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Rogério Mendes Murta,Modesto Antonio Chaves,Fredson Vieira e Silva,Charles Bernardo Buteri
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2009,
Abstract: The effects of the addition of calcium oxide (0.75; 1.5 and 2.25%) in the sugarcane bagasse were studied with the objective of evaluating characteristics of the carcass in crossbred Santa Ines lambs. Twenty animals, with average live weight of 14 ± 4,5 kg were distributed in a completely randomized experimental design. The animals received concentrated containing corn, soybean meal and urea, and also the sugar cane bagasse. The slaughter reached 81 days of confinement. Means for hot and cold carcass weights, hot and cold carcass revenues, and chilling lost were 14.66 kg, 14.35 kg, 46.62%, 45.45% and 2.09%, respectively. Treatments did not affect the subjective measures, degree of fat covering and shape form, and the objective measures, ribeye area and kidney and cavity fat. The treatment of the sugar-cane bagasse with CaO increased the live weight, but did not affect the carcass characteristics in sheep. KEY WORDS: Carcass quality, co-products, ruminant. Foram estudados os efeitos da adi o de teores crescentes de óxido de cálcio (0,75; 1,5 e 2,25%) no baga o de cana-de-a úcar fornecido a ovinos mesti os da ra a Santa Inês no ganho de peso e nas características da carca a. Vinte ovinos, com peso vivo médio de 14 ± 4.5 kg, foram distribuídos em um delineamento inteiramente ao acaso. Os animais receberam concentrado contendo milho, farelo de soja e ureia, e o baga o com as doses de CaO. Realizou-se o abate dos ovinos após 67 dias de confinamento. As médias do peso de carca a quente, peso de carca a fria, rendimento de carca a quente, rendimento de carca a fria e quebra no resfriamento foram de 14,66 kg, 14,35 kg, 46,62%, 45,45% e 2,09%, respectivamente, n o se observando efeito dos tratamentos, o que ocorreu também para as medidas subjetivas (grau de cobertura de gordura e conforma o) e para as medidas objetivas (área de olho de lombo, gordura perirenal e gordura cavitária). O tratamento do baga o de cana-de-a úcar com CaO melhorou o ganho em peso, mas n o afetou as características de carca a dos ovinos. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Qualidade da carca a, ruminantes, subprodutos.
Rapid Gas Hydrate Formation Processes: Will They Work?
Thomas D. Brown,Charles E. Taylor,Mark P. Bernardo
Energies , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/en3061154
Abstract: Researchers at DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have been investigating the formation of synthetic gas hydrates, with an emphasis on rapid and continuous hydrate formation techniques. The investigations focused on unconventional methods to reduce dissolution, induction, nucleation and crystallization times associated with natural and synthetic hydrates studies conducted in the laboratory. Numerous experiments were conducted with various high-pressure cells equipped with instrumentation to study rapid and continuous hydrate formation. The cells ranged in size from 100 mL for screening studies to proof-of-concept studies with NETL’s 15-Liter Hydrate Cell. Results from this work demonstrate that the rapid and continuous formation of methane hydrate is possible at predetermined temperatures and pressures within the stability zone of a Methane Hydrate Stability Curve (see Figure 1).
Effects of dietary digestible lysine levels on protein and fat deposition in the carcass of broilers
Tavernari, F de C;Buteri, CB;Rostagno, HS;Albino, LFT;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-635X2009000200005
Abstract: an experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of different levels of digestible lysine in the diets of male and female broilers on protein and fat deposition. a total of 2160 avian farms broilers. a completely randomized experimental design was applied, and treatments consisted of the effects of three digestible lysine levels nested within each sex, with 12 replicates and 30 birds per experimental unit. the adopted digestible lysine levels corresponded to 92.5, 100.0, and 107.5% of the nutritional requirements of phases 1 to 21 days, 22 to 42 days, and 43 to 56 days of age, respectively. in each phase, the experimental diets contained similar calorie and protein levels within each sex. no significant effects of lysine levels were found on dry matter and fat percentages in the carcass of birds during the evaluated periods. also, there were no significant effects of lysine levels on protein and fat deposition in males or females. however, males presented higher protein deposition and lower fat deposition than females during the total experimental period. gompertz equations showed that females deposit more fat and less protein than males, and that this affected the fall in the curve of protein deposition, when the curve of fat deposition was still rising. therefore, it was concluded that the older the broilers at slaughter, the higher their body fat content and the lower their body protein content, particularly in females.
