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Ciencia y técnica en la anticiencia ficción de C. S. Lewis
Burgos López,Campo Ricardo;
Civilizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas , 2011,
Abstract: the article analyzes the image of western science and technology (and by extension of civilization in which they are prominent), that put cs lewis's cosmic trilogy (classic of fantasy literature and religion of the twentieth century). in the scientific-technical culture now prevailing in these three novels, lewis proposes a civilization rooted in christianity. faced with a scientific-technical culture to promote the dehumanization just the discrimination of humans and nonhumans, new forms of alienation and, ultimately, opposed to wisdom, lewis bet the alternative of a return to christ. such a return to christ is also the return to wisdom, and thus opting for a path leading to full humanization.
Embarazo ectópico cornual en el tercer trimestre
Velázquez Arjona,Serge Ricardo; Corrales Campo,Manuel; Macias Navarro,Meidys María;
MEDISAN , 2011,
Abstract: the case report of a 34-year-old patient from a rural area with low educational status and history of good health and menstrual disorders by default was described, who went to the emergency room at "dr. juan bruno zayas" general teaching hospital of santiago de cuba, due to severe abdominal pain in epigastrium, which was extended to the back and intensified by fetal movement. complementary tests, specifically ultrasound, were performed and showed the presence of a cornual ectopic pregnancy in the third quarter, reason why it is decided to make a laparotomy, remove the product of conception and perform subtotal hysterectomy, after that the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit of the institution.
In-furrow inoculation of soybean as alternative to fungicide and micronutrient seed treatment
Campo, Rubens José;Araujo, Ricardo Silva;Mostasso, Fábio Luís;Hungria, Mariangela;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832010000400010
Abstract: soybean is a major grain crop in brazil, and yields can be considerably improved by inoculation with selected bradyrhizobium strains. however, the incompatibility between inoculation and seed treatments with fungicides and micronutrients represents a major barrier to the achievement of high rates of biological n2 fixation. inoculation practices that can alleviate the negative effects of agrochemicals must therefore be found and in-furrow inoculation seems to be an attractive alternative. this study reports the results of seven field experiments conducted in three growing seasons in brazil; three in soils previously cropped with inoculated soybean (> 104 cells g-1 of soil of bradyrhizobium), and four in areas where the crop was sown for the first time (< 102 cells g-1 of soil of bradyrhizobium). the compatibility with fungicides and micronutrients was compared in seeds inoculated with peat or liquid inoculants, or treated with different doses of liquid inoculant in-furrow. in areas with established bradyrhizobium populations, seed-applied agrochemicals did generally not affect nodulation, but also did not increase yields, while inoculation always increased n grain accumulation or yield, and n fertilizer decreased both nodulation and yield. where soybean was sown for the first time, the seed treatment with agrochemicals affected nodulation when applied together with peat or liquid inoculant. in-furrow inoculation alleviated the effects of seed treatment with agrochemicals; the best performance was achieved with high bradyrhizobium cell concentrations, with up to 2.5 million cells seed-1.
Comportamiento de los traumatismos dentoalveolares en alumnos de las ESBU del municipio Artemisa
Vi?as García,Mileydis; Algozaín Acosta,Yudit; Rodríguez Llanes,Ricardo; álvarez Campo,Licerba;
Revista Cubana de Estomatolog?-a , 2009,
Abstract: the dentoalveolar trauma (dat) becomes a public health problem due to its significant incidence and the future severe sequalae. a cross-sectional, retrospective and descriptive study was conducted to determine the behavior of dats in pupils of urban basic secondary schools of artemisa municipality from january to june, 2008. sample includes 2 684 pupils and from these, 309 were the real sample who was affected by some kind of dat. in this group the following variables were registered: school, age, sex, dat etiology, period of dat, involved arch, involved tooth and the kind of lesion. for data collection, we designed a form and these were statistically processed by excel system (instat). results were showed in tables and charts. we conclude that from the total of pupils examined; only the 11.5% was affected with a dat homogenous behavior in the four basic secondary schools. in distribution by sex, almost the ? was of male sex and the age interval with higher involvement was of 11-12. the leading cause of dat was the teeth loss and the great percentage of dat total occurred during vacations period. the superior arch was the more sensitive to dats and the central teeth were the more involved. the coronary tissue loss accounted for more half of lesions produced by dats.
