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Política educativa, maestros y derroteros de los libros de texto en Espa?a y México, 1930-1960
Camacho Sandoval, Salvador;
Revista mexicana de investigación educativa , 2009,
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to analyze the radicalism of educational reforms in spain and mexico during the 1930s. a description is given of the principal traits of educational policy and the active role of teachers. a comparison is made of textbook content in the two countries and of the ends of their leftist experiences in education.
Gallardo Yánez Johanmary,Camacho Salvador
Salud, Arte y Cuidado , 2012,
Abstract: Toxocara canis is a helminth that is frequently in the canine and it causes a zoonotic illness called toxocariosis that can affect human beings mainly to the children. Some factors of risk associated to the environmental and socio-cultural conditions predisposing the presence of this parasitosis in the population. With the objective of etermining the infection for T. canis and the factors of risk associated to this infection in children, it was carried out the present investigation under the eld modality and descriptive, having as environment the Agua Azul community, located in the Yaracuy state. A survey was applied to the 26 families that integrate it and it were took samples of blood to the 27 children that conformed the infantile population, samples of stool to the 35 existent canine mascots andsamples of oor in 11 patios of the community. The obtained results were: infection rate for T. canis in the infantile population of 25, 9%; 25, 7% of the canines was also positive to this parasite and 81, 8% of the examined patios they were contaminated by eggs of the nematode. For statistical analysis we used the SPSS 15.0, using ates, frequencies and percentages. Risk factors associated with this parasitosis were geophagy, contamination Decanato de Ciencias de la Salud. Universidad Centroccidental “Lisandro Alvarado” (UCLA)of yards and contact with canine, determined by relative risk. T. canis turned out to be an infectious agent in children of the Agua Azul community.
M. àngels Cebriá i Iranzo,Pedro Pérez-Soriano,Celedonia Igual Camacho,Salvador Llana Belloch
Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 2010,
Abstract: Performing Arts Medicine is a broad field that includes the study of medical conditions and injuries incurred by dancers, instrument musicians and vocalists. Musicians' playing-related health problems have focused more and more the interest of scientists, researchers, physicians, physiotherapists and, in generally, of health care professionals during the last decades. The most relevant Performing Arts Medicine's literature of approximately the past twenty years has been summarized. Special attention has been given to studies concerning playing-related musculoskeletal conditions of musicians.Overuse syndrome is the most reported diagnosis among instrumental musicians suffering from playing-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMDs), despite the fact that epidemiologic rates of PRMDs among woodwind, brass and percussion musicians seem to variate widely. An unambiguous definition of specific PRMDs seems to be more and more necessary, and would permit subsequent studies not to be excluded in the data collection of further systematic reviews. In conclusion, in order to change musicians atrisk behaviours a significant mind-changing is necessary and prevention should be considered as a living matter. Health care professional should also represent animportant stream to make aware musicians about PRMDs and pain management.
An Alternative View to the Cause of Market Failures: A Dynamic Approach  [PDF]
Salvador Contreras
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.47069

This paper presents an alternative view to the cause and size of market failures. The work here suggest that the size of the market failure is not man made per se but rather given a full set of initial conditions it is endogenous to the dynamical forces at play. It is shown that the level and variance of market failures is tied to the location of the steady state (i.e. level of development). The paper finds that only changes to the location of the steady state produces changes to the potential level of the market failure. This paper adds to the increasing body of literature the notion that institutional change is not a sufficient condition to sustained economic development.

