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Frequency and Clinical Epidemiology of Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis in Dogs Infested with Ticks from Sinaloa, Mexico
Carolina Guadalupe Sosa-Gutierrez,Maria Teresa Quintero Martinez,Soila Maribel Gaxiola Camacho,Silvia Cota Guajardo,Maria D. Esteve-Gassent,María-Guadalupe Gordillo-Pérez
Journal of Veterinary Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/797019
Abstract: Ehrlichia canis is a rickettsial intracellular obligate bacterial pathogen and agent of canine monocytic ehrlichiosis. The prevalence of this disease in veterinary medicine can vary depending on the diagnostic method used and the geographic location. One hundred and fifty-two canine blood samples from six veterinary clinics and two shelters from Sinaloa State (Mexico) were analyzed in this study. All animals were suspected of having Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis (CME). The diagnostic methods used were the ELISA (Snap4Dx, IDEXX) together with blood smear and platelet count. From all dogs blood samples analyzed, 74.3% were positive to E. canis by ELISA and 40.1% were positive by blood smear. The sensitivity and specificity observed in the ELISA test were 78.8% and 86.7%. In addition, thrombocytopenia was presented in 87.6% of positive dogs. The predominant clinical manifestations observed were fever, anorexia, depression, lethargy, and petechiae. Consequently, this is the first report in which the morulae were visualized in the blood samples, and E. canis-specific antibodies were detected in dogs from Sinaloa, Northwest of Mexico. 1. Introduction Ehrlichia canis is the causative agent of canine monocytic ehrlichiosis (CME). Moreover, CME is an emerging disease in veterinary medicine, and E. canis has been considered in the last decade as a potential zoonotic pathogen [1, 2]. It is a worldwide disease transmitted by a tick bite. The competent vector for its transmission is the Ixodidae ticks Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Dermacentor variabilis [3]. In dogs, the CME is a multiphase disorder that progresses in three stages: acute, subclinical, and chronic. Each phase is characterized by several clinical and hematologic abnormalities. Thrombocytopenia is a common finding in E. canis infected dogs and many clinicians tend to use it as an indication for antibiotic treatment, and it is observed in 84% of the cases and its severity varies in the different disease phases [4]. During the subclinical stage a moderate thrombocytopenia is observed, while the chronic phase is characterized by severe leukopenia and anemia. In this stage dogs show other complications such as hypocellular marrow, suppressed splenic sequestration, decreased life of platelets, and an increase of circulating migration-factor platelet inhibitor [3, 4]. The relationship between the magnitude of thrombocytopenia and prevalence of E. canis has been established in countries such as Brazil in 2004 where 84.1% of infected dogs showed thrombocytopenia [3]. Taken together, more data is necessary to
Tick-Borne Rickettsial Pathogens in Rodents from Mexico  [PDF]
Carolina G. Sosa-Gutiérrez, Margarita Vargas, Javier Torres, Guadalupe Gordillo-Pérez
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2014.711087
Abstract: Tick-Borne Rickettsial Diseases (TBRD) are emerging zoonotic diseases, and a problem of human health and veterinary medication. The distribution of these diseases is related to the distribution of vector. The presence of pathogens in the host is a risk indicator of population exposure to these areas. A total of 478 tissues samples from rodents, A. phagocytophilum 18 (3.7%), E. canis 47 (9.8%), Rickettsia rickettsii 18 (3.7%) and E. chaffeensis 19 (3.9%) were detected using species-specific PCR assay. It is the first report in Mexico the presence of rodents infected with A. phagocytophilum and E. chaffeensis. The rodent Peromyscus spp. were the most commonly prevalent host of infection for all the bacteria’s. We have to consider as host of TBRD transmitter and provide a useful contribution to understanding their epidemiology. The health sector should be considered all the fevers of unknown causes in humans and animals in Mexico as infections by these vector-borne rickettsial pathogens.
On the Use of FDTD for Hirf Validation and Certification
Guadalupe Gutierrez Gutierrez;Sergio Fernandez Romero;Jesus Alvarez;Salvador Gonzalez Garcia;Enrique Pascual Gil
PIER Letters , 2012, DOI: 10.2528/PIERL12030206
Abstract: Preparing the 3D-geometry models to perform electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) numerical simulations can be tedious and time consuming. Furthermore, the need to include the test setup in the models, in order to validate the software, by comparing the numerical results with the measured data, may lead to unwieldy simulation models with often una ordable computational costs. In this paper, we provide strategies for optimizing and simplifying the modeling process, together with guidelines for achieving the most unfavorable case in the simulation of EMC problems, as required for a certi cation process. A test case from the European FP7 HIRF-SE project is analyzed in this paper as an example of how to identify the unnecessary elements for the simulation, while retaining the essential physics of the problem.
