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植物离体培养细胞的类减数分裂 Plant Somatic Meiosis-like Division in vetro
陈一华,陈正华CHEN Yi-Hua,CHEN Zheng-Hua
遗传 , 1996,
Abstract: PlantSomaticMeiosis-likeDivisioninvitroChenYihuaChenZhenghua(InstituteofGeneties,TheChineseAcademyofSeienees,Beijing100101)在离休培养条件下,相物细胞染色作容易发生数目和结构变异,这些变计包括染色体信性变异、非整倍体的出现、染色体断裂、易位、缺失、落后染色体及染色体桥等1,3—5,6—8,13,14,21,22,26,28,30),这此变异是体细胞无性系变异(somaclonalvariation)的来源之一.在众多的报道中,有一种染色体数目减少的现象被人们所注意。过去减数分裂总是与雌雄配子发生过程相连系的、在离休诱导细胞脱分…
Genetic Manipulation and Gene Engineering of Fatty Acid Metabolism in Plant Seeds

ZHOU Yi-Hua,CHEN Zheng-Hua,

植物学报 , 1998,
Abstract: In this review, the basic pathway of fatty acid metabolism in plant seeds was introduced, and the recent developments in genetic manipulation and gene engineering of plant fatty acid metabolism were also summarized in detail. The composition of fatty acid in plant seeds can be changed artificially through genetic manipulation. Meanwhile, this review clarified that making use of gene engineering to manipulate fatty acid metabolism in plant seeds has already created a new research area in resent years, which possesses great potentialities, and would play immense effects in people's life.
Advances in Studies on Morphological Changes and Their Physiological and Biochemical Mechanisms and Gene Regulation in Interaction Between Plant and Pathogenic Fungus

LAN Hai-Yan,CHEN Zheng-Hua,

植物学报 , 1999,
Abstract: In this paper, we review the advances on the morphological changes in interaction of plant and pathogenic fungus. The physiological and biochemical mechanisms, enzymology and gene regulation during this period were also discussed.
Antisense RNA and Its Application in Botany Research
反义RNA及其在植物学研究中的应用Antisense RNA and Its Application in Botany Research

石东乔,陈正华SHI Dong-qiao,CHEN Zheng-hua
遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: 反义RNA最初发现于细菌中,它们是一些较短的、散布的转录产物1],本身缺乏编码能力,但可以通过碱基配对的方式与靶RNA的特定互补区域结合,从而阻抑基因的正常表达,因此,反义RNA是高度特异性的基因表达抑制因子。1 自然界中存在的反义RNA参与基因表达调控的反义RNA是在原核生物中发现的。一些实验结果表明,在质粒的复制、转座子的转座作用及噬菌体的发育进程中,反义RNA的调控起着至关重要的作用。ColE1以及其他相关质粒的复制过程中,DNA的延伸起始于一种特殊引物的形成。而这一引物所在的区段,亦可产生与引物本身5…
Cloning of Insecticidal Protein Gene from Bacillus thuringiensis and Chloroplast Genetic Transformation in Brassica napus L.
苏云金芽孢杆菌杀虫蛋白基因克隆及油菜叶绿体遗传转化研究 Cloning of Insecticidal Protein Gene from Bacillus thuringiensis and Chloroplast Genetic Transformation in Brassica napus L.

侯丙凯,陈正华HOU Bing-kai,CHEN Zheng-hua
遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: 向细胞核导入外源基因的核转化技术是植物基因工程的主要方法。然而,外源基因表达效率低,表达不稳定,基因易失活和因随机插入而造成的位置效应等是该方法不足之处。而且,由于外源基因可随花粉扩散,细胞核转化体的生物安全性问题已在全球范围内引起世人的关注和担忧。将外源基因导入叶绿体基因组有望克服细胞核转化中存在的某些弊端。油菜作为世界上重要的油料作物,其叶绿体遗传转化研究还未见报道。本研究从苏云金芽孢杆菌克隆得到野生型杀虫晶体蛋白基因,构建了用于油菜叶绿体定点转化的植物表达载体,并用基因枪法将杀虫蛋白基因导入油菜,…
Recent Advances in Research on Disease Resistance Genes in Defence System of Plant
植物防御系统中抗病相关基因的研究进展 Recent Advances in Research on Disease Resistance Genes in Defence System of Plant

WAN Li-hong,ZHOU Yi-hua,CHEN Zheng-hua,
,周奕华,陈正华WAN Li-hong,ZHOU Yi-hua,CHEN Zheng-hua

