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Celi Rodrigues Da Rocha1; Aline Daiane Da Rocha1; Edson Liss1; Erica De Pauli Cantieri1;Elisa Simone Dias1; Vanessa Silva Retuci1; Elenita De C. Menoci Mortean1.
SaBios : Revista de Saúde e Biologia , 2007,
Abstract: The objective of this study was the evaluation of an intervention project: lecture of sensitization about preventive actions and therisks of alcohol and drugs consumption for user’s health, its family and the community. This study has evaluated students insecondary education from Ethanil Bento de Assis School, in Jardim Modelo, from Campo Mour o, PR. To establish evaluatingperception of educators about students’ sensitization and the reaction of them front to the subject, 3 of 5 teachers thatparticipated in the lecture and a randomly sample of 30 students, corresponding to 18% of the studied population, wereanalyzed. Results demonstrate that in teachers’ perception the students were sensitized and that the majority of studentsacquired knowledge that stimulated a preventive reaction front to the subject. However, we understand that to the reach ofhealth and life’s quality, knowledge cannot be privilege only of part of population. Front to this situation, it makes necessary theimplementation of multidiscipline and inter-sector actions, which surpass the simple view of information and that guarantee thecontinuous population knowledge. Thus, individual and communitarian health may be prevented and manner changes may bestimulated.
A Rela??o entre Tabagismo e Características Socio-Demográficas em Universitários
&searchField=authors">Rondina1">,Regina de Cássia; Gorayeb,Ricardo; Botelho,Clóvis; Silva,Ageo Mário Candido da;
Psicologia, Saúde & Doen?as , 2005,
Abstract: the relationship between socio-demographic characteristics and the consumption of tobacco may subsidize the elaboration of programs of a preventive nature against the beginning of the smoking habit and/or dependence. the aims of the study is to investigate the association between socio-demographic characteristics and smoking within a sample of university students, 1245 students enrolled at ufmt in 2001 were chosen at random. a questionnaire was applied to verify the population's socio-demographic profile and tobacco consumption pattern. the fagerstr?m test (1978) was used to asses the degree of dependence of the smokers. the students were grouped in three categories: "smokers" (f), "former-smokers" (ef), and "non-smokers" (nf).two logistic regression analyses were executed, respectively considering the categories f x nf and f x ef as "dependent" variables. "smoking" students were classified as "dependent" or "non-dependent", according to the fagerstr?m test score. multiple linear regression was executed to investigate the association between the test scores and socio-demographic factors. a 6,7% prevalence of smokers was detected, 6,58% of former-smokers and 86,73% of non-smokers. in the first multiple logistic regression analysis, only the age factor remained associated with the smoker category. in the second analysis, only the factors age, course area and age the student began smoking remain associated with the former-smoker category. smoking university students tend to concentrate within the higher age group. students in courses of the biology/health area have a greater possibility of interrupting the consumption, in comparison to those of humanities.
Sérgio Souto Maior Tavares1,Jorge Luiz Guerreiro de Castro,Raissa Rodrigues Alves C?rte,Vanessa Moura de Souza
Engevista , 2006,
Abstract: Duplex stainless steels are high resistance materials with good corrosion resistance,which explain the large application of this class of materials on petrochemical and chemicalsector. The excellent properties of these materials are attributed to the biphasic microstructurewith equal parts of ferrite and austenite, and also to the Cr, Mo and N additions. However, thefabrication process by hot forming and welding produces important microstructural changes inthe material, which generally decreases the toughness and corrosion resistance. The sigmaphase formation is an undesirable microstructural transformation which happens during theequipments and mechanical components fabrication. At this work the effects of smallpercentages of sigma phase in the duplex UNS S31803 stainless steel corrosion resistancewere investigated. Results concerning sigma phase detection and sigma phase quantificationby metallography, hardness and magnetic measurements using the ferritoscope are alsopresented.
Overweight and obesity in public schools' adolescents from Fortaleza: an exploratory study
Marta Maria Coelho Damasceno 1,Ana Roberta Vilarouca da Silva 2,Hérica Cristina Alves de Vasconcelos 3,Márcio Flávio Moura de Araújo 4
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2007,
Abstract: Nowadays overweight is a condition that prepares adolescents to several chronical diseases in the future. Thus, the objective was to find out overweight and obesity cases in public schools' adolescents from Fortaleza. 720 students between 14 and 19 years of age were investigated in the months of February and March, 2006, by means of a form application in which socio-demographic features, weight, height, Body Mass Rate (BMR) were recorded. Results highlighted that 65.8% were between 14-17 years old, 81% attended highschool, 59.3% belonged to the female gender and 12.9% had an above normal BMR. Out of these, 10.3% were overweight, 2.6% were obese, 7.6% belonged to the female gender and 8.4% were between 14-17 years old. Overweight/obesity predominance was higher in those with lower income, although a statistically significant association was not found (p=0.342). However, there was a significant association between BMR and age (p= 0.003). It was inferred that the raise of overweight cases among the investigated may be related to the adoption of a predisposing lifestyle. In this context, the nurse should implement intervention and prevention actions such as education in health and early detection of overweight cases.
