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Min Chen,Min Xing
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2010, DOI: 10.1107/s160053681000646x
Abstract: In the the title compound, [Co(C8H10O4)(C14H14N4)]n, the CoII atom is four-coordinated by two N atoms from two different 1,2-bis(imidazol-1-ylmethyl)benzene ligands and two carboxylate O atoms from two different cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylate anions in a tetrahedral coordination geometry. The resulting structure is a two-dimensional polymer with layers in the (100) plane.
Singular linear statistics of the Laguerre Unitary Ensemble and Painlevé III (${\rm P_{III}}$): Double scaling analysis
Min Chen,Yang Chen
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We continue with the study of the Hankel determinant, $$ D_{n}(t,\alpha):=\det\left(\int_{0}^{\infty}x^{j+k}w(x;t,\alpha)dx\right)_{j,k=0 }^{n-1}, $$ generated by singularly perturbed Laguerre weight, $$ w(x;t,\alpha):=x^{\alpha}{\rm e}^{-x}\:{\rm e}^{-t/x}, \quad 0\leq x<\infty,\;\;\;\alpha>0,\;\;\;\;t>0, $$ obtained through a deformation of the Laguerre weight function, $$ w(x;0,\alpha):=x^{\alpha}{\rm e}^{-x},\quad 0\leq x<\infty,\;\; \alpha>0, $$ via the multiplicative factor ${\rm e}^{-t/x}$. \\ An earlier investigation was made on the finite $n$ aspect of the problem, this has appeared in \cite{ci1}. There, it was found that the logarithm of the Hankel determinant has an integral representation in terms of a particular ${\rm P_{III}},$ and its derivative with $t.$ In this paper we show that, under a double scaling, where $n$, the order of the Hankel matrix tends to $\infty,$ and $t$, tends to $0$, the scaled---and therefore, in some sense, infinite dimensional---Hankel determinant, has an integral representation in terms of the $C$ potential, and its derivatives. The second order non-linear differential equation which the $C$ potential satisfies, after a minor change of variables, is another ${\rm P_{III}},$ albeit with fewer number of parameters. \\ Expansions of the double scaled determinant for small and large parameter are obtained.
Analysis and Design of Main Roles in Educational Games about Forestry Basic Knowledge  [PDF]
Min Qiu, Ruigai Li, MingSheng Chen
iBusiness (IB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2013.51B014
Abstract: With the progress of the game production technology, educational games become a developing trend in the field of
education. As the soul of the game, the role of the game to a large extent influences the effect of educational games.
This paper details the analysis and design process of roles about forestry basics educational games. According to the
various elements of the project needs and virtual environments, ultimately the roles are divided into the main role, assisted
role and the role of attack, and detailed design for all kinds of roles.
Some Critical Issues in the Development of Chinese High-Speed Rail: Challenges and Coping Strategies  [PDF]
Min Chen, Hailong Tang, Kun Zhang
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2014.42017

In this paper, several critical issues related to Chinese high-speed rails (CHSR) are analyzed, investigated and discussed, including development background, reasons for high ticket fare, some typical factors that influence the environmental life-cycle assessment, time and cost comparison of typical door-to-door travel routes between different transport modes and complementary strategies among different transport modes. First, the results show that the expanding high-speed rail network increased the pressure on the country's roads in the 2010 spring festival rush period due to the high ticket fare of CHSR. Second, due to lower than expected ridership because of the high ticket price and limited demand in less developed areas, some Chinese CHSR projects have become economically unsustainable. Third, without sufficient ridership and service life, the utilization of HSR was unable to show any advantages in the environmental impact compared with the other transport modes. In addition, the impact of shock from CHSR on Chinese domestic civil airlines is evident when the travel distance is below 1050 km. The key objective of the investigation is to enhance our understanding of the development and operation of Chinese high-speed rail. One of the key contributions of the current paper is the presented suggestions for complementary strategies between different transport modes to make full use of Chinese transportation resources to promote low carbon economy.

Facts about Endosalpingiosis  [PDF]
Min Hou, Lipai Chen, Jingping Yun
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2015.510075
Abstract: Endosalpingiosis was first described by Sampson in 1930. However, until recently more and more studies show the convincing evidence that it most probably originates from tubal cells. It has a close relationship with the development of serous tumors, especially low-grade serous carcinoma. The lesion does cause symptoms and signs, such as chronic abdominal pain or tumor-like mass, though it is often found accidently for other gynecologic problems. Occasionally atypical endosalpingiosis needs to be differentiated from a malignancy when it appears in an unusual site with worrying morphologic presentations or under some special circumstances. Owing to the facts that it may evolve quietly and continuously towards serous tumors, and that the lesions at different sites may evolve independently, the outcomes of its evolution can eventually kill the patient. Therefore, a proper recognition of the lesion will translate it into an adequate care for those patients. This review summarizes the most recent findings and makes thoughtful comments.
