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The prelimary study of crustacean zooplankton in YouxiJiemian Reservoir

CHEN Ming-xiu,CHEN Jin-sheng,

水生态学杂志 , 2010,
Abstract: 2008年8月对尤溪街面水库的浮游甲壳动物进行了调查,共采集到浮游甲壳动物8科13属16种,其中枝角类5科7属8种,桡足类3科6属8种。枝角类优势种为突额湖仙达蟤和长肢秀体蟤,桡足类优势种为广布中剑水蚤。浮游甲壳动物平均密度为43.58ind/L,平均生物量为477.43μg/L。浮游甲壳动物种数由蓄水前的8种增加到16种,广布中剑水蚤和透明温剑水蚤在蓄水后仍然存在。
Fabrication and Performance of MEMS-Based Pressure Sensor Packages Using Patterned Ultra-Thick Photoresists
Lung-Tai Chen,Jin-Sheng Chang,Chung-Yi Hsu,Wood-Hi Cheng
Sensors , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/s90806200
Abstract: A novel plastic packaging of a piezoresistive pressure sensor using a patterned ultra-thick photoresist is experimentally and theoretically investigated. Two pressure sensor packages of the sacrifice-replacement and dam-ring type were used in this study. The characteristics of the packaged pressure sensors were investigated by using a finite-element (FE) model and experimental measurements. The results show that the thermal signal drift of the packaged pressure sensor with a small sensing-channel opening or with a thin silicon membrane for the dam-ring approach had a high packaging induced thermal stress, leading to a high temperature coefficient of span (TCO) response of -0.19% span/°C. The results also show that the thermal signal drift of the packaged pressure sensors with a large sensing-channel opening for sacrifice-replacement approach significantly reduced packaging induced thermal stress, and hence a low TCO response of -0.065% span/°C. However, the packaged pressure sensors of both the sacrifice-replacement and dam-ring type still met the specification -0.2% span/°C of the unpackaged pressure sensor. In addition, the size of proposed packages was 4 × 4 × 1.5 mm3 which was about seven times less than the commercialized packages. With the same packaging requirement, the proposed packaging approaches may provide an adequate solution for use in other open-cavity sensors, such as gas sensors, image sensors, and humidity sensors.

He Jin-sheng,Chen Wei-lie,

植物生态学报 , 1994,
Abstract: The morphological and anatomical features of Quercus Section Suber,the dominant species of the sclerophyllous evergreen broad leaved-forest,from different habitats were compared The results show that Quercus Section Suber possesses dual morphological characteristics of non-succulent xerophyte and al-pine plants.This is believed to be the basis for them to be adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions. The size and density of the stomata,the shape and pattern of the anticlinal walls of the epidermal cell5,and the thickness of leaves and cuticles were modified to a large extent by the ecolo,gical environment. On the contrary,the types of stomatal apparatus and the two layers of the adaxial epidermal cells are stable characteristics with im-portant value for classification.Quercus ilex,which is mainly distributed in the Mediterranean basin has similar epidermal features to Quercus Sect.Suber.
Development of Information System for Die/Mold Manufacturing

WU Xiao-yu,CHEN Jin-sheng,

计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: Aimed to information system for die/mold manufacturing, put forward its standard flow of design and manufacturing and then developed the syste
The Ecosystem Function of Biodiversity

LIU Feng,HE Jin-Sheng,CHEN Wei-Lie,

植物学报 , 1999,
Abstract: This review is about the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functions and services. It focuses on the following parts: 1. hypotheses about different roles of different species in the ecosystem and how biodiversity affects ecosystem functions; 2. relations between biodiversity and stability of ecosystem; 3. how the biodiversity affects production of ecosystem; 4. the relation between biodiversity and sustainability of the ecosystem. Several problems for further research are also pointed out.

LIU Feng,CHEN Wei-Lie,HE Jin-Sheng,

植物生态学报 , 2000,
Abstract: This paper focuses on the structure and reg eneration of Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata populations in the Shennon gjia area of Central China. These populations are widely distributed and well co nserved. Analysis of size structure and spatial distribution pattern shows: 1) t he number of seedlings (height<1 3 m) and saplings (height 1 3-4 m) differs b etween plots, while the number of individuals in middle size classes exceeds tha t of larger size class; the lack of individuals at some size class is a common f eature of plots; 2) seedlings, saplings and adults all showed clumped distributi ons, and the degree of patchiness varied with the grid size analyzed; clumping w as stronger in seedlings and saplings than among adults; 3) Quercus aliena v ar. acuteserrata populations regenerate mainly via the production of seedlin gs. The appearance of which is closely related with the formation of gaps. The d ensity of seedlings and saplings was lower where shrub cover was high and many o f saplings died as a result of intraspecific and interspecific competition. Dist urbance, such as the formation of gaps, is important for saplings to enter into the upper layer of the community.
Research on Optimized Task Management Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yi Ben-shun Chen Jie Xiao Jin-sheng,

