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Approximate Series Solutions for Nonlinear Free Vibration of Suspended Cables
Yaobing Zhao,Ceshi Sun,Zhiqian Wang,Lianhua Wang
Shock and Vibration , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/795708
Abstract: This paper presents approximate series solutions for nonlinear free vibration of suspended cables via the Lindstedt-Poincare method and homotopy analysis method, respectively. Firstly, taking into account the geometric nonlinearity of the suspended cable as well as the quasi-static assumption, a mathematical model is presented. Secondly, two analytical methods are introduced to obtain the approximate series solutions in the case of nonlinear free vibration. Moreover, small and large sag-to-span ratios and initial conditions are chosen to study the nonlinear dynamic responses by these two analytical methods. The numerical results indicate that frequency amplitude relationships obtained with different analytical approaches exhibit some quantitative and qualitative differences in the cases of motions, mode shapes, and particular sag-to-span ratios. Finally, a detailed comparison of the differences in the displacement fields and cable axial total tensions is made. 1. Introduction As a basic and significant structural element, the suspended cable has been widely applied in many mechanical systems and engineering fields [1, 2], such as civil, ocean, and aerospace engineering. Generally speaking, the nonlinear dynamics of the suspended cable is very complicated and attracts more and more attention in recent years, for example, referring to the literature reviews by Rega [3, 4]. The suspended cable is a typical weakly nonlinear continuous system which contains the quadratic and cubic nonlinearity terms, and the nonlinear free vibration of the system has been studied through many analytical methods in the previous researches. Recently, Hagedorn and Sch?fer [5] investigated the nonlinear free vibrations of suspended cables in the case of small sag via the Lindstedt method. Luongo et al. [6, 7] applied multiple scales method and Lindstedt-Poincare method to study the nonlinear planar free vibrations of an elastic cable, respectively. Rega et al. [8] examined the nonlinear phenomenon in a large range of the cable sag-to-span ratios by the numerical investigation. Benedettini et al. [9] applied an order-three perturbation expansion to obtain the solutions of the free nonplanar coupled equations. Srinil et al. [10] presented a model to analyze large amplitude free vibrations of the suspended cable in three dimensions. In these studies, the perturbation method is the most significant analytical way to study the nonlinear vibration of the suspended cable. However, it is noted that the perturbation method should be based on the small parameter assumption. Because of the

Chen Ceshi,Yin Guanglin,

微生物学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 从棒状杆菌(Corynebacterium sp.SCB3058)初步纯化得到两个2,5-二酮基-D-葡萄糖酸(2,5 DKG)还原酶,在此基础上利用PCR技术,以基因组DNA为模板,扩增得到含有2,5-DKG还原酶Ⅰ基因的片段,定向连接到PGEM3Zf(+)并转化大肠杆菌DH5α,筛选得到阳性克隆pGEM813.序列分析表明,片段全长1107bp,含有一个834bp的开放阅读框架,编码产生由278个氨基酸组成的分子量为34kD的蛋白.将目的基因的调控序列进行缺失突变后,克隆到原核表达载体pBL上获得表达质粒pBL4.通过温度诱导,经SDS-PAGE分析有明显的表达条带,约占菌体总蛋白的20%,并且表达的蛋白具有较高的酶活力.构建的优良基因工程菌为最终实现从葡萄糖一步发酵产生维生素C前体2-酮基-L-古龙酸打下了基础.

