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Erro médico: a perspectiva de estudantes de medicina e direito
Chehuen Neto, José Ant?nio;Sirimarco, Mauro Toledo;Figueiredo, Nathália Stela Visoná de;Barbosa, Tatiane Neto;Silveira, Thiago Gon?alves da;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Médica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-55022011000100002
Abstract: recent decades have witnessed an increase in the societal implications of medical error, a subject in which medicine and law intertwine. this study focused on medical error from the perspective of medical students and law students, assessing their level of interest and information and the need to discuss the topic during undergraduate education and how it occurs in each field, in their view. a cross-sectional, descriptive, observational study was conducted at the federal university in juiz de fora, minas gerais state, in 2008 with 185 medical students and 119 law students. 88.7% of the medical students and 92.4% of the law students reported knowledge of medical error. the interest was due to the fact that medical error is currently a widely discussed issue. the students thought the issue should be addressed in their undergraduate education (97.8% of medical students and 94.9% of law students). it is important to discuss such a current issue in undergraduate education in both medicine and law, because of the potential for decreasing the vicious circle of errors, iatrogenesis, and law suits, in addition to fostering reflection on the role of medical education in the ethical training of young professionals.
Cursinhos preparatórios para prova de residência médica: expectativas e opini?es
Chehuen Neto, José Antonio;Sirimarco, Mauro Toledo;Choi, Cleide Mira Kawata;Fava, Adriana Souza;Oliveira, Leonardo de Resende Sousa;Cunha, Pedro Henrique Martins da;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Médica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-55022009000200007
Abstract: medical residency (mr) is known as the best form for a doctor to start his professional life and to developing his skills in a specialty. there is however a discrepancy between the number of graduate/ candidates for medical residency and the number of vacancies. in this context, students in the 5th and 6th years of medical school are sacrificing their medical graduation during their internships to dedicate themselves to preparatory courses (pcs) for the medical residency. this study sought to investigate the expectations of the students with regard to rm as well as/ their opinion about the creation of the pcs. 70.83% of the students of the 7th, 8th and 9th semesters/ of the medical school (ms) answered questionnaires with eight objective questions. they all stated to know the pc method; 76%/ intended to enroll; out of those who did not intend on to enroll, 63.17% claim that the/ main reason/ is poor financial conditions. 59.45% disapproves the current method of admission tests for mr. in conclusion, it is necessary to adapt the current teaching methods of the medical school to the model of admission tests for mr. the criteria for admission to mr should be adjusted, also considering the practical skills. the medical schools should always make inexpensive, up-to-date and modern educational material available to the students.
Situa??o vacinal dos discentes da Faculdade de Medicina da UFJF-MG
Chehuen Neto, José Ant?nio;Sirimarco, Mauro Toledo;Leite, Isabel Cristina Gon?alves;Gon?alves, Mariana P. Cunha;Delgado, áureo Augusto de Almeida;Camilo, Gustavo Bittencourt;Abreu, Nayara Almeida de;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Médica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-55022010000200011
Abstract: health professionals are exposed to various occupational risks, with the greatest impact from biological hazards due to direct contact with potentially contaminated organic materials. besides adopting universal biosafety measures, adequate immunization coverage must be achieved in this context, with educational initiatives playing a crucial role in the process. this was a cross-sectional observational study of undergraduates (n = 136) at the medical school of the federal university in juiz de fora to assess their immunization status and biological risk perceptions. eighty-nine students (65.4%) reported a complete vaccination schedule. ninety-seven (71.3%) had received full immunization against hepatitis b and 99 (72.8%) against tetanus. eighty-six (63.2%) reported having received immunization advice during the course. seventy-three (53.7%) had already been exposed to potentially contaminated material during their academic activities, and 97 (71.3%) used personal protective equipment (ppe) in these contexts. we identified missed immunization doses against hepatitis b and tetanus, a situation that exposes medical students to unnecessary risks. immunization advice was insufficient. the significant rate of exposure to biological hazards and the unsatisfactory use of ppe call for greater attention to accident prevention.
