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An Investigation into Culturally-Loaded Words Teaching and Learning by Non-English Majors  [PDF]
Chen Guan, Yanan Zhao
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2016.62004
Abstract: Culturally-loaded words and expressions are the direct and indirect reflection of national culture in the structure of words and expressions. Improper use of culturally-loaded words may result in misunderstanding in cross-cultural communication. By means of paper test and questionnaire, this paper aims at investigating the current situation of culturally-loaded words teaching and learning among non-English majors in Baoding University. Some suggestions are proposed on how to improve culturally-loaded words teaching and learning based on the study result.
Study on the Performance Optimization of Knitted Fabric Anti-Roll by Tissue Structure  [PDF]
Guoqiang Chen, Yanan Zhu
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2018.64001
Will use the same number of positive and negative coil longitudinal organization of fabric is ta edge sex used in the work of the organization to warp fabric edge sex, between restrained knitting principle, design a kind of weft basketwork weaving method, especially in weft knitting machine woven from has the edge of weft knitted fabric performance weaving method. In order to overcome the existing technology aims to make weft basketwork structure of a single organization, edge sex is bad, or can’t produce rich weft knitted fabric appearance of shortage, provide a resistance to edge weft knitted fabric weaving method.
Prüfer sheaves and generic sheaves over the weighted projective lines and elliptic curves
Jianmin Chen,Jinjing Chen,Yanan Lin
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In the present paper, we introduce the concepts of Pr\"{u}fer sheaves and adic sheaves over a weighted projective line of genus one or an elliptic curve, show that Pr\"{u}fer sheaves and adic sheaves can classify the category of coherent sheaves. Moreover, we describe the relationship between Pr\"{u}fer sheaves and generic sheaves, and provide two methods to construct generic sheaves by using coherent sheaves and Pr\"{u}fer sheaves.
Tilting bundles and the "missing part" on the weighted projective line of type $(2, 2, n)$
Jianmin Chen,Yanan Lin,Shiquan Ruan
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: This paper classifies all the tilting bundles in the category of coherent sheaves on the weighted projective line of weight type $(2, 2, n)$, and investigates the abelianness of the "missing part" from the category of coherent sheaves to the category of finitely generated right modules on the associated tilted algebra for each tilting bundle.
Tilting objects in the stable category of vector bundles on the weighted projective line of type (2,2,2,2;λ)
Jianmin Chen,Yanan Lin,Shiquan Ruan
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We construct a tilting object for the stable category of vector bundles on a weighted projective line X of type (2,2,2,2;\lambda), consisting of five rank two bundles and one rank three bundle, whose endomorphism algebra is a canonical algebra associated with X of type (2,2,2,2).
High yield expression of an AHL-lactonase from Bacillus sp. B546 in Pichia pastoris and its application to reduce Aeromonas hydrophila mortality in aquaculture
Ruidong Chen, Zhigang Zhou, Yanan Cao, Yingguo Bai, Bin Yao
Microbial Cell Factories , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2859-9-39
Abstract: The AHL-lactonase (AiiAB546) from Bacillus sp. B546 was produced extracellularly in P. pastoris with a yield of 3,558.4 ± 81.3 U/mL in a 3.7-L fermenter when using 3-oxo-C8-HSL as the substrate. After purification with a HiTrap Q Sepharose column, the recombinant homogenous protein showed a band of 33.6 kDa on SDS-PAGE, higher than the calculated molecular mass (28.14 kDa). Deglycosylation of AiiAB546 with Endo H confirmed the occurrence of N-glycosylation. The purified recombinant AiiAB546 showed optimal activity at pH 8.0 and 20°C, exhibited excellent stability at pH 8.0-12.0 and thermal stability at 70°C, was firstly confirmed to be significantly protease-resistant, and had wide substrate specificity. In application test, when co-injected with A. hydrophila in common carp, recombinant AiiAB546 decreased the mortality rate and delayed the mortality time of fish.Our results not only indicate the possibility of mass-production of AHL-lactonase at low cost, but also open up a promising foreground of application of AHL-lactonase in fish to control A. hydrophila disease by regulating its virulence. To our knowledge, this is the first report on heterologous expression of AHL-lactonase in P. pastoris and attenuating A. hydrophila virulence by co-injection with AHL-lactonase.Aeromonas hydrophila is a Gram-negative rod and behaves as an opportunistic pathogen in both aquatic and host environments [1-3]. It can cause hemorrhagic septicemia, resulting in fin and tail rot and epizootic ulcerative syndrome in juvenile and mature fish or intestinal and wound infection in humans [3-7]. Application of antibiotics and chemical drugs is a conventional method to control this disease, but generally results in the constant emergence of "superbugs" and chemical accumulation in the food chain [8,9]. Consequently, a new method is required to prevent such a fish disease [8,10]. Several studies have reported that vaccines against A. hydrophila infections may provide protection for farmed f
An Evaluation Framework for Data Modeling Languages in Network Management Domain
Hui Xu,Debao Xiao,Yanan Chang,Limiao Chen
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2008,
Zhe Li,Yanan Wang,Kesong Peng,Lingzi Chen
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812006046
Abstract: The crystal structure of the title compound, C17H15BrO3, a chalcone derivative, exhibits two crystallographically independent molecules per asymmetric unit showing an E conformation about the ethylene double bond. In each molecule, the two phenyl rings are almost coplanar: the mean planes make dihedral angles of 9.3 (2) and 19.4 (2)°. In the crystal, molecules are linked through weak intermolecular C—H...O hydrogen bonds.
