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Mei-Mei Chen,Yu-Xing Gao,Hai-Yan Wang,Da-Xiong Han
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s160053680901455x
Abstract: Pale-yellow crystals of the title compound, C10H9NO, have been obtained by the reaction of benzylamine and methyl propiolate. Weak intermolecular hydrogen bonding is observed between acetylenic H and carbonyl O atoms. The crystal packing is stabilized by these C—H...O and by N—H...O intermolecular hydrogen-bonding interactions.
從 ICT 衍生的圖書資訊服務思考數位圖書館教育的內涵 A reflection on digital library education from ICT extended information services perspective
Mei-Mei Wu
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: 資訊傳播科技(ICT)影響圖書館各項服務至鉅,對於圖書資訊服務已經進入數位化的現象,例如社會參考服務、數位或虛擬參考服務,圖書資訊教育亟需配合需求,積極調整課程。本文藉由分析國內數位圖書館課程開設情況,以及近年來美國舉辦之「遠距圖書館服務會議」議題分布,了解數位圖書館的開課內涵,是否和服務的概念銜接?以及遠距圖書資訊服務關切的議題有哪些?屬於資訊傳播科技的議題有哪些?研究發現數位圖書館課程方面,顯示多數課程內容仍以建構數位圖書館的技術面為主,對於圖書館各項藉助ICT延伸的服務和管理面,則缺乏著重;而在虛擬參考服務方面,需要ICT有關的技能,包括學習平台、資訊分享平台、線上溝通等技能等。這些現象顯示圖書資訊學課程設計,需要關注、加強科技和圖書資訊服務的融合。本研究建議在有關圖書資訊服務的相關課程方面,能夠重視ICT之應用,加強ICT延伸服務教學;而數位圖書館課程,能夠從ICT系統面的焦點轉移,不僅著重科技和系統設計,且能夠全面關照ICT延伸出來的圖書資訊服務面和管理面,俾使未來圖書資訊學,包括數位圖書館課程,能落實ICT和資訊服務之間的融合。 This paper argues the legitimacy of current digital library related curriculum to support the ICT extended information services, such as online references, online library instruction, information literacy education, etc.In order to understand what has been taught in Digital Library related courses, it first collected and analyzed digital library related curriculum in LIS programs in Taiwan. In order to understand the current information services issues, it collected and analyzed the titles of 2002 and 2008 Off-campus information services conference proceedings.The research findings reveal that Digital Library courses are not required but selected in all programs.The content of which is between an introductory and architecture base.Skills and training for ICT extended information services are found not the focus of current Digital Library education. On the other hand, the off-campus conferences show a broad need and issues for information services, such as library instruction, information literacy education, and research literacy, etc.The findings suggest a discern review on future DL curriculum design to take into consideration of skills and training on ICT extended information services issues.
A Prototype for Virtual Reference System
Mei-Mei Wu
Journal of Library and Information Science Research , 2011,
Abstract: The function of virtual reference service provides in time services without the constraints of time and space making virtual reference services an important solution for distance services. Virtual reference service, particularly the synchronize as different from asynchronous, allows patrons to interact with the reference librarian online and share and clarify information needs of which meets Taylor’s “Question Negotiation” model. The purpose of this study is to identify the major functions of virtual reference service system to allow virtual reference librarians and patrons working together online to discuss and to clarify the patron’s information need, and for the reference librarians to explain the resources to the patrons at the same time. Research methods include webpage analysis, system analysis to determine the system functions. A prototype platform for virtual reference services was developed accordingly. And a formative evaluation was applied. The formative evaluation supports the prototype functions particularly the co-browsing function for virtual reference services.
Potential Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in Bioremediation of Uranium Contaminated Environments

CHEN Bao-dong,CHEN Mei-mei,BAI Ren,

环境科学 , 2011,
Abstract: With the increasing demand for new energy,nuclear industry has been developing very fast,and uranium(U) pollution becomes a serious environmental problem especially in the mining area.The discharge of U products and wastes can contaminate soil and water,and finally threaten human health.On the other side,as an environment-friendly biotechnology,the importance of mycorrhizal technology in remediation of polluted environments has received much attention in recent years.Following a brief introduction of the en...
Oxidative stress and DNA damages induced by cadmium accumulation
LIN Ai-jun,ZHANG Xu-hong,CHEN Mei-mei,CAO Qing,
LIN Ai-jun
,ZHANG Xu-hong,CHEN Mei-mei,CAO Qing

