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The possibility of esr dating of tooth enamel of theEarly Pleistocene
Chen Tiemei,Chen Qi
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1998, DOI: 10.1007/BF02891392
The characteristics of impaired fasting glucose associated with obesity and dyslipidaemia in a Chinese population
Yun Qian, Yudi Lin, Tiemei Zhang, Jianling Bai, Feng Chen, Yi Zhang, Senlin Luo, Hongbing Shen
BMC Public Health , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-10-139
Abstract: This was a case-control study of 648 IFG subjects and 1,296 controls derived from a large-scale, community-based, cross-sectional survey of 10,867 participants. Each subject received a face-to-face interview, physical examination, and blood tests, including fasting blood glucose and lipids. Student's t-test, Chi-square test, Spearman correlation and multiple logistic regressions were used for the statistical analyses.Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) was positively correlated with BMI, WC, systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), triglyceride (TG), and total cholesterol (TC), and was negatively correlated with high density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C) (all p < 0.05). BMI was more strongly correlated with IFG than with WC. The correlation coefficient of FPG was remarkably higher with TG (0.244) than with TC (0.134) and HDL-C (-0.192). TG was an important predictor of IFG, with odds ratios of 1.76 (95%CI: 1.31-2.36) for subjects with borderline high TG level (1.70 mmol/l ≤ TG < 2.26 mmol/l) and 3.13 (95% CI: 2.50-3.91) for those with higher TG level (TG ≥ 2.26 mmol/l), when comparing to subjects with TG < 1.70 mmol/l. There was a significant dose-response relationship between the number of abnormal variables and increased risk of IFG.In this Chinese population, both BMI and WC were important predictors of IFG. Abnormal TG as a lipid marker was more strongly associated with IFG than were TC and HDL-C. These factors should be taken into consideration simultaneously for prevention of IFG.Impaired fasting glucose (IFG) is a frequent glycemic disorder in the general population and is considered as a pre-diabetic state [1]. IFG has received increasing attention in recent years, not only because it is an intermediate stage in the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) [2-4], but also because it is associated with increased risk of all-cause death and CVD mortality [5]. IFG has thus come to be considered as a potential indicator of prev
N-acetylcysteine inhibit biofilms produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Tiemei Zhao, Youning Liu
BMC Microbiology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2180-10-140
Abstract: We found that minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of NAC for most isolates of P. aeruginosa were 10 to 40 mg/ml, the combination of NAC and ciprofloxacin (CIP) demonstrated either synergy (50%) or no interaction (50%) against the P. aeruginosa strains. NAC at 0.5 mg/ml could detach mature P. aeruginosa biofilms. Disruption was proportional to NAC concentrations, and biofilms were completely disrupted at 10 mg/ml NAC. Analysis using COMSTAT software also showed that PAO1 biofilm biomass decreased and its heterogeneity increased as NAC concentration increased. NAC and ciprofloxacin showed significant killing of P. aeruginosa in biofilms at 2.5 mg/ml and > 2 MIC, respectively (p < 0.01). NAC-ciprofloxacin combinations consistently decreased viable biofilm-associated bacteria relative to the control; this combination was synergistic at NAC of 0.5 mg/ml and CIP at 1/2MIC (p < 0.01). Extracellular polysaccharides (EPS) production by P. aeruginosa also decreased by 27.64% and 44.59% at NAC concentrations of 0.5 mg/ml and 1 mg/ml.NAC has anti-bacterial properties against P. aeruginosa and may detach P. aeruginosa biofilms. Use of NAC may be a new strategy for the treatment of biofilm-associated chronic respiratory infections due to P. aeruginosa, although it would be appropriate to conduct clinical studies to confirm this.Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a known common pathogen in respiratory tract infections. These diseases are usually chronic, such as pulmonary infections in intubated patients and for patients with cystic fibrosis (CF), bronchiectasis, diffuse panbronchiolitis [1,2] and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). One reason why treating these infections is difficult is the production of biofilms by P. aeruginosa [3]. Organisms in the biofilm become more resistant than planktonic bacteria to physical and chemical attacks, such as by chemotherapeutic reagents. Discovering substances that inhibit biofilm formation and/or disrupt established biofilms is essen
