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Una aproximación al estudio de las motivaciones culturales de la práctica musical
Jaime Cornelio Chaparro Chaparro
Espacios Públicos , 2005,
Abstract: Este trabajo pretende ser una aproximación al estudio de las motivaciones dentro del marco de las nuevas tendencias del campo de la etnomusicología en cuanto al reconocimiento de la importancia de abordar la experiencia individual en el hacer musical . El ejercicio se realiza desde la fenomenología de Schutz, como marco interpretativo de la dimensión subjetiva de las prácticas musicales indígenas.
Cómo se constituye el "vínculo especial" de cuidado entre la persona con enfermedad crónica y el cuidador familiar
Aquichán , 2011,
Abstract: the formation of bonds in human beings stems from the caring relationships that exist throughout life. there are theories that apply to situations where the human being is at risk or has reached a limit, as in the case of chronic illness. objective: describe how a "special caring bond" is constructed in the dyad involving a family caregiver and a chronically ill patient. method: the grounded theory methodology was used to arrive at the central conclusion of a qualitative study in which a substantive theory was constructed to describe the process whereby a "special caring bond" is formed. findings: a theoretical structure showing the pattern formed in the dyads with respect to the significance of care is displayed in a representative diagram that was the product of doctoral research. conclusions: the constructed pattern shows an initial separation between the two persons in the dyad. however, to the extent the experience is shared and interests increasingly coincide, the dyad achieves more awareness or consciousness with respect to the care being provided. along the same lines, the functionality of the chronically ill person declines and the level of care-giving skill increases.
Conocimiento, aprendizaje y capital social como motor de desarrollo
Chaparro, Fernando;
Ciência da Informa??o , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652001000100004
Abstract: this paper analyses the emergence of the knowledge society as a consequence of the combined impact of the high rate of scientific progress that characterises this turn of century, the recent breakthroughs in information and communication technologies, and the globalisation process that is transforming production and finance markets and producing profound changes in the institutional environment of knowledge-generation and utilisation. the paper analyses the importance of learning networks and processes; the synergisms and tensions that are simultaneously generated by the dynamic interaction that is taking place between the "social and private appropriation of knowledge"; and the challenges in developing a new normative framework for knowledge generation and utilisation in solving policy issues related to intellectual property rights. reference is also made to innovative cases of promoting learning networks and developing a dialogue among stakeholders. experiences are also mentioned about fora on strategic issues and other mechanisms related to the social appropriation of knowledge, as well as the emerging of the global forum on agricultural research (gfar), as a new expression of the globalisation of science.
Rese a: Las obras completas de Quentien Skinner
Sandra Chaparro
Foro Interno : Anuario de Teoría Política , 2005,
Mito y razón: religión y política en una historia del mundo del siglo XVI
Sandra Chaparro
Foro Interno : Anuario de Teoría Política , 2003,
Cómo se constituye el "vínculo especial" de cuidado entre la persona con enfermedad crónica y el cuidador familiar
Lorena Chaparro
Aquichán , 2011,
Abstract: La formación de vínculos en el ser humano tiene su origen en las relaciones de cuidado existentes a lo largo de la vida. Existen teorías que aplican para las situaciones en que el ser humano se encuentra en riesgo o al límite como la situación de enfermedad crónica. Objetivo: describir la forma como se constituye el vínculo especial de cuidado entre la díada cuidador familiar-persona con enfermedad crónica. Método: corresponde a la conclusión central de una investigación cualitativa en la que se construyó una teoría sustantiva que describe el proceso por el cual se constituye el vínculo especial que surgió con un abordaje de teoría fundamentada. Hallazgos: una estructura teórica que muestra el patrón construido en las díadas frente al significado del cuidado en un diagrama representativo producto de una investigación doctoral. Conclusiones: el esquema construido muestra al inicio una separación entre las dos personas de la díada, y a medida que se comparte la experiencia y van haciéndose más cercanos los intereses, la díada alcanza mayor expansión de su conciencia en el cuidado. En el mismo sentido, la funcionalidad de la persona con enfermedad crónica disminuye y el nivel de habilidad de cuidado aumenta.
