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Magnetic shear effect on zonal flow generation in ion-temperature-gradient mode turbulence

Lu He-Lin,Chen Zhong-Yong,Li Yue-Xun,Yang Kai,

物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: By decoupling the nonlinear fluid equations of ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) mode, the zonal flow-drift wave nonlinear dynamical equation including magnetic shear is derived. The role of magnetic shear for zonal flow generation by ITG mode turbulence is studied using a four-wave interaction model of modulational instability. Finally we can draw the conclusion that within a smaller range of k//, as |k//| increases, the growth rate of zonal flow is also increased.
Selectivity of Birds to Urban Woodlots

CHEN Shui-hua,DING Ping,FAN Zhong-yong,ZHENG Guang-mei,

动物学研究 , 2002,
Abstract: Urban woodlots are isolated as patches in urban matrix and possess the features of "habitat island".Moreover,their interior structures and landscape level structures are greatly modified by urbanization.We analyzed the relationships between the bird distribution and woodlot area,interior structures,distributions of microhabitat types,landscape level structures and human disturbance in 20 woodlots in Hangzhou city area.14 habitat variables and 14 microhabitat types were selected to test the relationships between the bird and habitat by Multivariate Regression Analysis and Correlation Analysis.The results indicate that bird species have a strong selectivity to the urban woodlots in Hangzhou,which is significantly correlated to not only the woodlot area but also many other habitat factors,such as the patch shape,vegetation density,microhabitat distribution,connectedness,isolation,surrounding land-use and human disturbance etc.It is the heterogeneity among the woodlots and the close association between the bird and habitat that result in the birds' selective distributions.The results also indicate the importance of the conservation of special habitat and habitat diversity in maintenance of regional biodiversity.
Development and Application of a Real Time PCR Detection Kit Specific for Mycobactium paratuberculosis

CHEN Ru,LIU Zhong-Yong,GAO Xiao-Bo,LIU Zhi-Ling,WU Xiao-Wei,ZENG Bi-Jian,LUO Chang-Bao,LIN Zhi-Xiong,
陈 茹

微生物学通报 , 2009,
Abstract: The real time PCR method based on TaqMan fluorescent DNA probe that specific for Mycobacterium paratuberculosis detection was established and developed into testing kit for rapid clinical diagnosis. The kit provided reagents for real time PCR and DNA extraction. The whole detection procedure included sample treatment and real time amplification could complete within 1 d. The testing kit could specifically identify 8 reference strains of M. paratuberculosis among various environmental existing microorganisms and 12 strains of other mycobacteria including M. tuberculosis, M. bovis and M. avium. Tests on M. paratuberculosis culture samples and serial ten fold dilution of recombinant plasmid containing target template showed that, the assay could detect single bacterium and 15 copies of target gene, which was 100 fold increase of sensitivity than the gel-based PCR using primers of the same sequences. And the test on 20 mimic infected milk sample containing 50~100 bacteria of M. paratuberculosis all yielded positive results. The inter-assay CV% and intra-assay CV% of the kit was 1.41%, 2.42% respectively. We used the testing kit to investigate infection of M. paratuberculosis on domestic and imported animals. Nature samples including 250 fecal and milk samples from 7 cattle farms, 143 serum samples from 10 pig farms within Guangdong province, and 100 serum samples from three shipments of imported monkey, were collected and tested. The positive rate of M. paratuberculosis was 7.7% in cattle serum, 3.7% in cattle fecal, 8.2% in pig serum and 3.0% in monkey serum respectively.
Runaway Electron Beam Instability in Slide-Away Discharges in the HT-7 Tokamak
CHEN Zhong-Yong,WAN Bao-Nian,LING Bi-Li,GAO Xiang,DU Qin,TI Ang,LIN Shi-Yao,S Sajjad,HT- Team,

