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Cervantes Jaissy,Otazo Gladielys,Rojas María,Vivas Francy
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2012,
Abstract: Intestinal parasites represent a serious public health problem, in both rural and urban areas, affecting mainly pediatric population. As described above, an analytical study of prevalence was conducted to determine the frequency of intestinal parasites, nutritional status and associated risk factors in preschool ¨Jacinto Lara¨. The sample was not random, conformed by 191 preschool children. It was used interview as data collection instrument,determining frequency of epidemiological factors, anthropometric parameters were obtained to determine nutritional status and it was performed an analysis of stool samples through direct techniques of saline physiological and Lugol′s solution, concentrates Kato, Quensel and Graham method. It was found 41,4% of preschool children infected by intestinal parasites, predominating age was 6 years 46,9%, prevailed males 48.9%.Main protozoa found were Blastocystis hominis 53, 1%, Giardia lamblia 29, 1% and helminthes Enterobius vermicularis 17, 7% and Ascaris lumbricoides 5%. Predominance of symptoms such as expulsion of parasites 55% and paleness 51, 5%. Nutritional status of preschool children infected by intestinal parasites was normal 42,4%, the epidemiological factor where prevailed parasites was inadequate disposal of excreta 57,1% and the absence of antiparasitic treatment in the last 6 months 47,3%. In conclusion the study found nosigni cant association between the risk factors studied and the frequency of intestinal parasites, nevertheless, the high frequency of preschool children infected by intestinal parasites compromise to analyze other epidemiological elements in future researches.
La espiral del mestizaje
Revista de Ciencias Sociales , 2009,
Abstract: this essay explores the role played by racial mixing as an instrument to forge a national identify in mexico, where what is indigenous coexists and fuses with the european in the pursuit and construction of something understood as purely mexican. starting with the colonial epoch in new spain, this study approaches the role conceded to mexican indigenous peoples and their slow inclusion in society through the adoption of practices considered western and civilized in detriment to the traditional indigenous practices, considered primitive and backward, as a means of assimilation; a phenomenon that later would have to propose the mestizo as a stereotype of mexican national identity during the nineteenth century; and that would culminate in its consolidation at the beginnings of the twentieth century. likewise, the perception of racial mixing is approached as a means for civilization in the idiosyncrasy of the mexican and the mexican-american to culminate with an evolution of the constant search for what is western, this time through assimilating the us way of life, as a continuation of the civilizing process understood as racial mixing.
Derechos reproductivos: hacia la fundación de un campo cognoscitivo
Alejandro Cervantes
Papeles de población , 1998,
Abstract: Derechos reproductivos ha pasado de ser un enunciado descriptivo para convertirse en un área temática con legitimidad de estudio. Sin embargo, su transformación en campo cognoscitivo dependerá de la dinámica que se genere por su relevancia social y política, por su aceptación en comunidades académicas y de las intervenciones conceptuales de los estudiosos. Con base en una reconstrucción histórico-crítica del enunciado, de las dimensiones y las relaciones constitutivas implicadas en su uso contemporáneo, este trabajo elabora una diagramación conceptual y una propuesta analítica, como una contribución a la fundación del campo cognoscitivo.
Las ventajas de la empresa flexible
Manuel Cervantes
Universia Business Review , 2005,
Abstract: El entorno económico es cada vez más exigente. Por ello, las empresas deben dotarse de estructuras flexibles, tanto en lo que se refiere a sus tecnologías y procesos como en lo que se refiere a la fuerza de trabajo. Las políticas de flexibilidad en IBM son la respuesta de la Compa ía a las necesidades individuales de los profesionales que trabajan en la empresa. La flexibilidad es una necesidad de negocio y un modo de entender las relaciones laborales en beneficio de los empleados, de los clientes y de la propia empresa.
Sarbanes-Oxley and the Outsourcing of Accounting
Paul Cervantes
Michigan Journal of Business , 2009,
Abstract: The following paper analyzes the outsourcing, offshoring, and offshore outsourcing of accounting following the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). The outsourcing of accounting services is growing at a phenomenal pace and is affecting firms of all sizes, regardless of industry or market capitalization. This is leading to a strategic shift in what, where, and by whom accounting services are performed. The outsourcing of accounting following SOX is analyzed in five areas: First, the initial impact of SOX on onshore and offshore outsourcing of accounting, in particular, the emergence of India as a major destination for offshore outsourcing. Second, the outsourcing of accounting services in small and medium sized firms; in addition, the application of outsourcing theory as a metric to gauge sourcing decisions. Third, accounting pronouncements which impact the desirability to outsource accounting following SOX. Fourth, transaction cost economics and its application to the outsourcing of accounting. Last, the emergence of global accounting standards and the future of accounting outsourcing. These five areas provide a comprehensive outlook towards the impact of outsourcing on the accounting industry.
