsic UCF magnitudes of over 0.37 e2/h is obtained. This agrees with the theoretical prediction on topological surface states. All the evidence point to the successful observation of the UCF of topological surface states.
Yin-Yang Theory and Globalization
Ningchuan Wang,Yuze Zou
Studies in Sociology of Science , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/j.sss.1923018420110202.067
Abstract: Based on the discourse of Yin-Yang theory, the paper is to study the relationship between globalization and anti-globalization, attempting to develop an interdisciplinary analytical method via the oriental philosophy. The paper attempts to constitute the following codes for reference in the analysis of international relations: (1) as an analytical model to deconstruct the diverse international phenomena via the oriental traditional philosophy (2) as a mirror or medium to learn international conflicts, helps to communicate ideas, and achieves the moral or ethical consensus; and (3) as a theoretical tool attempting to constitute a new discourse in IR study. Key words: Yin-Yang; Theory; Globalization; International Relations; I Ching; Discourse
Boundedness of Commutators on Generalized Morrey Spaces
Yuze Cai,Hao Zhang
Modern Applied Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v3n2p104
Abstract: In this paper, we establish the boundedness of strongly singular integrals operators and commutators on generalized Morrey spaces, where are generated by functions and the strongly singular integrals operators .
Correlation of Exchange Bias and Angle on Applied Perturbation Field and Anti-Ferromagnetic Spins  [PDF]
Xinwen Fu, Guixin Cao, Yuze Gao, Zhiwei Wu, Jincang Zhang
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2011.210148
Abstract: High-resolution anisotropic magneto-resistance measurement (AMR) was used to detailed study the training effect in exchange biased CoO/Co bi-layer. The sample was cooled to 10 K from room temperature in the magnetic cooling field of 4000 Oe. Then we used 1500 Oe declined perturbation field to pin the magnetization orientation of the FM layer. The perturbation field forms certain angle Θ with the cooling field direction in-plane to re-induce the untrained state. The dependence of the untrained state on the angle between the direction of perturbation field and cooling field has been investigated. The AMR results reveal that the re-induced degree of untrained state is strongly correlated to the angle Θ. The exchange bias field HE for different Θ has been determined from the AMR results, which is in apparent agreement with the Meiklejohn-Bean model. The recover degree of untrained state is the largest when the angle is 75°, which is different from the traditional view point that untrained state should be the maximum when it is perpendicular. The training effect is related to the FM spin orientation, which can induce the change of the interfacial AFM spin reorientation with different angles.
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