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Genetic diversity within and between broodstocks of the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) (Decapoda, Penaeidae) and its implication for the gene pool conservation
Freitas, PD.;Calgaro, MR.;Galetti Jr., PM.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842007000500019
Abstract: genetic variation within and between fifteen closed broodstock lines of the pacific white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei, reared at different hatcheries in the brazilian coast, was assessed by rapd analysis. fifty two polymorphic loci were identified when a set of five decamer primers was used in pcr. the genetic diversity analysis within lines evidenced genetic variation loss probably related to bottleneck effects and inbreeding. in addition, the genetic divergence values between the different samples appear to reflect the initial founder composition of such stocks, in some cases, sharing a common origin, suggesting a putative importance of interbreeding for the establishment of genetic improvement programs for these broodstocks. the genetic variation monitoring appears to be helpful to the gene pool conservation of this aquaculture species, mainly if considered its exotic status in brazil and the current impossibility of new introduction of wild individuals.
O sistema autopoiético e seus paradoxos
Cleide Calgaro,Agostinho Oli Koppe Pereira
Sequência : Estudos Juridicos e Politicos , 2010,
Abstract: No presente trabalho, estuda-se a autopoiese, sua origem desde as ciências biológicas, com Maturana e Varela, até sua adapta o às ciências sociais com Niklas Luhmann, uma autopoiese social.Abstract:The aim of the present work is to study the autopoiesis and its origin from biological sciences, with Maturana and Varela, until its adaptation for the social sciences with Niklas Luhmann formulating a social autopoiesis.
Wastes Management Through Transmutation in an ADS Reactor
Barbara Calgaro,Barbara Vezzoni,Nicola Cerullo,Giuseppe Forasassi,Bernard Verboomen
Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/756181
Abstract: The main challenge in nuclear fuel cycle closure is the reduction of the potential radiotoxicity, or of the time in which that possible hazard really exists. Probably, the transmutation of minor actinides with fast fission processes is the most effective answer. This work, performed in SCK?CEN (Belgium) and DIMNP Pisa University, is focused on preliminary evaluation of industrial scale ADS (400 MWth, 2.5 mA) burning capability. An inert matrix fuel of minor actinides, 50% vol. MgO and 50% vol. (Pu,Np,Am,Cm)O1.88, core content, with 150 GWd/ton discharge burn up, is used. The calculations were performed using ALEPH-1.1.2, MCNPX-2.5.0, and ORIGEN2.2. codes.
Varia??o espa?o-temporal dos parametros para a modelagem estocástica da precipita??o pluvial diária no Rio Grande do Sul
Calgaro, Marcelo;Robaina, Adroaldo D.;Peiter, Marcia X.;Bernardon, Tatiane;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162009000200003
Abstract: rio grande do sul is one of the largest grain producer states in brazil, since most of the crops grown in non-irrigated systems, thus making them extremely dependent on the climatic conditions and on the pluviometric regime. this fact has inspired several research studies in the attempt of characterizing the spatial and temporal behavior of the rainfall. the objective of this research was to study the spatial and temporal variation of alpha and beta parameters of the gamma function for the generation of daily rainfall data in the state. the pluviometric precipitation data were obtained from the national water agency (ana). the modeling of the daily rainfall was divided into the events of occurrence and quantity. estimation of alpha and beta parameters of the gamma function was accomplished on the basis of historical series followed by the adjustment of these parameters as a function of time and space, and then the comparison between estimated and observed values. according to the results, one can conclude that the proposed methodology can be applied for the generation of synthetic series of daily rainfall in the different pluviometric stations of rio grande do sul.
Tubula??es em sistemas de recalque
Robaina, Adroaldo Dias;Calgaro, Marcelo;Peiter, Márcia Xavier;
Ciência Rural , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782004000400015
Abstract: the objective of the present research was to develop a methodology to determine efficiency tube diameter in impulsion line of pump system for irrigation. this work had some differences compared with similar procedures. the utilization of a function of tubes price for weight unit and for linear meter, also a price function of pump for potential unit and utilization of the universal equation of lost head depend on tube wall with a friction regimen. a final equation to obtain an efficient diameter allowed to stablish relationship among different elements to resolve the problem in a simple way, being necessary an interactive process, but faster as possible to reach a solution for a problem.
A expans?o do ensino superior em administra??o no sudoeste do Paraná: reflex?es introdutórias
Canopf, Liliane;Festinalli, Rosane Calgaro;Ichikawa, Elisa Yoshie;
Revista de Administra??o Contemporanea , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-65552005000300005
Abstract: this article intends to bring about a discussion of higher education, starting with an analysis of the fast growing number of institutions and courses offering a graduation in administration in the southwest region of paraná state. so far, it is based on a discussion and on the reform of education in brazil. it points up the expansion of higher education, with data about the institutions of the region and more particularly about the graduation in administration courses. the study was based on secondary resources, and by collecting basic data from the involved institutions, with questionnaire forms. all the institutions of higher education applying courses in the southwest region of paraná in 2002 were surveyed. the information gathered showed an increase of 300% in the number of institutions of higher education in the southwest of the state, something admirable for a region which has been having a remarkable decrease in population in the past decades. finally, the report ponders whether, in what concerns quality, there has been advantages for the educational system as a whole or if there was a low leveling, with the sanction of the higher education market law.
