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Study on Human-Machine Semantics: An Artificial Intelligence Perspective

CHEN Xiao-ping,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2006,
Abstract: 语义网是未来网络应用技术的主要生长点之一,它广泛涉及人工智能、逻辑学、哲学和语言学等众多学科。通过对语义网及其相关领域技术发展脉络的梳理,可以了解到一些具有重要社会意义和科学意义的现状:第一,人机关系正在经历根本性变化——从以人为基本连接纽带转变为以机器为基本连接纽带;第二,人机交互方式正在经历根本性变革——从纯语法处理方式向语义处理方式转化;第三,机器系统的“逻辑本性”正在经历重大转变——从“同质系统”向“异质系统”变迁。这些变化说明莱布尼兹“通用文字”理想正处于新的“进化”之中,而其核心概念就是“人机语义”。这种语义的基本特征可以概括为异质性、相对于语义网规则的可证正确性和人机互可理解性。
An Automated Video Object Extraction System Based on Spatiotemporal Independent Component Analysis and Multiscale Segmentation
Zhang Xiao-Ping,Chen Zhenhe
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing , 2006,
Abstract: Video content analysis is essential for efficient and intelligent utilizations of vast multimedia databases over the Internet. In video sequences, object-based extraction techniques are important for content-based video processing in many applications. In this paper, a novel technique is developed to extract objects from video sequences based on spatiotemporal independent component analysis (stICA) and multiscale analysis. The stICA is used to extract the preliminary source images containing moving objects in video sequences. The source image data obtained after stICA analysis are further processed using wavelet-based multiscale image segmentation and region detection techniques to improve the accuracy of the extracted object. An automated video object extraction system is developed based on these new techniques. Preliminary results demonstrate great potential for the new stICA and multiscale-segmentation-based object extraction system in content-based video processing applications.
Effect of erythropoietin on dynamic changes of TLR4,NF-κB,and IL-6 in rat model with necrotizing enterocolitis
Xiao-qing CHEN,Hua XU,Xiao-ping LUO
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To explore the protective effect and the mechanism of erythropoietin(EPO) on dynamic expressions of TLR-4,NF-κB,and IL-6 in the intestinal tissue of neonatal rat model with necrotizing enterocolitis(NEC).Methods A total of 90 SD rats(3 days old) were divided randomly into 3 groups(30 each) as follows: normal control group,NEC group,and EPO group.The NEC rat model was established by feeding the subjects with rat-milk substitutes after separation from the mother rats.The subjects were then exposed to hypoxia and cold stress.The EPO-treated rats were fed with the substitute of rat-milk containing EPO(0.1U/ml),and were exposed to hypoxia and cold stress as well.The rats in the control group were raised by their mothers and received no intervention.Ten rats from each group were sacrificed at 24,48,and 72h,respectively.The last 3cm of the terminal ileum was excised and the histological changes of the intestinal tissues were scored after H-E staining.Scores ≥2 were considered NEC.Fluorescence quantitative PCR was used to evaluate the dynamic levels of TLR4 mRNA and NF-κB mRNA.ELISA was used to determine the expression of IL-6.Results The TLR4 mRNA expression in the NEC group increased at 24h,peaked at 48h,and slightly decreased at 72h.The expressions in all time points increased significantly compared with those in the control group(P < 0.01).The rats in the EPO group expressed high levels of TLR4 mRNA at 24h.However,the expression rapidly declined later,and was significantly lower at 48 and 72h compared with those in the NEC group(P < 0.01).The expressions of NF-κB mRNA and IL-6 were significantly higher in the NEC group than in the control group at 48 and 72 h(P < 0.01).The expressions considerably increased in the EPO group at 48h,then declined at 72h,and were significantly lower than those in the NEC group(P < 0.01).No apparent pathological change was found in all groups at the time points of 24 and 48h.However,tissue lesion was observed in the NEC and EPO groups at 72 h,and the histological score was significantly higher in the NEC group(2.83±0.56) than in the EPO group(1.53±0.35,P < 0.01).Conclusions In the intestinal tract of the neonatal rat with NEC,innate immune response initiates earlier than the acquired immune response.Inflammatory response appears ahead of the tissue lesion,implying that the inflammatory response induces lesion.The enteral administration of human milk with a physiologic concentration of EPO may downregulate the TLR4 mRNA expression and inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators,thereby reducing intestinal tissue inju