Edades de metamorfismo en las unidades con bajo grado de la región central del Famatina: la impronta del ciclo orogénico oclóyico (Ordovícico)
Collo,Gilda; Astini,Ricardo A; Cardona,Agustín; Do Campo,Margarita D; Cordani,Umberto;
Revista geológica de Chile , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-02082008000200001
Abstract: many of the metamorphic and deformational events associated to low-grade units in nw argentina have been linked with ancient orogenies, like the pampean (cambrian) and the ocloyic (ordovician) cycles. the lack of specific ages in the low-grade metamorphic rocks of the famatina belt, as well as the absence of a detailed stratigraphic analysis, have led to ambiguous interpretations respect to the paleozoic evolution of the southern segment of the central andes. recent work allows recognition of two units within the low-grade 'metamorphic basement'; the negro peinado and the achavil formations. provenance analysis relates deposition of both units to the final stages of the pampean cycle during the cambrian, whereas an ordovician (ocloyic) synorogenic nature is suggested for the la aguadita formation, also traditionally included within the low-grade 'metamorphic basement'. thus, as a whole, these units areyounger than the traditionally correlated pre-pampean punco vise ana formation. k-ar ages obtained forfamatina indicate that low-grade metamorphism and deformation of these units are ordovician, in contrast to a much older age (proterozoic-middle cambrian) previously suggested. ages of 457±9 ma (whole rock) and 463±14 ma (<2μm fraction) for the negro peinado formation allow establishing a link with the climax of the ocloyic orogeny developed along western gondwana during the early paleozoic. ages of 435±12 ma (<2μm fraction) in the la aguadita formation and of 444±8 ma (whole rock) in phyllonites of the ángulos shear zone are consistent with an extent into the earliest silurian for this cycle. additionally, a 359±7 ma (<2μm fraction) age for the negro peinado formation (las trancas shear zone) indicates local resetting within the age range assigned to the achalian orogeny (late silurian-early carboniferous).
Alicia M. Campo,Oscar Pe?a,Ricardo Gandullo,Rodrigo de la Cal
Papeles de Geografía , 2011,
Abstract: Se analiza el comportamiento de la vegetación y los suelos en un humedal "mallín" mediante la utilización de técnicas de teledetección en una imagen Landsat TM y salidas al terreno. Se utilizaron índices de Vegetación basados en la distancia y en la pendiente. Los resultados obtenidos en las clases delimitadas muestran que para las zonas más húmedas del mallín y de mayor cobertura vegetal, la correlación entre los dos tipos de índice es alta y pueden ser usados indistintamente. En el caso que la proporción de suelo desnudo aumente, la correlación disminuye y los mejores índices a aplicar son los basados en la distancia. Tal es el caso del PVI, PVI1, WDVI. Los resultados de los censos de vegetación realizados en las salidas al terreno revelaron la alta degradación del lugar como consecuencia del sobrepastoreo ejercido durante más de un siglo en este ecosistema.
Tumbas inéditas de la necrópolis de Osma (Soria) en el Museo del Ejército
De La Torre Echávarri, José Ignacio,Berzosa Del Campo, Ricardo
Gladius , 2002, DOI: 10.3989/gladius.2002.58
Abstract: The basic aims of this work is the study of six panoplies from cemetery of Vi as de Portuguí (Osma, Soria), which were acquired by the Infantry Museum (ancestor of the Army Museum of Madrid) in 1916. This set was constituted by several samples of Celtiberian warriors weapons. We also shall attempt to study an ensemble of objects with Roman influences. These items allow to explain the Roman acculturation process lived by the Uxama population, with the introduction of new materials in the burials En el presente trabajo pretendemos dar a conocer cinco ajuares funerarios procedentes de la necrópolis de Vi as de Portuguí (Osma, Soria), que ingresaron en el antiguo Museo de Infantería en 1916, y que forman parte actualmente de la colección del Museo del Ejército. El lote está formado por un buen número de armas, destacando las características espadas de antenas atrofiadas, así como elementos de clara raigambre cultural romana. Estos nuevos ajuares permitirán ofrecer una visión de conjunto más completa del cementerio, así como acercarnos al proceso de romanización que sufrió la población de Uxama.
