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Nonlinear Principal and Canonical Directions from Continuous Extensions of Multidimensional Scaling  [PDF]
Carles M. Cuadras
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2014.42015

A continuous random variable is expanded as a sum of a sequence of uncorrelated random variables. These variables are principal dimensions in continuous scaling on a distance function, as an extension of classic scaling on a distance matrix. For a particular distance, these dimensions are principal components. Then some properties are studied and an inequality is obtained. Diagonal expansions are considered from the same continuous scaling point of view, by means of the chi-square distance. The geometric dimension of a bivariate distribution is defined and illustrated with copulas. It is shown that the dimension can have the power of continuum.

University Teachers: Coping with Sociocultural Diversity. A Study about Critical Incidents between Hegemonic and Subaltern Cultures  [PDF]
Crista Weise, Carles Monereo
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.96071
Abstract: This article aims to identify and characterise the critical incidents (CI) that occur most frequently at university level in highly diverse sociocultural contexts. Intercultural relations will be analysed within the framework of hegemony and resistance between Western culture, which is inherent to university settings, and the non-Western mixed traits present in the student body. The relationship between different CIs will be examined, as will be the various issues associated with them according to teachers’ perceptions. For this qualitative study, 23 teachers from two Bolivian universities were interviewed. The teachers reported 9 types of CIs linked to sociocultural diversity. The results indicate that CIs are usually the outcome of cultural clashes between the institutional and teachers’ culture and the students’ culture, with the three most frequent CIs related to the use of the vehicular language, expression and communication; different thinking processes and the relationship between students. As a result, we propose a typology and a scheme for classification and interpretation of CIs linked to cultural diversity with the objective of advancing university teacher training.
A Unified Approach for the Multivariate Analysis of Contingency Tables  [PDF]
Carles M. Cuadras, Daniel Cuadras
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2015.53024
Abstract: We present a unified approach to describing and linking several methods for representing categorical data in a contingency table. These methods include: correspondence analysis, Hellinger distance analysis, the log-ratio alternative, which is appropriate for compositional data, and the non-symmetrical correspondence analysis. We also present two solutions working with cummulative frequencies.
Broadband Spectral Amplitude Control in High-Order Harmonic Generation
Carles Serrat
Applied Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/app2040816
Abstract: A technique for broadband spectral amplitude control of light pulses produced in high-order harmonic generation (HHG) is presented. It has been shown elsewhere that broadband spectral phase control in HHG is achievable using a computerized feedback loop scheme by coherently adding a filtered region of the HHG emission to the intense IR driving pulse with optimal attenuation and time delay parameters. In the present study, further computational evidence of the capabilities of this control scheme is provided by considering the spectral amplitude in a broadband region of the HHG spectrum as the control target for the production of isolated attosecond pulses. Different spectral widths and central photon energies are examined, such as a spectral width of 30 eV centered at 36 eV, well in the plateau, and a width of 20 eV centered at 60 eV in the cutoff region. An iterative procedure of the method is implemented and optimal isolated single cycle pulses at a central photon energy of 36 eV are obtained. This control scheme is a fundamental tool that can be implemented for amplitude and phase shaping of any suitable spectral region in HHG.
Responsabilidad por una práctica médica inadecuada: una perspectiva económica
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112003000600011
Abstract: in recent years, changes in the organization of healthcare institutions and the increased number of medical malpractice claims have revealed the need to study the concept of medical responsibility and the repercussion of these changes on healthcare provision. to date, discussion has focussed on legal aspects and economic implications have been largely ignored. the present article reviews studies that have performed an economic analysis the subject. firstly, we examine studies that gradually introduce the concepts of uncertainty, risk aversion and moral hazard. secondly, in the healthcare environment, we pay particular attention to models that include new arguments on professionals' objective duties or to bargaining models when there is asymmetric information. finally, we consider the medical malpractice insurance market and investigate how reputation and the possibilities of exercising defensive medicine influence healthcare provision. our analysis suggests that, due to the characteristics of the healthcare market, the models proposed by the economy of information are very useful for performing economic analyses of liability in medical malpractice. however, alternative hypotheses also need to be formulated so that these models can be adapted to the specific characteristics of different health systems.
Prayer and symbolisation in an Irish Catholic community
Etnográfica , 2008,
Abstract: the purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of prayer in the everyday life of an irish catholic community. prayers are mental acts that need to be actualised following detailed instructions. this is so because prayers have to be ?authentic?, which means that there has to be a correspondence between the act of praying and the mental state of believing. due to the fact that mental states are by definition invisible, the argument of this paper is that that correspondence can only be symbolised by the very special characteristics of the act of praying. by stressing the symbolic nature of the act of praying, an alternative to recent cognitive approaches to the analysis of ritualisation is also suggested.
