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Study on the Seismogenic Mechanism of the Earthquake Mw6.9 in 2014 in the Aegean Sea Seismic Cone  [PDF]
Lijun Chen
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2016.75052
Abstract: In accordance with the Seismo-Geothermics theory about methods of intracrustal strong earthquake and volcano prediction, we use the ANSS earthquake catalogue from the Northern California earthquake data center and the EMSC earthquake catalogue from the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre to study the seismic activities of the Turkish Branch Seismic Cone in the Mediterranean Seismic Cone and the following Aegean Sea Seismic Cone, and show reproduction through graphics and animation, the seismogenic process and seismogenic mechanism of the earthquake Mw6.9 on May 24,2014 innorthern Aegean Sea. It was concluded that the energy of strong earthquake of magnitude around7 inAegean Seawas probably from energy transfer and accumulation in deep mantle and incentive lithosphere in the way of wave pattern, and then the strong earthquake occurs suddenly in search of the weak parts of the surface structure. The purpose of this paper is to open a hole in the traditional seismic genesis, and it is beneficial to the further research on the theory and method of earthquake prediction. It is our first attempt to study this case and it needs further examination. In this paper, we divide the Turkish Branch Seismic Cone of the Mediterranean Seismic Cone into 4 tertiary seismic cones, and we show a preliminary seismo-tectonic model of Aegean region. It will be conducive to seismic monitoring and earthquake prediction research inGreece,Turkey,RomaniaandPolandregions. At present, the world’s earthquake prediction has little effect, and it even tends to be not cognitive. Innovative thinking is the only way out.
Strong Convergence of an Iterative Method for Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems and Fixed Point Problems  [PDF]
Lijun Chen, Jianhua Huang
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.210169
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a hybrid iterative method for finding a common element of the set of common solutions of generalized mixed equilibrium problems and the set of common fixed points of an finite family of nonexpansive mappings. Furthermore, we show a strong convergence theorem under some mild conditions.
Method Research of Earthquake Prediction and Volcano Prediction in Italy  [PDF]
Lijun Chen, Xiaofeng Chen, Lei Shao
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2015.69076
Abstract: This paper adopts the earthquake catalogue of the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), in accordance with the principles of Seismo-Geothermics Theory and the concept of seismic cone; it discusses the integrity of the earthquake catalogue and the overview of Mediterranean seismic cones; it focuses on the structural details and structural feature of the Italian branch of the Mediterranean seismic cone; it deduces the precursory process of subcrustal earthquake activities before two earthquakes magnitude over 6 and the eruptions of Etna volcano since 2005; then it summarizes the prediction working method of Seismo-Geothermics on estimating the general shell strength, the general period, and the rough location of future earthquake or volcano activities; and finally it discusses and explains some possible problems. The principle and working process of this method were testified in card No. 0419 in 2012, the author’s prediction card, which can apply to predict for intracrustal strong earthquakes and volcano activities within the global twenty four seismic cones. The purpose of this paper is to develop the tools and methods of the prediction of future earthquake and volcano.
Image Preprocessing Methods to Identify Micro-cracks of Road Pavement  [PDF]
Hui Wang, Zhang Chen, Lijun Sun
Optics and Photonics Journal (OPJ) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/opj.2013.32B025

Standards of highway conservation and maintenance are improved gradually following the improvement of requirements of road service. Before obvious damage such as obvious cracking (blocktransverse, longitudinal ) and rutting emerge, inconspicuous distress (micro-cracks, polishing, pockmarked) is generated previously. These inconspicuous distresses may provide basis and criteria for pavement preventive maintenance. Currently most of preventive conservation measures are determined by experienced experts in maintenance and repair of road after site visits. Thus method is difficult in operation, and has a certain amount of instability as it is based on experience and personal knowledge. In this paper, camera and laser were used for automated high-speed acquisition images. Methods to preprocess pavement image are compared. The pretreatment method suitable for analyze micro-cracks picture is elected, an effective way to remove shadow is also proposed.

Continuous Melt Suspension Crystallization of Phosphoric Acid  [PDF]
Aimei Chen, Jiawen Zhu, Bin Wu, Kui Chen, Lijun Ji
Journal of Crystallization Process and Technology (JCPT) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jcpt.2012.23014
Abstract: A continuous melt suspension crystallization process has been presented for the purification of the phosphoric acid in this study, which is performed in the cascade of a mixed suspension mixed product removal (MSMPR) crystallizer and a gravity wash column for the subsequent solid-liquid separation. Dynamic behavior in the crystallizer and role of reflux ration on the purification efficiency of column are studied in detail. A reasonable steady state with respect to the liquid phase is achieved after 2 to 3 hrs, which is followed by a solid-phase steady state in terms of the slurry density after 4 hrs. Reflux ratio is the effective parameter for separation and purification by the crystallization equipment from the influences of reflux ratio on the purity of product, the number of theoretical plates and the stability of the operations.