Indexicals in Virtual Environments  [PDF]
Bernardo Alonso
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2014.42018

In this paper I explored three well-known cases that seem to cast doubt on the notion that a speaker is always at the place of the utterance when the utterance occurs. I gave a few examples produced in Second Life environment, which cannot be handled correctly by evaluating the expression at issue with respect to the traditional view, i.e., the kaplanian framework—where the agent and the utterer will always be identical, and the referent of “I” will always be the utterer. The same happens to “here” and “now”; in each case the character of the indexical is a function from a contextual parameter to the referent of the expression. An example of logical truth peculiar to indexicals is the sentence “I am here now”, since, according to that view, no utterance can take place in a context whose agent is not in its location in its time. Finally I concluded by claiming that particular kinds of utterances produced in virtual environments (VE) break with the logical truth status of “I am here now”.

Incidental demyelinating inflammatory lesions in asymptomatic patients: a Brazilian cohort with radiologically isolated syndrome and a critical review of current literature
Maia Jr., Antonio Carlos Martins;Rocha, Antonio José da;Barros, Bernardo Rodi;Tilbery, Charles Peter;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2012000100003
Abstract: despite the definition of specific diagnostic criteria to identify radiologically isolated syndrome (ris) suggestive of multiple sclerosis, its natural history remains incompletely understood. we retrospectively analyzed a brazilian cohort of 12 patients to clarify their features and to emphasize the role of imaging predictors in clinical conversion. we demonstrated that, although some individuals did not exhibit progression over a lengthy follow-up period (16.7%), most patients will progress clinically or radiologically in the initial years of the follow-up (83.3%). infratentorial and spinal cord involvement, as well as the total number of lesions, were more relevant predictors of progression than gadolinium enhancement. further studies remain necessary to define the risk of conversion in males and to clarify the cognitive abilities of ris patients. this study may provide an improved understanding of the natural course and evolution of incidental magnetic resonance imaging lesions, and further assists with the management of ris in clinical practice.
Recurrent spinal adhesive arachnoiditis: a case report
Mattos, James Pitágoras de;André, Charles;Couto, Bernardo Antonio Murtinho;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1988, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1988000100011
Abstract: spinal adhesive arachnoiditis is not an uncommon disease, usually having a monophasic course. we studied an atypical patient with recurrent spinal adhesive arachnoiditis nine years after intrathecal anesthesia and the first attack of the disease. also noteworthy was the favorable evolution after surgery.
Effects of different nutritional plans on broiler performance
Buteri, CB;Tavernari, F de C;Lelis, GR;Rostagno, HS;Albino, LFT;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência Avícola , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-635X2009000400003
Abstract: an experiment was carried out at the department of animal science of the federal university of vi?osa, brazil, to evaluate the effects of different nutritional plans on the performance of male and female ross broilers. a completely randomized experimental design with a 6x2 factorial arrangement (six nutritional plans x two sexes) with six replicates of 20 birds per experimental unit was applied. the nutritional plans adopted for males and females included 3, 5, or 28 feeds, and the other 3 plans included 28 feeds containing 92.5, 100, and 107.5% of digestible lysine requirements established according to a mathematical model developed exclusively for ross broilers. the results showed that the tested 28-feed feeding programs are equivalent, and allow similar performance as compared to 3- and 5-feed feeding programs. based on the lysine levels included in the different nutritional plans, it was possible to fit the equations: y = -0.0079x + 1.2435 (r2 = 0.981) for males and y = -0.0084x + 1.1925 (r2 = 0.978) for females, where "y" is digestible lysine level (%) and "x" is average age in days. these equations are specific for multiple-phase feeding programs. the performance of male and female broilers fed the lysine levels established by the mathematical models was similar as to that of birds fed the other nutritional plans. this demonstrates that it is possible to determine broiler lysine.