遗传 , 2002,
Abstract: This review comments on recent advances in research of disease resistance genes(R Genes) in defence system of plants. The R genes cloned up to date are summarized and classified roughly into four classes listed in the Table 1. The location and the founction of the R proteins,i. e. ,the expressed products of different R genes in the cells are reviewed. In addition,the polymophism of coding region of R genes,the different fashions of R gene arrangement on the chromosomes,and the evolution and origin of R genes are discussed.
植物基因工程表达载体的改进和优化策略 Strategies for Optimizing Expression Vectors Used in Plant Genetic Engineering
侯丙凯,夏光敏,陈正华HOU Bing-kai,XIA Guang-min,CHEN Zheng-hua
遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: 外源基因在转基因植物中表达效率低一直是令相关研究者困扰的一个问题.转基因植物的生物安全性最近在全球范围内开始引起世人的担忧.本文简要介绍了近年来在植物表达载体构建方面所采用的一些新策略,这些策略有助于增强外源基因的表达水平、提高生物工程体的安全性。 Abstract:The low expression level of foreign genes in transgenic plants is a puzzling question for researchers in plant genetic engineering.The biosafety concern is now causing a growing public wariness of transgenic plants around the world.This article reviews the new strategies currently used in construction of plant expression vector for plant genetic engineering.These strategies are important for obtaining better expression of foreign genes and developing safer transgenic plants.
Capilliposide Isolated from Lysimachia capillipes Hemsl. Induces ROS Generation, Cell Cycle Arrest, and Apoptosis in Human Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines
Zheng-hua Fei,Kan Wu,Yun-liang Chen,Bing Wang,Shi-rong Zhang,Sheng-lin Ma
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/497456
Abstract: Several data has reported that capilliposide, extracted from a traditional Chinese medicine, Lysimachia capillipes Hemsl. (LC) could exhibit inhibitory effect on cell proliferation in various cancers. The current study investigated the antitumor efficacy of Capilliposide and elucidated its potential molecular mechanism involved in vivo and vitro. Our results indicated that LC capilliposide inhibited proliferation of lung cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner. LC capilliposide induced cell cycle arrest at the S stage and enhanced apoptosis in NSCLC cells. Treatment with LC capilliposide increased the intracellular level of ROS, which activated the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway. Blockage of ROS by NAC highly reversed the effect of LC capilliposide on apoptosis. Xenograft tumor growth was significantly lower in the LC-treated group compared with the untreated control group . The results also show that LC treatment does not produce any overt signs of acute toxicity in vivo. These findings demonstrate that LC capilliposide could exert an anti-tumor effect on NSCLC through mitochondrial-mediated apoptotic pathway and the activation of ROS is involved. 1. Introduction Lung cancer has been the most common malignant tumor worldwide and the leading cause of human cancer-related deaths for several decades [1]. Nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC) accounts for nearly 80% of lung cancer cases and approximately two thirds of these patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy is largely ineffective and highly toxic with a low survival profile. Although the prognosis is improved by early diagnosis and treatment, tumor recurrence and progression still plague some patients [2]. Developing novel drugs and therapies with fewer side effects is of significance for prognosis of patients with NSCLC [3]. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) including superoxide anion, hydroxyl radicals, and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are produced by all aerobic cells, which had important role in variety of various biological processes during physiological and pathological conditions [4]. ROS are thought to play multiple roles in tumorigenesis, progression, and maintenance [5]. On the one hand, cancerous cells have shown a higher level of ROS compared with their noncancerous counterparts. Up-regulation of ROS is usually accompanied with oncogene activation which may contribute to cancer progression. On the other hand, an imbalance between production of ROS and antioxidant depletion results in irreversible oxidative stress. Anticancer drugs and ionizing radiation may be
Coastline Change Monitoring Using 4 Periods Remote Sensing Data in Zhejiang Province from 1986 to 2009

CHEN Zheng-hua,MAO Zhi-hua,CHEN Jian-yu,

遥感技术与应用 , 2011,
Abstract: 以20世纪70年代的地形图为底图,利用1986年和1995年TM、2005年ASTER和2009年HJ 4个时间段的遥感影像数据进行目视解译,对浙江省大陆海岸线多年来的变迁进行连续监测,获取每个时期发生变化岸段、陆地增加面积和分数维情况.结论如下:①这3种卫星资料能够满足精确、快速监测海岸线变迁的要求;②浙江省海岸线快速向海洋推进,1986~1995年新增205.24 km2,1995~2005年新增319.85 km2,2005~2009年新增484.75 km2 ;③浙江省海岸线分形维数较小,海岸线复杂程度较低,且最近20多年来分形维数呈现降低趋势.
云杉针叶的扫描电镜观察 Scanning Electron Microscopic Observation of the Needle Leavesin Picea
贾敬鸾,陈晓松,陈正华JIA Jing-Luan,CHEN Xiao-Song,CHEN Zheng-Hua
遗传 , 1996,
Abstract: 本文应用扫描电子显微镜,对针叶树云杉的针叶进行了表面结构的观察、结果表明,云杉针叶表面有较厚的角质层,角质层呈条纹状排列。从横切面上看,针叶为四角形,叶的四面均有气孔。云杉的气孔下陷,呈蜂窝状。叶表皮具有病状突起物,这些构造特征,都有利于减少植物体水分的散失。通过对云杉这些结构的观察研究,可以为它的品种改良提供依据。
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