Lin Hongyu,Chen Ceshi,Yin Guanglin,

微生物学通报 , 1999,
Abstract: 研究了用原生质体融合技术获得欧文氏菌和棒杆菌的融合细胞。串联发酵D-葡萄糖产生2-酮基-L-古龙酸的第一步发酵菌株欧文氏菌SCB247经0.8mg/mL溶菌酶酶解0.5h后,原生质体的形成率和再生率分别为99.8%和27.8%。第二步发酵菌株棒杆菌SCB3058经预处理后由1.3mg/mL溶菌酶酶解2h,原生质体的形成率和再生率分别为99.5%和56.3%。用携带氨苄青霉素抗性标记的SCB247和经热灭活的SCB3058为亲本,在40%PEG6000和0.2mol/L新生磷酸钙等适宜条件下融合,融合频率为3.6×10~(-6)。在非选择和选择培养基上连续传代十几次后,对融合子的单菌形态、染色结果、菌落形态、色泽、总蛋白量、同工酶、发酵性能等方面与亲本进行了比较。结果表明,融合子确系棒杆菌和欧文氏菌的融合细胞。摇瓶发酵结果显示,所得的38株稳定的融合子中约40%能转化葡萄糖为维生素C前体2-酮基-L-古龙酸。
Formal Derivation of the Combinatorics Problems with PAR Method  [PDF]
Lingyu SUN, Yatian SUN
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2009.23026
Abstract: Partition-and-Recur (PAR) method is a simple and useful formal method. It can be used to design and testify algo-rithmic programs. In this paper, we propose that PAR method is an effective formal method on solving combinatorics problems. Furthermore, we formally derive combinatorics problems by PAR method, which cannot only simplify the process of algorithmic program's designing, but also improve its automatization, standardization and correctness. We develop algorithms for two typical combinatorics problems, the number of string scheme and the number of error per-mutation scheme. Lastly, we obtain accurate C++ programs which are transformed by automatic transforming system of PAR platform.
Deliberative Democracy: A Probe into Female Interests Demands and Response Mechanism in Shanghai  [PDF]
Lili Sun, Lingling Sun
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2017.71013
Abstract: Last year, deliberative democracy in mass organization gained great importance in China, which made new demands on the All-China Women’s Federation in representing and integrating the female interests, and also provided it new opportunities to strengthen its function in community governance. Facing the new characteristics, the authors analyze how the Shanghai Women’s Federation develops the response route and mechanism of female interests from the perspective of deliberative body, content and approach.
Accuracy Improvement of PLIC-VOF Volume-Tracking Method Using the Equation of Surface Normal Vector  [PDF]
Mingyu Sun
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2013.31A031

The PLIC/SN method that combines the second-order volume tracking method (PLIC-VOF) with the equation of surface normal (SN) vector was recently proposed (M. Sun, Volume Tracking of Subgrid Particles, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol. 66, No. 12, 2011, pp. 1530-1554). The method is able to track the motion of a subgrid particle, but the accuracy is not as good as expected on high resolution grids for vortical flows. In this paper, a simple unsplit multidimensional advection algorithm is coupled with the equation of SN vector. The advection algorithm is formulated as the finite volume method, so that it can be used readily for both structured and unstructured grids while maintaining the exact mass conservation. The new method improves the accuracy significantly for high resolution grids. In the well-known test of the time-resolved vortex problem of T = 2, the circular interface is resolved with an accuracy better than ever using the equation of SN vector.

Positive Solutions for a Boundary Value Problem with a Derivative Argument  [PDF]
Bo Sun
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2013.14014

In this paper, several existence results of multiple positive solutions are obtained for a boundary value problem with p-Laplacian, by applying a fixed point theorem in cones. The interesting point is that the nonlinear term f is involved with the first-order derivative explicitly.

Is Urban China’s CPI Underreported?  [PDF]
Sun Wenkai
Chinese Studies (ChnStd) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/chnstd.2013.24024
Abstract: Many have doubts about statistics, including the consumer price index (CPI) released by Chinese Government. We re-estimate the CPI in urban China from 1997 to 2009, with two widely accepted approaches to treating owner-occupied housing (i.e., user cost approach and consumption cost approach). The results are not considerably different from the NBS statistics, especially for recent years.
Retrospect and Prospect of the Research into Chinese Hezhe Nationality  [PDF]
Yan Sun
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.28020
Abstract: Through the scientometric analysis of these sample documents is related to the ten-year academic researches on Chinese Hezhe nationality, it could find out that the continuous study in this field provides a solid intelligence support for the development of Chinese ethnic minorities. However, problems still exist for the present, that is, the research content need to be deepened while the research perspective is expanded. And what’s more, the lack of the comparative analysis and the empirical research also should be given more attention in the future study. This essay would like to focus on the existing disadvantages by strengthening the problem consciousness which can help improve the researchers’ concern over the Hezhe nationality, reinforce the comparative analysis and empirical research, enhance the comprehensive analysis of multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective and constantly promote the further development of the research in this field.
Several Classes of Permutation Polynomials over Finite Fields  [PDF]
Guanghong Sun
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2014.24003

Several classes of permutation polynomials of the form \"\"  over finite fields are presented in this paper, which is a further investigation on a recent work of Li et al.

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