Frequency of vacA, cagA and babA2 virulence markers in Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from Mexican patients with chronic gastritis
Gloria Paniagua, Eric Monroy, Raymundo Rodríguez, Salvador Arroniz, Cristina Rodríguez, José Cortés, Ausencio Camacho, Erasmo Negrete, Sergio Vaca
Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1476-0711-8-14
Abstract: H. pylori was identified in cultures of gastric biopsies by nested PCR. vacA and cagA genes were detected by multiplex PCR, whereas babA2 gene was identified by conventional PCR.H. pylori-positive biopsies were 143 (60.1%). All H. pylori strains were vacA+; 39.2% were cagA+; 13.3% were cagA+ babA2+ and 8.4% were babA2+. Mexican strains examined possessed the vacA s1, m1 (43.4%), s1, m2 (24.5%), s2, m1 (20.3%) and s2, m2 (11.9%) genotypes.These results show that the Mexican patients suffering chronic gastritis we have studied had a high incidence of infection by H. pylori. Forty four percent (63/143) of the H. pylori strains analyzed in this work may be considered as highly virulent since they possessed two or three of the virulence markers analyzed: vacA s1 cagA babA2 (9.8%, 14/143), vacA s1 babA2 (4.9%, 7/143), and vacA s1 cagA (29.4%, 42/143). However, a statistically significant correlation was not observed between vacAs1, cagA and babA2 virulence markers (χ2 test; P > 0.05).Helicobacter pylori is a spiral-shaped Gram-negative bacterium that has been strongly associated with chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease [1,2], and it is a risk factor for gastric cancer [3-5]Three major virulence factors of H. pylori have been described: the cytotoxin-associated gene product (CagA), the vacuolating toxin (VacA) and the adhesion protein BabA2. The cytotoxin-associated gene A (CagA) is a protein with a molecular mass of approximately 125–140 kDa, encoded by the cagA gene, [6,7], that is translocated into gastric epithelial cells by a type IV secretion system, encoded by the cag pathogenicity island (cag PAI) [8]. Inside epithelial cells CagA is phosphorylated on tyrosine residues by host cell Src kinases and stimulates cell-signaling pathways [9], which in turn causes elongation of the cell [10] and activation of proto-oncogenes [11].The vacuolating cytotoxin gene vacA is polymorphic, varying in the signal and middle regions. The main signal region alleles are s1 and s
Factores asociados al uso de suplementos alimenticios en mujeres mexicanas de 12 a 49 a?os de edad
Mejía-Rodríguez,Fabiola; Camacho-Cisneros,Martha; García-Guerra,Armando; Monterrubio-Flores,Eric; Shamah-Levy,Teresa; Villalpando Hernández,Salvador;
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición , 2008,
Abstract: factors associated with nutritional supplement consumption in mexican women aged 12 to 49 years. the objectives of this analysis are to identify the types of nutritional supplements (ns) commonly used and explore the associations between ns consumption and socio-demographic characteristics, nutritional status, measured as bmi, and anemia in a nationally representative sample mexican women aged 12 to 49 years (n=15,936) who participated in the mexican national nutrition survey in 1999. data on ns consumption and the other characteristics of interest were collected. we calculated the probability (p) of supplement consumption using logistic regression. for the statistical analysis characteristics at the individual and household level were included in the statistical models, and adjusted for the study design. interaction effects were also explored. multiple mixed vitamin and mineral supplements were the most commonly consumed (36.7%) followed by vitamins only (34.3%). married women were significantly (p<0.05) more likely (p=0.16; p <0.001) to consume ns compared to unmarried women, as were those with more access to public and private health care (p=0.18; p=0.010), with higher education level (p=0.20; p=0.004) and living in the south region (p=0.20; p=0.003). anemia modified the association between supplement consumption and socioeconomic status (ses) (p=0.016), non anemic women having greater probabilities of ns consumption. these results suggest that ns use among mexican women is associated with better living conditions. on the other hand, we also found that women living in the south region, the poorest region of the country, had higher probability of ns consumption compared to the north region. this could be related to participation in food assistance programs; however we were unable to explore this potential explanation. this information will be used to further study trends, risks and health benefits in this population of the use of nutritional supplements.