Identificación de la segregación digital territorial en Bogotá, Colombia, a partir de la Encuesta de Calidad de Vida, 2007
Chaparro Mendivelso,Jeffer;
Cuadernos de Geografía - Revista Colombiana de Geografía , 2010,
Abstract: the aim of this paper is to identify digital territorial segregation in the city of bogotá, colombia. the primary source of information is the quality of life survey (ecv) made in bogotá in 2007. once the elements of the theoretical framework are exposed, the research results are addressed: 1) internet connection and computer ownership in households in the localities of bogotá, and 2) relational indicators for assessing territorial segregation in the city. research demonstrates that digital territorial segregation in bogotá is a fact that cannot be denied nor hidden.
Mirada desde Europa, una encrucijada de los medios en América Latina y Espa?a: quando la Anaconda empieza a mudar la piel
Chaparro Escudero, Manuel;
Intercom: Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunica??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-58442011000200013
Abstract: as europeans, thinking and writing about europe today, we are forced to ask ourselves the painful question of whether europe is able to look beyond herself or if she has anything new to say. the europe we all dreamed about, the europe which became the model for the so called democratic societies, has been diluted down into an economic rather than social reality. as a society built on speculation rather than solidarity europe has little to say because somewhere along the way she lost her bearings. only mass protests triggered by such things as 15m are capable of ending political cycles which otherwise refuse to change. as a consequence latin america has begun, over recent years, to create media regulations which are committed to protecting public interests.
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2009,
Abstract: in december 2008, 125 million hectares of transgenic varieties of soybean, corn, cotton and canola, were reported planted in 23 countries on five continents. these varieties were transformed with genes of prokaryote origin, rendering them resistant to lepidopteran insects attack or toleratant to commercial herbicides. since the beginning of genetic engineering, the question whether mass release of these crops in agroecosystems, can cause either negative environmental effects in the medium term or evolutionary effects in the long term, has been raised. one way of analyzing this problem is to consider whether they can escape darwinian natural selection, because foreign genes have been introduced through human manipulation. to this end, i study the available literature on gene flow from modified crops to their wild closely related relatives. there is empirical evidence of hybridization between improved materials, by both conventional methods (hybridization, backcross, selections) and biotechnological (transfer of foreign genes), and closely related wild relatives. in any case, the effects of these hybrids depend on the interaction between the transferred gene and the wild relative, the particular ecosystem in which it occurs. the biggest environmental and evolutionary impact is the result of introgression of a transgene in the wild relative, a process that involves stabilization of the transgene in the host genome, as a result of successive generations of hybridization and backcrossing. the introgression depends more upon the nature of the gene and its localization in the donnor s genome, than on the mechanism of introduction. no negative effects on the genetic diversity of species genetically modified, have been reported, neither on the environment or consummers. in the context of the evidence discussed, it appears s if genetic modified crops do not escape darwinian natural selection, however it is very early in evolutionary terms to reach a conclusion on this matter.
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2008,
Abstract: the progress made in plant biotechnology has provided an opportunity to new food crops being developed having desirable traits for improving crop yield, reducing the use of agrochemicals and adding nutritional properties to staple crops. however, genetically modified (gm) crops have become a subject of intense debate in which opponents argue that gm crops represent a threat to individual freedom, the environment, public health and traditional economies. despite the advances in food crop agriculture, the current world situation is still characterised by massive hunger and chronic malnutrition, representing a major public health problem. biofortified gm crops have been considered an important and complementary strategy for delivering naturally-fortified staple foods to malnourished populations. expert advice and public concern have led to designing strategies for assessing the potential risks involved in cultivating and consuming gm crops. the present critical review was aimed at expressing some conflicting points of view about the potential risks of gm crops for public health. it was concluded that gm food crops are no more risky than those genetically modified by conventional methods and that these gm crops might contribute towards reducing the amount of malnourished people around the world. however, all this needs to be complemented by effective political action aimed at increasing the income of people living below the poverty-line.

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