Workflow-Based Platform Design and Implementation for Numerical Weather Prediction Models and Meteorological Data Service  [PDF]
Xiaoxia Chen, Min Wei, Jing Sun
Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (ACS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/acs.2017.73025
Abstract: In this paper, we present a set of best practices for workflow design and implementation for numerical weather prediction models and meteorological data service, which have been in operation in China Meteorological Administration (CMA) for years and have been proven effective in reliably managing the complexities of large-scale meteorological related workflows. Based on the previous work on the platforms, we argue that a minimum set of guidelines including workflow scheme, module design, implementation standards and maintenance consideration during the whole establishment of the platform are highly recommended, serving to reduce the need for future maintenance and adjustment. A significant gain in performance can be achieved through the workflow-based projects. We believe that a good workflow system plays an important role in the weather forecast service, providing a useful tool for monitoring the whole process, fixing the errors, repairing a workflow, or redesigning an equivalent workflow pattern with new components.
Thermal Effect on the Distribution of Regular Sterane and Geological Significance  [PDF]
Yunfei Yang, Min Zhang, Julin Chen, Xiaohui Chen
Open Journal of Yangtze Oil and Gas (OJOGas) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojogas.2017.24020
Abstract: In order to study thermal effect on distribution characteristics of regular sterane in humic coals, a suit of 25 coals derived from Kuqa Depression in Tarim Basin and Ordos Basin are studied to investigate the distribution of regular sterane in different maturity, which mainly discusses the thermal effect. The results show that the C27ααα/C29ααα regular sterane ratio has a linear relationship with Ro (tmax) and aromatic hydrocarbon maturity parameters in the coals from mature to high-mature stage. It suggests that the distribution of the C27, C29regular steranes will fail to reflect original source input in high evolutionary stage. On the basis of thermal simulation experiment results, it further proves that the distribution patterns result from the demethylation effect of C29 sterane in the mature to high mature evolution stage and the C27ααα/C29ααα regular sterane increases with increasing maturity. The breakage of C-C key in branched chain from C27, C29 regular steranes to make C27ααα/C29ααα regular sterane ratio invariance at high and over mature stage. Therefore, the ratio can be used to distinguish the maturity in high and over mature stage.
Synthetic Studies on Erythromycin Derivatives: Reactivity of the C12-21 Alkene
Wei-Min Chen
Molecules , 2006, DOI: 10.3390/11010121
Abstract: The reactivity of the C12-21 alkene of some erythromycin A derivatives was studied. This double bond was easily oxidized to the corresponding epoxide with excellent stereoselectivity. A single crystal X-ray structure showed that the epoxide moiety was on the same side as the acetonide. When an erythromycin derivative containing a C12-21 alkene was treated with diazomethane a [3+2] cycloaddition affording a pyrazoline occurred. In the case of 6-O-allylated erythromycin derivatives the C12-21 alkene was selectively epoxidized in the presence of the 6-O-allyl moiety. These results show that the C12-21 alkene is an active reaction site, which can be used for useful further modification of erythromycin derivatives.
Study on the Tourism Industry Competitiveness of Nanyue Economic Zone
Min DAI,Xiaoliang CHEN
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2013, DOI: 10.3968/3274
Abstract: This paper analyzed the subjects of tourism development of Nanyue economic zone, such as production elements, demand status, related and supporting industries, enterprise, government and opportunities, and points out that the Nanyue economic zone tourism industry competitiveness support elements and restricting factors, and puts forward some countermeasures on how to improve the competitiveness of the industry of tourism Nanyue economic zone. Key words: Nanyue economic zone; Tourism industry; Competitiveness model
Modelling temperature acclimation effects on the carbon dynamics of forest ecosystems in the conterminous United States
Min Chen,Qianlai Zhuang
Tellus B , 2013, DOI: 10.3402/tellusb.v65i0.19156
Abstract: The projected rise in temperature in the 21st century will alter forest ecosystem functioning and carbon dynamics. To date, the acclimation of plant photosynthesis to rising temperature has not been adequately considered in earth system models. Here we present a study on regional ecosystem carbon dynamics under future climate scenarios incorporating temperature acclimation effects into a large-scale ecosystem model, the terrestrial ecosystem model (TEM). We first incorporate a general formulation of the temperature acclimation of plant photosynthesis into TEM, and then apply the revised model to the forest ecosystems of the conterminous United States for the 21st century under the future Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Emissions Scenarios (SRES) climate scenarios A1FI, A2, B1 and B2. We find that there are significant differences between the estimates of carbon dynamics from the previous and the revised models. The largest differences occur under the A1FI scenario, in which the model that considers acclimation effects predicts that the region will act as a carbon sink, and that cumulative carbon in the 21st century will be 35 Pg C higher than the estimates from the model that does not consider acclimation effects. Our results further indicate that in the region there are spatially different responses to temperature acclimation effects. This study suggests that terrestrial ecosystem models should take temperature acclimation effects into account so as to more accurately quantify ecosystem carbon dynamics at regional scales.
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