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Quantum Size Effects on the Chemical Sensing Performance of Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
Junghyo Nah,S. Bala Kumar,Hui Fang,Yu-Ze Chen,Elena Plis,Yu-Lun Chueh,Sanjay Krishna,Jing Guo,Ali Javey
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1021/jp300446z
Abstract: We investigate the role of quantum confinement on the performance of gas sensors based on two-dimensional InAs membranes. Pd-decorated InAs membranes configured as H2 sensors are shown to exhibit strong thickness dependence, with ~100x enhancement in the sensor response as the thickness is reduced from 48 to 8 nm. Through detailed experiments and modeling, the thickness scaling trend is attributed to the quantization of electrons which favorably alters both the position and the transport properties of charge carriers; thus making them more susceptible to surface phenomena.
Research of row-column mixed storage DBMS

SUN Lin-chao,CHEN Qun,XIAO Yu-ze,BAI Song,
,陈 群,肖玉泽,白 松

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: By analyzing the technical features of column store, this paper proposed a design of mixed storage DBMS. On the storage level, both row engine and column engine were built. After the column table was read, it was transformed to row table, so that subsequent processing could be done. Therefore, the design gets the advantages of column store as well as reuses the mature parts of row DBMS, reducing the risk and complexity of the development. PostgreSQL-based prototype and testing prove the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed design.
A Study of Chromosome Translocation of Francois'' Monkey by Fluoresence in situ Hybridization (FISH)
应用荧光原位杂交(FISH)技术研究 黑叶猴染色体易位 A Study of Chromosome Translocation of Francois Monkey by Fluoresence in situ Hybridization (FISH)

NAI Wen-Hui,LIU Rui-Qing,CHEN Yu-Ze,WANG Jin-Huan,
,刘瑞清,陈玉泽,王金焕NAI Wen-Hui,LIU Rui-Qing,CHEN Yu-Ze,WANG Jin-Huan

遗传 , 1999,
Abstract: 本文应用染色体荧光原位杂交(FISH)技术,利用人9号和14号染色体特异探针,对深低温冻存和长期传代的黑叶猴细胞株染色体畸变进行了分析。确定在长期冻存和传代过程中,一些黑叶猴细胞在No12和No17染色体之间发生了易位,一条No17染色体发生断裂,断裂点在17q13,断裂片段17q13-17qter易位到一条No12染色体长臂末端,形成一条小的中着丝粒的和一条具较长长臂的衍生染色体即der(17)和der(12)。结果表明,荧光原位杂交技术用人染色体特异探针不仅能检测出人类染色体畸变,也能有效地检测灵长类动物染色体畸变


物理学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 根据分子振动理论,采用简化模型分析了Bi系高温超导体Cu—O键伸缩振动的振动模式,计算了相应于红外活性模的振动频率,并将计算结果与实验分析结果进行了比较
The Study of the Sry Gene of Muntiacus crinifrons
黑麂Y染色体的鉴别和Sry基因的克隆及定位 The Study of the Sry Gene of Muntiacus crinifrons

WANG Yi,SHAN Xiang-nian,ZHANG Yue,LIU Ning-sheng,LU Xiao-xuan,NIE Wen-hui,WANG Jin-huan,CHEN Yu-ze,YANG Feng-tang,HU Jun,ZHANG Wen-xing,XU Chun-Mao,

遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: The single Y chromosome of Muntiacus reevesi and Y1,Y2 ,X+4,1 chromosome of Muntiacus crinifrons were obtained by flow-sorting ,then they were amplified through DOP-PCR . After that, the metaphase karyotype of Muntiacus crinifrons were painted by using the product of the DOP-PCR of the Y chromosome of Muntiacus reevesi as a special probe and the result showed that Y2 chromosome was the real Y chromosome of Muntiacus crinifrons. Secondly the product of the DOP-PCR of Y1,Y2,X+4,1 chromosome of Muntiacus crinifrons were used as the templates of the next amplification using the special primer devised according to the human SRY gene .One band was obtained only from Y2 chromosome , then it was cloned to the T-vector and sequenced. The Sry gene sequence of Muntiacus crinifrons was acquired and the conclution was that there are 83% homology between the human and Muntiacus crinifrons. It was testified that in all mammal Sry gene is consertive. On the other side the Sry gene was located to the Y2 chromosome of the Muntiacus crinifrons.
A method of improving regional geomagnetic field model boundary effect

