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Peritonitis due to Rhizobium radiobacter
Raquel Marta,Catarina Damaso,José Esteves da Silva,Margarida Almeida
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2011,
Abstract: Rhizobium radiobacter (Agrobacterium radiobacter) is an aerobicGram-negative rod belonging to Agrobacterium genus, a groupof phytopathogenic bacteria present in the soil that has beenimplicated in human opportunistic infections. We report a clinicalcase of bacterial peritonitis in a 5-year-old child with chronic renaldisease in peritoneal dialysis, who had a history of direct soilcontact identified. The infection was treated with ceftazidime andpiperaciline+tazobactam without relapses or the need to remove theperitoneal dialysis catheter.
A escrita de um corpo sem órg?os
Resende, Catarina;
Fractal : Revista de Psicologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-02922008000100010
Abstract: beginning from the reading of the foucault studies on the self care and of deleuze and guattari on the body without organs, we had for purpose to trace the possible approximations between the self writing and the body without organs diary. this exercise of self writing is an exercise of constitution of bodies that, besides turning back over oneself, provides a self care in order to care for the others. we conceived the body without organs diary as an ethopoietic movement towards an ethical and esthetic dimension, but also political of life.
Reflex?es em torno do conceito de anonimato
Análise Social , 2010,
Abstract: starting from an analysis of the uses of anonymity in 12 step associations - namely as an instrument used by members to manage personal information, both in relationships with other members as well as non-members - this article aims to extend the results of this study to different contexts where anonymity is resorted to, identifying its uses and characteristics at a broader level, as a mediator of social relationships.
O que pode um corpo? O método Angel Vianna de conscientiza??o do movimento como um instrumento terapêutico
Resende, Catarina;
Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73312008000300011
Abstract: in contrast with the traditional dance teaching, in which dance held together standardized body and movement, the angel vianna method of awareness of movement began its development for the teaching of classical ballet - and afterwards of body expression - that considered body and movement in its singularity. this original and authentic method of dealing with the body turned the awareness of movement also useful from a therapeutic viewpoint, applied to several areas in the health field. however, despite the fact that over the years the awareness of movement showed consistency and efficacy, its therapeutic application still occurs only through experience, lacking formalization of the theoretical-conceptual foundations that could give support to it as a therapeutic method in the health area. so our main objective in this paper was to propose a possible formalization of the theoretical-conceptual foundations that guide the awareness of movement in the health field. the research starts with our own experience, and uses the philosophical-conceptual method that allows us to demolish crystallized beliefs and propose a broader conception of the process health-illness. we believe that a therapeutic like the angel vianna method of awareness of movement can, through the body, help integrate the psycho-soma, amplifying the individual's health in its normative and creative capacity. although this method is a body practice that makes itself powerful in several aspects from its own experience, we found that its formalization, without falling in reductionisms or crystallizations, could bring an even greater vitality to its therapeutic application.
Sobre a Psicologia Ergonómica de Jacques Leplat
Catarina Silva
Laboreal , 2006,
Abstract: We intend with this article to concisely present the theoretical-methodological conception of ergonomic psychology constructed along various decades by Professor Jacques Leplat. We organized the present synthesis in three parts. In the first part we make a general presentation of the Leplat conceptions about ergonomic psychology and its relation with ergonomics; design the relations and specificities of the psychological analysis of activity and the ergonomic analysis of work; and end with an analysis model, broadly disseminated in the author′s texts. In the second part we focus on two perspectives of activity analysis: analysis focused on the task and analysis focused on its agent, the operator. In the third part we develop the properties, benefits and limitations of similar methods used in this analysis.
A resolu o alternativa de litígios e o acesso à justi a: A media o do sobreendividamento Alternative Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice: The Mediation of Over-Indebtedness La résolution alternative des litiges et l’accès à la justice : le cas de la médiation du surendettement
Catarina Frade
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.1184
Abstract: A consolida o das formas de resolu o alternativa de litígios no quadro de um sistema fortemente marcado pela supremacia dos tribunais como instancia pacificadora da conflitualidade social é uma das dinamicas que percorrem os actuais sistemas de administra o da justi a. Compreender o valor da RAL na constru o do direito de acesso à justi a é o objectivo deste texto que, para o efeito, dá um relevo especial à media o enquanto procedimento capaz de responder eficazmente aos conflitos emergentes do sobreendividamento das famílias. The consolidation of the forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the context of a system strongly marked by the supremacy of the courts as conciliatory mechanisms in social conflictuality is one of the dynamics that pervades the current systems of justice administration. The aim of this text is to understand the value of ADR in the construction of the right to access to justice, and, for this purpose, the author gives a special emphasis to mediation as a procedure that is capable of giving an effective response to emerging conflicts involving family indebtedtness. La consolidation des formes de la résolution alternative des litiges dans le cadre d’un système fortement marqué par la suprématie des tribunaux en tant qu’instance pacificatrice de la conflictualité sociale est une des dynamiques qui parcourt les actuels systèmes de l’administration de la justice. Le texte présent a pour objectif de comprendre la valeur de la résolution alternative des litiges dans la construction du droit d’accès à la justice; dans ce but, il met particulièrement en relief la médiation en tant que démarche capable de répondre efficacement aux conflits qui surgissent dans le surendettement des familles.
