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Long-Range Correlation in Positron-Hydrogen Scattering System near the Threshold of Ps(n = 2) Formation  [PDF]
Chi Yu Hu, David Caballero
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.45090

This is a short report of a recently uncovered resonant phenomenon. The modified Faddeev equation that correctly includes all six open channels is used. The calculation is carried out in s-partial wave. We report a number of resonant peaks in the elastic cross sections as well as the wave amplitudes involved. This is the energy region where the Stark-effect induced electric dipole energy split in the target dominates the physics and the Long-Range behavior of the 3-body scattering system. It is found that when the center of mass collision energy in the new channels is in integer proportion to the corresponding electric dipole energy split, Bremsstrahlung photon mediated resonant scattering occurs. The corresponding wave amplitudes deform into wave-packets hundreds to thousands of Bohr radii in width. The physical implication of this phenomenon will be discussed.

A Possible Role of the Gailitis Resonance in Muon Catalyzed Fusion  [PDF]
Chi Yu Hu, David Caballero
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.518209
Abstract: In a previous JMP article published May 2013, a comprehensive calculation was presented for all properties of a number of long-life s-state Gailitis resonances lying just above the PS(n = 2) formation threshold in a positron-Hydrogen scattering system. The six open-channel calculation was carried out by solving a set of four hundred thousand coupled linear equations. The modified Faddeev equation was used to obtain the wave-amplitude for each of the six open channels. Details can be found in reference [1]. This note presents some qualitative properties of Gailitis resonances in the scattering systems of d + tu just above the thresholds of the opening of a new channel of the muonic atoms tu(n) or du(n), n > 2 is the principal quantum number. u is a negatively charged muon, d and t are the nuclei of the two isotopes of the Hydrogen atom with one and two neutrons in the nucleus respectively. We study the possible decay channels of some of the long-life Gailitis resonances. Of particular interest is a transition directly from a Gailitis (3-body) resonance to the bound states dtu molecular ions via a radiative emission of a photon or an external auger ejection of a nearby electron. Possible experimental evidence will be presented.
Gerardo Caballero
ARQ (Santiago) , 2002, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-69962002005100010
Abstract: the two works presented (one built, the other at project stage) correspond to an ever more frequent operation in our world. intervention in an existing building -in this case, on two different scales and in different programs- finishes up as the complete opposite of the tabula rasa of opportunity the new world was supposed to offer
Yoduria en escolares y embarazadas del estado Trujillo, Venezuela 2007-2008
Revista argentina de endocrinolog?-a y metabolismo , 2011,
Abstract: the main role of iodine is the synthesis of thyroid hormone. thyroid hormones are related to brain development and metabolic regulation. urinary iodine excretion is a useful and important indicator of the iodine status of a population. the world health organization (who) recommends that the median urinary iodine concentration in a population of pregnant women should range between 150 and 249 μg/l and in a population of school children it should range between 100 and 200 μg/l. objective: to determine the prevalence of iodine deficiency in school children and pregnant women of trujillo state, in the andean region of venezuela. material and methods: cross-sectional survey of 400 school children aged 7-14 years and 300 pregnant women. random urine samples were collected and analyzed for urinary iodine by sandell-kolthoff reaction. the criteria suggested by who to indicate iodine deficiency were applied. results: median urinary iodine for school children was 175 μg/l; and 6,25 % of children had urinary iodine concentrations below 50 μg/l. median urinary iodine for pregnant women was 228 μg/l; and 25 % of pregnant women had urinary iodine concentrations below 150 μg/l. conclusions: on the basis of the who criteria, the iodine intake in school children and pregnant women in trujillo state, venezuela, is adequate.
Revista de Economía Institucional , 2004,
Abstract: recently, some papers have been published that examine the relation between economic history and institutional economics, and propose a closer relation between these two disciplines. this article shows how the theoretical and methodological foundations of the different institutionalist programs are enriching research in economic history, giving it more rigor. furthermore, using papers from hodgson, north and greif, this article reviews the contributions of traditional institutionalism, new institutional economics and historical and comparative institutional analysis. it ends by proposing a research program that emphasizes the historical studies of institutions and enriches economic analysis. economic history should not be seen as a subaltern discipline; it should be treated at the same level as economics, as schumpeter wanted it.
