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A randomized controlled trial on therapeutic efficacy and safety of No. 1 Decoction for common cold
Xiao-rong HUO,Hang-wei CHEN,Xue-hui LI,Lan-hua YOU
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2012,
Abstract: Objective  To assess therapeutic efficacy and safety of No. 1 Decoction for common cold in patients. Methods  A randomized controlled trial was conducted to study 225 male military officers and soldiers who were suffering from common cold, while 6 of them who showed positive results in the colloidal gold immunochromatography assay (GICA) for detecting Flu A/ B or LP were excluded. The remaining 219 patients were randomly allocated either to receive No. 1 Decoction (study group, n=111) or Ganmao Qingre Keli (control group, n=108) for 3 days. Grading quantization form for symptoms of common cold were filled for all patients. Clinical response rate, significant response rate and complete cure rate were analyzed. Adverse events were also observed and recorded. Results  In this trial, 2 patients in test group and 1 in study group were lost in follow-up, 13 cases with incomplete data were excluded (5 in study group, 8 in control group). 219 patients were included in FAS set and SS set, and data of 203 cases were observed in the PP set. In FAS set, the study group had a higher clinical recovery rate and effective rate than the control group (14.41% vs12.96%, P=0.755; 72.97% vs64.81%, P=0.192), and had a lower significant effective rate than control group (36.94% vs43.52%, P=0.321). The 95% confidence interval for the difference between the effective rates of study group and control group was (–4.06%-20.38%, Δ=–10%), suggesting No.1 Decoction might be as effective as Ganmao Qingre Keli. The results of PP set were similar to that of FAS set. Conclusion  No. 1 Decoction is a safe and effective drug for common cold.
Preparation and Characterization of ZnO Hollow Micro-spheres with Excellent Property of Blue Emission
SUN Yong-Jiang, WANG Li, JIANG Xue-Hui, CHEN Ke-Zheng
无机材料学报 , 2013, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2013.12168
Abstract: With the assistance of glucose and citrate, hollow micro-spheres of zinc citrate were prepared through low-temperature hydrothermal route, and then hollow micro-spheres of ZnO were obtained by calcinating the precursor at 500 n air. The composition, structures and morphologies of products were characterized by XRD, TG-DSC, SEM, TEM and IR. It was investigated that the precursor hollow micro-spheres with average diameter of 2 μm and thickness of 200 nm were prepared by the hydrothermal route. ZnO hollow micro-spheres prepared by calcinating the precursor with average diameter of 1 μm and thickness of 100 nm were composed of nanoparticles with diameter of 20–30 nm. The room-temperature photoluminescence property of the sample was studied. Under excitation wavelength of 325 nm, the as-prepared ZnO hollow micro-spheres possess excellent properties of blue emission, locating at 469 nm.
Xue-Hui Zhan
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808029334
Abstract: The title compound, C15H14N2O3, exists in the E configuration with respect to the central methylidene unit. The dihedral angle between the two substituted benzene rings is 22.0 (2)°. Within the molecule there is an intramolecular N—H...O hydrogen bond involving the hydrozide H atom and the O atom of the methoxy substituent on the adjacent phenyl ring. In the crystal structure, molecules are linked through intermolecular O—H...O hydrogen bonds, forming zigzag chains along the b direction.
Improved light extraction of GaN-based light-emitting diodes with surface-textured indium tin oxide electrodes by nickel nanoparticle mask dry-etching

He An-He,Zhang Yong,Zhu Xue-Hui,Chen Xian-Wen,Fan Guang-Han,He Miao,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: GaN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with surface-textured indium tin oxide (ITO) as a transparent current spreading layer were fabricated. The ITO surface was textured by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching technology using a monolayer of nickel (Ni) nanoparticles as the etching mask. The luminance intensity of ITO surface-textured GaN-based LEDs was enhanced by about 34{\%} compared to that of conventional LED without textured ITO layer. In addition, the fabricated ITO surface-textured GaN-based LEDs would present a quite good performance in electrical characteristics. The results indicate that the scattering of photons emitted in the active layer was greatly enhanced via the textured ITO surface, and the ITO surface-textured technique could have a potential application in improving photoelectric characteristics for manufacturing GaN-based LEDs of higher brightness.
Image Quality Estimation Based on Multi-linear Analysis

