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Medizinische Ontologien: das Ende des MeSH / Medical ontologies: the end of MeSH
Cazan, Constantin
GMS Medizin-Bibliothek-Information , 2006,
Abstract: Since the beginning of information technology the complexicity of medical questions and medical information management is an important topic which challenges computer scientists.In the eighties of last century artificial intelligence went awry. Though some core ideas of AI have brought up fruitful results. After all congruent development in a number of different scientific disciplines and the exponential development in computer hardware could meet the high requirements in medical information search. In 2000 Tim Berners-Lee's programmatic request for a Semantic Web gained the ontology topic broader attention. Already 20 years ago NLM started to develop the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). So in medicine (PubMed) ontology integrated into a semantic net is in operation. Hence it is high time for medical librarians and documentalists to get into this topic although it is covered by a smoke screen of terminology from IT. Ontologies can be understood as tools for classification. So essential contributions from library and documentation science could be expected. This paper should open an entrance to the topic. It will explain fundamental elements of UMLS and includes an annotated list of literature for further studies.
Medline hat Geburtstag! 35 Jahre Medline - 10 Jahre PubMed
Cazan, Constantin
GMS Medizin-Bibliothek-Information , 2006,
Paula Cristina BRUJ,Daniel CAZAN
Management & Marketing , 2011,
Abstract: In times of difficult and unstable economic environment, market players try todifferentiate themselves in order to survive and attract a large number of newcustomers. Financial institutions, as well as the full service segment, face amajor obstacle, as in the negative power of intangibility ,that is reflected inthe specific economic process. The “battle” for a place in front is increasinglyfierce, and financial companies have begun to focus towards the removal ofthis drawback, and finding new communication techniques and actions, byassigning the company with some new values that will lead to greaterconfidence shown within consumers. In this article, we will try to underlinetwo different tests of image association, as in the campaigns conducted byBRD - Groupe Societe Generale and Banca Transilvania, combining anendorsement campaign with a fairytale character, all of this processedthrough the filter of Romania’s set of cultural characteristics.
Secondary vortices in swirling flow
Radu Cazan,Cyrus K. Aidun
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Twisted tapes are used to induce swirling flow and improve mixing. The flow induced by a 180 degree twisted tape with length (pitch) 60 mm and diameter 25.4 mm in a circular pipe was investigated using Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) measurements. Tangential velocity profiles downstream of the twisted tape swirler were measured at multiple locations along the pipe axis, across the horizontal diameter of the pipe. The profiles showed an unexpected transition along the pipe axis from regular swirling flow to an apparent counter-rotation near the pipe axis, and then reverting back to regular swirling flow. Injecting fine air bubbles into the flow showed the existence of two co-rotating helical vortices superimposed over the main swirling flow. The close proximity of the two co-rotating vortices creates the local reversing flow at the pipe centerline. The secondary vortices are analyzed with high speed camera videos and numerical simulations.
Monophyly of Heterandriini (Teleostei: Poeciliidae) revisited: a critical review of the data
Morales-Cazan, Alfy;Albert, James S.;
Neotropical Ichthyology , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-62252012000100003
Abstract: the systematics and taxonomy of poeciliid fishes (guppies and allies) remain poorly understood despite the relative importance of these species as model systems in the biological sciences. this study focuses on testing the monophyly of the nominal poeciliine tribe heterandriini and the genus heterandria, through examination of the morphological characters on which the current classification is based. these characters include aspects of body shape (morphometrics), scale and fin-ray counts (meristics), pigmentation, the cephalic laterosensory system, and osteological features of the neurocranium, oral jaws and suspensorium, branchial basket, pectoral girdle, and the gonopodium and its supports. a maximum parsimony analysis was conducted of 150 characters coded for 56 poeciliid and outgroup species, including 22 of 45 heterandriin species (from the accounted in parenti & rauchenberger, 1989), or seven of nine heterandriin species (from the accounted in lucinda & reis, 2005). multistate characters were analyzed as both unordered and ordered, and iterative a posteriori weighting was used to improve tree resolution. tree topologies obtained from these analyses support the monophyly of the middle american species of "heterandria," which based on available phylogenetic information, are herein reassigned to the genus pseudoxiphophorus. none of the characters used in previous studies to characterize the nominal taxon heterandriini are found to be unambiguously diagnostic. some of these characters are shared with species in other poeciliid tribes, and others are reversed within the heterandriini. these results support the hypothesis that pseudoxiphophorus is monophyletic, and that this clade is not the closest relative of h. formosa (the type species) from southeastern north america. available morphological data are not sufficient to assess the phylogenetic relationships of h. formosa with respect to other members of the heterandriini. the results further suggest that most tri
The Economic Crisis – Meanings and Significations
Doinita CAZAN ZAFIU,Alina Florentina CUCOS SARACU
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2012,
Abstract: The crisis can be defined as a period in the dynamics of a system, and it is described as a multitude of difficulties, as a conflict or tensions, fact that makes difficult its normal work or functioning and this can lead to powerful pressures towards changing, and The crisis period represents the stage in which the changes within the system are determined by the actions of a system”. During the period of crisis, the threats changes into dangers which are at the basis of defining the insecure state of any system. The economic crisis represents a situation in which the economy of a country passes through a sudden decrease of its force, decrease usually brought about by a financial crisis. The economic crisis may have the shape of a stagflation, of a recession or of an economic depression.
