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Estimate of Heavy Metals in Soil with Non-Soil Removed  [PDF]
Ji Jian, Yao Fang, Wei-Le Li, Qian-Yu Chen, Heng-Yu Tian, Shuang-Lin You
Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing (JDAIP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jdaip.2017.54011
Abstract: Quantifying and mapping heavy metals’ concentrations in the soil are important in monitoring and managing heavy metal pollution in the mining areas. However, the cover on the soil acts as a balk when retrieving information from soil. In order to retrieve heavy metal pollution precisely and quickly from hyperspectral images, this study presents a new method to remove non-soil information based NDVI from hyper-spectral and multi-spectral images. The method assumed that the mixed objects in each pixel of remote sensing images are composed only of soil and vegetation-based non-soil end-generational endmembers, then, the soil information of each pixel can be compensated with the non-soil information removed based on its NDVI. Thus, the soil DN value can be corrected to retrieve soil information more precisely. The method has been used on the Hyperion image in June 8, 2002 and the Gaofen-2 (GF-2) image in February 14, 2016 to retrieve the heavy metals’ contents in Bai-ma and De-sheng mining areas, Miyi County, Sichuan Province. From the non-soil information removed images, the R2 and RMSE of the models of estimating Cr, Ag, Cu and Ba in soil are 0.68, 0.724, 0.71, 0.695 and 75.96, 0.03, 52.88, 284.70 respectively. From the original images, the R2 and RMSE of the models of estimating Cr, Ag, Cu and Ba in soil are 0.67, 0.385, 0.425, 0.406 and 80.11, 0.18, 53.43, 396.49 respectively. The retrieval results show that the non-soil information removed images are superior to original images in soil heavy metals’ contents retrieval. This indicates that this method is feasible, and it can be used in soil information retrieval.
Antioxidant activity of endophytic Chaetomium globosum from Eucommia ulmoides

XIE Hui,CHEN Shuang-Lin,

菌物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 本文研究了分离自杜仲叶片的内生真菌球毛壳菌菌株No.173发酵液提取物的抗氧化活性,采用铁氰化钾还原力测定法、β-胡萝卜素/亚油酸模型和光照核黄素体系评价了发酵液提取物的抗氧化作用,并采用Folin-Ciocalteu法测定杜仲内生球毛壳菌发酵液提取物总多酚含量.结果表明,其抗氧化能力与Vc基本相当;清除超氧阴离子的能力优于芦丁;多酚含量为255.53±1.38mg/g,是其主要的抗氧化活性成分.
Diversity of endophytic fungi from Pteroceltis tatarinowii

CHAI Xin-Yi,CHEN Shuang-Lin,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Diversity of endophytic fungi from Pteroceltis tatarinowii was studied in order to understand diversity and succession change of endophytic fungal communities in this endemic plant. Healthy plant samples were collected from five natural distribution areas of P. tatarinowii in Anhui, Henan, Shandong and Jiangsu Provinces. A total of 3,611 isolates of endophytic fungi were obtained. Thirty-one genera belonging to Ascomycota (2.25%), Coelomycetes (49.42%) and Hyphomycetes (28.52%) were identified, of these Phomopsis (22.10%) and Alternaria (20.66%) were the dominant genera. A total of 19.52% of all isolates were sterile on the media. The community of endophytic fungi from P. tatarinowii of Nanjing and that of Zaozhuang has the highest similarity (Cs = 0.84), while the community similarity of Nanjing and that of Nanyang was the lowest (Cs = 0.60). Coelomycetes was the most dominant in lamina, petiole and branch. The isolation rate of Hypomycetes was the highest (46.71%) in spring, but that of Coelomycetes (55.85%) was the highest in autumn.
Myxomycetes from the mid-upper reaches of Bailong River, Gansu Province, China

CHEN Shuang-Lin,DAI Qun,CHEN Ping,LI Yu,

菌物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Fifty-two myxomycete taxa from the Mid-Upper Reaches of the Bailong River were listed in the present paper. Of them, 3 species are new to China. They are Craterium paraguayenese (Speg.) G. Lister, Diderma montanum (Meyl.) Meyl. and Physarum bitectum G. Lister. 34 species are new to Gansu Procince.
An annotated checklist of Myxomycetes from Tibet, China

