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Doped Amorphous Carbon Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Electrodeposition  [PDF]
Canyan Che, Yang Li, Guifeng Zhang, Dewei Deng
Open Journal of Synthesis Theory and Applications (OJSTA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojsta.2014.31002

It has theoretical significance and practical value to synthetize and modify amorphous carbon films by liquid electro-deposition technique due to its low cost, simple equipment, and better operability in uniform deposition of the films with large-area and complex shape work pieces. This article introduces the research situation of the carbon films prepared by liquid phase electrochemical deposition according to the applied voltage, discusses the influence of experimental parameters on the film properties, and describes possible reaction mechanisms. It summarizes the research progress of amorphous carbon films doped with metal and nonmetals. Finally, existing problems have been demonstrated and suggestions on research hotspots in the future are given.

A Primary Robustness Optimization Strategy of Multi-Item and Low-Volume Process  [PDF]
Jianguo CHE
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2009.23024
Abstract: Multi-item and low-volume process is a production system with multi-input source, interactions between input variables, and frequently changes of system state, etc. Strong interactions between input variables and time-varying of input variables cause poor robustness and large variation range of output quality, which produces high cost, heavy waste and low efficiency of multi-item and low-volume process. Robustness optimization of multi-item and low-volume process is a new, important and need-to-deep research field with multi-item and low-volume production system prevails. It proposed a strategy enhancing robustness of multi-item and low-volume process by Taguchi robust design. Firstly, build and analyze a fitting output response model of multi-item and low-volume process after taking the adjustable variables (or time-varying variables) corresponding to each item and interaction between input variables into fitting output response model of multi-item and low-volume process as input variables uniformly, and treating the parameter value of time-varying variables corresponding to each item as level value of the adjustable variables (or signal factors) of process. Secondly, present robustness evaluation index based on evidential theory, desirability function and dual response surface etc. Finally, choose the proper experiment type and optimize the process. And then the robustness optimization of multi-item and low-volume process can be reached.
Investment Analysis about China’s IT Company—The Tencent Holdings Limited  [PDF]
Jingjing Che
Modern Economy (ME) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/me.2018.96072
Abstract: As one of the most huge and potential markets in the world, China has a series of powerful IT companies, such as Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi and so on. Based on such a market and huge population, these companies have very good future in developing and making profits. As a result, studying on them becomes more and more important for the market to know how these companies develop and how their stocks change. This paper focuses on the developing trend of Tencent and tries to provide a valuable investment suggestion for the market. At last, this paper finds that Tencent, as one of the biggest IT companies in China, has very great developing potential with its achievements in the game industry. The main contributions of this paper are that it has found future developing points of Tencent in the game industry and that it points out a new developing power in IT industry, the Entertainment power. The main limitation of this paper is that it has only checked one IT company, the Tencent, instead of comparing different companies to show how Tencent gets benefits from game industry.
The Hub Status and Transportation Network of Kribi Port  [PDF]
Che Kingsleychenikwi, Xuefeng Wang
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2018.86019
Abstract: In this paper, a study on four African ports was taken out that all have the ca-pability to become a hub port that can serve the central African region. The paper sort to determine which port was most suitable and port indexing was the method that was used to evaluate these ports. The ports evaluated were the port of Kribi, the port of Bata, the port of Libreville and the port of Pointe-Noire. There were other models that were also used which included linear regression and linear programming which all contributed to providing the final results of the port with the most suitable potential to serve as a hub port and meaningful results were obtained. The final results showed that the port of Pointe-Noire was the most suitable port to serve the central African region as a hub port.
Hubungan keluarga dari aspek komunikasi dan gaya keibubapaan
Che Hasniza Che Noh
Jurnal Kemanusiaan , 2006,
Abstract: Hubungan keluarga dalam kajian ini memberi tumpuan kepada aspek gayakeibubapaan dan pola komunikasi keluarga. Selain itu, kajian ini melihat kepentingan ciri anak dalam hubungan tersebut. Secara lebih khusus, kajian bertujuan mengkaji hubungan keluarga dari aspek gaya keibubapaan dan pola komunikasi keluarga dan juga hubungan ciri anak terhadap hubungan keluarga. Pemilihan sampel dijalankan dengan memilih pelajar di sekolah-sekolah di Terengganu dan seramai 435 pelajarterlibat dalam kajian ini. Pengumpulan data berdasarkan kepada soal selidik yang dijawab sendiri oleh responden. Pelajar menjawab empat bahagian soal selidik iaitu a) maklumat demografi, b) maklumat komunikasi keluarga, c) gaya keibubapaan dan d) maklumat personaliti. Sebanyak tiga alat kajian telah digunakan iaitu Revised FamilyCommunication Pattern, Parental Authority Questionnaire, dan Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised. Kaedah analisis korelasi dan regresi digunakan dalam kajian ini. Analisis korelasi menunjukkan personaliti ekstrovert mempunyai hubungan signifikan dengan gaya keibubapaan autoritatif dan juga kedua-dua orientasi komunikasi perbualan dan orientasi konformiti. Analisis regresi pula menunjukkannilai pekali korelasi di antara gabungan pembolehubah personaliti dengan gaya keibubapaan menyumbang kepada peratusan varians yang berbeza kepada pola komunikasi keluarga orientasi perbualan dan orientasi konformiti.