YANG Yun-tao,SHI Zhi-yong,GUAN Zhen-zhen,LI Yu-ze,

地球物理学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: Aiming at the shortages in modeling regional geomagnetic field such as the limit of truncation order and the lower precision of geomagnetic chart. The problem of boundary effect in modeling regional geomagnetic field with Taylor polynomial is studied. The reason of boundary effect error is analyzed deeply in theory and a new method of Taylor polynomial with boundary interpolation constraint is put forward. In this way, the truncation order can be increased, the regional geomagnetic field model boundary effect is improved, and then a higher geomagnetic chart can be constructed with the model. Otherwise, this technology is compared and analyzed with the normal method of appending the IGRF data in the regional boundary and an experiment simulation is conducted at last. The experiment showing that the technology which is better than the method of appending the IGRF data not only can resolve the boundary effect preferably, but also can improve the precision of regional geomagnetic field model.


物理学报 , 1994,
Abstract: 研究了铁基纳米晶合金Fe13.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9和Fe91Zr7B2的热膨胀特性,并与相应成分的非晶合金做了比较。结果表明,在居里温度以下,纳米晶合金的热膨胀系数比非晶合金大得多,而在居里温度以上,两者几乎相等。认为上述的热膨胀的差别可能与铁基非晶态合金中存在的因瓦效应有关。
The mathematical model and properties of memristor with border constraint

Zhang Xu,Zhou Yu-Ze,Bi Qiang,Yang Xing-Hua,Zu Yun-Xiao,

物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 对第四类基本电路元件——忆阻元件的基本特性进行了研究,分别建立了无边界条件和有边界条件的忆阻元件的积分形式的数学模型.对有边界条件的数学模型进行了仿真,分析了有边界条件下电源频率和掺杂比、初始掺杂宽度等模型参数对电流、电压电流关系、磁链电荷关系等元件特性的影响,得出了相关的结论.
The softening of magnon of two-dimensional insulating ferromagnets at low temperatures

Cheng Tai-Min,Xian Yu-Ze,Du An,Zou Jun-Ding,
,鲜于泽,杜 安,邹君鼎

物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: A magnon-phonon interaction model is applied to two_dimensional insulating ferro magnets. By using Matsubara Green function theory, we have studied the magonon spectrum, and calculated the magnon dispersion curve on the main symmetric point and line in the Brillouin Zone for different parameters of the system. It is con cluded that at the boundary of Brillouin Zone there is a strong broadening in th e magnon linewidth and softening. The influences of longitudinal phonon and tran sverse phonon on the softening and broadening in the magnon linewidth are compar ed, and the influences of the parameters are also illustrated.
Bioremediation potential of Apostichopus japonicus (Selenka) in coastal bivalve suspension aquaculture system.

YUAN Xiu-tang,YANG Hong-sheng,ZHOU Yi,MAO Yu-ze,XU Qiang,WANG Li-li,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Suspension aquaculture of filter-feeding bivalves can produce large amount of faeces and pseudofaeces (biodeposits) that may impact aquaculture environment, while deposit-feeding sea cucumbers may effectively utilize such particulate wastes and act as a scavenger in mariculture system. In this paper, the ingestion, growth, and excretion of deposit-feeder Apostichopus japonicus were investigated in situ seasonally to evaluate its bioremediation potential of a suspension aquaculture system of filter-feeding bivalves. The results showed that A. japonicus could grow well in newly designed culture nets, with its maximum specific growth rate being 0.34% d(-1). The A. japonicus could effectively use the biodeposits generated by co-cultured bivalves, and the ingestion rate at 21.2 degrees C in summer, 19.2 degrees C in autumn, and 7.7 degrees C in winter was 0.1746, 0.0989, and 0.0050 g g(-1) d(-1), respectively. A. japonicus could promote the regeneration of nutriens in biodeposits via the excretion of considerable amount of dissolved N and P, and the excretion also showed obvious seasonal fluctuation. The extrapolation based on the in situ investigation results showed that when co-cultivated with bivalves in lantern nets, A. japonicus would ingest 4.5-159.6 kg hm(-2) d(-1) of dry biodeposits and excrete 1,382.5-3,678.1 mmol hm(-2) d(-1) of NH4(+)-N and 74.6-335.7 mmol hm(-2) d(-1) of PO4(3-)-P, indicating that the deposit-feeding A. japonicus had a great bioremediation capability in suspension aquaculture systems. The integrated model of deposit-feeding A. japonicus and filter-feeding bivalve could not only benefit the economy, but also sustain the environment.
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