中国物理快报 , 2007,
Abstract: Slide-away discharges are achieved by decreasing the plasma density or ramping down the plasma current in runaway discharges in the HT-7 tokamak. In the case of plasma current ramp down, the ratio of the electron plasma frequency to the electron cyclotron frequency is higher than in the stationary pulses when the discharge goes into a slide-away regime. The instability regime is characterized by relaxations in the electron cyclotron emission due to relativistic anomalous Doppler effect which transfers energy from parallel to perpendicular motion. The triggering of relativistic anomalous Doppler effect at higher density by ramping down of plasma current may provide a alternative runaway energy control scenario.
Variation of Total Ozone over Tibetain Plateau During 30 Years Monitored by Remotely Sensed Data
利用遥感监测青藏高原上空臭氧总量30 a的变化

XIAO Zhong-yong,JIANG Hong,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: This paper is study on the temporal and spatial dynamics characteristics of total ozone over Tibetain Plateau from 1979 using multi-resource remote sensing. The findings indicate that the total ozone over Tibetain Plateau is continuously decreasing. The decreasing rate is larger than the global and northern hemisphere average, and the average annual decreasing rates are about 0.23%, 0.19% and 0.12% for Tibetain Plateau, global and northern hemisphere average respectively. However, the decreasing rate is lessening after 2000. The decreasing rates each year are about 0.51%, 0.49% and 0.31% during the 3 stages of 1979-1989, 1990-1999 and 2000-2008. The days of total ozone over Tibetain Plateau lower than 240 DU is up to 34 d, and there is not largely lower ozone (lower than 240 DU) area after 2005; the seasonal variation of total ozone present sinusoidal, the largest and smallest value appear in March and October, the average values are about 304.59 and 265.45 DU respectively. But the smallest of daily value are often appears in November or December. The largest and smallest fluctuation of total ozone appear in February and September with the standard deviation of 17.28 and 5.88 DU respectively; the total ozone and altitude is inversely relationship, lower ozone appear over higher altitude areas, especially, over Tibetain Plateau region. Compare with the average total ozone over the same latitude, the total ozone over Tibetain Plateau is lower with about 19 DU, and give birth to an ozone valley.
Vasko Idakiev,Dimitar Dimitrov,Tatyana Tabakova,Krasimir Ivanov,Zhong-Yong Yuan,Bao-Lian Su
催化学报 , 2015, DOI: 10.1016/S1872-2067(14)60283-7
Abstract: ?MesoporousoxidesTiO2andZrO2,synthesizedbysurfactanttemplatingviaaneutralC13(EO)6-Zr(OC3H7)4assemblypathway,andceria-modifiedTiO2andZrO2,preparedbyadeposition-precipitation(DP)method,featuringhighsurfaceareasanduniformporesizedistributionswereusedassupportsforgoldcatalysts.Thesupportedgoldcatalystswereassessedforthecatalyticabatementofairpollutants,i.e.,CO,CH3OH,and(CH3)2O.ThegoldwassupportedonthemesoporousoxidesbyaDPmethod.ThesupportsandcatalystswerecharacterizedbypowderX-raydiffraction,high-resolutiontransmissionelectronmicroscopy,N2adsorption-desorptionanalysis,andtemperature-programmedreductiontechnique.AhighdegreeofsynergisticinteractionbetweenceriaandmesoporousZrO2andTiO2aswellasapositivemodificationofthestructuralandcatalyticpropertiesbyceriawasobserved.Theceriaadditiveinteractswiththemesoporousoxidesandinducesastrongeffectonthereducibilityofthesupports.Thecatalyticbehaviorofthecatalystswasdiscussedtodeterminetheroleoftheceriamodifyingadditiveandpossibleinteractionbetweenthegoldnanoparticlesandceria-mesoporousoxidesupports.Thegoldcatalystssupportedonceria-modifiedmesoporousZrO2displayedsuperiorcatalyticactivity(~100%conversionofCOat10℃andCH3OHat60℃).Thehighcatalyticactivitycanbeattributedtotheabilityofthesupporttoassistoxygenvacanciesformation.Thestudiesindicatethattheceria-modifiedmesoporousoxidesupportshavepotentialassupportsforgold-basedcatalysts.
Tomographic analysis of the central magnetohydrodynamic oscillations on the HT-7 tokamak
Ma Tian-Peng,Ruan Huai-Lin,Hu Li-Qun,Wan Bao-Nian,Gao Xiang,Zhen Xiang-Jun,Zhou Li-Wu,Sun You-Wen,Gao Wei,Chen Zhong-Yong,Lin Shi-Yao,Kong Wei,
,阮怀林,胡立群,万宝年,高 翔,甄香君,周立武,孙有文,高 伟,陈忠勇,林士耀,孔 伟