Espironolactona reduz a press o arterial e a albuminúria de hipertensos obesos com síndrome metabólica Spironolactone reduces blood pressure and albuminuria of obese hypertensive patients with metabolic syndrome
Danielle Guedes Andrade Ezequiel,Rogerio Baumgratz de Paula,Júlio César Moraes Lovisi,Thaís Chehuen Bicalho
Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia , 2013,
Abstract: INTRODU O: A aldosterona tem sido implicada na fisiopatologia da síndrome metabólica (SM), assim como da hipertens o arterial a ela associada; entretanto, o uso de antagonistas do receptor mineralocorticoide neste grupo de indivíduos foi pouco estudado. OBJETIVOS: Avaliar os efeitos do bloqueio mineralocorticoide no comportamento pressórico, em parametros metabólicos, inflamatórios e renais de indivíduos com SM. MéTODOS: Vinte e nove indivíduos com SM foram avaliados em estudo prospectivo que consistiu de dois períodos: basal (duas semanas), no qual foram obtidos dados demográficos e suspensa a medica o anti-hipertensiva, e período de tratamento, no qual foi administrada espironolactona (25 a 50 mg/dia), por 16 semanas. Em ambos os períodos, foram avaliados marcadores inflamatórios, metabólicos e renais, além da realiza o da monitoriza o ambulatorial da press o arterial. RESULTADOS: Após tratamento com espironolactona, a press o arterial sistólica e diastólica de 24 horas reduziu de 143,5 ± 15,17 mmHg para 133,2 ± 17,34 mmHg (p = 0,025) e de 85,2 ± 11,10 mmHg para 79,3 ± 11,78 mmHg (p = 0,026), respectivamente. Os níveis de colesterol HDL aumentaram de 44,0 ± 8,67 para 49,0 ± 6,75mg/dL (p = 0,000) e a proteína C reativa reduziu significantemente de 6,3 ± 7,54 mg/L para 4,6 ± 6,30 mg/L. Os níveis de glicemia de jejum, insulina, HOMA-IR e triglicérides n o apresentaram altera o significante após bloqueio do receptor mineralocorticoide. A filtra o glomerular estimada n o se alterou, enquanto o logaritmo da albuminúria reduziu significantemente de 2,5 ± 0,92 para 2,0 ± 0,95. CONCLUS O: A administra o de espironolactona em monoterapia a hipertensos com SM foi eficaz no controle da hipertens o arterial, reduziu a excre o urinária de albumina e elevou os níveis de colesterol HDL. INTRODUCTION: In recent years, a role for aldosterone in pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome and hypertension in this syndrome has been suggested. However, the treatment with antagonists of mineralocorticoid receptor in these individuals has not properly addressed. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of mineralocorticoid receptor blockade on blood pressure, inflammatory, metabolic and renal parameters in non-diabetic hypertensive individuals with the metabolic syndrome. METHODS: Twenty nine patients with metabolic syndrome were enrolled in a prospective protocol that consisted of 2 periods: baseline (2 weeks) in which demographic data were obtained and antihypertensive medicines were withdrawn, and treatment period when the individuals were treated with spironolactone 25-50 mg
Espironolactona melhora a vasodilata??o fluxo mediada em indivíduos com síndrome metabólica
Lovisi, Julio Cesar Moraes;Ezequiel, Daniele Andrade Guedes;Costa, Monica Barros;Bicalho, Thaís Chehuen;Barros, Fernanda Castro;Souza, Gustavo do Carmo e;Paula, Rogério Baumgratz de;
Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-28002011000400012
Abstract: introduction: the role of aldosterone in the pathophysiology of the metabolic syndrome (ms)-related endothelial dysfunction has been the subject of recent research. objective: to evaluate the effects of aldosterone blockade on flow-mediated vasodilation (fmd) and on renal and metabolic parameters of patients with the ms. methods: 19 ms subjects underwent clinical examination, laboratory work-up (serum lipid profile, glucose and insulin; creatinine clearance; microalbuminuria investigation), ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (abpm), and fmd analysis before and after 16 weeks of aldosterone blockade with spironolactone. results: after the treatment period, fmd increased from 7.6 ± 5.63% to 15.0 ± 6.10% (p < 0.001), associated with a non-significant decrease of blood pressure (from 142.2 ± 16.37 mmhg to 138.8 ± 16.67 mmhg, and from 84.3 ± 10.91 mmhg to 82.7 ± 9.90 mmhg, respectively). hdl-cholesterol significantly increased, microalbuminuria showed a decreasing trend and creatinine clearance did not change after treatment. conclusion: aldosterone blockade in patients with the ms improved fmd without interfering with metabolic and renal parameters.