Una princesa medieval y otras cuestiones de biología
Cervantes, Emilio
Arbor : Ciencia, Pensamiento y Cultura , 2009, DOI: 10.3989/arbor.2009.i735.271
Abstract: Departing from the history of Princess Christin, that came in 1250 from Norway to Spain to marry the king Alphonse X, an original view is depicted of knowledge in general, as well as for some aspects of biology that are related with history. The first chapters contain reflections about time and try to show the importance that has, for biology, the way of understanding and interpreting it. Follow two chapters about knowledge: What is it and how it is acquired. The next chapters are about diiverse aspectps of biology: Its history, the relative importance of observation and experimentation, and its relationships with linguistics, psychology and pedagogy. The last chapter, entitled: Biology and Philosophy. Perspectives has been written with the aim to search the approach between both disciplines that becomes today, needed. Partiendo de la historia de la princesa Cristina, que vino hacia 1250 de Noruega a Espa a para casarse con el rey Alfonso X se plantea una visión original del conocimiento en general y, en particular, de aspectos de la biología que tienen mucho en común con la historia. Los primeros capítulos contienen reflexiones acerca del tiempo y la importancia que tiene, en biología, el modo de verlo e interpretarlo. Siguen unos capítulos acerca del conocimiento, qué es y cómo es adquirido. A continuación capítulos sobre diversos aspectos de la biología: su historia, la importancia relativa de la observación y de la experimentación, sus relaciones con la lingüistica, la psicología y la pedagogía. El capítulo final, titulado: Biología y Filosofía. Perspectivas se ha escrito con la intención de buscar un acercamiento entre ambas disciplinas que es hoy en día necesario.
Xavier Cervantes
Revue LISA / LISA e-journal , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/lisa.2950
Abstract: L’ouvrage collectif qui suit rassemble les communications données dans le cadre du colloque international Opéra et société dans le monde anglophone , tenu en octobre 2003 à l’Université de Caen et organisé par l’équipe de Recherche Littérature et civilisation des pays de langue anglaise . Ce colloque s’inscrivait dans une perspective résolument interdisciplinaire, puisqu’il rassemblait des anglicistes mais également des musicologues et spécialistes du théatre. Une telle pluridisciplinar...
Nurseries of Vice and Folly : Satires graphiques de l’opéra italien en Angleterre dans la première moitié du XVIIIe siècle “Nurseries of Vice and Folly”: Graphic Satires of Italian Opera in Early Eighteenth-Century Britain
Xavier Cervantes
Revue LISA / LISA e-journal , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/lisa.3127
Abstract: This article surveys several examples of visual, and especially graphic, satires of Italian opera in early eighteenth-century Britain. They often targeted other imported dramatic genres or non-dramatic types of entertainment, such as pantomime and masquerades; these were connected to Italian opera because of their immorality and the threat they posed to patriotism and national ethics. These images can be considered the visual equivalents of many contemporary printed satires and critiques. However, even if these documents are genuine iconotexts, including textual fragments under various guises, their iconic specificity enlarged the scope for various types of satirical discourse, as appears in the detailed study of a striking example of intericonicity.
Genetic differences between mestizo populations of Bolivia and Peru
Cervantes, Jorge
Bulletin de l'Institut Francais d'études Andines , 2003,
Abstract: DIFFéRENCES GéNéTIQUES ENTRE LES POPULATIONS MéTISSES DE BOLIVIE ET DU PéROU. Il y a peu d information à propos du fond génétique des populations du Pérou et de la Bolivie. Des études ont montré que les métisses (i.e. Mixe, dont la prédomination est d ascendance native américaine) montrent plusieurs allèles du système majeur d histocompatibilité, initialement décrites chez des tribus amérindiennes génétiquement isolées, et que les métisses du Pérou et de la Bolivie sont étroitement liés génétiquement. Au moyen de la technique de transférence en ligne réversée, on a pu réaliser la typification des allèles d histocompatibilité de Classe I (HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-Cw) aussi bien que ceux de Classe II (HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQB1) sur 57 métisses boliviens. La plupart des sujets sont originaires de La Paz (principale ville des Andes boliviennes), ainsi que de trois autres villes importantes situées dans le Vallée Centrale Bolivienne (Sucre, Tarija et Tupiza). La comparaison des fréquences des allèles des métisses boliviens avec ceux qui étaient disponibles sur les métisses péruviens, révèle que les allèles de Classe I HLA-Cw*01, et B*40 étaient plus élevés que sur le groupe de métisses péruviens (Chi-carré = 4,87 p<0,05 et chi-carré = 7,56 p<0,01 respectivement). En ce qui concerne les allèles de classe II, HLA-DRB1*1101 et DRB1*1302, on en trouve plus fréquemment chez les métisses péruviens (Chi-carré = 5,12 p<.05 et chi-carré = 3,8 p = 0,05 respectivement), alors que l allèle HLA-DQB1*0402 était présent de fa on plus significative chez les métisses boliviens (Chi-carré = 47,2 p<.0001). Les différences de fréquences des allèles trouvés, et l absence ou la présence de quelques uns dans un groupe ou dans un autre, peut peut-être s'expliquer par un degré plus grand d assortiment entre les métisses de Bolivie avec des groupes étniques andins, et/ou moins de traits à caractère rural et un plus grand assortiment de type caucasien chez les métisses péruviens rapportés dans la littérature. Ces découvertes pourraient avoir un impact en ce qui concerne l efficacité de moyens d immunisation modernes grace aux vaccins d'ADN sur la population andine, et aussi en ce qui concerne l identification de groupes à risque pour certaines conditions médicales. DIFERENCIAS GENéTICAS ENTRE POBLACIONES MESTIZAS DE BOLIVIA Y PERú. Existe escasa información acerca del fondo genético de las poblaciones de Perú y Bolivia. Estudios han mostrado que los mestizos presentan varios alelos del sistema mayor de histocompatibilidad originalmente descritos en tribus amerindias genéticamente aisladas, y que
Colecciones y formación de gustos literarios en México
Cervantes Becerril, Freja I.;
Andamios , 2009,
Abstract: this paper discusses the influence of editing and publishing on the readers' literary preferences, either through collections as reading programs (in case of the institutions interested in the diffusion of culture) or as reading offers (in case of the businesses that participate in the cultural marketing in mexico.) both editing processes share a cultural history, a cultural patrimony and political strategies for growing and strengthening.

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