中国物理 B , 2006,
Abstract: Multi-channel soft x-ray (SX) detectors are applied to generate images of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) oscillation on the HT-7 tokamak, and the data from SX cameras are analysed by using the Fourier--Bessel harmonic reconstruction method and the singular value decomposition. The image reconstruction of SX emissivity is obtained on the assumption of plasma rigid rotation. One of the important phenomena in the HT-7 discharge is the transition from the sawtooth oscillations to the MHD oscillations when the plasma density grows higher. The MHD structure observed in the SX tomography is featured as follows: the magnetic surface of MHD structure is made up of the crescent-shaped ``hot core' and the circular ``cold bubble'. The structure of the magnetic surface is relatively stable. It rotates in the direction of the electron diamagnetic drift at a frequency being the oscillation frequency of the MHD oscillations.
Fast electron dynamics in lower hybrid current drive experiment on HT-7 tokamak

Shi Yue-Jiang,Wan Bao-Nian,Chen Zhong-Yong,Hu Li-Qun,Lin Shi-Yao,Ruan Huai-Lin,Qian Jin-Ping,Zhen Xiang-Jun,Ding Bo-Jiang,Kuang Guang-Li,Li Jian-Gang,HT- Team,

中国物理 B , 2005,
Abstract: Dynamic behaviour of fast electron in lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) experiment is a crucial issue in the sense of enhancing plasma performance. A new hard x-ray diagnostic system on HT-7 allows the investigation of the lower hybrid wave dynamics. The behaviour of fast electron is studied in several kinds of LHCD experiments, including long pulse discharges, high performance discharges and counter-LHCD experiments.

,蔡远利,贾 冬

物理学报 , 1999,
Abstract: Based on the property that the wavelet can approximate any nonlinear continuous function in the compact supporting set,a new method is presented to control chaos.By this method the trajectories of some typical chaotic systems,such as Duffing equation,Lorenz model,etc.,are controlled to the target orbits or points.It is proved that the wavelet base control algorithm is feasible and control effect is better.
Experimental characteristics of a lower hybrid wave multi-junction coupler in the HT-7 tokamak
Ding Bo-Jiang,Shan Jia-Fang,Liu Fu-Kun,Fang Yu-De,Wei Wei,Wu Zhen-Wei,Chen Zhong-Yong,Xu Han-Dong,Wang Mao,Jiang Min,Zhang Gong-Rang,Huang Feng,Zhao Yan-Ping,Kuang Guang-Li,HT- team,
,单家方,刘甫坤,方瑜德,韦 维,吴振伟,陈忠勇,徐汉东,王 茂,蒋 敏,张公让,黄 峰,赵燕平,匡光力,HT- team

中国物理 B , 2006,
Abstract: A phase-controlled lower hybrid wave (LHW) multi-junction (MJ) coupler (3(rows)×(columns)× (subwaveguides)) has been developed in the HT-7 tokamak. Simulations show that it is more effective for driving plasma current than an ordinary phase-controlled LHW antenna (3(rows)×12(columns)) (traditional coupler). The plasma--wave coupling experiments show that the reflection coefficient (RC) is below 10%, implying that the MJ grill can launch the wave into the plasma effectively. The effect of power spectrum launched by the MJ coupler on RC indicates that an optimal condition is requisite for a better coupling in the lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) experiments. Studies indicate that the drive efficiency of the MJ antenna is higher than that of the traditional one, which is mainly ascribed to the discrepancy in impurity concentration, plasma temperature, and spectrum directivity. An improved confinement with an electron internal transport barrier is obtained by LHCD. The analysis shows that the modified negative (low) magnetic shear and the change of radial electric field profile due to LHCD are possible factors responsible for the eITB formation.
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