Dis-solu es textuais na casa dos espelhos modernista Textual Dis-solutions in the Modernist House of Mirrors Dis-solutions textuelles dans la maison des miroirs du modernisme
Catarina Martins
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.924
Abstract: Um dos aspectos mais relevantes do modernismo, enquanto autocrítica da modernidade, é a tentativa de salvar o sujeito das prefigura es normativas da raz o moderna. Trata-se de uma busca identitária que implica a derrocada das constru es estabelecidas da realidade e a produ o de novas narrativas do todo que preservem o individual. O modernismo representa uma racionalidade estética subversiva e auto-consciente que tende para um modo do discurso e do pensamento que desenha o sujeito na sua rela o com o mundo: o ensaio. Na fic o narrativa de express o alem do início do século XX, a confluência de modernismo e ensaísmo conduziu a híbridos textuais que desafiam uma no o de texto fundamentada na compreensibilidade. Diversos efeitos de espelho articulam a dissolu o dos paradigmas epistemológicos e estéticos tradicionais com novas solu es para a escrita ficcional da realidade e do sujeito. A reflexividade ensaística surge no centro da reac o do modernismo à modernidade e da reden o sincera e encenada de um Eu irremediavelmente perdido. According to the notion of Modernism as a critical reaction to post-Enlightenment modernity, the totalitarian epistemological model of modern reason annihilated the individual through crystallized schemata that mediate the relation between the subject and the world. Modernism would be an attempt to save the individual, or an identity seeking process which dismantles established constructions of reality and produces alternative narratives of the whole that preserve the individual. Modernism becomes a self-conscious aesthetic rationality that tends to a mode of discourse that aims at contouring the subject in its relation with the world: the Essay. In German-speaking narrative fiction of the early 20th century the confluence of Modernism and essayism led to interesting textual hybrids. Here, multiple kinds of mirror effects equate the dissolution of traded epistemological and aesthetic paradigms with new solutions for a fictional re-writing of reality and the self. L’un des aspects les plus remarquables du modernisme, en tant qu’autocritique de la modernité, consiste dans la tentative de sauver le sujet des préfigurations normatives de la raison moderne. Il s’agit d’une quête d’identité qui implique l’écroulement des constructions établies de la réalité et la production de nouvelles narrations du tout mais qui préservent l’individuel. Le modernisme représente une rationalité esthétique subversive et consciente d’elle-même, tendant vers un mode de discours et de pensée qui puisse dessiner le sujet dans son rapport au monde
O direito face ao risco Risk and the Law Le droit face au risque
Catarina Frade
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.220
Abstract: Emergindo da tradicional dicotomia entre concep es objectivistas e construtivistas do risco, quer as abordagens quantitativas, quer as teorias sociais do risco oferecem as suas interpreta es dos problemas oriundos do progresso tecnológico e científico que vêm desafiando a seguran a das sociedades contemporaneas. O objectivo principal deste texto é perceber como o risco é interpretado por diferentes áreas do conhecimento e como se pode perspectivar uma leitura jurídica desse mesmo fenómeno, dado que a ciência jurídica continua a manter-se algo alheada destes debates, esquecendo a sua miss o reguladora e a sua voca o securitária. Emerging from the classic dichotomy between objectivist and constructivist concepts of risk, both quantitative approaches and social theories of risk offer interpretations of problems resulting from technological and scientific progress which challenge the safety of contemporary societies. The main goal of this article is to understand how risk is interpreted in different areas of knowledge and how we can envisage a legal reading of this phenomenon, given that legal science remains, to a certain extent, detached from these debates and controversies, neglecting its regulatory mission and its vocation to provide security. émergeant de la dichotomie traditionnelle entre conceptions objectivistes et constructivistes du risque, tant les approches quantitatives que les théories sociales du risque offrent des interprétations des problèmes qui, découlant du progrès scientifique et technologique, ne cessent de lancer un défi à la sécurité des sociétés contemporaines. Cependant, la science juridique persiste à rester quelque peu absente des débats et des polémiques générés à ce propos, oubliant sa mission régulatrice et sécuritaire. Dans cet article, on essaye un débat sur se qui pourrait être un approche juridique du risque.