High Nature Value (HNV) Grazing Systems in Europe: A Link between Biodiversity and Farm Economics
Rafael Caballero
The Open Agriculture Journal , 2007, DOI: 10.2174/1874331500701010011]
Abstract: Large tracts of the European rural land, most frequently in the Less Favoured Areas (LFA) are devoted to lowinput and Large Scale Grazing Systems (LSGS) under severe environmental constraints. A small part of the rural population strives to make a living under a risk of abandonment. Paradoxically, these areas harbour a great part of the European High Nature Value (HNV) farmland. We argue that government intervention on these LSGS can only be devised after proper knowledge of technical, structural and social constraints. LSGS may deliver environmental and social benefits but current European Union (EU) schemes of support do not fit the requirements and spatial scale of HNV farming systems. A new methodological approach and research agenda is described based on inter-disciplinary environmental and economic research, stakeholders’ participation and differential diagnosis. The results summarise the main findings of the EUfunded LACOPE research project in seven study-areas and broadly enlarge the analysis to other European LSGS with the experience of collaborative experts. The LACOPE research project advanced the research agenda in the identification of major LSGS and diagnosis of the seven study-areas. In most of these latter, grazing and biodiversity showed compatible features, but severe structural and social constraints were identified, which require public intervention or enhancement of social cohesion. Delivering of potential environmental assets is linked to economic and social viability of these LSGS. Poor economic performance was more common than social fragility, with some LSGS well entrenched and supported by local social values and cultural traditions. The core objectives of the proposed Rural Development Policy (RDP) of the EU for the years 2007-2013 are compatible with the differential diagnosis proposed in the research agenda. However, the articulation of environmental, economic and social analysis under current schemes of policy support (Natura 2000, LFA, and agri-environment measures), can be questionable. A single space-scale of HNV farmland and system research can be better suited to reach the core objectives of the RDP guidelines for environmental and economic convergence, programming, monitoring and financial controls.
Gerardo Caballero
Gerardo Caballero
ARQ , 2002,
Abstract: Los dos trabajos presentados (una obra construida, una obra proyectada) responden a una operación cada vez más frecuente en nuestro medio. La intervención en una construcción existente, que aquí corresponde a dos escalas muy diferentes y a programas diversos, termina siendo todo lo contrario a la supuesta tabula rasa que ofrecía, como oportunidad, el nuevo mundo The two works presented (one built, the other at project stage) correspond to an ever more frequent operation in our world. Intervention in an existing building -in this case, on two different scales and in different programs- finishes up as the complete opposite of the tabula rasa of opportunity the New World was supposed to offer
Instituciones e historia económica: enfoques y teorías institucionales
Caballero , Gonzalo
Revista de Economía Institucional , 2004,
Abstract: En los últimos a os se han publicado algunos trabajos que examinan las relaciones entre la historia económica y la economía de las instituciones y proponen estrechar la relación entre ambas disciplinas. Este artículo muestra que los fundamentos teóricos y metodológicos de los programas institucionalistas enriquecen la investigación en historia económica y contribuyen a darle mayor rigor. Revisa las contribuciones del institucionalismo tradicional, de la Nueva Economía Institucional y del Análisis Institucional Histórico y Comparativo, apoyándose en trabajos recientes de Hodgson, North y Greif. Al final propone un programa de investigación que fortalezca el estudio histórico de las instituciones y alimente el análisis económico. La historia económica debe dejar de ser una disciplina subalterna y entrar a dialogar en pie de igualdad con la economía, como lo quiso Schumpeter.
La economía política desde el Estado depredador franquista al Estado contractual espa ol
Gonzalo Caballero
Revista de Investigaciones Políticas y Sociológicas (RIPS) , 2004,
Abstract: Este artículo constituye un análisis de la evolución del Estado desde el franquismo a la democracia en Espa a utilizando el enfoque teórico de la Nueva Economía Institucional y, en particular, la teoría del Estado de Douglass North. De este modo, se estudia como el Estado espa ol transitó desde un modelo depredador a uno contractual, y se desgranan algunas claves importantes sobre la economía política del desarrollo espa ol en la segunda mitad del siglo XX.
Rese a de: GARDINI, Gian Luca, The Origins of Mercosur. Democracy and Regionalization in South America, Ed. Palgrave Macmillan, febrero de 2010.
Relaciones Internacionales , 2010,
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