CHEN Shuang-Lin,YAN Shu-Zhen,LI Yu,

菌物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, seventy five species and one variety of myxomycetes are reported from Tibet, China. Fifty two species and one variety are new to Tibet. Two species, Badhamia foliicola and Trichia crenulata, are new to China, and they were briefly described.
Notes on Myxomycetes from Qinghai, China

YAN Shu-Zhen,LIU Qi-Sh,CHEN Shuang-Lin,LI Yu,

菌物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Thirty six species and one variety of myxomycetes are reported from Qinghai Province, China. Diderma roanense is new to China and it was briefly described and discussed. Nineteen species are new to Qinghai, including Cribraria ferruginea, Cribraria oregana, Dictydium cancellatum, Dictydiaethalium plumbeum, Tubifera ferruginosa, Calomyxa metallica, Trichia persimilis, Trichia varia, Badhamia foliicola, Craterium leucocephalum, Diderma radiatum, Didymium minus, Fuligo septica, Physarum tenerum, Physarum viride, Comatricha laxa, Stemonaria longa, Stemonitis fusca and Stemonitopsis typhina. The results supplement the data for diversity of myxomycete species distributing in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as well as high-altitude mountains of China.
Chinese species in the genus Physarum and their distribution

CHEN Shuang-Lin,XU Fang,YAN Shu-Zhen,LI Yu,

菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, ninety-three species of the genus Physarum from China were reported based on identification and reexamination of specimens as well as literature research. The provincial distributions of some species were supplemented. The distribution characteristics and geographical compositions were analyzed and discussed.
Modeled Influence of East Asian Black Carbon on Inter-Decadal Shifts in East China Summer Rainfall
Rashed MAHMOOD,LI Shuang-Lin,
,LI Shuang-Lin

大气和海洋科学快报 , 2011,
Abstract: Two inter-decadal shifts in East China summer rainfall during the last three decades of the 20th century have been identified. One shift occurred in the late 1970s and featured more rainfall in the Yangtze River valley and prolonged drought in North China. The other shift occurred in the early 1990s and featured increased rainfall in South China. The role of black carbon (BC) aerosol in the first shift event is controversial, and it has not been documented for the second event. In this study, the authors used Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory’s (GFDL’s) atmospheric general circulation model known as Atmosphere and Land Model (AM2.1), which has been shown to capture East Asian climate variability well, to investigate these issues by conducting sensitive experiments with or without historical BC in East Asia. The results suggest that the model reproduces the first shift well, including intensified rainfall in the Yangtze River and weakened monsoonal circulation. However, the model captures only a fraction of the observed variations for the second shift event. Thus, the role of BC in modulating the two shift events is different, and its impact is relatively less important for the early 1990s event.
Antimalarial substances of an endophytic fungus isolated from cinchona tree

ZHOU Song-Lin,CHEN Shuang-Lin,HUANG Feng-Ying,WANG Hua,ZHAO Huan-Ge,

菌物学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 为筛选具抗疟疾活性的的内生真菌,采用平板分离法对海南金鸡那树内生真菌进行分离纯化。利用“4日抑制疟疾”测试内生真菌发酵液的抗疟活性,采用TLC、HPLC等分析技术对内生菌发酵液等成分进行分析。从金鸡那树叶片分离到31种内生真菌,通过筛选找到了1株具有抗疟疾活性的产奎宁或奎宁类似物的内生真菌。从金鸡那树叶片中分离得到1株产奎宁的结实串孢霉属内生真菌,为奎宁的资源开发开辟了新途径。
Diversity of endophytic fungi in leaves of Ginkgo biloba

DU Shao-Kang CHEN Shuang-Lin,LIN Dai WU Ming-Qian WANG Mei-Xia,
杜少康 陈双林
,林岱 吴鸣谦 王梅霞

菌物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Diversity of endophytic fungi in leaves of Ginkgo biloba was studied in order to understand diversity state and succession change of endophytic fungal communities in this endemic plant.Healthy leaf samples were collected from five main planting locations of G.biloba in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces separately in spring,summer and autumn.A total of 1971 strains of endophytic fungi was isolated.As a result of morphological identification 32 genera were obtained,of which Alternaria(amounting to 18.01% of the ...
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