Transgenerational Variations in DNA Methylation Induced by Drought Stress in Two Rice Varieties with Distinguished Difference to Drought Resistance
Xiaoguo Zheng, Liang Chen, Mingshou Li, Qiaojun Lou, Hui Xia, Pei Wang, Tiemei Li, Hongyan Liu, Lijun Luo
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080253
Abstract: Adverse environmental conditions have large impacts on plant growth and crop production. One of the crucial mechanisms that plants use in variable and stressful natural environments is gene expression modulation through epigenetic modification. In this study, two rice varieties with different drought resistance levels were cultivated under drought stress from tilling stage to seed filling stage for six successive generations. The variations in DNA methylation of the original generation (G0) and the sixth generation (G6) of these two varieties in normal condition (CK) and under drought stress (DT) at seedling stage were assessed by using Methylation Sensitive Amplification Polymorphism (MSAP) method. The results revealed that drought stress had a cumulative effect on the DNA methylation pattern of both varieties, but these two varieties had different responses to drought stress in DNA methylation. The DNA methylation levels of II-32B (sensitive) and Huhan-3 (resistant) were around 39% and 32%, respectively. Genome-wide DNA methylation variations among generations or treatments accounted for around 13.1% of total MSAP loci in II-32B, but was only approximately 1.3% in Huhan-3. In II-32B, 27.6% of total differentially methylated loci (DML) were directly induced by drought stress and 3.2% of total DML stably transmitted their changed DNA methylation status to the next generation. In Huhan-3, the numbers were 48.8% and 29.8%, respectively. Therefore, entrainment had greater effect on Huhan-3 than on II-32B. Sequence analysis revealed that the DML were widely distributed on all 12 rice chromosomes and that it mainly occurred on the gene’s promoter and exon region. Some genes with DML respond to environmental stresses. The inheritance of epigenetic variations induced by drought stress may provide a new way to develop drought resistant rice varieties.
Characteristics of Electricity Industry Cycle Fluctuation and Influential Factors of Electricity Demand Based on Business Analysis and the Error Correction Model
中国电力行业周期波动特征及电力需求影响因素分析 ——基于景气分析及误差修正模型的研究

LIU Chang,GAO Tiemei,

资源科学 , 2011,
Abstract: 2008年的国际金融危机使我国电力消费需求快速下降,而宏观经济却保持正增长,这一现象使人们怀疑数据的真实性。本文使用景气分析方法建立了电力行业景气指数,分析了2000年以来电力行业的周期波动特征,并使用月度数据建立了误差修正模型,研究了影响电力行业波动的长期经济因素和短期动态调整效应。研究结果表明,电力行业景气与宏观经济波动具有一致的变化趋势,但波动幅度不同;工业经济增长、高耗电行业结构、库存及电力需求之间存在稳定的长期均衡关系,工业经济增长和经济结构重型化是影响电力需求的最重要因素,库存与电力需求之间存在显著负相关关系;从金融危机时期电力行业波动的谷底来看,工业经济下滑和高耗电行业结构变化是电力行业周期波动出现深谷的主要原因,特别地,由于市场需求变化引起的库存调整能够导致电力需求更剧烈的波动;无论是长期还是短期,电价对电力需求的影响都不显著。
Causative agent distribution and antibiotic therapy assessment among adult patients with community acquired pneumonia in Chinese urban population
Youning Liu, Minjun Chen, Tiemei Zhao, Hui Wang, Rui Wang, Baiqiang Cai, Bin Cao, Tieying Sun, Yunjian Hu, Qingyu Xiu, Xin Zhou, Xing Ding, Lan Yang, Jiansheng Zhuo, Yingchun Tang, Kouxing Zhang, Derong Liang, Xiaoju Lv, Shengqi Li, Yong Liu, Yunsong Yu, Zeqing Wei, Kejing Ying, Feng Zhao, Ping Chen, Xiaona Hou
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-9-31
Abstract: Qualified patients were enrolled and screened for bacterial, atypical, and viral pathogens by sputum and/or blood culturing, and by antibody seroconversion test. Antibiotic treatment and patient outcome were also assessed.Non-viral pathogens were found in 324/610 (53.1%) patients among whom M. pneumoniae was the most prevalent (126/610, 20.7%). Atypical pathogens were identified in 62/195 (31.8%) patients carrying bacterial pathogens. Respiratory viruses were identified in 35 (19%) of 184 randomly selected patients with adenovirus being the most common (16/184, 8.7%). The nonsusceptibility of S. pneumoniae to penicillin and azithromycin was 22.2% (Resistance (R): 3.2%, Intermediate (I): 19.0%) and 79.4% (R: 79.4%, I: 0%), respectively. Of patients (312) from whom causative pathogens were identified and antibiotic treatments were recorded, clinical cure rate with β-lactam antibiotics alone and with combination of a β-lactam plus a macrolide or with fluoroquinolones was 63.7% (79/124) and 67%(126/188), respectively. For patients having mixed M. pneumoniae and/or C. pneumoniae infections, a better cure rate was observed with regimens that are active against atypical pathogens (e.g. a β-lactam plus a macrolide, or a fluoroquinolone) than with β-lactam alone (75.8% vs. 42.9%, p = 0.045).In Chinese adult CAP patients, M. pneumoniae was the most prevalent with mixed infections containing atypical pathogens being frequently observed. With S. pneumoniae, the prevalence of macrolide resistance was high and penicillin resistance low compared with data reported in other regions.Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) remains a common disease with high mobidity, mortality, and treatment cost [1,2]. The microbial patterns reported for CAP differ considerably, depending on epidemiologic area, patient populations, and the extent and nature of the microbiologic techniques used. Knowledge of predominant microbial patterns in CAP constitutes the basis for initial decisions about empirical
