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Llamamiento surgido en el seminario de IUMP sobre la nueva cultura ambiental y la educación por la sostenibilidad (Santander, julio 2005)
J. A. Pascual Trillo,J. D. Centeno Carrillo
Ecosistemas , 2005,
Aceptación de tres líneas de fríjol (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) mejorado nutricionalmente por los consumidores nicaragüenses
Carrillo Centeno,Patricia; Chow,Zildghean; Cuadra,Sergio; Brenes,Douglas; Pachón,Helena;
Perspectivas en Nutrición Humana , 2011,
Abstract: objective: using sensory evaluation methods, assess acceptability and preference with respect to three nutritionally improved bean lines (phaseolus vulgaris l.): (a) 187 sdcf 15488, (b) 194 sdcf 15488 and (c) mib 395, as well as a local check, (d) inta rojo. materials and methods: seventy six farmers, who grow and consume beans, from two departments in northern nicaragua, participated. two sensory evaluation methods were applied: acceptability (overall and by attribute) and preference. results: there were no statistically significant differences in the scores assigned to overall acceptability or the smell, color, taste and texture attributes (p>0,05). for preference, there was no difference in the percentage of persons who preferred each of the four beans. conclusions: among four beans, there was no difference in farmers′ acceptability or preference, suggesting that nutritionally improved beans can be delivered to rural nicaraguans; farmers in these regions should be informed of the agronomic characteristics of these beans.
Evaluación sensorial de arroz (Oryza sativa) variedad Azucena en la Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte en Nicaragua
García Montecinos,Karina Leticia; Godoy Godoy,José Alberto; Carrillo Centeno,Patricia Mercedes; Pachón,Helena;
Perspectivas en Nutrición Humana , 2011,
Abstract: objective: evaluate the sensory characteristics of azucena, a traditional landrace rice (oryza sativa) with elevated iron and zinc levels which can nutritionally benefit vulnerable populations. materials and methods: in five communities from nicaragua’s región autónoma del atlántico norte, azucena was compared to a local rice variety using sensory evaluation methods. two tests were applied to 203 household heads: acceptability and preference. results: for acceptability (on a scale of 1 to 4), azucena scored a mean ± de of 3,1±0,7 for texture, 3,1±0,8 for smell, 3,0±0,9 for taste, and 3,0±0,8 for color. using a non-parametric statistic, acceptability was deemed higher (p<0,05) for the local variety in all of the qualities assessed: 3,2±0,8 for texture, 3,2±0,7 for smell, 3,2±0,7 for taste, and 3,3±0,7 for color. fifty six percent of consumers preferred the local variety over azucena; this was not statistically different from the expected 50% (p=0,23). conclusions: due to its inherent qualities and sensory properties, azucena was not accepted by the study population. therefore, if azucena is to be commercially released in nicaragua, strategic campaigns are recommended to promote its consumption.
Evaluación sensorial de tortas de camote (Ipomoea batatas), elaboradas con o sin hojas de camote, con ni?os en edad escolar en Nicaragua
Serrano Romero,Aracelly del Carmen; Vílchez Morales,Ena Yolanda; Sandino Silva,Clara Michelle; Carrillo Centeno,Patricia; Pachón,Helena;
Perspectivas en Nutrición Humana , 2011,
Abstract: objective: acomplete a sensory evaluation of orange-fleshed sweet potato (ofsp) clone 440189. materials and methods: a descriptive study was undertaken with a convenience sample of 290 nicaraguan school-age children attending grades 3 to 6, who taste-tested a ''sweet potato cake'' recipe. snack a had sweet potato leaves added to it; snack b did not. first, 33 mothers opined about the snacks. then, children tested snacks a and b, assigning a value of 1 to 5 (from ''i don′t like it very much'' to ''i like it very much'') to each and indicating which snack they preferred. results: most of the women gave a positive evaluation to the snacks in terms of ease of preparation, time required, access to ingredients, probability that the children would accept them, and possibility of including them in the school menu. acceptability scores assigned by the children were high (mean ± sd of 4,5 + 0,7) and similar between the snacks (p=0,91). fifty one percent preferred snack a and 49% preferred snack b (p=0,56). conclusions: both snacks were accepted by the mothers and children suggesting that it is feasible to include ofsp clone 440189 into nicaraguan school children′s meals.
Aceptación potencial de maíces con alta calidad proteica por familias productoras al norte de Nicaragua
Pérez-Suárez,Salomón; Carrillo-Centeno,Patricia; Moncada-Salmerón,Darling; Pachón,Helena;
Agronomía Mesoamericana , 2012,
Abstract: the objective of this analysis was to estimate the potential acceptance of three quality protein maize cultivars (qpm): nutrader, nutrinta amarillo and mazorca de oro, in northern nicaragua. in 2009, for a nutrition study, 142 farmers were surveyed; 95 of them reported producing maize, and were included in this analysis. although none of them had heard about these qpm cultivars, 45,3% would accept them only if they had greater yield and quality compared with traditional cultivars; these were classified as “potential acceptance”. the other 54,7% said they would not harvest qpm or they would do so only if they had a higher price in the market, for which there is no evidence. the probability of acceptance was higher in farmers with a greater number of children less than five years age, for whom low yields is not a problem, not affiliated with an association or cooperative, who consider they need to spend the same or less money to prepare food with quality protein maize, or expects no taste differences between qpm and traditional cultivars (p<0,10).