Armazenamento de sementes de Catanduva (Piptadenia moniliformis Benth.) em diferentes ambientes e embalagens
Benedito, Clarisse Pereira;Ribeiro, Maria Clarete Cardoso;Torres, Salvador Barros;Camacho, Ramiro Gustavo Valela;Soares, Adrielle Naiana Ribeiro;Guimar?es, Louise Medeiros Silva;
Revista Brasileira de Sementes , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31222011000100003
Abstract: this study aimed to evaluate the viability of catanduva seeds stored for 210 days under controlled and uncontrolled environmental conditions (laboratory), in plastic, paper and glass packaging. the experimental design was completely randomized in a sub-subdivided plot, where the main plot were the storage conditions (laboratory and cold room) and sub-plots consisted of the packaging (plastic and paper bags and glass bottles) and sub-sub-plots of the storage times (0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 and 210 days). the tests were conducted in the laboratory and greenhouse. evaluations were made every 30 days of the percentage of germination and the rate of germination velocity in the laboratory and of seedling emergence in the greenhouse. the seed viability of catanduva decreased as a function of storage time during the 210 days. catanduva seeds (piptadenia moniliformis benth.) can be packed for 210 days either in glass bottles or plastic bags without losing their physiological potential. the controlled environment (18-20 oc, ±60% rh) is the most suitable.
Anemia in Mexican women: a public health problem
Shamah-Levy,Teresa; Villalpando,Salvador; Rivera,Juan A.; Mejía-Rodríguez,Fabiola; Camacho-Cisneros,Martha; Monterrubio,Eric A;
Salud Pública de México , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342003001000006
Abstract: objective: the purpose of this study is to quantify the prevalence and distribution of anemia among women of childbearing age (12 to 49 years) participating in the 1999 national nutrition survey (nns-1999). material and methods: the survey had a probabilistic design and was representative at the national level, of urban and rural areas and four regions: north, south, center, and mexico city. hemoglobin concentration was determined in capillary blood samples using a portable photometer (hemocue), in 17 194 women, 697 of whom were pregnant. results: the overall prevalence of anemia was 27.8% in pregnant women and 20.8% in non-pregnant women. higher prevalences were observed in rural as compared to urban areas, both in pregnant (28.0% vs 27.7%) and non-pregnant (22.6% vs 20.0%) women, but the differences were not statistically significant (p >0.05). women in the south had the greatest prevalence (23.2%), followed by those in the north (20.9%), center (20.6%), and mexico city (16.4%). non-pregnant indigenous women had a prevalence of 24.8%, while in non-indigenous women the prevalence was 20.4%. conclusions: anemia in women of childbearing age is a growing public health problem that justifies the implementation of interventions for its prevention and control.
Graphical User Interface for the Monitoring of CAN Frames by Means of a SoC Cyclone V  [PDF]
Josefina Casta?eda Camacho, Salvador Morales Caro, Gerardo Mino-Aguilar, Liliana Cortez, Italo Cortez, Ana María Rodríguez Domínguez, Rodrigo Lucio Maya Ramírez
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2018.61012
Abstract: In this paper, the design of a Graphical User Interface for CAN data frame monitoring is presented. The GUI has been developed in the Qt Creator IDE. A touch screen for visualization and control is used, which in turn is controlled by a development board with a SoC Cyclone V, through which a Linux operating system is executed.
Development of an Agent-Based Model and Its Application to the Estimation of Global Carbon Emissions  [PDF]
Paula Castesana, Salvador Puliafito
Low Carbon Economy (LCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/lce.2013.44A003

With the purpose of studying the influence of population dynamics and economic growth on energy consumption and carbon emissions, an endogenous economic growth model is proposed incorporating physical and human capital and using an Agent-Based Model. The model can test different development strategies by identifying the key factors existing at the agent level that may speed up or slow down a given path, and therefore it is an interesting tool to develop and to test mitigation and/or adaptation measures. Favorable scenarios may be possible in societies that encourage investment in human capital through education and technological development, provided that this is accompanied by a reduction in consumption rates and the creation of physical capital by the population. Moreover, this model shows that human capital resulting from education not only raises productivity, but also plays a key role in the development and adoption of new technologies that drive long-term growth.


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