Research on the Incentive Mechanism of Hidilao Hotpot’s Employees Based on Grounded Theory  [PDF]
Chen Chen
Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies (JHRSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jhrss.2018.61031
Abstract: The traditional classical incentive model only reveals the general rule of organizational incentive, and does not give specific operation rules. The matching between organizational incentives and employee needs is still black box, and it does not reveal its core operation mechanism from the perspective of mechanism. This paper took through the literature review, the Hidilao Hotpot company as a case study, through a variety of ways to collect data, the use of grounded theory to encode data analysis, and ultimately extracted 58 concepts, 26 sub-areas, 7 main areas, concluded that the Hidilao Hotpot Employee motivation formed the path, and ultimately extracted the micro-level employee motivation mechanism model. The research result of this article comes from the practice of the enterprise, which has enlightenment to the organizational incentive of the traditional catering industry and also provides a micro-research perspective and systematic mechanism research for the incentive field.
Mutational analysis of genes involved in elastin hydrolysis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Yongxin Jin,Tiemei Li,Huiming Xi,Caifeng Gu,Xiuming Zhang,Yanling Bai,Haijin Xu,Mingqiang Qia,

微生物学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 【目的】研究铜绿假单胞菌弹性蛋白水解能力相关基因。【方法】应用人工Mu转座技术构建铜绿假单胞菌野生型菌株PA68的转座突变文库,从2000多个突变子中筛选得到4株弹性蛋白水解能力改变的突变子,并通过克隆及测序获得转座子插入位点侧翼的序列。将铜绿假单胞菌弹性蛋白酶结构基因lasB的转录启始区序列整合入载体pDN19lacΩ并将该重组质粒电转化入野生型菌株PA68及4个突变株中,对报告基因在不同菌株中的表达水平进行测定。【结果】发现4个突变株中Mu转座子分别插入lasA、galU、xcpZ和ptsP 4个基因。ptsP基因失活的突变株中,lasB基因的转录水平是野生型菌株的7%,xcpZ和lasA基因的失活使lasB基因的转录水平分别降低为野生株的54%和75%,galU基因的插入失活使lasB基因的转录上升了1倍。【结论】推测ptsP和galU基因很可能直接或间接地调控着弹性蛋白酶的生物合成。
Digital Image Watermarking Based on Mixed Error Correcting Code  [PDF]
Yonghong Chen, Jiancong Chen
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2012.32018
Abstract: In this paper, we present a novel technique based on a mixed Error Correcting Code(ECC)-the convolutional code and the repetition code to enhance the robustness of the embedded watermark. Before embedding, the binary watermark is scanned to one-dimension sequence and later inputted into the (3, 1, 2) convolutional encoder and (3, 1) repetition encoder frame by frame, which will improve the error correcting capability of decoder. The output code sequence is scanned to some matrixes as the new watermark messages. The watermarking is selected in low frequency band of the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and therefore it can resist the destruction of image processing. Experimental results are presented to demonstrate that the robustness of a watermark with mixed ECC is much higher than the traditional one just with repetition coding while suffering JPEG lossy compression, salt and pepper noise and center cutting processing.
Operator Equation and Application of Variation Iterative Method  [PDF]
Ning Chen, Jiqian Chen
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.38127
Abstract: In this paper, we study some semi-closed 1-set-contractive operators A and investigate the boundary conditions under which the topological degrees of 1-set contractive fields, deg (I-A, Ω, p) are equal to 1. Correspondingly, we can obtain some new fixed point theorems for 1-set-contractive operators which extend and improve many famous theorems such as the Leray-Schauder theorem, and operator equation, etc. Lemma 2.1 generalizes the famous theorem. The calculation of topological degrees and index are important things, which combine the existence of solution of for integration and differential equation and or approximation by iteration technique. So, we apply the effective modification of He’s variation iteration method to solve some nonlinear and linear equations are proceed to examine some a class of integral-differential equations, to illustrate the effectiveness and convenience of this method.
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