Assessing quality of medical death certification: Concordance between gold standard diagnosis and underlying cause of death in selected Mexican hospitals
Bernardo Hernández, Dolores Ramírez-Villalobos, Minerva Romero, Sara Gómez, Charles Atkinson, Rafael Lozano
Population Health Metrics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1478-7954-9-38
Abstract: The study sample consisted of 1,589 deaths that occurred in 34 public hospitals in the Federal District and the state of Morelos, Mexico in 2009. Neonatal, child, and adult cases were selected for causes of death that included infectious diseases, noncommunicable diseases, and injuries. We compared the underlying cause of death, obtained from medical death certificates, against a gold standard diagnosis derived from a review of medical records developed by the Population Health Metrics Research Consortium. We used chance-corrected concordance and accuracy as metrics to evaluate the quality of performance of the death certificate.Analysis considering only the underlying cause of death resulted in a median chance-corrected concordance between the cause of death in medical death certificates versus the gold standard of 54.3% (95% uncertainty interval [UI]: 52.2, 55.6) for neonates, 38.5% (37.0, 40.0) for children, and 66.5% (65.9, 66.9) for adults. The accuracy resulting from the same analysis was 0.756 (0.747, 0.769) for neonates, 0.683 (0.663, 0.701) for children, and 0.780 (0.774, 0.785) for adults. Median chance-corrected concordance and accuracy increased when considering the mention of any cause of death in the death certificate, not just the underlying cause. Concordance varied substantially depending on cause of death, and accuracy varied depending on the true cause-specific mortality fraction composition.Although we cannot generalize our conclusions to Mexico as a whole, the results demonstrate important problems with the quality of the main source of information for causes of death used by decision-makers in settings with highly technological vital registration systems. It is necessary to improve death certification procedures, especially in the case of child and neonatal deaths. This requires an important commitment from the health system and health institutions.Vital registration (VR) constitutes a key element for planning and evaluation of health systems i
Estudo dos efeitos de temporada de treinamento físico sobre a Performance de uma equipe de handebol feminino sub-21
Dechechi, Clodoaldo José;Machado, Eduarda Faria Abrah?o;Ide, Bernardo Neme;Lopes, Charles Ricardo;Brenzikofer, René;Macedo, Denise Vaz de;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922010000400013
Abstract: handball is a sport that demands endurance associated with fast and powerful actions such as jumps, blocks, sprints and throws. the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of a 38-week systematic physical training applied to a women's under 21 handball team on upper and lower limb power, 30m sprints speed and endurance. the periodization applied was an adaptation of the verkhoshansky theory, and aimed at two performance peaks during the season with six data collections. the median and range values for three kg medicine ball throwing was: 2.98m (2.15-3.50); 2.84m (2.43-3.20); 2.90m (2.60-3.38); 3.10 (2.83-3.81); 2.84 (2.55-3.57) and 3.34 (2.93-3.83). regarding the three-pass running test: 5.60m (4.93-6.58); 5.37m (5.04-6.38); 5.36m (4.93-6.12); 5.65m (4.80-6.78); 5.63m (5.00-6.40) and 5.83m (5.14-6.05). regarding the 30-m sprint test: 5.8m/s (5.45-6.44); 6,64 m/s (6,24-7,09); 5.65m/s (5.17-5.95); (there was not iv moment for this test); 6.19 m/s (5.57-6.26) and 5.83 (5.14-6.05).regarding the 30-m sprint endurance test until 10% decrease: 4 sprints (4-6); 5 sprints (4-9); 4,5 sprints (4-16); (there was not iv moment for this test); 6 sprints (4-12) and 5 sprints (4-5). significant differences (p<0.05) were observed in three kg medicine ball throwing and three-pass running tests at least in one of the performance peak planned, with no significant differences in 30-m sprint speed or endurance tests. the applied physical training was efficient at improving the specific physical fitness in the performance peaks, as well as giving support for better physical training adjustment for the upcoming season.
Study of Depletion and Contamination Profile of Dioxins in Duck Intensive Production  [PDF]
Miguel Cardo, Fernando Bernardo
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2016.713160
Abstract: During 2016, following the implementation of a dioxin contamination monitoring in poultry meat (ducks) in a slaughterhouse, a positive sample was found. The investigation identified the wood shavings used as bedding material in the duck farm as the possible source of contamination of these animals. In this episode, contamination profiles of higher and lower concentrations, seem to be very similar, being OCDD, OCDF and 1,2,3,4,6,7,8-HpCDD responsible for 74.4% of the total contamination of those animals. The study revealed a reduction of poultry contamination after the removal of the source of contamination, with an average daily depletion percentage level ranging between 1.43% and 4.35%.
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