Hubungan empati dan penghargaan kendiri ibubapa dengan gaya keibubapaan
Che Hasniza Che Noh
Jurnal Kemanusiaan , 2011,
Abstract: Artikel ini membincangkan aspek empati dan penghargaan kendiri di kalangan ibubapa dan hubungannya dengan gaya keibubapaan. Berdasarkan Model Keibubapaan Belsky, ciri ibubapa merupakan antara faktor yang mempengaruhi gaya keibubapaan. Dalam kajian ini, empati danpenghargaan kendiri telah dikenalpasti sebagai ciri ibubapa yang penting. Dalam konteks hubungan ibubapa dan anak, ibubapa yang empati akan lebih memahami anak-anak manakala penghargaan kendiri ibubapa akan mempengaruhi penilaian dan pandangan ibubapa terhadap anak-anak. Memahami dan menilai dengan positif adalah dua faktor penting untuk membolehkan ibubapa mendidik anak-anak dengan berkesan. Justeru, satu kajian telah dijalankan terhadap 300 ibu dan 277 bapa di Terengganu untuk melihat ciri ibubapa iaitu empati dan juga penghargaan kendiri. Sementara itu, kajian ini juga melibatkan anak responden yang berada di tingkatan empat bagi tujuan mendapatkan maklumat berkaitan gaya keibubapaan. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan majoriti responden di kalangan ibubapa mempunyai tahap empati dan penghargaan kendiri yangtinggi, serta mengamalkan gaya keibubapaan autoritatif dalam mendidik anak-anak.
Enlightenment of Development of Higher Education in South Korea to China
Zhenghong Che,Zhengmei Che
International Journal of Higher Education , 2012, DOI: 10.5430/ijhe.v1n2p130
Abstract: China and South Korea are two neighboring countries and are both developing countries. Furthermore, the modern and contemporary higher education of these two countries originates from the middle and late 19th Century, so there are a lot of similarities between the two countries. However, although the origination period of modern and contemporary higher education of the two countries is almost similar, the developmental speed of higher education in these two countries is not totally the same due to the different strategic measures taken by the two countries in terms of developmental mode of higher education. Thus, study on differences between the higher education of these two countries and refer to the experience of South Korean higher education is of great and important realistic significance to improve higher education in China and promote and economic and social development. Through an analysis in the development history and educational system of higher education in South Korea, this article makes a comparison of the similarities and differences between China and South Korea in terms of the current condition and reform of their educational system so as to find out the gap between China and South Korea in terms of the higher education and explore a correct path for development of China higher education.
Study on Case Teaching of Financial Management
Zhenghong Che,Zhengmei Che
Higher Education Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/hes.v1n2p118
Abstract: Case teaching is an efficient teaching method of management. It plays an important role to enhance the students’ ability to practice the theory. However, case teaching of financial management has not achieved the expected results. The paper aims to study the importance, characteristics and corresponding methods of case teaching method of financial management.
New Standpoint of ALT Test for Blood Safety in Dongguan Blood Center  [PDF]
Ziyi He, Fuping Liu, Dewen Wang, Jialin Che, Jialin Che
Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics (OJCD) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojcd.2014.41008
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the relationship between the single ALT positive (ELSIA-HBV/HCV negative) and NAT-HBV/HCV on blood donor samples. Methods: 28710 samples were surveyed retrospectively from Dec. 2010 to Dec. 2011. ALT was detected by rate method, and the single ALT positive samples were detected by ELSIA-HBV/HCV and NAT-HBV/HCV. The relationship between the single ALT positive and NAT-HBV/HCV were analyzed. 21 samples, values in 40 U/L ≤ ALT ≤ 70 U/L, were selected at random from 2516 samples with single ALT positive, which were second detected by ELISA and NAT in the second donation. Results: 2516 (8.74%) single ALT positive samples (ELSIA-HBV/HCV negative) were found in 28710 donors. Among these samples, 8 (2.8/10000) positive were detected by NAT, including 5 HBV-DNA-positive and 3 HCV-RNA-positive. Obviously, positive rate of NAT from the donors whose ALT value ≤ 70 U/L were lower than those of ≥ 71 U/L (P < 0.01). 21 donors were investigated in the second donation in following 153 to 401 days, All samples were negative by ELISA-HBV/HCV and NAT-HBV/HCV. Conclusions: Donors with single ALT positive (value in 40 U/L-70 U/L) are not likely to become HBV/HCV virus carriers or HBV/HCV patients after half or one year. So it is to set ALT abandone threshlod to ≤ 70 U/L can ensure blood safety, and reduce blood abandone in our center.
Constraints on Jets and Luminosity Function of Gamma-ray Bursts Associated with Supernovae
H. Che
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: If Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) are generally associated with supernovae like 1998bw, a relatively wide intrinsic luminosity function is implied, which indicates the existence of a large amount of undetected dim bursts, and a much higher event-rate than is often assumed. If it is assumed that the intrinsic luminosity function of GRBs is a power-law: ${\phi (L)} \propto {L^{-\beta}}$ ($\beta > 0$, $L_{min} \leq L \leq L_{max}$), data from the BATSE 4B catalog can be used to constrain slope index $\beta$ and the dynamic range width Log ${L_{max}\over L_{min}}$. Using a K-S test comparison with the observational Log $N$ - Log $P$, we find constraints on the GRB fireball model, GRB jets, and the possible GRB contribution to cosmic gamma-ray background. We find the acceptable dynamic range for $10^2
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