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: Experimental evidence shows that cadmium (Cd) could induce oxidative stress and then causes DNA damage in animal cells, however, whether such effect exists in plants is still unclear. In the present study, Vicia faba plants was exposed to 5 and 10 mg/L Cd for 4 d to investigate the distribution of Cd in plant, the metal effects on the cell lipids, antioxidative enzymes and DNA damages in leaves. Cd induced an increase in Cd concentrations in plants. An enhanced level of lipid peroxidation in leaves and an enhanced concentration of H2O2 in root tissues suggested that Cd caused oxidative stress in Vicia faba. Compared with control, Cd-induced enhancement in superoxide dismutase activity was significant at 5 mg/L than at 10 mg/kg in leaves, by contrast, catalase and peroxidaseactivities were significantly suppressed by Cd addition. DNA damage was detected by neutral/neutral, alkaline/neutral and alkaline/alkaline Comet assay. Increased levels of DNA damages induced by Cd occurred with reference to oxidative stress in leaves, therefore, oxidative stress induced by Cd accumulation in plants contributed to DNA damages and was possibly an important mechanism of Cd-phytotoxicity in Vicia faba plants.
探究小組協作資訊尋求的成功與困難因素 Exploring factors for Collaborative Group Investigation
Mei-Mei Wu,Jonathan Foster
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: 合作學習是近來教育實踐很重視的課題,其中很重要的活動之一,就是合作搜尋資訊、研讀、討論,形成學習的焦點。本論文採用Shah(00)的協作膠囊說理論,區別合作和協作,用以強調合作是資源分享,而協作是協同和合作,既分享資源,還須共同完成任務。本研究採行動研究設計,利用研究方法課程,將同學分組,進行協作文獻收集、檢索、評閱、組織、整合,寫成小組海報,並發表。教師於小組討論時參與觀察,撰寫教師日誌,同學亦撰寫學習日誌和小組學習心得,學期結束後,將各項文本進行分析。本研究進行小組合作資訊搜尋的過程研究,期望了解小組合作搜尋資訊有哪些有效的策略。搜尋資訊是資訊技能之一,除了需要相關的知識,包括對於資源、檢索引擎、關鍵詞或分類體系的了解之外,也涉及一些頗有難度的心智活動,例如檢索策略的研擬、相關資訊的篩選、主題聚焦等;對於小組合作檢索資訊而言,建立一致的目標、共同尋求主題聚焦,更需要借助人際溝通技能的幫助,例如表達是否能達意、分享知識是否使小組人員都能理解。這些似乎普通的概念,若能妥適加以整合,應該可以形成有效的小組合作資訊搜尋策略。 Collaborative information seeking (CIS) turns out to be a focus of research in the net environment. How collaborative information seeking successfully and effectively performed is a concern of the current researcher. Successfully means the team members reach the mutual goal and accomplish the project satisfactorily. Effectively means the team members accomplish the task with a minimal time and resources spent. This paper attempts to identify the elements for successful and effective CIS. An action research in a class setting was designed and data for both teachers’ observation as well as students’ journal for the collaborative processes were collected. Students’ team projects were analyzed. Key elements for successful and effective CIS were identified and discussed.
「邏輯相關」和「適切相關」—中文資訊檢索系統評鑑量標初探 | Logical Relevance v.s. Pertinence—In Search of Evaluation Criteria for CIR
吳美美 Mei-Mei Wu
Journal of Library and Information Science , 1998,
Abstract: 頁次:44-64
White Paper to Library Development - Final Report Submitted to LAC
  Mei-Mei Wu et al.
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2001,
Abstract: 頁次:4-10 The Library Association of China (LAC) has announced its White Paper to Library Development - ROC 2000 in April 2000 to serve as a guideline for the future direction of library/information services in the 21st century. It took five long years for this document to reach its completion. The drafting of the document was initiated by Professor C.K. Wang at his Presidency of LAC in 1994, and accomplished by Dr. Margaret Fung at her Presidency of LAC in 1999. Announced by Professor S.H. Huang, the current President of LAC, in April 2000, and wished to promote the legislative process of Library Law in Legislative Yuan. Library Law was passed in January, 2001. White Paper to Library Development has played an vital role in this movement. This paper highlights the essence of the document.
《圖書館學與資訊科學》二十五年來的主題分布 | Subject Analysis of JLIS
吳美美 Mei-Mei Wu
Journal of Library and Information Science , 1999,
Abstract: 頁次:9-24 本文分析《圖書館學與資訊科學》二十五年來收錄文章的主題內容,共分為46項主題類目。經過統計,二十五年來49期共有416篇文章,其申專論348篇,書評67篇,主編的話1篇,平均每期出版專論7.1篇。 This paper analyzes the topical distribution of JLIS for the last 25 years, forty-six subjects are identified and average number of the papers published for each issue is calculated.
筆記王振鵠教授幾個圖書資訊學的重要學術思維 | Some Notes on Professor Chen-Ku Wang
吳美美 Mei-Mei Wu
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2005,
Abstract: 頁次:14-29
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