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Safety and efficacy of sildenafil in Brazilian men with erectile dysfunction secondary to spinal cord injury
Carlos Eurico Dornelles Cairoli,Eric Roger Wroclawski,Carlos Hermann Schaal,Francisco Ricardo Nogueira de Azeredo Coutinho
Einstein (S?o Paulo) , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the effect of sildenafil in Brazilian patientswith erectile dysfunction secondary to spinal cord injury. Methods:Participants were examined at the time of enrollment and two andsix weeks later. Baseline and follow-up data on sexual functionwere collected. After the second week, the initial dose of sildenafil(50 mg) could be adjusted according to efficacy and tolerability.Efficacy was assessed primarily through the scores on questions 3and 4 of the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction. Secondaryanalyses included questions and domains of the index, globalefficacy evaluation, percentage of success in sexual intercourseattempts, answers to the Quality of Life and Erectile FunctionQuestionnaire, and partner’s satisfaction. Results: Ninety-onepatients were evaluated as to efficacy and 94 as to safety. Medianage of patients was 33 years, and median time between spinal cordinjury and study enrollment was three years. Sildenafil produceda significant increase in the mean scores of questions 3 and 4(p < 0.001 in both comparisons), as well as in other questionsand in all domains of the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction.Improved erections were reported by 89% of patients, and theproportion of successful sexual intercourse attempts went from6 to 74% (p < 0.001). Mean scores on the Quality of Life andErectile Dysfunction Questionnaire increased from 60 to 74%(p < 0.001). Ninety percent of 42 women reported being moderatelysatisfied to very satisfied with their partners’ treatment. The mostcommon adverse events were headache (16%), flushing (11%) andnasal congestion (10%). Conclusions: Sildenafil proved to be safeand effective in treating Brazilian men with erectile dysfunctionsecondary to traumatic spinal injury.
Efficacy and safety of parecoxib in the treatment of acute renal colic: a randomized clinical trial
Glina, Sidney;Damiao, Ronaldo;Afif-Abdo, Joao;Maria, Carlos Francisco Santa;Novoa, Raúl;Cairoli, Carlos Eurico Dornelles;Wajsbrot, Dalia;Araya, Gaston;
International braz j urol , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-55382011000600003
Abstract: purpose: although nonselective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsnsaids) and opioids are effective treatments for acute renal colic, they are associated with adverse events (aes). as cyclooxygenase-2 selective nsaids may provide a safer alternative, we compared the efficacy and safety of parecoxib versus an nsnsaid in subjects with acute renal colic. materials and methods: phase iv., multicenter, double-blind, noninferiority, active-controlled study: 338 subjects with acute renal colic were randomized to parecoxib 40 mg i.v. plus placebo (n = 174) or ketoprofen 100 mg iv plus placebo (n = 164). 338 subjects with acute renal colic were randomized to parecoxib 40 mg iv (n = 174) or ketoprofen 100 mg iv(n = 164) plus placebo. subjects were evaluated 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after treatment start and 24 hours after discharge. primary endpoint was the mean pain intensity difference (pid) at 30 minutes by visual analog scale (vas) (per-protocol population). an ancova model was used with treatment group, country, and baseline score as covariates. non-inferiority of parecoxib to ketoprofen was declared if the lower bound of the 95% confidence interval (ci) for the difference between the two groups excluded the pre-established margin of 10 mm for the primary endpoint. results: baseline demographics were similar. the mean (sd) mpid30 min was 33.84 (24.61) and 35.16 (26.01) for parecoxib and ketoprofen, respectively. for treatment difference (parecoxib-ketoprofen) the lower bound of the 95% ci was 6.53. the mean change from baseline in vas 30 minutes after study medication was ~43 mm; aes were comparable between treatments. conclusions: parecoxib is as effective as ketoprofen in the treatment of pain due to acute renal colic, is well tolerated, and has a comparable safety profile.
Trombo auricular atrapado en el foramen oval: Complicación infrecuente en el tromboembolismo pulmonar
Cairoli,Ernesto; Codina,Carlos; Cura,Leandro; Pino,Andrea; Alonso,Juan;
Revista médica de Chile , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872008000600010
Abstract: we report a 63 year-old female with a pulmonary embolism in whom echocardiography revealed the presence ofríght heart thrombus. a section ofthis thrombus was entrapped in a patent foramen oval and floating in both atria. this rare situation, named impending paradoxical embolism, prompted us to perform a surgical intervention, removing the thrombus andrepairing the foramen ovale
Evaluación del compromiso neuropsiquiátrico mediante SPECT cerebral en las enfermedades colágeno-vasculares
Ferrando, Rodolfo.,Lecot, Carlos,Cairoli, Ernesto.,Silveira, Alicia.