La habitación de los adolescentes / The adolescent’s bedroom
Carles Feixa
Papeles del CEIC , 2005,
Abstract: Si algún espacio permite observar al microscopio la transformación de la familia contemporánea en relación a la manera cómo los padres tratan a sus hijos (y cómo los hijos les tratan a ellos), podríamos quizás fijar nues-tro punto de mira en la habitación de los adolescentes. No es que en el pasado el espacio privado hubiera sido un lugar menos relevante (pues desde los 60 los jóve-nes aprendieron a hacer suya la vieja consigna de Vir-ginia Woolf: Una habitación propia). Lo que ha sucedi-do en la última década es que este territorio de la femi-nidad se ha juvenilizado, afectando a todos los grupos sociales, como reducto y laboratorio de microcultura juvenil emergente que además del espacio público en-cuentra su emblema en los contactos reales y virtuales que se realizan desde la habitación propia. Este artícu-lo presenta el primer esbozo de resultados de una in-vestigación etnográfica sobre el tema, aunque antes de exponerlo deberemos plantear un modelo teórico sobre los cambios en las relaciones paternofiliales (lo que denominamos “el reloj de las generaciones”) y un pa-norama general (basado en datos estadísticos recien-tes) sobre la relación de los jóvenes con la cultura digi-tal, una de los fundamentos de las culturas de habita-ción). If there is a space that permits close-up observation of the transformation of the contemporary family with respect to the way parents treat their children (and how their children treat them), we could perhaps direct our attention to the adolescents’ bedroom. This is not to say that the private space was any less relevant in the past (from the 1960’s onwards young people adopted Virginia Woolf’s old slo-gan A Room of My Own). What has happened in the last decade is that this territory of femininity has been juve-nilized, affecting all social groups, as a bastion and an emergent laboratory of juvenile microculture, which, be-sides the public space, finds its emblem in the real and vir-tual contacts that are made from this “room of one’s own”. This article presents a first outline of the results of an eth-nographic study of this question, although, before setting it out, we propose a theoretical model of the changes in parent-children relations (what we call the “generational clock”) and a general panorama (based on recent statisti-cal data) of the relation of young people with digital cul-ture, one of the foundations of bedroom cultures.
Rese a de " Qué hay más allá de la Juventud? Una lectura desde la politica de los acontecimientos" de Jorge Eliecer Martínez Posada
Carles Feixa
Tabula Rasa , 2011,
Incorporació de les propostes etimològiques de Joan Veny en el Gran diccionari de la llengua catalana Incorporation of the Etymological Proposals of Joan Veny into the Gran diccionari le la llengua catalana
Carles Riera
Llengua & Literatura , 2012, DOI: 10.2436/l&l.v0i0.60554
Abstract: En l’article es comprova el grau d’acceptació, per part del Gran diccionari de la llengua catalana (1998), de les propostes etimològiques de Joan Veny sobre una sèrie de mots estudiats en la seva obra Llengua i entorn natural (2001). The article examines the degree to which the Gran diccionari le la llengua catalana [‘Great Dictionary of the Catalan language’] (1998) accepted the etymological proposals of Joan Veny concerning a series of words presented in his book Llengua i entorn natural [‘Language and the Natural Environment’] (2001).
Responsabilidad por una práctica médica inadecuada: una perspectiva económica
Carles M.
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2003,
Abstract: Los cambios en la organización de las instituciones sanitarias y el incremento del número de denuncias por mala praxis de los últimos a os han puesto de relieve la necesidad de estudiar el concepto de responsabilidad médica y su repercusión en la provisión de asistencia sanitaria. Hasta el momento, el debate se ha centrado básicamente en los aspectos legales. Sin embargo, falta discutir sus implicaciones económicas. Este trabajo revisa las investigaciones que han realizado un análisis económico del tema. En primer lugar, examinamos las que introducen paulatinamente los conceptos de incertidumbre, aversión al riesgo o riesgo moral. Posteriormente, en el entorno sanitario, prestamos especial atención a los modelos que incluyen nuevos argumentos en la función objetivo de los profesionales o, cuando existe información asimétrica, a los que plantean un problema de negociación. Por último, consideramos el mercado de seguros de responsabilidad sanitaria, y en este apartado vemos cómo la variable reputación, o la posibilidad de ejercer una medicina defensiva, influyen en la provisión de asistencia sanitaria. Nuestro análisis sugiere que, debido a las características del mercado sanitario, deben utilizarse los modelos propuestos por la economía de la información en el análisis económico formal, pero conviene plantear hipótesis alternativas para adaptar dichos modelos a la especificidad de los distintos sistemas sanitarios.
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