WEI Xue-hui,LI Jun-li,CHEN Gang,

中国图象图形学报 , 2008,
Abstract: We describe the development of the objective quality estimation.For some typical methods,we classified them into several groups.Spearman correlation coefficient and Pearson correlation coefficient of given image quality methods of different kind of distortion such as compression,noise and so on are analyzed.It turns out that different methods have different simulations to different distorted images.After that multi-linear regression analysis is used to integrate the advantages of different methods and then we get a new image quality estimation which can simulate smartly all kind of distortions.In our experiment,by analyzing the correlation coefficient we prove that our new quality estimation is robust.
Treatment adherence among sputum smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients in mountainous areas in China
Song Yao, Wen-Hui Huang, Susan van den Hof, Shu-Min Yang, Xiao-Lin Wang, Wei Chen, Xue-Hui Fang, Hai-Feng Pan
BMC Health Services Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6963-11-341
Abstract: In each of the five provinces, all counties with > 80% mountainous area were stratified into three groups according to their gross domestic product. In each stratum, one county was randomly sampled. Study subjects were sampled from all smear positive TB cases registered in 2007 in the target counties. TB patients, village doctors, county doctors and directors of the TB prevention and control institutes were interviewed. Insufficient medication adherence was defined as taking less than 90% of anti-TB drug doses prescribed. Insufficient re-examination adherence was defined as having less than the recommended three sputum smear examinations during the treatment course.A minority of patients took drugs under direct observation: on average 29% during the intensive phase of treatment. In total, 524 TB patients were included, of whom 49 (9.4%) took less than 90% of all doses prescribed and 92 (17.6%) did not have all sputum smear examinations, with substantial variations between the provinces. In multivariable analysis, no direct observation of treatment during the intensive phase and the presence of adverse events were associated both with insufficient medication adherence and insufficient re-examination adherence. Overall, 79% of patients were adherent both to treatment and re-examinations.In these remote and poor areas of China, the TB control program is not fully functioning according to the guidelines. The majority of patients are not treated under direct observation, while direct observation by health care staff was associated with better adherence, both to drug therapy and re-examinations. Insufficient adherence increases the risk of unsuccessful treatment outcomes and development of drug resistance. Measures should be taken urgently in these areas to strengthen implementation of the international Stop TB strategy.Adherence, or compliance, refers to the extent patients correctly follow medical advice [1]. Adherence refers both to taking drugs according to prescripti
XML document latent information extractionalgorithm based on D-S evidence theory

CHEN Hua-cheng,DU Xue-hui,CHEN Xing-yuan,XIA Chun-tao,

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: Traditional XML document retrieval methods are mainly based on keywords' match, which ignore keywords' semantics and latent information contained in information combination. This paper proposed an algorithm of XML document latent information extraction based on D-S evidence theory. Firstly it used ontology to define the relationships between semantic concepts and the combination mode, and next proposed a retrieval model based on D-S evidence theory. Then it presented the computation of evidence weight, and finally designed a dynamic threshold with plausible function. It solved the problems of uncertainty in semantic match and retrieve of latent information. Furthermore, it presented the algorithm's application in the detection of personal and enterprises' sensitive information in e-government domain. The experiment proves that the proposed algorithm has higher precision and recall.
MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Moving Surface with a Power-Law Velocity
CHEN Xue-Hui,ZHENG Lian-Cun,ZHANG Xin-Xin,

中国物理快报 , 2007,
Abstract: A theoretical analysis for MHD boundary layer flow on a moving surface with the power-law velocity is presented. An accurate expression of the skin friction coefficient is derived. The analytical approximate solution is obtained by means of Adomian decomposition methods. The reliability and efficiency of the approximate solutions are verified by numerical ones in the literature.
Contamination Characteristics and Pollutant Sources Analysis on PAHs in Shallow Groundwater in Suburb of Taihu Plain

CUI Xue-hui,LI Bing-hua,CHEN Hong-han,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: To investigate shallow groundwater quality in Taihu plain, south of Jiangsu province, 56 samples were collected in north area (C area), north east area (W area) and east area (S area). The concentrations of priority 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were analyzed by HP 6890-GC. Hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) and Molecular ratios were used to characterize their possible pollution sources. Concentrations of total priority 16 PAHs in shallow groundwater samples ranged from below method detection limits (< MDLs) to 32.45 microg/L with the average value of 4.42 microg/L, which were predominated by three and four-ring PAHs. High contents of PAHs were found in the vicinity of industrial areas. Ratios of specific PAH compounds including phenanthrene/anthracene (Phe/Ant), fluoranthene/pyrene (FL/Pyr), chrysene/ benzo(a)/anthracene (Chr/BaA), low-molecular-weight PAH/high-molecular-weight PAH (LPAH/HPAH) were calculated to evaluate the possible sources of PAH contamination. These ratios reflected a mixed pattern of pyrolytic and petrogenic inputs of PAHs with different proportion in shallow groundwater. Hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) results showed that the abnormal benzo (k) fluoranthene concentration dominated the HCA results in C area, the abnormal benzo(a)anthracene concentration dominated the HCA results in W area, and the abnormal benzo (b) fluoranthene concertration dominated the HCA results in S area. At level 0.05, FL, AcPy, Acp, Phe and Bap in C area had Pearson correlation between 0.680 and 0.712. BP, BaA and Bap in W area had Pearson correlation between 0.724 and 0.773. AcPy and Flu in S area had Pearson correlation 0.659, which meant that these PAHs listed in each areas might came from the same kind of sources.
Congestion control solution to avoid and remove congestion for delay-tolerant network

DU Xue-hui,CHEN Xing-yuan,WANG N,CAO Li-feng,
,陈性元,王 娜,曹利峰

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: In delay-tolerant network (DTN), limited resources (such as buffer, bandwidth etc. ) of nodes are more easily used up, resulting in network congestion and network performance deceasing, because of its network characteristics and custody transfer mechanism. The standard TCP congestion control mechanism is not suitable for DTN. This paper proposed a novel congestion control solution to avoid and remove congestion for DTN. Congestion avoidance built DTN directed multi-path graph, divided and set constrain controls on link load, such as message sending and receiving rate and bandwidth usage, in order to increase the network source usage, according to the definiteness of transfer delay and transfer ability in a period of time short enough. Congestion removing combined storage transformation in nodes and message transfer between nodes, to remove DTN congestion on the basis of node storage resource division. The simulation results indicate that the proposed solution has better performance in message delivery rate, network overhead etc. , than other DTN congestion control mechanisms.
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