Effect of erythropoietin on intestinal injury and bacterial translocation in neonatal rat model of necrotizing enterocolitis
Xiao-qing CHEN,Xiao-ping LUO
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2012,
Abstract: Objective  To observe the influence of erythropoietin (EPO) on intestinal histopathological changes and bacterial translocation (BT) in neonatal rat model of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), and explore the protective effect of EPO against NEC. Methods  Seventy-five three-day-old SD rat pups were randomly divided into three groups (25 in each group): normal control group, NEC model group and EPO intervention group. The rat pups in normal control group were placed together with their mothers and breast fed, receiving no other intervention. NEC model group rats were separated from their mothers, housed in an incubator, and gavaged with rat-milk substitute, then experienced hypoxia (breathing 100% nitrogen gas for 90s) and cold stress (4℃ for 10min) three times daily for 3 days. EPO intervention group rats were fed with the substitute of rat-milk supplemented with 0.1U/ml of EPO, and they were also given hypoxia and cold stress similar to that of the NEC model group. Blood samples were obtained via cardiac puncture, and 2-cm-length of terminal ileum proximal to the ileocecal valve were obtained from the animals on the 4th day. The histopathological changes in terminal ileum were scored after hematoxylin-eosin (HE) staining, and the scores ≥2 were defined as NEC. To determine the incidence of bacterial translocation, 16S rRNA real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR was used to detect the bacterial DNA in blood samples. Results  Compared with the NEC model group, the mean rank-sum rate of the intestinal histopathological score (39.4583 vs 53.8696), NEC incidence [25%(6/24) vs 57%(13/23)] and bacterial translocation rate [17% (4/24) vs 65%(15/23)] in EPO intervention group were significantly lowered (P < 0.05, P < 0.01). Conclusion  Enteral EPO administration is not only effective for reduction of the severity and incidence of NEC, but also for decrease of the bacterial translocation rate in neonatal rat models.
Xiao-Ping Chen,Shou-Fa Han
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809018054
Abstract: The title compound, C12H12N2O2S, was obtained by the reaction of 2-mercaptopyridine and benzylamine. The dihedral angle between the benzene and pyridine rings is 75.75 (9)°. In the crystal, molecules are linked into chains along the c axis by N—H...O and N—H...N hydrogen bonds; the chains are cross-linked into a two-dimensional network parallel to the bc plane via C—H...O hydrogen bonds.
The leptophilic dark matter with $Z'$ interaction: from indirect searches to future $e^+ e^-$ collider searches
Ning Chen,Jian Wang,Xiao-Ping Wang
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We investigate the scenario where the dark matter only interacts with the charged leptons in the standard model via a neutral vector mediator $Z'$. Such a scenario with a 430 GeV dark matter can fit the recent positron fluxes observed by the AMS-02 Collaborations, with the reasonable boost factors. We study the possibility of searching such leptophilic $Z'$ via its lepton final states and invisible decay modes at the future electron-positron colliders, such as the International Linear Collider (ILC) and the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC). We find that for the benchmark models with $Z'$ mass from 1.0 TeV to 1.5 TeV, the searches for the invisible decays of $Z'\to \bar \chi \chi$ is easily achieved at the CLIC 1.5 TeV runs via the mono-photon process. However, lighter $Z'$ with mass from 0.5 TeV to 0.8 TeV are challenging to see. The di-lepton plus single photon channel can reveal the $Z'$ mass at the ILC and CLIC with moderate luminosities.
The consistency of estimator under fixed design regression model with NQD errors
Jian-hua Shi,Xiao-ping Chen,Yong Zhou
Statistics , 2013,
Abstract: In this article, basing on NQD samples, we investigate the fixed design nonparametric regression model, where the errors are pairwise NQD random errors, with fixed design points, and an unknown function. Nonparametric weighted estimator will be introduced and its consistency is studied. As special case, the consistency result for weighted kernel estimators of the model is obtained. This extends the earlier work on independent random and dependent random errors to NQD case.
Active queue management algorithm with dynamic matrix control