Comparative Study of Global Seismicity on the Hot Engine Belt and the Cooling Seismic Belt—Improvement on Research Ideas of Earthquake Prediction  [PDF]
Lijun Chen, Xiaofeng Chen, Fangfang Wan, Pinzhong Li, Lei Shao
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2015.67060
Abstract: The study in this paper analyzes and compares the distribution on the global engine active seismic zone and cooling seismic belt basing on the ANSS earthquake catalog from Northern California Earthquake Data Center. An idea of the seismogenesis and earthquake prediction research is achieved by showing the stratigraphic structure in the hot engine belt. The results show that the main engine and its seismic cones are the global seismic activity area, as well as the subject of global geological disaster. Based on the conjecture of other stratum structure, the energy of crustal strong earthquake and volcano activities probably originates from the deep upper mantle. It is suggested that the research on earthquake and volcano prediction should focus on the monitor and analysis on the sub-crustal earthquake activities.
Modeling and Algorithms on Releasing Range of Traffic Guidance Information
Lijun Pei,Dewang Chen
Journal of Computers , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.5.12.1856-1861
Abstract: The traffic guidance system is an important subsystem in the intelligent transportation system which can timely release alerts regarding traffic congestion, incidents and other information to road-users. However, it is very hard to decide the releasing range exactly where and for whom to release such information. With the correlation analysis of road traffic flow in time and space domain, the releasing range model for traffic guidance information is formulated based on combinatorial mathematics in this paper. As it is difficult to get the optimal solution in a limited time through analysis for the model, a simple greedy algorithm, an algorithm based on simulated annealing and an algorithm based on M-Chameleon clustering are presented to divide the road links into several groups. Some traffic flow data detected by remote microwave sensors in some road links in Beijing urban expressway are employed to compare the algorithms. The results show that the algorithm based on M-Chameleon achieved the best performance, and it can be used to improve the pertinence, validity and automation of releasing traffic guide information.
The Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in MIMO Interference Networks: The Minimax Lagrangian Duality and Algorithm
Lijun Chen,Seungil You
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: We take a new perspective on the weighted sum-rate maximization in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) interference networks, by formulating an equivalent max-min problem. This seemingly trivial reformulation has significant implications: the Lagrangian duality of the equivalent max-min problem provides an elegant way to establish the sum-rate duality between an interference network and its reciprocal when such a duality exists, and more importantly, suggests a novel iterative minimax algorithm for the weighted sum-rate maximization. Moreover, the design and convergence proof of the algorithm use only general convex analysis. They apply and extend to any max-min problems with similar structure, and thus provide a general class of algorithms for such optimization problems. This paper presents a promising step and lends hope for establishing a general framework based on the minimax Lagrangian duality for characterizing the weighted sum-rate and developing efficient algorithms for general MIMO interference networks.
CBTC Simulation Platform Design and Study  [PDF]
Jikang Xu, Lijun Chen, Weimin Gao, Minjie Zhao
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.39007
Abstract: In order to train and test the functionality of the CBTC signal system, this paper designs simulation platform’s architecture and function module based on the CBTC principle firstly. Then, it detailedly discusses the main content and key algorithms about train module and trackside module. Finally, it builds CBTC simulation test platform, used for training of rail transit signal related specialized student and detecting the main function of actual CBTC system based on Shanghai Metro Line 9.
Application of Portable Near-Infrared Spectrometer for Analysis of Organic Carbon in Marine Sediments  [PDF]
Jing Yu, Jiangmei Mao, Tao Pan, Pimao Chen, Lijun Yao
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2017.55008
Abstract: The performance of a portable near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer to determine organic carbon (OC) in marine sediments was evaluated. The NIR reflection spectra of 180 samples in the range 950 - 1650 nm were acquired using an ultra-compact spectrometer. NIR spectroscopy combined with the partial least squares (PLS) regression and Savitzky-Golay (SG) smoothing was successfully applied to rapid and reagent-free determination of OC. Using the PLS-SG model with 1nd order derivative, 2th polynomial and eleven smoothing points, the root-mean-square errors (RMSEPM) and correlation coefficients (RP,M) of prediction for modeling were 0.073% and 0.894, respectively, the root-mean-square errors (RMSEPV) and correlation coefficients (RP,V) of prediction for validation were 0.075% and 0.883, respectively. Results showed that the small portable NIR instrument achieved well prediction effect for the analysis of OC in marine sediments, which had advantages of rapid, easy to carry and operate suitable for large-scale applications to analyze marine sediments.
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