The development of moral judgement during childhood and pre-adolescent in the Romanian setting
Cocorad?, E.,Cazan, A.-M.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Bra?ov. Series VII : Social Sciences and Law , 2011,
Abstract: The moral development is a classical topic, but still insufficiently investigated in the recent studies in Romania. Our study aimed to compare the results obtained by Piaget regarding the child’s moral development with the child’s moral development corresponding to the recent cultural Romanian setting. The research method is mixed, qualitative and quantitative. The clinical interview and the short stories were designed after Piaget’s model. Our findings suggest the existence of the same clasical stages of moral development, but identify numerous mixed profiles that highlight the oscillations of the moral judgments for amoral children and submissive pre-adolescences.
Appearance and Evolution of Public Services in the European Community Space
Alina Florentina CUCOS SARACU,Nicolae Viorel TRIF,Doinita CAZAN ZAFIU
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2012,
Abstract: Services represent a human activity, with a specialized content, that have as a result useful, immaterial and intangible effects, mainly designed to satisfy certain social needs. They are stand-alone, self-contained activities and are organised distinctively into an economic sector known under the name of tertiary sector. Public services are set up in a central position of the comunitary construction, being considered a fundamental pillar of the European Union. For this reason it is neccesary to know the way they have appeared and evolved in the european comunitary space because the influences created by the functioning, the setup, the regulation of public services represent a strong impact in the economic, social, political, cultural life of all citizens.
Lucr?ri ?tiin?ifice : Management Agricol , 2009,
Abstract: The presence of garlic and onion in the traditional pharmacopoeia, in ritual gastronomy and also in Romanian toponymy, is proof of these plants’ sacredness in Romanian area, especially in Banat. Since we are convinced that it’s not Romanian’s who became Christian but Christianity became Romanian, we looked for mystical, archetypal arguments, despite the industrial and socio-economical development of Timi county, because there still is an image of a very complex, live world, emerged from the traditional. The depiction of this vision on existence is necessary in order to understand the meaning of archaic special acts that can be found in every step even nowadays. The world of feelings is followed by the world without feelings, the world beyond, the world of death. The passage from one to the other is possible and beneficial (if it occurs on natural ways, strengthen by the ritual, the ceremonial filled with reminiscences of sacredness) or evil, random under the influence of dark powers, when eschatological terror occurs and entities not of this world (ghosts, evil spirits) enter our world. In popular tradition, these plants have miraculous powers in casting away evil spirits as well as gastronomical properties.
Dropout of adult learners returning to university: interactions of motivational and environmental factors
Jacot, A.,Frenay, M.,Cazan, A.-M.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Bra?ov. Series VII : Social Sciences and Law , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to highlight how motivational and contextual factors interact together to explain the dropout process of adult learners returning to university. From seventeen semi-structured interviews, four main interactions have been identified between entry motives, dimensions of perceived value and expectancy, life and learning contexts. The findings from this study indicated that studying dropout of adult learners with motivational factors enables a deeper understanding taking into account the different commitments of this population and the motivational dynamic.
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