WANG Ping,CHEN Hong,YANG Xiao-ping,

控制理论与应用 , 2010,
Abstract: We propose a novel active queue management algorithm based on the dynamic matrix control(DMAQM) for the Internet system with large time-delay, complex variations and detrimental disturbances. By the predictive model and state estimator, the future queue length in data buffer, which is the basis for determining the packet-loss rate, is predicted. Furthermore, the control requirements are converted to the optimal control objectives, and then, the packet-loss rate is obtained by solving the optimization problem online. The DMAQM algorithm adapts to the varying network environment and improves the robustness by moving the optimization horizon, and handles network constraints in the process for determining the packet-loss rate. Finally, the performances of DMAQM are evaluated through a series of simulations. The simulation results show that the DMAQM algorithm is superior to the random early detection(RED) algorithm in stability, disturbance rejection, and robustness.
Spheroidization of molybdenum powder by radio frequency thermal plasma
Xiao-ping Liu,Kuai-she Wang,Ping Hu,Qiang Chen,Alex A. Volinsky
- , 2015, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-015-1187-7
Abstract: To control the morphology and particle size of dense spherical molybdenum powder prepared by radio frequency (RF) plasma from irregular molybdenum powder as a precursor, plasma process parameters were optimized in this paper. The effects of the carrier gas flow rate and molybdenum powder feeding rate on the shape and size of the final products were studied. The molybdenum powder morphology was examined using high-resolution scanning electron microscopy. The powder phases were analyzed by X-ray diffraction. The tap density and apparent density of the molybdenum powder were investigated using a Hall flow meter and a Scott volumeter. The optimal process parameters for the spherical molybdenum powder preparation are 50 g/min powder feeding rate and 0.6 m3/h carrier gas rate. In addition, pure spherical molybdenum powder can be obtained from irregular powder, and the tap density is enhanced after plasma processing. The average size is reduced from 72 to 62 μm, and the tap density is increased from 2.7 to 6.2 g/cm3. Therefore, RF plasma is a promising method for the preparation of high-density and high-purity spherical powders.
The eco-functions of ecological protection techniques of riverbank

CHEN Xiao-Hu,LI Xiao-Ping,

生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The erosion of riverbank and the disappearance of riparian buffering strips are among the concerns in river ecosystem. This study investigated the application of three ecological slope protection techniques, including soil bioengineering, all-series vegetated protection, and combined biostabilization, at four demonstration sites of ecological rivers in Shanghai. In order to assess the ecological functions of the slope protection project, the ecological slope protection project at the demonstration site of Airport Town, was conducted continuous ecological monitoring from 2004 to 2006 after the reconstruction was finished. The results indicated that the pioneer species such as Salix suchowensis, Salix babylonica , Zoysia Sinica, are growing very well with strong root system and flourished branches, which help control soil erosion effectively. As an indicator of soil anti-erodibility, the soil strength and compaction of the subsurface soil with a mean deepness of 15 cm are going up and much more than the un-covered control slopes, which made the soil erosion mitigated sharply and the structural stability of riverbanks enhanced. Along with the riverbank being reinforced, the habitats of the riparian zone are under self-improvement and native plants have been in rapid restoration. The ecological stability of ecoriverbanks is being enhanced due to a high species diversity and complex plant community structure.
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