Bird-spiders (Arachnida, Mygalomorphae) as perceived by the inhabitants of the village of Pedra Branca, Bahia State, Brazil
Eraldo Neto
Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1746-4269-2-50
Abstract: Bird-spiders belong to the Mygalomorphae suborder, Orthognatha group. Differently from the spiders of the Araneomorphae suborder, in this group of spiders the chelicerae move in parallel with the longitudinal axis of the body, there are two pairs of lungs, and their venom glands are situated entirely inside the basal segment of the chelicerae [1]. There are nearly 2.547 known species and they are found in all continents, except Antarctica (Paulo César Motta, personal communication, 2006). Considering the family Theraphosidae, a total of 897 and 170 species have already been described in the world and in Brazil, respectively [2]. They grow up through skin changes, and females still go through these changes even after they are adults [3]. Theraphosa blondi (Latreille, 1804), which lives in the Amazon forest, is up to 26 cm long [4].These spiders usually dig burrows when they are spiderlings and live in them for many years, enlarging them as necessary. Once established at a site, an individual tarantula usually spends its life there, hunting in an area only a few meters adjacent to its burrow [5]. According to Smith [5], courtship involves cautious approach by the male, who touches the female with his front legs, then moves in a way that identifies both his gender and species. If the female is receptive to his tentative advances, she abandons her burrow and ultimately postures with her cephalothorax raised. She remains inactive while the male approaches her from the front. He uses special hooks on the first pair of his walking legs to hold the female's fang-bearing chelicerae during insemination. After the sperm have been deposited in the female's abdominal genital opening, the male disengages his hooks and departs briskly.Erroneously, mygalomorphs are referred to as tarantulas by many people, but the true tarantulas are araneomorph spiders of the widespread genus Lycosa [6]. The name 'tarantula' comes from a cult in Taranto, Southern Italy where the bite of a spider (
Consulta de Psicologia Pediátrica do Servi?o de Pediatria do Centro Hospitalar das Caldas da Rainha: Casuística de 1993/95
Análise Psicológica , 1999,
Abstract: this is an analysis of services rendered at caldas da rainha hospital center pediatric psychology practice and its interaction with other services and institutes. the majority of referrals to the practice are for behavioral problems (39.3%) as opposed to developmental problems. additionally the treatment and diagnosis of behavioral problems is highly anticipated by referrals (26%). evaluation is most common (43.1%), and as such naturally correlates to the increase in demand on the practice. upon analysis of the diagnostic areas, we find ?psychosocial and environmental problems? (16.7%), ?non-pathological behavioral disorders? (15.5%), and ?relational problems? (13.7%) addressing essentially relational and environmental areas. parental/fa-mily guidance being necessary by a high incidence of ?relational problems?. ?difficulties in school? being a secondary motive for referral (17.3%), seeking collaboration from teaching/school personnel is also necessary. a case work analysis of this practice confirms the necessity in pediatric psychology of transdisciplinary intervention must be, above all, adaptable to concrete hospital and institutional contexts and expectations.