Alasbimn Journal , 2010,
Abstract: ResumenObjetivoEstudiar el valor del SPECT cerebral en el diagnóstico y control evolutivo del compromiso del SNC en las enfermedades colágenovasculares (ECV) con sintomatología neuropsiquiátrica (SNP).Materiales y métodosSe analizaron retrospectivamente 31 pacientes consecutivos portadores de ECV con SNP evaluados mediante SPECT cerebral con 99mTc-ECD y mapas estadísticos de superficie cortical. Veintiuno de ellos presentaban LES y 6 una enfermedad de Beh et. A 18 pacientes se efectuó además TC, a 8 RM y a 10 estudio neuropsicológico (ENP). Seis pacientes se realizaron SPECT de control.ResultadosVeintiocho pacientes presentaron SPECT patológico. La TC fue anormal en sólo 3/18 (sensibilidad 90,3% vs. 16,7%; p<0,001). La RM mostró alteraciones en 5/8 pacientes y el ENP en 7/10. Aunque todos estos pacientes presentaron SPECT patológico, los valores de sensibilidad no difirieron significativamente. Los pacientes con mayor SNP presentaron trastornos de perfusión más extensos (p<0,035). Los pacientes estudiados evolutivamente mostraron mejoría de los defectos con la respuesta al tratamiento y agravamiento con la reaparición de síntomas.ConclusionesEl SPECT cerebral presenta elevada sensibilidad en la detección del compromiso neuropsiquiátrico en las ECV. Su utilidad podría extenderse al control evolutivo y la evaluación de la respuesta terapéutica. AbstractObjetiveTo study the value of brain SPECT in the diagnosis and follow up of SNC involvement in systemic connective tissue diseases (SCTD) with neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS).Materials and methodsWe retrospectively analyzed 31 consecutive patients with SCTD presenting with NPS who underwent 99mTc-ECD SPECT and statistical surface maps. 21 patients had systemic lupus erythematosus and 3 had Beh et disease. Results were compared to those of CT (18/31), MRI (8/31) and neuropsychological examination (NPE). 6 patients had follow-up SPECT scans.ResultsTwenty-eight patients had abnormal SPECT studies. CT was abnormal in 3/18 patients (sensitivity 90.3% vs. 16.7%; p<0.001). MRI showed alterations in 5/8 patients and NPE in 7/10. Although all these patients presented abnormal SPECT scans, sensitivity values were not statistically different. Patients with major NPS presented more extensive perfusion defects (p<0.035). Patients with follow-up SPECT scans showed perfusion improvement with response to treatment and progression of the alterations when symptoms relapsed.ConclusionBrain SPECT presents high sensitivity for the detection of neurological involvement in SCTD. SPECT usefulness may extend to follow-up and evalua
Trombo auricular atrapado en el foramen oval: Complicación infrecuente en el tromboembolismo pulmonar Atrial thrombus entrapped in a patent foramen oval: Report of one case
Ernesto Cairoli,Carlos Codina,Leandro Cura,Andrea Pino
Revista médica de Chile , 2008,
Abstract: We report a 63 year-old female with a pulmonary embolism in whom echocardiography revealed the presence ofríght heart thrombus. A section ofthis thrombus was entrapped in a patent foramen oval and floating in both atria. This rare situation, named impending paradoxical embolism, prompted us to perform a surgical intervention, removing the thrombus andrepairing the foramen ovale
Características seminais e fertilidade em garanh?es
Fernandes, Carlos Eurico;Pimentel, Cláudio Alves;
Ciência Rural , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782002000500014
Abstract: the objective of this experiment was to verify the effect of sperm quality and its relationship to fertility in stallion. the data was obtained from seven farms and included 36 stallions, 1198 mares, 2013 cycles and 3817 services, during three cosecutive breeding seasons. the overall pregnancy rate (p), pregnancy per cycle (p/c) and pregnancy per service (p/s), for each stallion were used as dependent variables. additionally, the effect of age of mare (<15 or >15 years), mare status (lactating, barren and maiden) on fertility indexes was verified. stallions with viable sperm counts higher than 1.8 x 109, motile sperm not lower than 50% and normals rate higher than 60% (n=20), exhibited better p (86% vs 74% p<0.01), p/c (54% vs 45%, p<0.01) and p/s (28% vs 22%) than stallions in which sperm characteristics above those standars (n=16). the normals rate was correlated to p (0.33), p/c (0.50) and p/s (0.36), respectively. in addition to sperm quality, age and status mares were affected the fertility of stallions. these results led to the conclusion that seminal quality affects equine fertility; however, other factors associated to reproductive management, age and status mares are important in the relationship between semen quality and fertility.
