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Diagnosing Tuberculosis in Resource Limited Settings: Experience from a Referral TB Clinic in North Central Nigeria
CO Ukoli, MO Akanbi, CV Adiukwu, GA Amusa, FO Akanbi
Jos Journal of Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) which is TB that is resistant to at least isoniazid and rifampicin. Making a diagnosis of MDR-TB is a challenge in our environment as the access to facilities for diagnosis is difficult. This study tries to look at the pattern and possible determinants of MDR-TB and the challenges in making a diagnosis Method: This was a prospective study to identify pattern and possible determinants of MDR TB among MDR TB suspects managed in the Tuberculosis clinic of Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) between January 2008 and October 2010. Sputum samples for patients that met the criteria were taken for culture and Drug susceptibility testing. All tests were confirmed using MGIT BACTEC. Results: Nine patients met study criteria. 77.7% were male. The mean age (SD) of the subjects was 42.55 (14.51); there was no significant difference between the mean age of the males and females. Two (22.2%) of study participants were HIV Seropositive. Four of the nine suspects (44%) of suspects had MDR TB confirmed. Conclusion: The study has highlighted some challenges with MDR TB diagnosis in Nigeria. Sputum microscopy remains a relevant screening tool for MDR TB among suspects who are HIV Seronegative. The low level of MDR TB diagnosis and lack of treatment portends huge public health risks and the addition of flouroquinolones to a failing regimen should be discouraged.
Trace Elements Profile among Alcohol Abusers in a Nigerian Community
PC Stanley, E Okeke, C Ukoli
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management , 2007,
Abstract: Alcohol abuse has been associated with Trace elements deficiencies which have been known to cause Neuro Psychiatric Disorders. The focus of this study being on locally brewed alcohol is to establish the pattern if any of trace elements derangements. The trace element profile among alcohol abusers in a Nigerian Community was analysed using the 4 – item CAGE instrument to separate alcohol abusers, social drinkers, and total abstainers. The Royal College of Physicians’ criteria 1987 for Alcohol abuse was also used to validate the CAGE score. Using the CAGE score, the following results were obtained, 50 Alcohol abusers (AOA), 47 Social Drinkers (SOD) and 45 Total Abstainers (TOA) emerged out of 162 subjects. Mean values obtained for Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe) and Copper (Cu) were 0.17 nmol/L, 9.03 umol/L, 27.46 umol/L and 25.44 umol/L respectively. This showed that Mn, Fe and Cu were significantly increased while Zn was reduced significantly in alcohol abusers when compared with the control group of total abstainers. Excessive consumption of burukutu seems to significantly alter the trace elements status in abusers. Duration of intake and excessive use of burukutu can be associated with both deficiency and toxicity of essential and heavy metals. Abstinence therefore should continue to be the main stay of counseling.
Effect of Dennettia Tripetela (MMIMI) Seed intake on the IOP of Normotensive Emmetropic Nigerian Igbos
CO Timothy, CO Okere
Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association , 2008,
Abstract: Dennetia Tripetala is a well known forest fruit from the family annonacea and spicy indigenous plant and has been found to contain lots ofminerals, vitamins, alkaloids and trace elementswhich are ofmedicinal importance. The study was aimed at investigating the effect of DennetIaTripetala (D. Tripetala) on the intraocular pressure of normotensive emmetropic Igbos of Eastern Nigeria. Forty volunteers (meanage 23.36±3.60yrs) were usedfor the study.The 10P of each subject was measured pre and post ingestion of 0.75g of seed at 30mins interval for 120 minutes.The findings showed peak reduction of IOP after 60mins (11.20mmHg, representing25.64% reduction) of consumption and increased towards baseline (15.6mmhg). Results also showed slight reduction of IOP at the 90mins (12.96mmHg induced value) and 120mins (14.40mmHg induced value) post ingestion.The peakeffect of D. Tripetala was found to be statisticallysignificant (p>0.05). It is recommended that intake of seed be encouraged especially among glaucomatous individuals.
Students’ and Teachers’ Participation in Decision-Making and Impact on School Work and School Internal Discipline in Nigeria
CO Duze
African Research Review , 2011,
Abstract: This study investigated students’ and teachers’ participation in decisionmaking in secondary schools and the consequent impact on their attitude to school work and school internal discipline in Nigeria. This was necessitated by the observed frequent breakdown of law and order in secondary schools alleged to be related to certain decisions taken without their inputs, usually forcing schools to be closed down for long periods thereby introducing serious wastages in the educational system. The responses of the randomly sampled 3,318 students and 612 teachers to the questionnaire used for data collection were analyzed to answer one research question and test six null hypotheses using frequency, simple percentage, mean, t-test, Chi-square and Pearson’s r. Results showed that students and teachers, irrespective of sex, indicated alike a low level of participation in administrative creative decisions which influenced their attitude to school work and school internal discipline. Furthermore, low level of participation was found to have significant unwholesome impact on their attitude to school work and the school internal discipline thus undermining accomplishment of set instructional objectives/educational goals. It was therefore recommended that all school administrators in Nigeria should wisely adopt participatory decision-making for optimal goal attainment.