Book Review - Pensamento Estratégico: Origens, Princípios e Perspectivas
Rosane Calgaro Festinalli,Jucélia Appio Tibola,Liliane Canopf
Revista de Administra??o Contemporanea , 2011,
Modos de aplica??o de calcário e de micronutrientes em pomar de laranjeira 'Natal' e análise comparativa de custos
Calgaro, Hemerson Fernandes;Fernandes, Francisco Maximino;Boaventura, André Luís de Assis;Tarsitano, Maria Aparecida Anselmo;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452007000300041
Abstract: in agreement with the institute fnp (2005), the production brazilian of citrus is of 17,7 million tons year-1 occupying 1 million of ha approximately in the brazilian territory and of this total one, 810 thousand ha are located in the state of s?o paulo. most of the brazilian soils, besides those where the citric orchards were installed, it presents acid reaction. this is, without a doubt, the main unfavorable condition of the soils and one of the factors that harm the production in tropical soils. the present work had the objective to study the effect of different ways of lime application, micronutrients and make a comparative analysis of treatments costs in a orange. the experiment was develop at morumbi farm, town country of estrela d'oeste, in a ultisol. the variety of orange used was the 'natal' incorporated at lemon, with six years old and spaced at 5 x 8 m. the outline was in a subdivided plot, with 3 repetitions, with 5 main treatments [without lime application, lime total need (lt) incorporated; lt without incorporation; 1/2 lt in the first year + 1/2 lt in the second year; 1/3 lt in the first year + 1/3 lt in the second year + 1/3 lt in the third year] and 2 secondary treatments [micronutrients in the soil (fte-br 12: 11,5% de zno e b2o3; 1% cuo; 5,4% de fe2o3; 5,5% de mno2; 0,2% de moo3); micronutrients in the leaves (sulfate of zinc to 0,5% and boric acid a 0,08%)], distributed in randomblocks. there is no significant effect in the ways of application of lime and micronutrients in the evaluated parameters (production, total solid soluble (tss), total acidy, chemical analysis of the soil); to medium mass of the fruit had a significative effect only in the first year, with the liming in a single dose and without incorporation, and micronutrients in the soil. there was not significant effect of the manners of application of the lime and of the micronutrients for production and medium mass of the fruits of the orange and the liquid income was positive in all
Chromosomal control of pig populations in France: 2002–2006 survey
Ducos Alain,Berland Hélène-Marie,Bonnet Nathalie,Calgaro Anne
Genetics Selection Evolution , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-39-5-583
Abstract: The chromosomal control of pig populations has been widely developed in France over the last ten years. By December 31st, 2006, 13 765 individuals had been karyotyped in our laboratory, 62% of these since 2002. Ninety percent were young purebred boars controlled before service in artificial insemination centres, and 3% were hypoprolific boars. So far, 102 constitutional structural chromosomal rearrangements (67 since 2002) have been described. Fifty-six were reciprocal translocations and 8 peri- or paracentric inversions. For the first time since the beginning of the programme and after more than 11 000 pigs had been karyotyped, one Robertsonian translocation was identified in 2005 and two others in 2006. The estimated prevalence of balanced structural chromosomal rearrangements in a sample of more than 7700 young boars controlled before service was 0.47%. Twenty-one of the 67 rearrangements described since 2002 were identified in hypoprolific boars. All were reciprocal translocations. Twelve mosaics (XX/XY in 11 individuals, XY/XXY in one individual) were also diagnosed. Two corresponded to hypoprolific boars, and three to intersexed animals. The results presented in this communication would justify an intensification of the chromosomal control of French and, on a broader scale, European and North-American pig populations.
Situa es de assédio moral a trabalhadores anistiados políticos de uma empresa pública
Jo?o Batista Ferreira,Ana Magnólia Mendes,José Cláudio Caldas Calgaro,Josep M. Blanch
Psicologia em Revista , 2006,
Abstract: Este estudo investiga a influência do contexto de trabalho nassitua es de assédio moral, em categoria profissional vinculada auma empresa pública. Foi realizado em parceria com a Associa oNacional de Anistiados Políticos da Empresa Brasileira de Correiose Telégrafos – ANAPECT, que se articulou com trabalhadoresanistiados que participaram da pesquisa. O referencial teórico é apsicodinamica do trabalho e o enfoque psicossocial. Foi realizadauma entrevista coletiva com quatro trabalhadores voluntários, cujosrelatos foram gravados e submetidos à análise de conteúdo. Osresultados evidenciam características da organiza o do trabalho,relativas às rela es de domina o, no contexto organizacional,que permitem identificar situa es de assédio moral. Futurosestudos s o sugeridos para aprofundar o debate sobre essas quest es.
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