Anormalidades de acrossomo e fertilidade em um garanh?o: relato de um caso
Fernandes, Carlos Eurico;Pimentel, Cláudio Alves;
Ciência Rural , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84781997000200031
Abstract: it is described certain qualitative seminal characteristics and the fertility of a thoroughbred stallion, during five consecutive breeding seasons (1990 a 1994). high percentages (13.6 a 39%) of abnormal acrossomes were observed in the ejaculates (n° = 15), being the majority of the "knobbed acrosome defect" type (dark staining area or eccentric thickening at the apex of affected spermatozoa). the pregnancy rate (p) varied between 25 e 90% and the per cycle pregnancy (p/c) between 20 e 59%. regression analysis showed that p/c was significantly (p<0.05) related to the percentage of abnormal acrossomes (r2=0.87). other seminal characteristics considered in this report were not associated (p>0.05) to fertility indexes. the conclusion is that the acrossomal defect, in the present case, could be attributed to arrested spermiogenesis. such abnormality significantly affected stallion fertility.
Características seminais e fertilidade em garanh es
Fernandes Carlos Eurico,Pimentel Cláudio Alves
Ciência Rural , 2002,
Abstract: O objetivo deste experimento foi verificar o efeito da qualidade seminal e sua rela o com a fertilidade no garanh o. Os dados foram obtidos de sete haras, incluindo 1198 éguas, 2013 ciclos e 3817 servi os, durante três temporadas consecutivas. A porcentagem de prenhez (P), porcentagem de prenhez por ciclo (P/C) e de servi o (P/S), estimadas para cada garanh o, foram usadas como variáveis dependentes. Adicionalmente, verificou-se o efeito da idade (<15 ou >15 anos) e categoria reprodutiva da égua (lacta o, falhada ou virgem), sobre os índices reprodutivos. Garanh es com total de espermatozóides viáveis no ejaculado superior a 1,8 x 10(9), motilidade n o inferior a 50% e percentual de normais acima de 60% (n=20) apresentaram melhor P (86% vs. 74%, p<0,01), P/C (54% vs. 45%), p<0,01) e P/S (28% vs. 22%, p<0,01) em rela o aos garanh es cujas características foram inferiores (n=16). O percentual de espermatozóides normais correlacionou-se à P (0,33), P/C (0,50) e P/S (0,36), respectivamente. Além de a qualidade seminal, a idade e a categoria reprodutiva das éguas afetaram a fertilidade do garanh o. Esses resultados levam à conclus o de que a qualidade seminal interfere na fertilidade do garanh o; entretanto, outros fatores associados ao manejo reprodutivo, como a idade e a categoria reprodutiva das éguas, s o importantes na rela o entre qualidade seminal e fertilidade.
Fertilidade em garanh?es avaliada através do exame andrológico
Hammes, Anelise Maria;Pimentel, Cláudio Alves;Fernandes, Carlos Eurico;
Ciência Rural , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84781996000200019
Abstract: this paper discuss certain aspects of the fertility in stallions and its relationship to the breeding soundness examination. in afirst analysis, 10 stallions that were bred only naturally had their reproductive standards correlated to the sêmen quality. in a second step, we consider 14 stallions that were bred either by artificial insemination and for naturally. in a third study, certain subfertile stallions, belonging to the previous two groups, had their fertility standards correlated to sêmen quality and management procedures. a significam association (p<0.01) was observed between sêmen quality (sperm morphology) and fertility, when stallions were bred naturally under appropriate management procedures. this relationship was not observed when artificial insemination was included in the management, because it can improve the fertility of subfertile stallions or be detrimental to normal stallions when misused used. the individual analysis of the subfertile stallions allowed to determine if the cause the infertility can befrom intrinsic or extrinsic (management) factors.
Coexistência de coloniza??o fúngica intracavitária (bola fúngica) e tuberculose ativa
Unis, Gisela;Picon, Pedro Dornelles;Severo, Luiz Carlos;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132005000200009
Abstract: background: although pulmonary tuberculosis is the principal predisposing factor for intracavitary fungal colonization, the coexistence of the two diseases is rare. simultaneity of fungal colonization and active mycobacteriosis in the same cavity (acid-fast bacilli found among hyphal masses) is highly unusual. objective: to describe clinical findings, diagnostic procedures, radiographic aspects, accompanying conditions and evolution in patients with tuberculosis and fungus ball. method: we reviewed, retrospectively, the records of 625 patients diagnosed with fungus ball between 1974 and 2002. all of the patients had been diagnosed through immunodiffusion or mycological study, or both. the inclusion criterion was positivity for acid-fast bacilli in sputum smear microscopy or histopathology. results: the charts of 14 patients were selected. all had presented hemoptysis, followed by productive cough, dyspnea, weight loss, fever, asthenia and chest pain. in one patient colonized by aspergillus niger and in another colonized by scedosporium apiospermum (teleomorph, pseudallescheria boydii), active tuberculosis was seen concomitant to the fungus ball. in the remaining cases, the mycobacteria were found in the adjacent parenchyma or in the contralateral lung. conclusion: this study corrobates the assertion that antagonism exists between mycobacterium tuberculosis and aspergillus fumigatus. the potential for fungal colonization and mycobacteriosis to occur concomitantly is demonstrated in other fungal agents, s. apiospermum (p. boydii) and a. niger in particular.
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