电子与信息学报 , 2010,
Abstract: An algorithm based on an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed for the task management in the applications to multihop clustered wireless sensor networks which require collaborative processing executed in parallel on sensor nodes. Duplication-based mutation operation is set up and weighted entropy based technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution is used to evaluate and choose objectively on the result of the algorithm. The components of the algorithm are explicitly presented and simulation results validate that it searches effectively and can obtain multi-objective optimized task allocation and scheduling solutions which outperform compared with that of other algorithms’ in the literature.
Survey of Bell-LaPadula model

LIU Bo,CHEN Shu-hui,DENG Jin-sheng,
刘 波

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: This paper firstly discribed the BLP model itself, and summarized the limitaions and problems in its integrity, usability, flexibility, and so on. Then, it discussed the existing research and improvements aimed at these limitations. Finally, this paper concluded the present and the future work in the field of BLP model.
Seasonal variation of light fraction organic matter in degraded red soil after vegetation restoration.

XIE Jin-sheng,YANG Yu-sheng,YANG Zhi-jie,HUANG Shi-de,CHEN Guang-shui,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: This paper studied the seasonal variation of light fraction organic matter (LFOM) in the red soils of severely eroded bare land, and of the bare lands restored to Pinus massoniana forest land, Castanea mollissima plantation, and Paspalum notatum grassland in the Hetian Town of Changting County, Fujian Province, with secondary forest soil as the control. The results showed that in the surface soil of the bare land, LFOM content was between 0.05-0.14 g x kg(-1) and with no significant seasonal variation, while in that of P. massoniana forest land, C. mollissima plantation and P. notatum grassland, LFOM content had a distinct seasonal variation, and was 58%-122% higher in spring, autumn, and winter than in summer. The C content and C/N ratio of the LFOM in the three restored lands were lower in summer than in other seasons, while the nitrogen content of the LFOM was in adverse, indicating that the high temperature and humidity in summer induced a rapid decomposition of soil LFOM. The LFOM in secondary forest soil had the similar variation trend to that in the three restored lands, but the variation range was significantly narrower. The seasonal dynamics of surface soil LFOM was affected not only by micro-climate but also by vegetation types, and the variation range was greater in P. notatum grassland than in forest lands. It was suggested that to enhance the observation precision of soil LFOM, repeated sampling or integrating the factors such as climate, vegetation type, and management measures should be taken to determine the appropriate sampling time.
Distribution Characteristics of Particulate Mercury in Aerosol in Coastal City

ZHANG Fu-wang,ZHAO Jin-ping,CHEN Jin-sheng,XU Ya,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: Particulate mercury, which is bound with aerosol in atmosphere, has a negative impact on human health and the environment, also plays an important role in the biogeochemical process of mercury. In this paper, taking southeast coastal city of Xiamen as research object, the PM2.5, PM10and TSP were collected in residential, tourism, industrial area and background, respectively, during four seasons (October 2008-September 2009). RA-915+ mercury analyzer was employed to determinate mercury concentration in different size particle matters based on zeeman atomic absorption spectrometry. The results showed that the contents of particulate mercury in different size of aerosol during Winter, Spring were obviously higher than that of Summer, Autumn; the concentrations of particulate mercury in fine particle during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter were (51.46±19.28), (42.41±12.74), (38.38±6.08) and (127.23±33.70) pg/m3, respectively. The experimental data showed that the particulate mercury were mainly distributed in fine particles (PM2.5), which covered 42.48%-67.87%, and it can be concluded that the rate of particulate mercury enrichment in coarse particle was much lower than that of fine particle. The sequence of atmospheric particulate mercury concentration in different functional areas was: background < resident < tourism < industrial area < suburban; which showed characteristics of spatial distribution of particulate mercury was affected by the sampling location. On the whole, Xiamen had a low level of atmospheric particulate mercury; the enrichment of PM2.5 to particulate mercury was significantly higher than that of PM10 and TSP, and showed that fine particle pollution should be tightly controlled to reduce particulate mercury.
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