Salomón Pérez-Suárez,Patricia Carrillo-Centeno,Darling Moncada-Salmerón,Helena Pachón
Agronomía Mesoamericana , 2012,
Abstract: El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la aceptación potencial y sus determinantes, en tres cultivares de maíz con alta calidad de proteína (ACP): Nutrader, Nutrinta Amarillo y Mazorca de Oro, en el norte de Nicaragua. En el a o 2009, dentro de un estudio nutricional 142 familias se encuestaron, de ellas, 95 manifestaron producir maíz, las cuales se incluyeron en este análisis. Aunque ningún agricultor había escuchado de los cultivares ACP, el 45,3% estaría dispuesto a utilizarlos siempre y cuando tuvieran un mayor rendimiento y una mejor calidad que los cultivares criollos, por lo que este grupo fue el aceptante potencial; mientras que el restante 54,7%, declararon que no cultivarían maíz ACP o lo harían siempre y cuando éste tuviera un mejor precio en el mercado, de lo cual no hay evidencia que pueda ser real. La probabilidad de ser un aceptante fue mayor en agricultores con ni os menores de cinco a os, en los que piensan que el bajo rendimiento no es un problema en su cultivo, en los que están vinculados a alguna asociación o cooperativa, en los que piensan que preparando este tipo de alimentos gastarán igual o menos dinero o en los que no esperan diferencia en sabor entre los alimentos preparados con maíz ACP y los preparados con maíz tradicional (p<0,10).
The naked emergence of solar active regions observed with SDO/HMI
Rebecca Centeno
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/759/1/72
Abstract: We take advantage of the HMI/SDO instrument to study the naked emergence of active regions from the first imprints of the magnetic field on the solar surface. To this end, we followed the first 24 hours in the life of two rather isolated ARs that appeared on the surface when they were about to cross the central meridian. We analyze the correlations between Doppler velocities and the orientation of the vector magnetic field finding, consistently, that the horizontal fields connecting the main polarities are dragged to the surface by relatively-strong upflows and are associated to elongated granulation that is, on average, brighter than its surroundings. The main magnetic footpoints, on the other hand, are dominated by vertical fields and downflowing plasma. The appearance of moving dipolar features, MDFs, (of opposite polarity to that of the AR) in between the main footpoints, is a rather common occurrence once the AR reaches a certain size. The buoyancy of the fields is insufficient to lift up the magnetic arcade as a whole. Instead, weighted by the plasma that it carries, the field is pinned down to the photosphere at several places in between the main footpoints, giving life to the MDFs and enabling channels of downflowing plasma. MDF poles tend to drift towards each other, merge and disappear. This is likely to be the signature of a reconnection process in the dipped field lines, which relieves some of the weight allowing the magnetic arcade to finally rise beyond the detection layer of the HMI spectral line.
Abnormal Succession of Insect Fauna on Pig Carcasses in Tandil (Argentina, Buenos Aires Province)  [PDF]
A. Verónica Trigo, Néstor Centeno
Advances in Entomology (AE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ae.2014.22017
Abstract: This project was an attempt to reconstruct a death in dubious circumstance which happened in December 2002 in Tandil (Buenos Aires Province). Although the body was in open air, the entomological expertise discovered signs of delayed colonization. In this experiment, pig carcasses used as models to reconstruct the case. One was placed in shadow and another in sunlight (control). The hypothesis was that the climate and the topography affect the necrophagous insect succession in a mountain site. The families of Coleoptera found on the baits were: Silphidae, Dermestidae, Cleridae, Histeridae; of Díptera: Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae; Asilidae; of Hymenoptera: Formicidae, Encyrtidae and Vespidae.
El concepto kantiano de ciudadanía
Carrillo Carrillo,Lucy;
Estudios de Filosofía , 2010,
Abstract: abstract: in the prologue to fundamental principles of the metaphysics of morals kant brings to notice the difference between a reflection on the fundamental principles of morale and the idea of how to "apply" the principle of morality to the everyday life of humans. according to his own point of view, the question on how to implement morale in practical life supposes the necessity of adopting the perspective of a pragmatic anthropology. in this sense, the object of this essay is to make a pragmatic reading of the kantian concept of citizenship, with which one can better understand his conviction that the political should be constructed on the basis of morale: the respect for human dignity. this pragmatic point of view will enable me to clarify: a) why kant thinks that the grave difficulties of politics reside in the task of knowing and being able to establish the necessary measures to guaranty the respect for fundamental rights, and b) in what manner the kantian concept of citizenship lays the foundations of the idea of mutual recognizance of rights and obligations. due to this i divide the essay in three parts: 1) the ideas of human rights and citizen rights, and the concept of cosmopolitan right. 2) the concept of citizenship in the light of his concept of a republican state; and 3) how the notion of citizenship was conceived by kant for simple people, with a common sense.
Evaluación de la Micoflora aérea en las areas críticas del Hospital principal de Cumaná, Estado Sucre, Venezuela
Centeno,Sara; Machado,Sandra;
Investigación Clínica , 2004,
Abstract: abstract the study of the nosocomial infections of fungic origin has attained importance in the last years, due to the rise in the number of patients that are inmunocompromised and susceptible to suffer this kind of infection. the objective of the present study was to evaluate the frequency of filamentous fungi and yeast, present in the environment of the intensive care unit, operating and newborn children rooms of the hospital universitario "antonio patricio de alcalá" (huapa) from the city of cumaná, sucre state, venezuela. the recount of colony forming units/plate (ucf/plate) of the filamentous fungi and yeast was done in petri plates with sabouraud dextrose agar, which were exposed in the different studied areas. eventually, the fungus colonies found were isolated and identified. the area that presented the highest average of ucf/plate was the intensive care unit (9 ucf/plate). the isolated genus of filamentous fungus in higher proportion were aspergillus (46,80%), penicillium (19,19%) and fusarium (11,06%). the isolated species with more frequency were aspergillus niger (24,80%), aspergillus flavus (10,54%) and fusarium solani (9,52%). rhodotorula glutinis was the isolated yeast with most frequency and different species of the genus candida and the genus criptococcus were isolated as well.
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