Gestión de riesgos asociados a cirugía de catarata mediante plan de cuidado estandarizado Risk management associated to cataract surgery by means of standardized care plan
Aymara Cruz Almaguer,Fidel Ricardo Suárez,Ilza Zaldivar Rodriguez,Marcia Campo Gonzales
Revista Cubana de Enfermer?-a , 2010,
Abstract: La cirugía de catarata es uno de los procedimientos quirúrgicos más practicados en todo el mundo. Los altos volúmenes de operaciones diarias, la complejidad de los cuidados y las presiones del trabajo global hacen inevitable en ocasiones la aparición de efectos adversos en este proceder. Estudios previos han demostrado que algunos de estos efectos adversos están relacionados con los cuidados enfermeros. Por esta razón se realizó una investigación cualitativa en el Hospital Lucía I iguez Landín durante el primer trimestre de 2010, con el objetivo de dise ar un plan de cuidados estandarizado para gestionar los riesgos asociados a cirugía de catarata. A partir de la revisión documental sobre el proceso de atención de enfermería en este proceder quirúrgico y las taxonomías enfermeras vigentes en la actualidad se realizaron talleres de actualización. Los foros de discusión, grupos focales y talleres fueron los métodos utilizados para alcanzar este propósito. Se propone un plan de cuidado estandarizado para gestionar riesgos asociados a la cirugía de catarata tomando en cuenta las taxonomías de la Asociación Norteamericana de Diagnósticos de Enfermería, la Clasificación de Resultados de Enfermería y la Clasificación de Intervenciones de Enfermería., los riesgos del cuidado en cada momento específico del perioperatorio y la posición del enfermero que realiza estos cuidados. Cataract surgery is one of the commonest surgical procedures all over the world. High volume day-care surgery, the complexity of care, and overarching performance pressures may result in unsatisfactory outcomes for that surgical procedure. Previous studies has shown that many adverse events from cataract extraction are related to nurses care. A qualitative research was carried out al Lucía I iguez Hospital in the first quarter of 2010 to design a standard care plan for management of risk associated to cataract surgery througt document review of nurse care process in this surgical procedure and up to date nursing taxonomies. Discussion forums, workshops and focal groups were the methods used to achieve that goal. A standard nursing care plan for management of risks associated to cataract surgery is proposed taking into account taxonomies from North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, Nursing Outcomes Clasification and Nursing Intervention Clasification, the risks of every perioperative period and the position of the nurse responsible for specifical cares.
Comportamiento de los traumatismos dentoalveolares en alumnos de las ESBU del municipio Artemisa Behaviors of dentoalveolar traumata present in urban basic secondary schools (UBSS) pupils of Artemisa municipality
Mileydis Vi?as García,Yudit Algozaín Acosta,Ricardo Rodríguez Llanes,Licerba álvarez Campo
Revista Cubana de Estomatolog?-a , 2009,
Abstract: El trauma dentoalveolar (TDA) es un problema de salud pública debido a su incidencia y a las graves secuelas que puede dejar. Se realizó un estudio descriptivo, retrospectivo y de corte transversal para determinar el comportamiento de los TDA en alumnos de las escuelas secundarias básicas urbanas del municipio Artemisa en el período comprendido entre enero y junio de 2008. El universo fue de 2 684 alumnos y de estos, 309 constituyeron la muestra al estar afectados por algún tipo de TDA. A los afectados se le registraron las siguientes variables: escuela, edad, sexo, etiología del TDA, período en que ocurrió el TDA, arcada afectada, diente lesionado y tipo de lesión. Para recoger los datos se confeccionó un formulario y estos se procesaron estadísticamente por el sistema Excel (INSTAT). Los resultados se presentaron en tablas y gráficos. Se constató que del total de alumnos examinados, sólo el 11,5 % resultó afectado, con un comportamiento homogéneo del TDA en las cuatro ESBU. Al distribuirlos por sexo, aproximadamente más de la mitad correspondió al masculino y el intervalo de edad de mayor número de afectados fue de 11-12 a os. La principal causa de TDA fueron las caídas y el mayor por ciento del total de TDA