“Imperialismo do Espírito”. Fic es da totalidade e do eu no modernismo austríaco ‘The Imperialism of the Spirit’. Fictions of Totality and of the ‘I’ in Austrian Modernism “Impérialisme de l’Esprit”. Fictions de la totalité et du moi dans le modernisme autrichien
Catarina Martins
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.624
Abstract: Nos estudos sobre a áustria, persiste o debate sobre a aplicabilidade da teoria pós-colonial à monarquia habsbúrgica. Este texto pretende contribuir para esse debate, analisando estruturas discursivas comuns aos impérios continentais de raiz medieval e aos impérios coloniais modernos e avaliando criticamente algumas especificidades. Para tal, analiso a utopia de um “Imperialismo do Espírito” presente na obra ensaística de dois escritores centrais do modernismo vienense, Hugo von Hofmannsthal e Robert Müller, demonstrando a constru o discursiva de um imperialismo e um nacionalismo singulares, assente na cultura e nas artes. Para além disso, a partir dos romances maiores de Robert Müller e de Robert Musil, demonstro como o imperialismo funciona como fulcro da complexa rela o da literatura modernista com o paradigma moderno, sendo, ao mesmo tempo, alvo de crítica e de reescrita, no ambito da resolu o das múltiplas crises da modernidade, em particular a do sujeito. In studies on Austria, the debate persists on the applicability of post-colonial theory to the Habsburg monarchy. This text aims to contribute to the debate, analysing discursive structures common to the medieval-rooted continental empires and to modern colonial empires, critically assessing a number of specificities. To this end, I analyse the Utopia of an ‘Imperialism of the Spirit’ present in the essays of two writers who are central in Viennese modernity, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Robert Müller, demonstrating the discursive construction of a singular imperialism and nationalism, grounded on culture and the arts. Taking as a starting point. Robert Müller’s and Robert Musil’s major novels, I further show how imperialism works as a fulcrum of the complex relation of modernist literature and the modern paradigm, which is at the same time the target of critique and re-writing, within the resolution of modernity’s multiple crises, especially that of the subject. Dans les études sur l’Autriche, le débat sur l’applicabilité de la théorie post-coloniale après la monarchie des Habsbourg persiste encore. Le texte présent prétend ranimer ce débat, en analysant les structures discursives communes aux empires continentaux ayant une racine médiévale, et aux empires coloniaux modernes; il évalue en outre d’une manière critique certaines de leurs spécificités. Dans ce but, j’analyse l’utopie d’un Impérialisme de l’Esprit présent dans les essais de deux écrivains qui ont une place centrale dans le modernisme viennois, Hugo von Hofmannsthal et Robert Müller. Je démontre dans mon analyse la construction dis
Ibn Rushd on God’s decree and Determination (al-qa ā’, wa-l-qadar)
Belo, Catarina
Al-Qantara : Revista de Estudios Arabes , 2006,
Abstract: This article is based on Ibn Rushd’s chapter on God’s qa ā’ wa-qadar, which adresses the question of predestination, as illustrative of a rationalistic approach that introduces philosophical views into an age-old religious debate. My aim is to present Ibn Rushd’s argument, which has unmistakable Aristotelian overtones; therefore, the harmonization of religion and philosophy implicit in his argument is one of the points I would like to explore in this paper. In the same way, I am interested in discussing whether Ibn Rushd’s proposed solution constitutes a middle way between two opposite positions and solves the perennial problem of determinism. The paper also discusses the issue whether he supports predestination, i.e., the view that events are predetermined by God before they happen. Este artículo se basa en el capítulo de Ibn Ru d sobre los atributos qa ā’ wa-qadar de Allāh, que se ocupa del concepto "predestinación", como ejemplo de una aproximación racionalista que introduce conceptos filosóficos en un viejo debate religioso. Es mi propósito presentar el argumento de Ibn Ru hd que contiene inequívocas alusiones aristotélicas; por tanto, la armonización de la religión y la filosofía implícita en sus argumentos es uno de los puntos que trataré de explorar en este trabajo. Igualmente, estoy interesada en la cuestión de si las soluciones propuestas por Ibn Ru hd suponen un término medio entre dos posiciones enfrentadas y resuelven el eterno problema del determinismo. Este trabajo discute también si Ibn Ru hd defiende la predestinación, es decir, la cuestión de si los sucesos están predeterminados por Dios antes de que tengan lugar.
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