Dos objetivos da linguística de texto à articula o textual: a busca pela coerência do texto e do ensino de língua materna Dos objetivos da linguística de texto à articula o textual: a busca pela coerência do texto e do ensino de língua materna
Vanessa Neto
Entrepalavras : Revista de Linguística do Departamento de Letras Vernáculas da UFC , 2012,
Abstract: This paper aims to reflect on the goals of linguistic text, in general, to the field of language teaching, by analyzing the sequential elements of cohesion and its influence on the progression of the text, focusing on the study some argumentative operators and relations of meaning established by not using these connectors. All this, of course, tied to a teaching perspective that many theorists speak, which many teachers, thanks to the influence of applied linguistics, follow. The research also proposes a rethinking of the teaching of language and emphasizes the concept of cohesion and coherence beyond the surface structure, prioritizing what “behind” is any act of communication, here restricted to the verbal. For this, this work is based on the studies of authors such as Beaugrande& Dressler (1981) and Koch (2007), among others that will be cited during the text. For analysis, we selected the text entitled “Felicidade”, by Fernando Bastos de ávila, and a newspaper matter published in “Folha de S o Paulo”. The results led us to conclude that the connectors carry some social, historic and cultural factors which are decisive to the meaning of the text. We also concluded that the no use of these connectors can lead to the meaning construction. It will depend on the extralinguistic factors. O presente trabalho objetiva fazer uma reflex o acerca dos objetivos da linguística de texto, de uma maneira geral, para o campo de ensino de língua materna, procurando analisar os elementos de coes o sequencial e sua influência na progress o do texto, a partir do estudo de alguns operadores argumentativos e das rela es de sentido estabelecidas pelo n o uso desses articuladores, em textos escritos. Tudo isso atrelado a uma perspectiva de ensino de que muitos teóricos falam, a qual muitos professores seguem: o funcionalismo. A pesquisa também prop e um repensar sobre o ensino de língua materna e enfatiza o conceito de coes o e coerência muito além da estrutura superficial, priorizando o que “por trás” está de qualquer ato de comunica o-aqui restrito ao verbal. Para isso, respaldamo-nos nos estudos de autores como Beaugrande & Dressler (1981)e Koch (2007), entre outros que ser o citados no decorrer do texto. Para análise, escolhemos o texto Felicidade, de Fernando Bastos de ávila, e uma notícia de jornal publicada na Folha de S. Paulo. O resultado permitiu-nos concluir que os articuladores carregam fatores culturais, históricos e sociais, que s o decisivos na constru o do(s) sentido(s) do texto. Também concluímos que o n o uso desses articuladores pode estabelecer sentid
Off-line Programming and Simulation from CAD Drawings: Robot-Assisted Sheet Metal Bending
Pedro Neto
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Increasingly, industrial robots are being used in production systems. This is because they are highly flexible machines and economically competitive with human labor. The problem is that they are difficult to program. Thus, manufacturing system designers are looking for more intuitive ways to program robots, especially using the CAD drawings of the production system they developed. This paper presents an industrial application of a novel CAD-based off-line robot programming (OLP) and simulation system in which the CAD package used for cell design is also used for OLP and robot simulation. Thus, OLP becomes more accessible to anyone with basic knowledge of CAD and robotics. The system was tested in a robot-assisted sheet metal bending cell. Experiments allowed identifying the pros and cons of the proposed solution.
Satisfaction with Life among Adolescents from Returned Portuguese Immigrant Families
Félix Neto,Joana Neto
Journal of Social Research & Policy , 2011,
Abstract: : A central construct within the positive psychology literature is satisfaction with life. The aim of this study was to determine the level of satisfaction with life among adolescents from returned immigrant families in Portugal, as well as the background, the intercultural contact and the adaptation factors related thereto. The sample consisted of 615 adolescents (mean age = 16.5 years; SD = 1.4). The mean duration of sojourn in Portugal for the sample was 8.4 (SD = 4.6). They answered a self-report questionnaire. A comparison group involving 217 young Portuguese was also included in the study. Adolescents from returned immigrant families revealed similar levels of satisfaction with life in comparison with peers who have never migrated. The notion that geographic mobility of parents is a primary cause of adaptation problems in their children appears to be incorrect. Predictive factors – demographic, intercultural, and adaptation variables – were significantly linked to the satisfaction with life of youth. Combined, these variables explained 37% of the variance in life satisfaction. The results help us understand which variables are important to target when developing interventions to improve the life satisfaction of adolescents from returned immigrant families.
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