ocurrió durante el período vacacional. La arcada superior fue la más propensa a los TDA y fueron los centrales los dientes más afectados. La pérdida de tejido coronario representó más de la mitad de las lesiones producidas por los TDA. The dentoalveolar trauma (DAT) becomes a public health problem due to its significant incidence and the future severe sequalae. A cross-sectional, retrospective and descriptive study was conducted to determine the behavior of DATs in pupils of urban basic secondary schools of Artemisa municipality from January to June, 2008. Sample includes 2 684 pupils and from these, 309 were the real sample who was affected by some kind of DAT. In this group the following variables were registered: school, age, sex, DAT etiology, period of DAT, involved arch, involved tooth and the kind of lesion. For data collection, we designed a form and these were statistically processed by Excel system (INSTAT). Results were showed in tables and charts. We conclude that from the total of pupils examined; only the 11.5% was affected with a DAT homogenous behavior in the four basic secondary schools. In distribution by sex, almost the was of male sex and the age interval with higher involvement was of 11-12. The leading cause of DAT was the teeth loss and the great percentage of DAT total occurred during vacations period. The superior arch w
Varicocelectomía con analgesia acupuntural. Servicios de Urología. Hospitales Provinciales Clínico-Quirúrgicos. Pinar del Río 2002-2005 Varicocelectomy with acupunctural analgesic. Services of Urology at "Leon Cuervo Rubio" and "Abel Santamaria" Provincial Teaching Hospitals, Pinar del Rio. 2002-2005
Pedro Ricardo Hernández Campo,Tadeo Miguel Ferreiro Valdés,Wilfredo Rabelo Llanio,Maria Esperanza Mirabal
Revista de Ciencias M??dicas de Pinar del R?-o , 2008,
Abstract: Se realizó un estudio prospectivo y aleatorio simple en 150 pacientes del sexo masculino, entre los 15 y 30 a os de edad, con el diagnóstico de varicocele, intervenidos quirúrgicamente por el servicio de Urología de la provincia de Pinar del Río (Hospital Universitario Abel Santamaría Cuadrado y el Clínico Quirúrgico Docente León Cuervo Rubio) durante el período comprendido de enero de 2002 a diciembre de 2005. El método estadístico aplicado fue el test de Chi Cuadrado. Los resultados obtenidos en esta investigación arrojaron, que entre las complicaciones transoperatorias encontradas están la hipertensión arterial, la bradicardia y las complicaciones postoperatorias (sepsis de la herida quirúrgica y orquiepididimitis aguda). La calidad de la analgesia transoperatoria y post-operatoria fue buena en su mayoría, aunque el tiempo quirúrgico resultó prolongado; los gastos hospitalarios son mínimos, todo esto demostró la eficacia del método y justifica su uso por parte de los anestesiólogos y urólogos al ser aplicada en la varicocelectomía, demostrándose una buena estabilidad hemodinámica, mínimas complicaciones y una buena analgesia preoperatorio, así como reducción considerable de los costos y estadía hospitalaria del paciente. Todo lo anterior justifica este estudio y el uso de forma regular de la acupuntura como método de analgesia quirúrgica. A prospective, simple and at random study with 150 male patients between 15 and 30 years old suffering from varicocele who underwent surgeries was carried out in the service of urology in both Provincial Teaching Hospitals (Leon Cuervo Rubio and Abel Santamaria) during January 2002 and December 2005. Chi-squared was the statistical method applied. The results obtained in this research showed that among the complications during trans-operative period were hypertension, bradycardia and in the post-operative were sepsis in the surgical wound and orchiepididymitis. The quality of the trans-operative and post-operative analgesia was good in the majority of the cases; though surgical time was longer; the hospital costs were minimized, showing the efficacy of the method which justified its use by anesthesiologists and urologists in Varicocelectomy. A good hemodynamic stability, minimal complications and a good preoperative analgesia; as well as reduction in costs and hospital stay of the patients were observed. The advantages of acupuncture as a surgical-analgesic method give reasons to use it regularly.
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