Thermofluidynamic Analysis of a Combustor Chamber Coupled to a Biomass Downdraft Gasifier
Jofran Luiz de Oliveira,Márcio Arêdes Martins,Jadir Nogueira da Silva,Michel de Oliveira dos Santos
ISRN Renewable Energy , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/541596
Characterization of Micronutrient Deficiency in Australian Red Cedar (Toona ciliata M. Roem var. australis)
Bruno da Silva Moretti,Antonio Eduardo Furtini Neto,Bruno Peres Benatti,Eduane José de Pádua
International Journal of Forestry Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/587094
Comparison of Fetal Cerebellum and Cisterna Magna Length by 2D and 3D Ultrasonography between 18 and 24 Weeks of Pregnancy
Fernanda Silveira Bello de Barros,Luiz Cláudio de Silva Bussamra,Edward Araujo Júnior,Leonardo da Silva Valladão de Freitas
ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology , 2012, DOI: 10.5402/2012/286141
Hearing symptoms personal stereos
Tiara Santos da Luz1,Ana Lúcia Vieira de Freitas Borja2
International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: Practical and portable the personal stereos if had become almost indispensable accessories in the day the day. Studies disclose that the portable players of music can cause auditory damages in the long run for who hear music in high volume for a drawn out time. Objective: to verify the prevalence of auditory symptoms in users of amplified players and to know its habits of use. Method: Observational prospective study of transversal cut carried through in three institutions of education of the city of Salvador BA, being two of public net and one of the private net. 400 students had answered to the questionnaire, of both the sex, between 14 and 30 years that had related the habit to use personal stereos. Results: The symptoms most prevalent had been hyperacusis (43.5%), auricular fullness (30.5%) and humming (27.5), being that the humming is the symptom most present in the population youngest. How much to the daily habits: 62.3% frequent use, 57% in raised intensities, 34% in drawn out periods. An inverse relation between exposition time was verified and the band of age (p=0,000) and direct with the prevalence of the humming. Conclusion: Although to admit to have knowledge on the damages that the exposition the sound of high intensity can cause the hearing, the daily habits of the young evidence the inadequate use of the portable stereos characterized by long periods of exposition, raised intensities, frequent use and preference for the insertion phones. The high prevalence of symptoms after the use suggests a bigger risk for the hearing of these young.
Papéis, conflitos e gratifica es de enfermeiros especialistas em enfermagem psiquiátrica e saúde mental
Raphael Valentino Marques de Lima1,Luiz Jorge Pedr?o,Adriana Inocenti Miasso,Moacyr Lobo da Costa Junior
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2012,
Abstract: Este estudo descritivo-exploratório de cunho qualitativo teve por objetivo verificar quais os papéis, conflitos e gratifica es de enfermeiros especialistas em enfermagem psiquiátrica e saúde mental, pois com as transforma es da assistência psiquiátrica nas últimas décadas tornaram-se importantes essas compreens es. Assim, quinze enfermeiros, egressos de um curso de especializa o em enfermagem psiquiátrica e saúde mental, responderam a um questionário com esse objetivo, e sua análise foi realizada de forma qualitativa. Os resultados mostraram que a maioria dos entrevistados é jovem, trabalha nessa área desempenhando papéis do enfermeiro e prestando cuidado direto. Constatou-se que esses enfermeiros possuem conflitos, como falta de reconhecimento, sobrecarga e falta de recursos humanos e gratifica es, como a melhora do paciente e o reconhecimento profissional. Conclui-se, portanto, que os sujeitos identificam seu papel de especialista exercendo-o com propriedade; seus conflitos se relacionam a aspectos de reconhecimento e estrutura dos servi os; e suas gratifica es est o ligadas a fatores de ordem pessoal e qualifica o profissional.
Detection of Oxacillin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from the Neonatal and Pediatric Units of a Brazilian Teaching Hospital
Valéria Cataneli Pereira,André Martins,Lígia Maria Suppo de Souza Rugolo,Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro de Souza da Cunha1
Clinical Medicine : Pediatrics , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: To determine, by phenotypic and genotypic methods, oxacillin susceptibility in Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit patients seen at the University Hospital of the Botucatu School of Medicine.Methods: A total of 100 S. aureus strains isolated from the following materials were studied: 25 blood cultures, 21 secretions, 12 catheters, 3 cannulae and one chest drain from 62 patients in the neonatal unit, and 36 blood cultures, one pleural fluid sample and one peritoneal fluid sample from 38 patients in the pediatric unit. Resistance of the S. aureus isolates to oxacillin was evaluated by the disk diffusion method with oxacillin (1 μg) and cefoxitin (30 μg), agar screening test using Mueller-Hinton agar supplemented with 6 μg/ml oxacillin and 4% NaCl, and detection of the mecA gene by PCR. In addition, the isolates were tested for β-lactamase production using disks impregnated with Nitrocefin and hyperproduction of β-lactamase using amoxicillin (20 μg) and clavulanic acid (10 μg) disks.Results: Among the 100 S. aureus strains included in the study, 18.0% were resistant to oxacillin, with 16.1% MRSA being detected in the neonatal unit and 21.0% in the pediatric unit. The oxacillin (1 μg) and cefoxitin (30 μg) disk diffusion methods presented 94.4% and 100% sensitivity, respectively, and 98.8% specificity. The screening test showed 100% sensitivity and 98.8% specificity. All isolates produced β-lactamase and one of these strains was considered to be a hyperproducer.Conclusions: The 30 μg cefoxitin disk diffusion method presented the best result when compared to the 1 μg oxacillin disk. The sensitivity of the agar screening test was similar to that of the cefoxitin disk diffusion method and higher than that of the oxacillin disk diffusion method. We observed variations in the percentage of oxacillin-resistant isolates during the study period, with a decline over the last years which might be related to improved nosocomial infection control and the rational use of antibiotics.
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