Reversal of multidrug resistance by magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticle copolymerizating daunorubicin and 5-bromotetrandrine in xenograft nude-mice
Baoan Chen,Jian Cheng,Yanan Wu,Feng Gao
International Journal of Nanomedicine , 2009,
Abstract: Baoan Chen1,* Jian Cheng1,* Yanan Wu1, Feng Gao1, Wenlin Xu2, et al 1Department of Hematology;2Department of Hematology, The Affiliated People’s Hospital, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, PR China *These authors have contributed equally to this workAbstract: In this paper we establish the xenograft leukemia model with stable multidrug resistance in nude mice and to investigate the reversal effect of 5-bromotetrandrine (5-BrTet) and magnetic nanoparticle of Fe3O4 (MNP-Fe3O4) combined with daunorubicin (DNR) in vivo. Two subclones of K562 and K562/A02 cells were inoculated subcutaneously into the back of athymic nude mice (1 × 107 cells/each) respectively to establish leukemia xenograft models. Drug-resistant and sensitive tumor-bearing nude mice were assigned randomly into five groups which were treated with normal saline; DNR; NP-Fe3O4 combined with DNR; 5-BrTet combined with DNR; 5-BrTet and MNP-Fe3O4 combined with DNR, respectively. The incidence of formation, growth characteristics, weight, and volume of tumors were observed. The histopathologic examination of tumors and organs were detected. For resistant tumors, the protein levels of Bcl-2, and BAX were detected by Western blot. Bcl-2, BAX, and caspase-3 genes were also detected. For K562/A02 cells xenograft tumors, 5-BrTet and MNP-Fe3O4 combined with DNR significantly suppressed growth of tumor. A histopathologic examination of tumors clearly showed necrosis of the tumors. Application of 5-BrTet and MNP-Fe3O4 inhibited the expression of Bcl-2 protein and upregulated the expression of BAX and caspase-3 proteins in K562/A02 cells xenograft tumor. It is concluded that 5-BrTet and MNP-Fe3O4 combined with DNR had a significant tumor-suppressing effect on a MDR leukemia cells xenograft model.Keywords: 5-bromotetrandrine, magnetic nanoparticle of Fe3O4, multidrug-resistance, xenograft model
Optimization of Preparation of Antioxidative Peptides from Pumpkin Seeds Using Response Surface Method
Sanhong Fan, Yanan Hu, Chen Li, Yanrong Liu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092335
Abstract: Protein isolates of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L) seeds were hydrolyzed by acid protease to prepare antioxidative peptides. The hydrolysis conditions were optimized through Box-Behnken experimental design combined with response surface method (RSM). The second-order model, developed for the DPPH radical scavenging activity of pumpkin seed hydrolysates, showed good fit with the experiment data with a high value of coefficient of determination (0.9918). The optimal hydrolysis conditions were determined as follows: hydrolyzing temperature 50°C, pH 2.5, enzyme amount 6000 U/g, substrate concentration 0.05 g/ml and hydrolyzing time 5 h. Under the above conditions, the scavenging activity of DPPH radical was as high as 92.82%.
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