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Comentario a "Estética apofática y hermenéutica del misterio" de A. Vega
Cabrera, Isabel;
Diánoia , 2009,
Abstract: in this commentary four questions are put to amador vega; the first is about the difference between apophatic aesthetics and hermeneutics of mystery; the second concerns the kind of emotions involved in his apophatic aesthetics; the third is whether this kind of approach can be adequate for figurative art; and the last is about the role played by ritual (and repetition) in his religious aesthetics.
La religiosidad de Wittgenstein
Cabrera, Isabel;
Diánoia , 2008,
Abstract: this paper is divided into two parts. the first briefly gathers wittgenstein analysis of religious language to retake his idea that the meaning of religious terms has to be searched in practices and emotions. the second part applies this idea to wittgenstein's own writings about religion, to bring to light the images, emotions and practices that constituted the vital eco of his religious thinking.
Para una des-comprensión filosófica del cine: el caso Inland Empire de David Lynch
Enlace , 2009,
Abstract: this paper puts in question the hermeneutic approach to the philosophical analysis of films, by showing this approach inadequate to allow the sense and truth of works of cinema arise and develop. an interactive and performative approach seems to be better. cinematographic works as david lynch?s help to understand this shift from the hermeneutic conception of truth to the interactive one, if we can see these films as genuine "hermeneutic impossibilities". the paper also contains a criticism against the hermeneutic approach still sustained in my book cine: 100 a?os de filosofía (cinema: 100 years of philosophy), 1999.
?Qué debe saber y saber hacer un profesor de estudiantes con talento académico?: Una propuesta de estándares de formación inicial en educación de talentos
Estudios pedagógicos (Valdivia) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07052011000200002
Abstract: this paper presents a qualitative investigation with the purpose of generating a proposal for standards in the teacher training process for the education of academically talented children. four phases were conducted with the goal of obtaining the 'know' and 'know how to do' in the education of professionals in talented education. the results suggest that these knowledge's can be grouped in eight standards: foundations, characteristics of gifted students and their context, notions of curriculum, assessment system, instructional strategies, identification process, professional role and collaborative work. we hold the discussion, at a national and latin-american level, of the implications of having training standards in this particular field of education.
Generalidades sobre el autismo
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2007,
Abstract: introduction: autism, a pervasive developmental disorder, is characterized by altered verbal and non-verbal language development, social impairment and repetitive behavior. objective: to advance in our understanding of autism and autistic spectrum disorders, a clinically heterogeneous group that constitute a severe form of childhood psychopathology with improved prognosis if diagnosed and treated early. method: outline of general and clinical aspects relevant to the early diagnosis of autism. conclusions: retrospective studies show that the diagnosis of autism is made months to years late, mostly based on signs of alert detected by the parents.
Kafka a través de Job, Job a través de Kafka
Cabrera, Isabel;
Tópicos del seminario , 2009,
Abstract: following borges' idea that each author creates his own predecessor, this article intends to read part of the work of kafka through the book of job and imagine a kind of dialogue between both in order to demonstrate that using the biblical text as a background, job permits us to refine and relate, within its own literary context, some of the central images in kafka. but, different from other readings that have as a purpose to find a certain religiosity in kafka similar to that which is present in the biblical text of job, this text strives for the contrary: it is kafka that permits us to see the incipient irreligiosity in the book of job.
Evaluando memoria de trabajo y de referencia en hámsteres dorados (Mesocricetus Auratus): una tarea de memoria espacial
Cabrera, Felipe;
Revista mexicana de análisis de la conducta , 2009,
Abstract: reference and working memory in foragers are supposedly a foremost processes mechanism to gain energy while searching for food. these processes allows the animal to identify invariable arrangements in the environment indicating rich and lean places containing food, and those places that the organism itself has depleted. in this experiment, four hamsters hoarded for food in an enclosure that continually provided food in some places, but never offered food in one particular location of the enclosure. hamsters should identify the non-baited place in order leave it out and avoid the previously visited patches where the food was depleted. results showed that subjects omitted select the non-baited location, increasing systematically this trend throughout the sessions.
Búsqueda de alimento en hámsteres dorados (mesocricetus auratus): el efecto de la distancia entre múltiples fuentes de alimento
Universitas Psychologica , 2008,
Abstract: the pattern of travel and the efficiency in foraging behavior was evaluated in four hamsters searching for food within an enclosure with multiple patches. two different distances among patches were randomly arranged: near-patches (10 cm separation) and distant-patches (21.5 cm separation). subjects obtained the food by mounting over the cylinders (stations) placed in the enclosure of 110 cm2. results showed that in both, near and distant conditions, the distance between responses was longer in late stages of the trials then in early stages. nonetheless, the most choices to adjacent stations were in distant-patches condition, while skips and diagonal-station choices were more frequently showed in the near-patches condition.
La macrofauna edáfica como indicador biológico del estado de conservación/perturbación del suelo. Resultados obtenidos en Cuba Edaphic macrofauna as biological indicator of the conservation/disturbance status of soil. Results obtained in Cuba
Grisel Cabrera
Pastos y Forrajes , 2012,
Abstract: Para predecir el estado de degradación de un suelo se utiliza un grupo de variables que abarcan sus propiedades físicas, químicas y/o biológicas. La macrofauna, que incluye los invertebrados del suelo mayores de 2 mm de diámetro, es un componente biológico que puede ser usado con este fin. Tanto su riqueza taxonómica como su densidad, biomasa y composición funcional cambian en dependencia del efecto de diversos usos y manejos de la tierra. La presente rese a reafirma que las características de la macrofauna y los resultados obtenidos, principalmente en Cuba, sobre su variación en ecosistemas con diferentes niveles de antropización, avalan el uso potencial de esta fauna como indicador biológico del estado de conservación del suelo. Las investigaciones futuras deben considerar un nivel taxonómico más bajo en la identificación de la macrofauna, y relacionar su composición taxonómica y funcional con los factores climáticos y pedológicos. In order to predict the degradation status of a soil, a group of variables comprising its physical, chemical and/or biological properties is used. Macrofauna, which includes soil invertebrates higher than 2 mm of diameter, is a biological component that can be used for such purpose. Its taxonomic richness as well as its density, biomass and functional composition change depending on the effect of diverse land uses and managements. This review reaffirms that the macrofauna characteristics and the results obtained, mainly in Cuba, about its variation in ecosystems with different anthropization levels, support the potential use of this fauna as biological indicator of the soil's conservation status. Future studies should consider a lower taxonomic level in the identification of macrofauna, and relate its taxonomic and functional composition to the climate and pedological factors.
Lex Humana , 2012,
Abstract: Resumo: Hegel defende a media o pela negatividade como estrutura fundamental da realidade. Busca-se indicar como, ainda hoje, o pensamento hegeliano, em sua compreens o da rela o, pode oferecer-nos uma fecunda alternativa às desintegradoras interpreta es de mundo em voga, marcadas pelo relativismo. Para tanto, dedica-se aten o especial à rela o entre Filosofia da História e Lógica, concluindo com observa es oportunas acerca de sua Filosofia do Direito, tomada a Lei abstrata como caso exemplar de necessidade de media o. Abstract: Hegel argues mediation by negativity as a fundamental structure of reality. This paper seeks to show how, even today, Hegelian thought in his understanding of the relationship can offer a fruitful alternative to the disintegrating interpretations in vogue around the world, marked by relativism. For this purpose, special attention is given to the relationship between the Philosophy of History and Logic, concluding with timely observations about his philosophy of law, making the law abstract as exemplary case of need for mediation.

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