The CMB power spectrum out to l=1400 measured by the VSA
Keith Grainge,Pedro Carreira,Kieran Cleary,Rod D. Davies,Richard J. Davis,Clive Dickinson,Ricardo Genova-Santos,Carlos M. Gutierrez,Yaser A. Hafez,Michael P. Hobson,Michael E. Jones,Rudiger Kneissl,Katy Lancaster,Anthony Lasenby,J. P. Leahy,Klaus Maisinger,Guy G. Pooley,Rafael Rebolo,Jose Alberto Rubino-Martin,Pedro Sosa Molina,Carolina Odman,Ben Rusholme,Richard D. E. Saunders,Richard Savage,Paul F. Scott,Anze Slosar,Angela C. Taylor,David Titterington,Elizabeth Waldram,Robert A. Watson,Althea Wilkinson
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2003.06563.x
Abstract: We have observed the cosmic microwave background (CMB) in three regions of sky using the Very Small Array (VSA) in an extended configuration with antennas of beamwidth 2 degrees at 34 GHz. Combined with data from previous VSA observations using a more compact array with larger beamwidth, we measure the power spectrum of the primordial CMB anisotropies between angular multipoles l = 160 - 1400. Such measurements at high l are vital for breaking degeneracies in parameter estimation from the CMB power spectrum and other cosmological data. The power spectrum clearly resolves the first three acoustic peaks, shows the expected fall off in power at high l and starts to constrain the position and height of a fourth peak.
First results from the Very Small Array -- IV. Cosmological parameter estimation
Jose Alberto Rubino-Martin,Rafael Rebolo,Pedro Carreira,Kieran Cleary,Rod D. Davies,Richard J. Davis,Clive Dickinson,Keith Grainge,Carlos M. Gutierrez,Michael P. Hobson,Michael E. Jones,Rudiger Kneissl,Anthony Lasenby,Klaus Maisinger,Carolina Oedman,Guy G. Pooley,Pedro J. Sosa Molina,Ben Rusholme,Richard D. E. Saunders,Richard Savage,Paul F. Scott,Anze Slosar,Angela C. Taylor,David Titterington,Elizabeth Waldram,Robert A. Watson,Althea Wilkinson
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2003.06494.x
Abstract: We investigate the constraints on basic cosmological parameters set by the first compact-configuration observations of the Very Small Array (VSA), and other cosmological data sets, in the standard inflationary LambdaCDM model. Using a weak prior 40 < H_0 < 90 km/s/Mpc and 0 < tau < 0.5 we find that the VSA and COBE_DMR data alone produce the constraints Omega_tot = 1.03^{+0.12}_{-0.12}, Omega_bh^2 = 0.029^{+0.009}_{-0.009}, Omega_cdm h^2 = 0.13^{+0.08}_{-0.05} and n_s = 1.04^{+0.11}_{-0.08} at the 68 per cent confidence level. Adding in the type Ia supernovae constraints, we additionally find Omega_m = 0.32^{+0.09}_{-0.06} and Omega_Lambda = 0.71^{+0.07}_{-0.07}. These constraints are consistent with those found by the BOOMERanG, DASI and MAXIMA experiments. We also find that, by combining all the recent CMB experiments and assuming the HST key project limits for H_0 (for which the X-ray plus Sunyaev--Zel'dovich route gives a similar result), we obtain the tight constraints Omega_m=0.28^{+0.14}_{-0.07} and Omega_Lambda= 0.72^{+0.07}_{-0.13}, which are consistent with, but independent of, those obtained using the supernovae data.
Falso seudoaneurisma del ventrículo izquierdo
Julio Ibá?ez,Federico Sosa,Gustavo Verón,Carolina Vadillo
Revista Argentina de Cardiología , 2007,
Abstract: El ventrículo izquierdo puede presentar abultamientos patológicos, que se denominan aneurisma, seudoaneurisma o divertículo. Los aneurismas son los más frecuentes y su etiología más común es la enfermedad coronaria.Presentamos un paciente de 16 a os, derivado al Hospital Escuela de Corrientes con diagnóstico de accidente cerebrovascular. Por eco-Doppler color, resonancia magnética y cinecoronariografía se diagnosticó seudoaneurisma ventricular izquierdo. El examen histológico demostró la presencia de fibras musculares cardíacas, por lo que se concluyó que se trataba de un aneurisma ventricular izquierdo. Esta discordancia entre el diagnóstico por imágenes y la anatomía patológica fue descripta por Mackenzie con el nombre de falso seudoaneurisma.
Educación y discriminación de género. El sexismo en la escuela primaria. Un estudio de caso en Ciudad Juárez
Diana Carolina Nava Saucedo,María Guadalupe López álvarez
El Cotidiano , 2010,
Abstract: En este artículo se presentan los resultados de una investigación en el área de género y educación en una escuela primaria de Ciudad Juárez, en la que se realizó el seguimiento de un grupo de ni os y ni as que cursan desde el primero hasta el sexto grado de primaria, con el fin de establecer un punto de comparación y análisis de la práctica docente en la misma escuela. El objetivo fue identificar distintos códigos de género dentro de la rutina escolar y la discriminación sexista en las prácticas docentes, destacando las experiencias de integración en el salón de clases de ni os y ni as se aladas por conductas atípicas estigmatizadas por docentes y compa eros, debido principalmente al comportamiento fuera de los estereotipos tradicionales de género. Se observaron distintas situaciones en la forma como la escuela suele castigar o reforzar el sexismo en el ámbito escolar, lo que invita a una reflexión para el cambio y la desactivación de la violencia simbólica de las prácticas sexistas de exclusión de los y las docentes.