Average Distance Travelled To School by Primary and Secondary School Students in Nigeria and Its Effect on Attendance
CO Duze
African Research Review , 2010,
Abstract: This study investigated average distance travelled to school by students in primary and secondary schools in Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi States and effect on attendance. These are among the top ten densely populated and educationally advantaged States in Nigeria. Research evidences report high dropout rates in them. Samples of 36 primary, 21 secondary; 41 primary, 24 secondary; and 28 primary, 16 secondary schools from Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi respectively, were selected through simple random sampling. Data gathered through a questionnaire were analyzed to answer four research questions raised. Results revealed that students in 38.87, 36.59, and 28.57 percent of primary schools, and 23.81, 29.17, and 18.75 percent of secondary schools in Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi States respectively, travelled less than one kilometer to school. Others travelled up to five kilometers. Results on effect of distance travelled on attendance revealed thatfor primary and secondary schools, Anambra State recorded 77.78 and 71.43 percent, Enugu State 85.37 and 70.83 percent, and Ebonyi State 96.43 and 93.75 percent respectively. It was concluded that majority of these children travelled more than the stipulated one kilometer maximum to school, indicating that many schools were located far away from children s homes, and this affected attendance adversely.
Bioremediation of engine-oil polluted soil by Pleurotus tuber-regium Singer, a Nigerian white-rot fungus
CO Adenipekun
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: White-rot fungi have been used in various parts of the world for bioremediation of polluted sites. Pleurotus tuber-regium was noted to have the ability to increase nutrient contents in soils polluted with 1 - 40% engine-oil concentration after six months of incubation. P. tuber-regium increased organic matter, carbon and available potassium 5.19%, 2.99% and 0.97 meq/100 g respectively compared to 4.41%, 2.56% carbon and 0.66 meq/100 g, respectively in the control. However, higher values of 0.32% nitrogen, 11.42 ppm phosphorus and pH 6.94 were obtained in the control compared to 0.16% nitrogen, 9.32 ppm phosphorus and pH 5.93 in soils incubated with the fungus. The fungus brought about an increase in copper content in engine oil polluted soils at 10% concentration followed by a decrease at 20 and 40% concentrations. Bioaccumulation of zinc and nickel was recorded at 20% engine-oil concentrations.
Contraception in the Context of HIV/AIDS: A Review
CO Agboghoroma
African Journal of Reproductive Health , 2011,
Abstract: Over 50% of the 33.3 million HIV-positive persons are women within the reproductive age group. With increasing availability and use of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), the prognosis, life expectancy and quality of life of infected persons has improved. HIV-positive women, like their uninfected counterparts, may desire to plan pregnancies, limit their families, or avoid pregnancy. The effective use of contraception by HIV-positive clients can contribute significantly to reduction in both sexual and vertical transmission of the virus. HIV-positive clients can use most of the available contraception methods including barrier, hormonal, intrauterine devices and sterilization. However, some antiretroviral drugs interact with hormonal contraceptives with potentials for reduction in efficacy. Dual protection with concomitant use of a more effective contraceptive method and male or female condom to prevent HIV and Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is the standard. It is necessary to make provision for contraceptive service as part of comprehensive care for the HIV-positive client. Plus de 5o% des 33.5 millions des gens séropositives sont des femmes qui sont encore en age de procréer. Grace à la disponibilité croissante et de l'emploi de la thérapie antirétrovirale active élevée(TAAE), la pronostic, l'espérance de vie et la qualité de vie des gens atteints s'est améliorée. Les femmes séropositives, comme leurs homologues non atteints, peuvent désirer planifier des grossesses, limiter le nombre d'enfants ou éviter la grossesse. L'emploi efficace de la contraception par les clientes séropositives peut contribuer de manière significative à la réduction dans la transmission verticale du virus. Les clientes peuvent se profiter des méthodes de la contraception disponible y compris la barrière, l'hormonal, les dispositifs utérins et la stérilisation. Néanmoins, certains médicaments antirétroviraux réagissent avec des hormono-contraceptifs qui ont la capacité de réduire l'efficacité. La double protection avec l'usage concomitant d'une méthode contraceptive plus efficace ainsi que le préservatif pour homme ou pour femme pour prévenir le VIH et les maladies sexuellement transmissibles(MST) demeure la norme. Il faut prévoir un service contraceptif comme faisant partie des soins compréhensif pour les clientes séropositives.
Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria: Funding Mechanisms
CO Duze
African Research Review , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to search for the appropriate fundingmechanisms that would be adopted in Nigeria for effective and efficientplanning, implementation, and sustainability of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria as perceived by stakeholders in education. Entrepreneurship education is capital intensive, and if not properly funded, will result into another investment in frustration which seems to characterize Nigeria s development programmes. This paper presents empirical evidence, derived from a survey of 1,750 education stakeholders selected through a multi-stage random sampling technique from a heterogeneous target population of government officials, private sector officials, educational engineers, teachers, students, and parents, on the funding mechanisms that could be adopted for effective, efficient and sustained delivery of entrepreneurship education in Nigeria. The findings revealed that all the categories of stakeholders in education strongly believed and agreed that entrepreneurship education could be funded by government through different forms of grants, effectively and efficiently if corruption, in every form, could be booted out.This way, Nigeria s wealth would be better and well channeled into funding the capital-intensive entrepreneurship education to enhance economic growth and national development.
Effect of K+, Na+ and uracil on sporangiospore-yeast transformation of Mucor circinelloides Tieghe
CO Omoifo
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2006,
Abstract: Potassium is a key constituent element that functions in intracellular metabolism of eukaryotes. This study demonstrates potassium is absolutely necessary for the formation of Mucor circinelloides protoplasts, the cross over transient form in the sequential transformation of sporangiospores to yeast cells. We also show that Na+ contributes significantly to the induction of yeast form from protoplast in synthetic broth and this is time related. Two distinct anamorphic patterns were induced, initialized by thallic growth and growth sphere wall lyses. Thallic growth was determinate with subtype’s production of conidia after growth cessation as in vesicular head group conidial form or enterothallic conidia and catenulate formation of conidia on same plane with short germ tube represented by holothallic conidia, as well as holoblastic conidia. The second growth pattern was proliferate, with yeast cell giving rise to daughter buds. Biomass profile exhibited 2-phases common in Na+ supplemented broths with determinate thallic growth contributing proportionally to the first peak. On thallic cell wall rupture, released cytosolic units progressively convert to protoplasts and subsequently to yeast cells. Uracil supplementation eliminated determinate thallic anamorphs with morphological expression occurring as ovoid to long ovoidal, ellipsoidal and cylindrical yeast cells, which were polar, bipolar or multilateral budding. Thin tree-like branched yeasts were scanty at 100 mM uracil supplementation. The results offer new insights into the phenomenon of fungal morphogenesis. It attributed specific effects to K+, Na+ and uracil as key factors to which Mucor circinelloides respond, phenotypically
Colorectal Cancer: Late Presentation and Outcome of Treatment
CO Madubogwu
Afrimedic Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Colorectal cancer remains a major health problem especially in developed countries where it ranks as the third most common cause of cancer in both men and women. Though incidence of colorectal cancer is low in Nigeria and other developing countries, outcome of treatment remains poor due largely to late presentation, ignorance, poverty and superstition. Aim: This study evaluates the stage of presentation and treatment outcome of colorectal cancer at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Nigeria. Method: Records of patients admitted into the hospital with confirmed colorectal cancer between January, 2000 to December, 2008 were retrieved. Data on age, sex, duration of illness, clinical features, treatment given and outcome of treatment were collected and analyzed. Results: Out of 32 patients, 10(31.3%) were males and 22(68.7%) were females, with a male to female ratio of 1:2.1.The patients' ages ranged from 24-90 years with a mean of 55.8 years. Eighteen (56.3%) patients presented more than 6 months after onset of symptoms. Twenty-one (65.6%) patients presented with features of intestinal obstruction; 17(53.1%) with rectal bleeding; 13(40.6%) with abdominal pain and 12(37.5%) with significant weight loss. Twelve (37.5%) patients died before completion of treatment regimen. Thirteen (40.6%) patients were lost to follow-up, while 5 (15.6%) patients were discharged against medical advice. Only 2 (6.3%) patients completed their treatment regimen. Conclusion: The incidence of colorectal cancer is still low in our environment but treatment outcome remains poor due to late presentation. Public enlightenment with emphasis on early presentation should be encouraged.
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