Combined Boyden-Flow Cytometry Assay Improves Quantification and Provides Phenotypification of Leukocyte Chemotaxis
Nardhy Gomez-Lopez,Felipe Vadillo-Ortega,Guadalupe Estrada-Gutierrez
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028771
Abstract: Chemotaxis has been studied by classical methods that measure chemotactic and random motility responses in vitro, but these methods do not evaluate the total number and phenotype of migrating leukocytes simultaneously. Our objective was to develop and validate a novel assay, combined Boyden-flow cytometry chemotaxis assay (CBFCA), for simultaneous quantification and phenotypification of migrating leukocytes. CBFCA exhibited several important advantages in comparison to the classic Boyden chemotaxis assay (CBCA): 1) improved precision (intra-assay coefficients of variation (CVs): CBFCA-4.7 and 4.8% vs. CBCA-30.1 and 17.3%; inter-observer CVs: CBFCA-3.6% vs. CBCA 30.1%); 2) increased recovery of cells, which increased assay to provide increased sensitivity; 3) high specificity for determining the phenotype of migrating/attracted leukocytes; and 4) reduced performance time (CBFCA 120 min vs. CBCA 265 min). Other advantages of CBFCA are: 5) robustness, 6) linearity, 7) eliminated requirement for albumin and, importantly, 8) enabled recovery of migrating leukocytes for subsequent studies. This latter feature is of great benefit in the study of migrating leukocyte subsets. We conclude that the CBFCA is a novel and improved technique for experiments focused on understanding leukocyte trafficking during the inflammatory response.
Factores asociados al uso de métodos anticonceptivos durante la primera experiencia sexual
Mario Torruco,Guadalupe Domínguez- Sosa,Cristóbal A. Aguilar Sibilla
Salud en Tabasco , 2000,
Abstract: El uso de métodos anticonceptivos durante la primera experiencia sexual varía de acuerdo a cada país y a las características socioeconómicas y culturales de estos. El objetivo de este trabajo fue encontrar los factores que influyen en la utilización de los métodos anticonceptivos durante la primera experiencia sexual. Se realizaron 113 entrevistas a los pacientes masculinos y femeninos, con edades entre los 14 y 24 a os, que acudieron a la consulta externa de las unidades rurales fijas de Río Tinto y Plátano y Cacao y a los Servicios Médicos de la Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, durante los meses de febrero y marzo de 1999. Los datos se analizaron por medio de una regresión logística. Se encontró que el pertenecer al sexo masculino y el conocer y saber como funcionan los métodos anticonceptivos aumentó la probabilidad de haber utilizado algún método anticonceptivo durante la primera experiencia sexual. Sin embargo, el vivir en unión libre disminuyó esa misma probabilidad. No se encontró asociación estadísticamente significativa entre el lugar de residencia y el uso de los métodos anticonceptivos.
La acreditación como proceso dinamizador hacia la calidad
Boville Luca de Tena, Belén,Argüello Sosa, Nohemí,Reyes Castro, Noemí Guadalupe
Revista Electrónica Actualidades Investigativas en Educación , 2006,
Abstract: Resumen: Con metodología de estudio de caso se aborda la acreditación de un centro de Educación Superior mexicano, la Unidad Académica Multidisciplinaria de Comercio y Administración Victoria de la Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas. Mediante el estudio del proceso de evaluación se trata de descubrir cómo ha generado el dinamismo que permite una mejora sustancial de la calidad. Los hallazgos ponen de manifiesto un modelo de gestión que privilegia liderazgo compartido, planeación estratégica, autoevaluación y trabajo en equipo en torno a una visión común. Se identifica una planta docente profesionalizada y programas de estudio con enfoque integral, complementado con actividades de investigación, cultura y deporte. Comprometidos con un proceso de mejora contínua, la consolidación de metas a corto y largo plazo está íntimamente relacionada con el sentido de pertenencia de sus miembros a esa organización. La corresponsabilidad ante el éxito o el fracaso es una característica clave en el éxito de esta comunidad educativa. Abstract: This educational survey is about the process of certification and assessment practised by a Mexican University Faculty of Administration and Commerce. As a case study, the authors have worked in the “Unidad Académica Multidisciplinaria de Comercio y Administración de Victoria”–UAMCAV-, of the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, in the Northeast of Mexico. The research identifies a model of management that favours shared leadership, strategic planification, autoevaluation and team work around a a common vision. A professional staff, programs of study and integrated approach complemented with activities of investigation, culture and sport allows the excellence certified by the Evaluation Authorities. Continuous improvement and the consolidation of goals in the short and long term is related to the sense of belonging to this organization. Corresponsability to either success or failure is a key characteristic in the success of this educational community.
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